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Cat: JMANCD 101. Rel: 01 Nov 18
  1. Gerry McClelland - "Come, Listen To Me"
  2. Don Rendell Five - "Unicorn"
  3. Billy Jenkins - "Pharoah Sanders"
  4. Frank Evans - "Pipe Of Peace"
  5. Hotpoints - "Put The Wood On The Fire"
  6. Inner Ear - "Dunkelfunk"
  7. RedBrass - "Sunspots"
  8. Big Sun - "I Dream Of"
  9. Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra - "Down In The Hollow"
  10. Robert Shaw & The Dick Hawdon Quintet - "A North Country Lass Tells Her Sorrows"
  11. Big Baffle - "Bikini Atoll"
  12. Music Explosion - "Bending Over Backwards"
  13. Pat Crumly Sextet - "Senufo Chant"
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Cat: JMANCD 067. Rel: 29 Aug 14
  1. Charlie Munro Quartet - "Islamic Suite" (edit)
  2. Louiz Banks - "Song For My Lady"
  3. Oladepo Ogomodede - "Take Five"
  4. Jazz Work Shop - "Mezare Israel"
  5. Jazz Semai - "Koy Yolu"
  6. Jorge Lopez Ruiz - "Vicky"
  7. Chivo Borraro - "Half & Half"
  8. Hideo Shiraki - "Fiesta"
  9. Virgilio Armas Y Su Cuarteto - "Sobre El Orinoco"
  10. London Experimental Jazz Quartet - "Destroy The Nihilist Picnic"
  11. Ahmadu Jarr - "Kathung Gbeng"
  12. The Braz Gonsalves 7 - "Raga Rock"
  13. Fitz Gore - "Gisela (Lion Rock)"
  14. Eric Nomvete's Big Five - "Pondo Blues"
  15. Paul Winter Sextet - "Winters Song"
  16. Tete Mbambisa - "Trane Ride"
  17. Aquila - "Um Allah"
Review: With the previous four volumes all celebrating the many routes of jazz and its relationship with the western world, Jazzman's fifth Spiritual Jazz volume looks further afield and explores jazz from the rest of the world. From South Africa to Argentina, Jazzman have unearthed tracks that have never before ventured from their country of recorded origin and compiled the album and artist information with the level of detailed documentarianism we've come to expect from them. A truly unique listen, and a kindly reminder that while America may be home to jazz's sturdiest roots, its tendrils reach a lot further.
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Cat: JMANCD 112. Rel: 20 Jun 19
  1. Weedhopper
  2. March Of The Goober Woobers
  3. 47 Tears
  4. Jig
  5. Halyards
  6. Cumulo Nimbus
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Cat: JMANCD 114. Rel: 20 Jun 19
  1. False Paradise
  2. Catharsis
  3. Quicksand
  4. Grandfather Clock
  5. Flow
  6. Run (bonus track)
  7. Getting Going
  8. Funky Little Home
  9. Da Ba O
  10. I've Got A Plan
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Austin Funk (reissue)
Cat: JMANCD 113.
  1. Keep Your Eyes On Your Merchandise
  2. Love Is Not Such An Easy Game To Play
  3. Radiator
  4. Body Talk
  5. Funk 'N' Roll
  6. Since I Met You
  7. Ghetto Tool
  8. Groove Awhile
  9. Frozen Tundra Lady
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Cat: JMANCD 102. Rel: 28 Feb 19
  1. Children's Song
  2. Ritual
  3. Bright Tune
  4. Father Spirit, Mother Love
  5. Rasta
  6. Soul Flower
  7. Live Without Fear
Review: The 27th reissue in Jazzman's ongoing "Holy Grail Series" comes courtesy of Infinite Spirit Music, an undeniably obscure, one-off project helmed by pianist, producer and arranger Soji Ade. "Live Without Fear" was recorded in 1979 and tops the "wants list" of many spiritual jazz collectors, thanks largely to the album's superb fusion of African rhythms, soul-flecked jazz workouts, free improvisation and tribal percussion. This first ever CD edition sounds fantastic. It's hard not to fall in love with the heady bongos, rich double bass and snaking saxophone of "Children's Song", the gentle warmth of "Rasta" and the Afro-fired, tribalistic free-jazz experiments of "Ritual" and "Father Spirit, Mother Love".
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Cat: JMANCD 105. Rel: 17 Jan 19
  1. The Savoys - "Blo Jangs"
  2. Low Rocks - "Snooker"
  3. Frank Scott - "She Said"
  4. Gay Poppa - "Gay Poppa's Cha Cha"
  5. B Bubbha - "I'd Rather Swish Than Fight"
  6. The Escorts - "Little Big Horn"
  7. UB's Group - "Sneaky Pete"
  8. The Abstracts - "The Beard"
  9. Louie & The Fat Men - "Fat Man"
  10. Leo Valentine Trio - "Behind The Outhouse"
  11. Los Virreyes - "El Pato"
  12. Alonzo & The Boppers - "Juicy Melon"
  13. Bob Moore & The Temps - "Braggin"
  14. Little Louie & The Finger Cymbals - "Shirley"
  15. The Original Spacemen - "Gemini Rock"
  16. The Y Dells - "Sneakin' Away"
Review: Between 1988 and 2000, the shadowy crew behind the Strip label put out six volumes of "Las Vegas Grind", a compilation series celebrating sleazy - and usually undeniably obscure - rhythm and blues, rock and roll and novelty lounge records from the 1950s and '60s. Here the series returns thanks to Jazzman, who somehow managed to to track down the digger responsible - and his eccentric record collection. From skewed surf-rock and low-slung rhythm and blues to comedy big band swing, rousing proto-funk and "Rocky Horror Picture Show" style madcap stompers, the album offers a whirlwind romp through some seriously good - and not to mention especially silly - gems rescued from dollar bins, dumpsters and yard sales the World over. Do yourself a favour and check it out.
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Cat: JMANCD 090. Rel: 01 Mar 18
  1. Premiers - "Shawnee"
  2. Al Katraz - "Charlie & The Bank Job"
  3. Jules Blattner - "500 Pound Canary"
  4. The Flock Rocker - "Chinese Rock & Roll"
  5. Bob Strauss - "Nameless"
  6. Hurricane Harry - "The Last Meal"
  7. Glenn Willings - "You Tarzan, Me Jane"
  8. Dick Summers - "The Goatee's Got To Go"
  9. The Bobby Borda Five - "Mad"
  10. And Now A Word From Our Sponsor
  11. The Renaults - "Rockin' With Joe"
  12. Wee Willie & The Soulettes - "Pulp Wood Charley"
  13. Billy Duke & The Dukes - "Roland"
  14. The Orbits - "Knock Her Down"
  15. Dan Kubiak - "Finding You"
  16. King Sid - "Unh Uh Baby"
  17. Arnie Ginsburg - "Pal Mal Rock"
  18. Sidney & Chimps - "Blah"
  19. The String Beans - "Stop Your Cryin'"
  20. And Now A Word From Our Sponsor
  21. Abel & The Starliners Combo - "Chicken Hop Twist"
  22. The Leopards - "Mah Mah Chicken Pot Pie"
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Earth (CD)
Cat: JMANCD 099. Rel: 21 Jun 18
  1. Dawn Child (Sunrise)
  2. Heaven's Mirror (feat Idris Ackamoor & David Molina)
  3. Iyaami (feat Dele Sosimi)
  4. Spice Routes (feat Nat Birchall)
  5. Sandhyavandanam
  6. Egosystem (Solar Noon)
  7. Reflection (feat Nat Birchall & Liz Elensky)
  8. New Day (feat Ahu)
  9. Heaven's Mirror (reprise)
  10. Minutes To Midnight For This Planet
  11. Raga Requiem (Dusk)
Review: For one reason or another, this is Emanative's debut for London's Jazzman imprint, with the artist having touched most other like-minded labels thus far. Better late than never, we say! It also marks Nick Woodmansey's fourth studio album to date, having travelled through Space and Time, and now landing firmly on Earth. As you'd expect, mystique and experimentation are very much a core part of this LP, morphing at every turn, shifting unpredictably amid jazz flutes, deep cello bass, and a supremely sporadic drumming aesthetic that perfectly encapsulates the 'free' element of jazz. The electronics play a part too, however, adding a noticeable aura to an already atmospheric selection of sonic patterns. A beauty, from start to finish.
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Cat: JMANCD 103. Rel: 06 Jun 19
  1. Bobby Hutcherson - "Verse"
  2. Pete La Roca - "Basra"
  3. Wayne Shorter - "Footprints"
  4. Elvin Jones - "At This Point In Time"
  5. Andrew Hill - "Poinsettia"
  6. Eddie Gale - "The Rain"
  7. Duke Pearson - "Empathy"
  8. Bobby Hutcherson - "Searchin' The Trane"
  9. Duke Pearson - "The Phantom"
  10. Freddie Hubbard - "Assunta"
  11. Joe Henderson - "El Barrio"
  12. Jackie McLean - "Plight"
  13. Duke Pearson - "Cristo Redentor"
  14. Wayne Shorter - "Indian Song"
  15. Hank Mobley - "The Morning After"
  16. Pete La Roca - "Malaguena"
  17. Freddie Hubbard - "Blue Spirits"
  18. Booker Ervin - "Gichi"
  19. Solomon Ilori - "Igbesi Aiye (Song Of Praise To God)"
Review: The latest instalment in Jazzman's "Spiritual Jazz" compilation series is something of an epic. It was initially released as two separate double vinyl compilations, but is here brought together on one two CD set. It's epic for a reason, though, as it explores the little known and under-celebrated spiritual gems lurking within Blue Note's vast catalogue. Given the staggeringly high quality throughout, picking a mere handful of highlights is tough. That said, we'd suggest checking the wide-eyed dreaminess of Duke Pearson's ambient-jazz cut "Cristo Redentor", the entrancing African drums of Solomon Ilori's "Igbesi Aiye (Song Of Praise To God)", the gentle breeze of Bobby Hutcherson's "Verse" and the "Rose Rouge" style grooves and heady chants of Eddie Gale's "The Rain".
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