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Ghetto Funk

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Cat: GFP 014. Rel: 25 Apr 13
  1. Stylin'
  2. Clap Ya Hands
  3. Bag It Up (feat Detta)
  4. Yeah!
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out of stock $8.55
Cat: GFP 012. Rel: 22 Nov 12
  1. Papa Grande
  2. Home Schooled
  3. Devil In The Details
  4. Serve It Cold
Review: A cute little quad of party nuggets here from US funkmiester Bobby C... All slow and steady tempo and oozing p-funk class, if you've been following Ghetto Funk's releases you'll know exactly what to expect. "Papa Grande" takes the Ultramagnetic MC's much sampled "Poppa Large" to swing town while "Devil In The Details" is essentially Kelis and Max Romeo doing a very dirty dance together. Looking for less booty and more bass? Then head straight for "Home Schooled" and "Serve It Cold". You won't be disappointed.
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Cat: GFP 013. Rel: 24 Jan 13
  1. Club Band
  2. Kick That
  3. Bam!
  4. Class & Style
Review: There are bootlegs. And then there are BOOTLEGS. The former are a crude party pastiche wherein a classic gets rodgered with a limp 4/4 or breakbeat. The latter, however, takes a classic and gives it a cheeky twist, bringing it screaming onto contemporary dancefloors. The Captain's work is definitely one of the latter category. Each of these cuts oozes character and creativity: "Club Band" takes Sergeant Pepper to a place we didn't know existed, "Kick That" is an ace homage to The Meters. "Bam!" gives Sister Nancy a sweet, sweet shuffle while "Class & Style" introduces us to The Stray Cats. Check these then check the originals - you'll be impressed.
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Played by: Super Mango Hi-Fi
out of stock $8.55
Meet Me (7")
Cat: GFP 10. Rel: 05 Jul 12
  1. Dancefloor Outlaws - "Meet Me"
  2. Basement Freaks - "Mo Diggity"
Review: Cute little 7 inchers don't come around that often, but when they do it's worth paying attention, especially when the quality is as good as this mighty double A. Dancefloor Outlaws take the lead, and upkeep the party rep they've developed previously on Disco Cakes. Instant sing-along power and a real cock-sure strut to the groove, it's a wonder they've crammed so much power onto such a tiny slice of vinyl. Basement Freaks takes over the B for some equally ravishing funk; taking Blackstreet's massive smash and bringing it up bang up to date for the nu funk generation, this will instantly bring booty to your dancefloor. Comes with a free download code too.
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Cat: GFP 03. Rel: 01 Sep 11
  1. Dancefloor Outlaws - "Zorba"
  2. Coldvet - "Exploding Time"
out of stock $8.55
Take 2 (12")
Cat: GFP 18. Rel: 03 Apr 14
  1. Take 2
  2. Jump On It
  3. Emperor Groove
  4. Sheriff Shooter
Played by: Boogieburg, BadboE
out of stock $7.48
out of stock $8.55
Cat: GFP 08. Rel: 09 Feb 12
  1. Funk Ferret & Goodgroove - "Rockin' Rollin'"
  2. DJ Soo - "The Message"
out of stock $8.55
  1. Funkanomics - "Backyard Baby"
  2. JFB & Dancefloor Outlaws - "Israelites"
  3. Timothy Wisdom - "Mama Said"
  4. Tom Drummond - "Pressure Cooker"
Review: A fine four-pack of party treats here as the Ghetto Funk family gather for a range of vibes. Funkanomics take the lead with a subtle funk jam that develops subtly into a killer slap bass jam. JFB & Dancefloor Outlaws, meanwhile, flip the switch with a tongue-in-cheek D&B reboot of Desmond Decker that's ideal for lighting up the moodier 170 floors. Elsewhere Timothy Wisdom applies his nu-funk technique to Magic Mike while Tom Drummond takes a well-known Mylo vocal and gives it a really cool lo-fi early breakbeat flavour that sits somewhere between early Cut La Roc and even earlier Chemical Brothers. Not a dull moment throughout, the Ghetto Funk crew deliver once again.
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out of stock $7.22
Cat: GFP 06. Rel: 01 Dec 11
  1. Dizzy
  2. Throw It Up
  3. Slammed
  4. Hot In Here
out of stock $6.15
Cat: GFP 011. Rel: 12 Jul 12
  1. Originator
  2. Supadupa Bad
  3. Uh Oh!
  4. Trigga Phinga
out of stock $6.69
Extended Play (gatefold double 12")
Cat: GFP 20. Rel: 31 Mar 16
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Got It Like That (feat Dizzy Dustin) (3:57)
  2. Brand New (feat Psycho Les) (3:16)
  3. No Pressure (feat Natty Speaks) (3:36)
  4. Set It Off (feat Akil The MC) (2:53)
  5. Want That (feat Too Many TS) (4:10)
  6. Shine Bright (feat Jazzare) (3:54)
  7. Got It Like That (acapella - feat Dizzy Dustin) (2:41)
  8. Set It Off (instrumental) (2:49)
  9. Set It Off (acapella - feat Akil The MC) (2:52)
  10. No Pressure (instrumental) (3:35)
  11. Brand New (instrumental) (3:15)
  12. Brand New (acapella - feat Psycho Les) (3:13)
  13. Want That (instrumental) (4:09)
 in stock $9.09
Cat: GFP 15. Rel: 20 Jun 13
  1. We Came To Party
  2. My Sound
  3. Dancefloor Silly
  4. Old School (feat Tom Drummond)
Review: Hot on the tail of his recent Good Groove repress, Aussie funkster Slynk jumps aboard the good ship Ghetto Funk with a quad of authentic block rockers. "We Came To Party" shakes and shimmies with a slap bass power-line and classic b-boy party chants. "My Sound" fuses a Latin lick or two with Parliament level bass runs. "Dancefloor Silly" is a little more subversive in its glitch riddim dynamic - more spacious, unpredictable and littered with very cool samples. "Old School" brings us to a fiery finale with a series of horns, vocoders and James Brown samples. Premium ghetto vibes.
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out of stock $6.69
Boomin (12")
Cat: GFP 07. Rel: 12 Jan 12
  1. Boomin'
  2. Poppin' It
  3. Smoothness
  4. Break It On Down
Review: Aussie producer Slynk makes his debut on the evergreen Ghettofunk label with Boomin' - do expect rambunctious beats and samples aplenty across the four jams here. Lead track "Boomin" deftly reworks a jeep beat classic from Mr Kenny Dope, and slips in plenty of rap standard drops atop the digital bass line bump. The familiar vocal refrain of method Man opens up "Poppin' It" a self explanatory call and response hip hopper, whilst "Smoothness" contains a brilliantly elastic bass line and plenty of Jigganometry. Finally "Break It On Down" adopts the kind of slinky block rocking poise that you will hear filter a Krafty Kuts set.
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out of stock $6.95
Cat: GFP 17. Rel: 05 Dec 13
  1. The Way
  2. Informer
  3. Sugar Is Sweeter
  4. Thistler
Review: Party purveyors of the highest distinction, Ghetto Funk return with four track EP that's so strong, it can intoxicate you just to look at it. The creator behind these plump sounds is Aussie nu-funkateer Tonic, previously spotted on the label with the awesome "The Pump" he's back with a four crucial booties; Betty Wright's smouldering soul roll "I Love The Way You Love" gets an electro block-party treatment on "The Way", Snow's "Informer" gets an authentic nu-funk facelift, CJ Bolland's "Sugar Is Sweeter" gets a savage mid-range bass conversion while "Thistler" jumps and jiggles with b-boy panache. Just in time for party season, this is essential.
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out of stock $6.95
Cat: GFP 09. Rel: 22 Mar 12
  1. Check Menina
  2. Talkin' Bout My Baby
  3. Fresh Witness
  4. Danger Machine
Review: Nu-funk masters Ghetto Funk Records come through with this formidable 12", featuring four tracks by our boy WBBL. "Check Menina" bleeps and wobbles its way with the help of some feisty snares and party-time vocals; and "Talkin' About My Baby" is just pure old-skool hip-hop goodness. The B side opens with "Fresh Witness" a sampled hodgepodge of videogame melodies, neo-dubstep basslines and fresh beats for ya! "Danger Machine" contains a pure pop sensibility and wouldn't sound out of place on a Rihanna record - enticing, addictive and fun.
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Cat: GFP 19. Rel: 26 Feb 15
  1. Stephen!
  2. Mambo Baby
  3. Ryde
  4. Wooaahhhh! (feat B-side)
out of stock $6.95
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Ghetto Funk