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Funk Night US 黑胶唱片和CD

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Halt! (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 192. Rel: 11 Jan 23
Halt! (4:30)
Euler Spiral (4:05)
Review: Astral Quartet was a group that changed their name and evolved into Centre El Muusa. They never played live nut managed to record just two tunes back in 2018. Now, five years later, they finally get to see the light of day. They could be 50 years old such is the quality of the musicianship - fusions of jazz and funk that brim with character. The band is made up of Monika Erdman, Rauno Vaher, Volodja Brodsky and Misha Panfilov who mix up cosmic Wurlitzer sounds, languorous synths and fresh drums, turning it into something laidback and psyched on the b-side and more funky and up-beat on the a-side.
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 in stock $15.04
Lost Communication
Cat: FNR 178. Rel: 04 Sep 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
Event Horizon Approach (5:55)
Arrival (5:58)
The Long Nap (6:09)
Sometimes Wonderful (5:33)
Gamma Ray Burst (3:37)
It Must Be Ok (3:30)
Review: Self taught, 70s- born London-based artist Mike Bandoni dropped his concept EP Lost Communication in 2020. It now finds its way to vinyl and invites listeners on a journey into "interstellar space and on towards a super massive black hole. A discovery mission in alien territory fraught with lost communication." It blends together heavy drums and more funky and organic drums, plenty of cosmic synth sounds and always with a strong groove at its core. While classic sounds of the 70s are referenced this remains a thoroughly futuristic album perfect for both close headphone listening or nice and loud on a proper good sound system.
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Played by: Funkshone
 in stock $20.24
Something Wonderful
Something Wonderful (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 180. Rel: 18 Nov 22
Something Wonderful (part 1) (2:46)
Something Wonderful (part 2) (3:22)
 in stock $15.31
Zero G
Zero G (LP)
Cat: FNR 215. Rel: 19 Apr 24
Intro (0:52)
Dvor (2:21)
Podvodnce Carstvo (2:29)
Mamont (2:35)
Zero G (0:59)
Nani (2:01)
Gusli (2:02)
Sochi (0:53)
Sila (1:04)
Magic (2:14)
Jazz At The Baz_s (1:32)
Who Is Hiding In The Forest (1:51)
Ninja (0:58)
Arsenalio (2:44)
Klass (2:27)
Outro (1:57)
 in stock $20.50
King Of Funk
Cat: FNR 211. Rel: 11 Oct 23
Stay In The Groove (3:55)
Shake It Up, Shake It Down (3:36)
Work It (3:24)
Come On Home (3:23)
Shed A Tear (3:32)
Get It Right (3:30)
Jump Back (part 1) (1:48)
Jump Back (part 2) (2:51)
Tell Me (3:06)
That's On You (3:08)
Review: R&b and funk singer, rhythm guitar musician and songwriter Rickey Calloway hailed from Jacksonville, Florida but earned himself a global reputation. His style borrowed from James Brown but brought something new, inspired by his time playing in clubs from a relatively young age. He was active in the 70s and much of his music has been reissue do newer audiences since and now comes his King Of Funk album on Funk Night which, from the title down, pays homage to the aforementioned Brown. It features his most well known tune - the wonderful 'Tell Me' - as well as plenty of other big hitters like there particularly hard hitting 'Shake It Up, Shake It Down.'
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 in stock $19.98
There Was A Time
There Was A Time (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 226. Rel: 08 Dec 23
There Was A Time (7:05)
There Was A Time (instrumental) (3:54)
 in stock $15.04
Everybody Say Yeah
Cat: FNR 198. Rel: 07 Apr 22
Everybody Say Yeah (3:51)
Mr Meaner (3:52)
Review: The on point Funk Night label returns with these raw and emotive jams from Rickey Calloway & The Tennessee Band. The tidy two track 7" opens with the raw soul jazz sounds of 'Everybody Say Yeah' with its blasts of horns, expressive vocals and rolling rhythm section all cutting deep. Flip it over for the slightly more loose feeling 'Mr Meaner,' an instrumental version with the backing singers left in place to inject some human warmth to the lo-fi grooves.

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 in stock $8.29
Do It On The One
Cat: FNR 177. Rel: 15 Oct 21
Rickey Calloway & His Tennessee Band - "Do It On The One (Stay In The Pocket)" (3:10)
The Tennessee Band - "Ain't It A Crime" (instrumental) (3:06)
Review: Funk Night cop a couple of fine funk gems here from Rickey Calloway. He is an r&b singer, as well as a rhythm guitar musician and songwriter from Jacksonville, Florida. His Tennessee Band helps him serve up funk that comes direct from the 70s, James Brown style. Both of the singles here are [rimed to fire up the floor, with 'Do It On The One (Stay In The Pocket)' the more direct of the two and the flip side 'Ain't It A Crime' (instrumental) going deeper.
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 in stock $8.29
Moonlight Horses
Moonlight Horses (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 223. Rel: 03 Jul 23
Psych/Garage Rock
Moonlight Horses (4:04)
Catching Stars (4:56)
Review: Estonian rock band Centre El Muusa hail from Tallinn and in vitally started out as experimental electronic duo Centre Electronique Muusa before evolving into the current set up in 2018. They have dropped a couple of tasty albums since 2020 and now contain with their explorations and fusions of the worlds of jazz, rock, folk, world and country with hints of kraut on the new 7" for Funk Night. 'Moonlight Horses' is a psyched out world of campfire guitars and star gazing riffs that leaves you feeling fully hippie-d up. 'Catching Stars' then heightens the trip with more angular guitars and a big wall of garage-rock sound.
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 in stock $15.31
Crosseyed & Painless
Cat: FNR 183. Rel: 22 Feb 23
Crosseyed & Painless (part 1) (2:51)
Crosseyed & Painless (part 2) (3:15)
 in stock $11.16
Asila (cassette limited to 200 copies)
Cat: FNT 7. Rel: 19 Jan 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Introduction (0:37)
Clyde (1:24)
Holding It Down (1:15)
Plastic Trumpet (0:45)
Rhymebook (Rap By Typicalflow) (1:25)
This DJ (0:53)
Doo (0:28)
Secrets (1:42)
Don't Give A (2:07)
No Ice (1:30)
Blake (1:21)
High Tide (0:56)
Heina's Draft (1:19)
Emotions (Rap By Typicalflow) (2:48)
Mystical Experiences (0:40)
Dime Bag (1:21)
Incense (1:52)
All We Got (Rap By MC Bass) (2:16)
One Time 4 Your Mind (1:04)
And The History Of (Introduction By MC Bass) (0:35)
Inflorescense (2:50)
Do Not Bother To Grow (2:34)
Asila (1:47)
Interlude (0:28)
Osby 26 Zodiac (2:48)
Zodiac (1:27)
Wunderbar (0:48)
1981 (2:58)
Tallinn Old Town Records (Rap By Izzm Rawflow) (1:56)
Brothers (2:30)
Lay Back (1:51)
Heavy Weight (1:23)
Night Walkin' (1:56)
1980 (2:36)
Smoke Breaks (1:59)
OM (3:29)
 in stock $17.12
Can't Keep Foolin'
Cat: FNR 224. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Can't Keep Foolin' (feat Joe Bataan) (4:17)
Little Black Woman (feat Alfredo D'Ecclesiis) (4:36)
 in stock $9.86
Drunken Master
Cat: FNR 046. Rel: 29 May 14
Drunken Master
Bottoms Up!
 in stock $8.29
At The Dipsotheque
Cat: FNR 047. Rel: 29 May 14
At The Dipsotheque
Reaction Psychotique
 in stock $8.29
Don't Mess With GR
Cat: FNR 049. Rel: 21 Jul 14
Don't Mess With GR
Hard Way To Go
Review: The Great Revivers continue their unassailable 2014 assault on the record boxes of funk selectors everywhere with yet another killer seven for the Funk Night label. Brashly titled "Don't Mess with GR" may be, but this Russian quartet always prefer to let their musicianship do the talking and you can't fault the Great Revivers funk here as three odd minutes of prime dirtiness unfolds driven by a killer drum beat. It's complemented well by the more uptempo jam that is "Hard Way To Go" and lays down a marker for what to expect from the Great Revivers forthcoming album.
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 in stock $8.29
Rhino's Walk
Cat: FNR 052. Rel: 03 Nov 14
Rhino's Walk
Dead Dipping
Review: A fifth slab of 7" shaped funk live and direct from St. Petersburg arrives with the Great Revivers offering another Funk Night release that will invariably keep themselves busy on the turntables of funk establishments everywhere. Lead cut "Rhino's Walk" should be titled "Rhino's Strut" in truth given the sheer confidence the Revivers display as it progresses along driven by a killer drum break. Flip the Rhino over and Great Revivers are on more of a downbeat funk flex with "Dead Dipping" which is all about that frazzled organ. Big up Frank Raines and the Funk Night crew for this one!
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 in stock $8.29
Growing Older
Cat: FNR 072. Rel: 13 Feb 17
Growing Older (feat E & Ishtar) (3:18)
Growing Older (instrumental) (3:21)
 in stock $8.82
Evils Nest
Evils Nest (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 162. Rel: 21 Jan 22
Evils Nest (2:53)
Tired As Cattle (2:37)
 in stock $16.09
3rd Drop
Cat: FNR 176. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Adventures Begin (3:15)
Not Good, Too Bad (2:51)
The Worst (Afterwords) (2:07)
Taiga (2:58)
Seek & Destroy (2:34)
Russian Steps (3:07)
From Darkness To The Light (3:22)
Evil's Nest (2:49)
Tired As Cattle (2:34)
Cowboy Walk (2:48)
No Me Hagas Caso (2:48)
Estrellas (3:29)
Review: The Great Revivers have been mainstays of the Funk Night label for a decade or so now. They know how to serve up the most potent dancefloor bombs for DJs who like to make an impact and after countless 7"s to that effect, they now drop an entire album's worth of high-grade tackle. 3rd Drop from this Russian quartet takes in 12 of their most signature sounds, from the rolling and cosmic-tinged open 'Adventures Begin' via the bristling broken beats of 'Not Good, Too Bad.' There is a 60s American feel to many of these cuts as well as some more slow and sentimental moments like the organ-laced melancholy of 'From Darkness To The Light'.
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 in stock $19.71
Gorilla Funk
Gorilla Funk (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 156. Rel: 12 May 21
Gorilla Funk (part 1) (2:03)
Gorilla Funk (part 2) (2:22)
 in stock $15.83
Paranoia Party
Paranoia Party (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 182. Rel: 19 Jan 23
Paranoia Party (2:52)
Delay (3:21)
Review: We aren't sure who Inner Space Quartet are be we are sure you will like them. This is the second new music from them this month and it follows a busy 2022 in which they put out three head-turning 7"s on different labels. They seem to be settling for Funk Night as their home this year but soundwise are harder to pin down - there is Thai funk, space rock, jazz, psyched-out guitars and much more all contained with these two expansive and immersive sounds. 'Paranoia Party' is the really 60s-tinged narcotic opener then 'Delay' brings more rock guitar sounds as if from some secret and tripped-out Stones concert in the desert back in the day.

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 in stock $15.31
Honey Stung
Cat: FNR 124. Rel: 13 Nov 19
Honey Stung (3:01)
Orozco's Guarantee (3:36)
Review: Joe Baer Magnant and The Ready bring that sweet sweet soul sound to Funk Night for a tasty 7" packed with good time grooves and a lil dose of the blues. Magnant is an accomplished guitarist who's been striking out on his own more recently, and his chops are in full effect on the heavy-grooving "Honey Stung". There are serious amounts of funk in those drums, and some punch in the brass section, but really this one belongs to Magnant's expressive playing. He's equally compelling on the B-side, which houses more downbeat cut "Orozco's Guarantee".
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 in stock $8.29
Gin Tonic
Gin Tonic (limited 7")
Cat: FNR 169. Rel: 05 Jul 21
Gin Tonic (3:21)
Horizon (3:29)
 in stock $10.13
The Scoop
The Scoop (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 219. Rel: 03 Jul 23
The Scoop (3:34)
Spare Cheeks (4:13)
Review: Detroit label and weekly party Funk Night rolls out another unmissable 7" here in the form of The Oscillators, who bring a late night and woozy sound to lo-fi production aesthetics. 'The Scoop' is a slow motion and psychedelic tinged groove with squealing guitar leads taking you into melon twisting territory while the flutes keep things in the here and now and the dusty drums rumble on. It is truly intense. 'Spare Cheeks' then has a more upbeat funk feel led by nice horns and a more silky and seductive groove, particularly the lithe bass.
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 in stock $10.54
Volkswagenesque (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 172. Rel: 25 Oct 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
Volkswagenesque (4:07)
Miles Away (2:53)
Review: Given that both have eclectic musical tastes and play a multitude of instruments, it makes perfect sense that Misha Paniflov and Shawn Lee have ended up working together on a handful of seven-inch singles. 'Volkswagenesque', the opening gambit from the pair's latest "45", is another strong sonic statement. It boasts the sun-kissed warmth and laidback vibe heard on many of Lee's productions, with the duo wrapping glistening guitars, gravelly funk-rock solos, spacey synths and warming bass around a languid, percussion-rich rhythm track. You'll find more weighty, beautifully played percussion on flipside 'Miles Away', a more low-slung and dancefloor-ready affair that features some excellent electric piano playing from Lee.
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$14.01 SAVE 45%
 in stock $7.71
Sigmund Jahn Bossa
Sigmund Jahn Bossa (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 173. Rel: 25 Oct 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
Sigmund Jahn Bossa (2:52)
Aquaria (2:27)
Review: Fresh from dropping another essential seven-inch with his regular Sound Combo band, Misha Paniflov has joined forces with fellow multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee for a string of collaborative singles. This "45" sports two genuinely impressive cuts, each full to bursting with quality live instrumentation. It opens with 'Sigmund Jahn Bossa', a superb fusion of late 1960s library jazz (think Roy Budd's score for Get Carter and you're in the right ballpark), bustling bossa-nova and spiralling psych-funk. Over on the flip the pair continue to deliver lounge, influenced, tongue-in-cheek thrills via the cheap, Sideman drum machine rhythms, tumbling guitars, elongated Hammond organ chords and hazy backing vocals of 'Aquaria'.
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 in stock $14.01
Road Home
Road Home (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 153. Rel: 07 Dec 20
Road Home (2:59)
An Unexpected Meeting (3:12)
Review: Earlier in the year Misha Paniflov impressed with a library music and laidback 1970s funk-rock-inspired soundtrack for a Janno Jurgens-directed movie called Rain. Both of the tracks featured on this "4e5" are taken from that soundtrack album. On side A you'll find 'Road Home', a relaxed and effervescent affair that fuses drifting, wordless female vocals, snaking saxophone lines and rising orchestration with grooves reminiscent of Roy Budd's work for the original Get Carter soundtrack. Over on the flip there's a chance to savour soundtrack album opener 'An Unexpected Journey', where Paniflov more expressively explores his easy listening and library music influences. It, too, is a calming treat for the ears.
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$15.56 SAVE 30%
 in stock $10.88
Dr Juvenal's Solution
Dr Juvenal's Solution (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 214. Rel: 20 Apr 23
Dr Juvenal's Solution (2:28)
Skyglow (3:12)
Review: Following a near two-year absence from vinyl, the usually prolific Misha Paniflov is back on Funk Night Records with another nostalgic 45 rooted in deep funk, library music, cinematic soundtracks and psychedelia. The Estonian first offers up 'Dr Juvenal's Solution', a jaunty and genuinely heavy dancefloor work out marked out by sixties spy-movie guitars, bustling breaks, intergalactic synth sounds and warming bass. He opts for a more laidback, downtempo feel on side B, with stretched out, Peter Green style guitar solos and meandering Moog lines reclining atop a bittersweet backing track.
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 in stock $15.31
Electricolorized (limited LP)
Cat: FNR 220. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Deep Dive (3:54)
Color My Coffee (6:33)
Der Himmel Uber Kakumae (5:49)
The World Of High-Voltage Badgers (8:04)
Electricolor (7:40)
Review: Modern psych master Misha Panfilov unleashes yet more fresh psych heaven under his new outfit Penza Penza, laying down the unbridledly satisfying new album Electrocolorized. In the words of its chief endorser Matt Chandler, the album is chock-full of Stax, Motown and Blue Note-esque notes, circling in and around the thematic cornerstone that is the funk jam, though not succumbing to its cliches and pratfalls. Finding joy in the imperfect - the sonic wabi-sabi - the likes of 'Der Himmel Uber Kakumae' and 'The World Of High Voltage Badgers' are instrumental exemplars of the vintage, basking in the style's psychic, sun-beaten buzz.
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 in stock $20.50
Mad Madis Twist
Mad Madis Twist (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 154. Rel: 07 Dec 20
Mad Madis Twist (3:01)
Shultz' Thing (3:36)
Review: Penza Penza is one of many aliases used by funk-fuelled musical polymath Misha Paniflov. This "45" showcases two tracks from the project's recently released debut album, which added heavy funk vibes to a hallucinatory stew of flavoursome psychedelic rock. A-side 'Mad Madis Twist' is gnarly, rugged and impressively heavy, with Paniflov and company wrapping squally, Jimi Hendrix style guitar solos and flanged funk-rock riffs over a cacophonous, all-action rhythm track. 'Shulz' Thing' is a little tighter, more bass-heavy and undeniably funkier, though the wild guitars and acid-fried attitude remain front and centre.
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 in stock $15.31
Deep Dive
Deep Dive (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 221. Rel: 03 Jul 23
Deep Dive (3:56)
My Friend Ash (2:40)
Review: What's important is to spread confusion, not eliminate it: Estonian production master Misha Panfilov knows this as much, running a carefully-curated imagecraft cartel, in which his many aliases confound and bemuse us into believing his many works are the doing of someone else. Case in point: At first glance, we were well-duped into believing Penza Penza were some kind of exotic psych supergroup lost to time, but a deeper investigation as to the origin of the alias indeed reveals the singular force of Panfilov to be the artist behind these tracks. It's no wonder the A-sider is called 'Deep Dive', affirming our propensity for curious, almost forensic suspicion as to its true origins. A serene groove of just-intoned riffs and sizzlingly offbeat hits, this one's certainly a solid accompaniment for your next mescaline dabbling. Meanwhile, we're happy to award the B-sider with "banger of the year so far" - 'My Friend Ash' is an ecstatic mover, as deceivingly retro as it is beguiling, with stabbing counterpoints and wild toppers, as suitable for the club as it is would've been for some kind of 70s hoedown.
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Played by: Ennio Styles, Red Greg
 in stock $15.31
Why Do We Care About Anything
Why Do We Care About Anything (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 152. Rel: 07 Dec 20
Why Do We Care About Anything? (3:34)
Fiasco (2:37)
! low stock $15.31
Nothing But Reasons
Nothing But Reasons (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 203. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Nothing But Reasons (3:45)
Suns Of Marvin (2:51)
 in stock $15.31
Tumblin' Down
Tumblin' Down (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 205. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Tumblin' Down (3:11)
Return Of Soul Sabre (3:29)
 in stock $15.31
The Rayvelles
Cat: FNR 216. Rel: 19 Apr 24
Return Of The Soul Sabre (3:28)
Lough Lannagh (Late 90s) (3:37)
Tumblin' Down (feat Marietta Smith) (3:11)
Suns Of Marvin (2:48)
Heavy Bop (1:29)
Black Candle (feat Anice Ossoulian) (3:18)
Live Terminals (3:01)
Hush Mo (1:58)
Nothing But Reasons (feat Marietta Smith) (3:45)
Sebastian & The Void (3:23)
 in stock $20.50
The Lockdown (Get Ready)
The Lockdown (Get Ready) (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 184. Rel: 18 Nov 22
The Lockdown (Get Ready) (3:47)
The Middweaker (2:36)
 in stock $15.31
Warriors Last Epic Walk
Warriors Last Epic Walk (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 167. Rel: 05 Jul 21
Warriors Last Epic Walk (2:33)
Lunchtime (2:10)
 in stock $15.56
The Stardust Break
The Stardust Break (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 185. Rel: 20 Apr 23
Stardust Break (3:12)
Space Break (2:00)
Review: If you're after fresh workouts for body-popping break-dance sessions, this 45 from John Reed & The Automatics on Funk Night Records should be essential listening. While there's something undeniably alluring about the more suspenseful B-side, 'Space Break' - where effects-laden electric guitar licks and alien-sounding synths rise above a metronomic bassline and a relaxed funk break - it's the more up-tempo A-side, 'Stardust Break', that's the real winner. Based around drum-breaks that reference 'Apache' and a seriously squelchy synth bassline, it's an intergalactic club jam that's just tailor-made for headpins, windmills and caterpillars.
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 in stock $15.31
Be Thankful For What You Got (reissue)
Be Thankful For What You Got (reissue) (clear vinyl 7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 0099 CLEAR. Rel: 31 May 24
Be Thankful For What You Got
Be Thankful For What You Got (instrumental)
Review: Sunsay & The Soul Surfers' cover of William DeVaughn's 'Be Thankful For What You Got' is a smooth and classy rendition of the 1974 original. The funk and soul influences are evident in the laid-back groove and sultry vocals, creating a timeless and sophisticated sound. With Massive Attack's 1991 cover also gaining recognition, this song has become a staple in the genres of funk and soul. The 7' vinyl reissue from 2024 remains faithful to the original release, capturing the essence of the track in its entirety. The B-side features the instrumental version, providing musicians and DJs with a versatile tool for sampling and remixing. 'Be Thankful For What You Got' serves as a reminder to appreciate the things we have, both big and small, and to find contentment in the present moment.
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Cat: FNR 140. Rel: 11 Mar 21
Starlight (4:31)
They Ask Me (4:00)
 in stock $8.82
Cool Sound Of Everything: Chillin' Around Xmas
Cat: FNR 175. Rel: 21 Dec 20
Meeting At Flea Market (3:40)
Shades Of Pale (3:35)
Review: While most of us will (sadly) not be going anywhere this holiday season, we can still get a musical taster of what it would be like Chilling at Christmas in the St Petersburg studio of modern funk apostles the Vicious Seeds. Their festive offering is a drowsy, deep, slow and laidback affair - the kind of jazzy instrumental soul and funk that would probably go well with a few mince pies and a needlessly large glass of port. A-side 'Meeting at Flea Market' is particularly lovely, with trombone and trumpet-heavy riffs and leisurely jazz guitar solos making themselves comfortable atop crunchy, deep (filled) funk drums. 'Shades of Pale', meanwhile, is even deeper, warmer and more bass-heavy, with some of the laziest and jazziest electric guitar solos we've ever heard. Delicious!
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 in stock $15.31
Nude & Dangerous
Nude & Dangerous (7" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: FNR 136. Rel: 08 Oct 20
Nude & Dangerous (2:21)
Call Of The Sylva (2:18)
 in stock $16.09
Omaha (7" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: FNR 149. Rel: 11 Mar 21
Omaha (3:15)
El Toro (2:45)
 in stock $14.80
Butterfingers (7" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: FNR 151. Rel: 11 Mar 21
Butterfingers (3:05)
Adios Silver King (3:53)
 in stock $14.80
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