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Kaoz Theory 黑胶唱片和CD

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Piranha EP
Cat: KT 028V. Rel: 25 Jul 23
Deep House
Be There (feat Josh Daniel) (5:34)
Be There (feat Josh Daniel - dub mix) (4:43)
Piranha (5:45)
Chess (6:08)
Review: The UK's Josh Butler sure knows how to kay down robust house grooves. He pops up on a wide array of labels, always with useful sounds that draw on the past but never kowtow too much. For this one, he joins the ranks of Kerri Chandler's seminal Kaoz Theory for a smooth outing that opens with two versions of 'Be There.' It's deep house with a smoky vocal and an authentic touch of the classics. 'Piranha' then sinks into a slinky groove with the right amount of swing and 'Chess' is a supple cut embellished with cheeky stabs and a hint of garage skip.
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Tags: Tech House
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Lost & Found EP Vol 1
Cat: KT 024V. Rel: 15 Mar 22
Deep House
What Will We Do (feat Grampa) (6:47)
Tonight (7:19)
Into The Night (7:49)
This & That (7:48)
Review: As the title suggests, this four-tracker from the mighty Kerri Chandler is made of material recorded in - but for whatever reason never released - in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He first unfurls 'What Shall We Do', a sturdy but snappy New Jersey deep house number rich in attractive organ stabs, warming bass and bluesy lead vocals from 'Grampa', before unveiling the squelchy acid bass, dreamy pads, colourful melodic flourishes and loved-up harmony vocals of 'Tonight'. 'Into The Night' is a beefier, bolder and weightier slab of intergalactic peak-time deep house, while 'This & That' manages to be both funky, jazzy, loose-limbed and stuttering - a remarkable achievement in anyone's book.

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 in stock $15.35
Spaces & Places: Album Sampler Part 2
Cat: KTLP 001V2. Rel: 04 May 23
Deep House
Change Your Mind (feat Troy Denari - Full vocal) (9:28)
Subbie (Rattle The Subbie vocal mix) (7:00)
See The Light (original long Vocoder vocal mix) (8:19)
Tenacity (feat Bluey Robinson - No Drums mix) (6:12)
Tenacity (feat Bluey Robinson - Full vocal mix) (6:22)
See The Light (dub) (8:26)
Subbie (The Jackpot mix) (6:58)
Change Your Mind (feat Troy Denari - instrumental) (9:24)
Review: On this second, more expansive sampler for his forthcoming album Spaces & Places, Kerri Chandler treats us to tracks inspired by - and by the wonders of mobile recording technology, produced inside - clubs including Dublin's District 8, Glasgow institution Sub Club, Lux of Lisbon and NYC's Output. Of course, the standard is uniformly high throughout - it's classic Chandler from start to finish - but our picks of a very fine bunch include the soulful piano house shimmer of 'Change Your Mind', the thrusting, bass-heavy pump of 'Subbie (Rattle The Subbie Mix)', the effortlessly slick and soulful 'Tenacity (Full Vocal Mix)' and the ludicrously sub-heavy snap of 'See The Light (Dub)'. To borrow an old cliche, this is very much, 'all killer, no filler'.
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 in stock $36.81
Spaces & Places: Album Sampler Part 1
Cat: KTLP 001V1B. Rel: 25 Jul 22
Deep House
Never Thought (feat Sunchilde - 623 Again vocal) (6:23)
Never Thought (feat Sunchilde - 623 Again instrumental) (6:19)
You Get Lost In It (feat Lady Linn - Full vocal main mix) (7:06)
You Get Lost In It (feat Lady Linn - instrumental) (7:03)
Review: Kerri Chandler has been described quite correctly as "the Stevie Wonder of house music." What he brought to the world of deep house was real musicality, as well as hefty, signature kicks that have a seemingly impossible amount of weight and bounce, but also funk. He is back with a first album in years later on in 2022 but first he is teasing us all with plenty of samplers from it. We get two more tunes here - the first 'Never Thought' with those trademark kicks, a nice vocal and some peak time tech energy. 'Get Lost In It' is a more soulful tune with big diva vocals and raw, stripped back beats.
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 in stock $16.42
Spaces & Places: Album Sampler Part 4
Spaces & Places: Album Sampler Part 4 (gatefold double 12" in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: KTLP 001V4. Rel: 27 Sep 22
Deep House
Hurry Up (feat Dreamer G - Kerri’s Again mix) (6:57)
I See (instrumental) (6:45)
Joyful Life (feat Mona Lee - Full vocal mix) (6:56)
Dirty (No Guitar mix) (6:29)
I See (Full mix) (0:07)
Hurry Up (feat Dreamer G - instrumental) (0:08)
Sunrise (7:17)
Joyful Life (feat Mona Lee - Vibeappella) (6:07)
Review: The fourth and (we think) final sampler for Kerri Chandler's epic new album, Spaces & Places, not only features a swathe of cuts from the set, but also a clutch of must-check alternate takes. Of the album tracks, we're particularly fond of the Ministry of Sound inspired piano house workout 'Hurry Up (featuring Dreamer G)' and the locked-in early morning hypnotism of 'Sunrise', which the New Jersey native recorded at Berlin club 'Watergate'. Other highlights across the double-pack include the breezy 'Joyful Life' (and its accompanying 'Vibeapella') and the bonus 'No Guitar Mix' of the mid-90s St German style wonder of 'Dirty', a cut recorded at, and in tribute to, legendary Paris venue Rex Club.
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 in stock $28.87
Spaces & Places: Album Sampler Part 4
Spaces & Places: Album Sampler Part 4 (limited gatefold purple vinyl double 12")
Cat: KTLP 001V4P. Rel: 11 Jul 23
Deep House
Hurry Up (feat Dreamer G - Proton: Kerri's Again mix) (7:03)
I See (instrumental) (6:43)
Joyful Life (feat Mona Lee - Neutron - Full vocal mix) (6:57)
Dirty (No Guitar mix) (6:19)
I See (Electron: Full mix) (6:42)
Hurry Up (feat Dreamer G - Electron: instrumental) (7:01)
Sunrise (Ion) (7:17)
Joyful Life (feat Mona Lee - Vibeappella) (6:49)
Review: Kerri Chandler's Spaces & Places is a monumentally ambitious project for the longtime house legend. With this edition making up part four of its sampler series, the album is just one of many to make up the full-length project, the implied aim of which is to chart Chandler's many appearances at 24 different nightclubs across the world. As with the seemingly cosmic front cover art depicted on the front - perhaps an image of the observable universe in its entirety - this is a remarkably cosmopolitan project, racking up vocal collabs with the likes of Mona Lee and Dreamer G for an eight-track series of shockingly legit, string-led deep house cuts.
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 in stock $36.81
Spaces & Places: Album Sampler 1
Spaces & Places: Album Sampler 1 (limited yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: KTLP 001V1Y. Rel: 06 Jun 23
Deep House
Never Thought (feat Sunchilde - 623 Again vocal) (6:20)
Never Thought (feat Sunchilde - 623 Again instrumental) (6:22)
You Get Lost In It (feat Lady Linn - Full vocal main mix) (7:01)
You Get Lost In It (feat Lady Linn - instrumental) (7:03)
Review: Kerri Chandler's first album in over 14 years, 'Spaces and Places', is a celebration of club and sound system culture. The album features 24 tracks, each inspired by and recorded at a different club around the world, such as Ministry of Sound, Sub Club, Watergate, Output NYC and more. The album showcases the veteran NYC producer and DJ's signature sound of soulful, deep and groovy house music, with vocals, piano, sax, strings and synths. 'Spaces and Places' is a testament to Chandler's love for music and dancefloors.
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 in stock $16.94
Spaces & Places: Album Sampler Part 3
Spaces & Places: Album Sampler Part 3 (limited gatefold blue vinyl double 12")
Cat: KTLP 001V3B. Rel: 14 Feb 23
Deep House
Feelin' Red (Dark Red Room mix) (7:03)
Industria (8:05)
Let It (Kerri original Full vocal mix) (5:53)
Keep One (But Do It Again) (7:05)
The Calling (15:15)
Who Knows (feat Dora Dora - Media mix vocal mix) (6:38)
Let It (original Full instrumental mix) (5:53)
Review: Kerri Chander's sound is so unique it almost deserves its only genre. He brings more musicality to house than almost anyone and for that reason is often called the Stevie Wonder of the genre. His latest album is a real labour of love that saw him write each of the tunes on the very dance floor of the clubs that are mentioned in each title. In some cases, he used found sounds, calculated the delay of kicks off a wall to phase them through a mix and even record himself playing on a green room piano at Printworks to use in the final tune. It might be the best album of his career and a selection of the tunes from it make it onto this third essential sampler.
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 in stock $36.81
Lost & Found EP Vol 2
Cat: KT 026V. Rel: 28 Feb 23
Deep House
Fluff Rehab (8:28)
What If (7:20)
Who Are You (7:17)
Dem Joy Ride (5:21)
Review: There are two kinds of house-hunting. The first and most popular kind is unfortunately the one that scams unsuspecting people out of their money for the basic human right that is shelter. The other kind, however, is much more enjoyable - it involves scouring the internet or local record shops for the genre of music known as house music. Kerri Chandler is our favourite estate agent (words we never thought would escape our lips) in this regard; his latest EP series 'Lost & Found' is sure to help you remember the joy of the latter kind, and forget the former. Dubby and soft pulsers like 'Fluff Rehab' are futuristic bouncers for the highfaluting ear, replete with rapid-delayed spring noises and ruff chord stabs. Ensuers 'What If', 'Who Are You' and 'Dem Joy Ride' are pure and nigh-perfect deep house ruminators, and all are lifted from Chandler's coveted archive.
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 in stock $15.35
Spaces & Places
Spaces & Places (trifold transparent green vinyl 3xLP + poster)
Cat: KTLP 001VG. Rel: 21 Mar 23
Deep House
Back To Earth (Find Your Peace) (6:07)
Never Thought (main vocal) (4:29)
Milan (Full Sax mix) (5:31)
You Get Lost In It (Full vocal main mix) (6:40)
Hurry Up (Kerri's Again End vocal mix) (5:56)
Tenacity (main vocal mix) (4:26)
Kaiku (Disco version) (6:11)
Industria (7:03)
Dirty (DJ Deep Son & Dad edit) (5:45)
I See (Full mix) (6:34)
The Piano Thing (live) (5:58)
Sunrise (Watergate) (5:35)
See The Light (album edit) (6:03)
Sun Of Sound (vocal mix) (6:42)
Keep One (But Do It Again) (4:49)
Who Knows (Media vocal mix) (5:31)
Let It (Kerri original Full vocal mix) (5:43)
Change Your Mind (Full vocal) (6:18)
Joyful Life (Full vocal mix) (5:39)
The Morning Heat (main mix) (6:02)
The Calling (5:24)
Feelin' Red (Pull The 9 Out mix) (4:34)
Subbie (The Jackpot mix) (5:33)
The Box Frame (6:58)
Review: Loads has been written about Kerri Chandler's inspired Spaces & Places album, an expansive set in which the legendary US producer pays tribute to some of his favourite venues around the world via tracks recorded inside them (and designed specifically with them in mind). It's a genuine triumph, as this full triple-vinyl edition (pressed to translucent green wax and accompanied by a poster featuring pictures taken by Chandler on his travels). It's basically Chandler doing what he does best - there are few musical surprises, but next to no mis-steps either - with our current favourites including the deeply emotive soulful house of 'Back To Earth (Find Your Peace)', the Berlin haziness of 'Sunrise (Watergate)', the bass-heavy brilliance of 'Subbie (Jackpot Mix)', the boogie-influenced, string-laden 'Kaiku (Disco Version)' and the sax-sporting funkiness of 'The Morning Heat (Main Mix)'.
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 in stock $56.93
Lost & Found EP Vol 3
Cat: KT 033V. Rel: 09 Apr 24
Deep House
Let It (Give Me Back My Love) (feat AbbieLee) (5:55)
Another Dawn (vocal mix) (5:07)
The Bassline (Kerri Dark mix) (7:09)
The Breeze (7:57)
Review: New Jersey house don Kerri Chandler is rightfully lauded as a hero of the scene. He continues to pour his heart and soul into every record and imbue his music with real-world emotions that elevate his tunes. He is of course a master of a deep but driving sound that borrows from soul, funk and jazz in ignitible ways. The third volume of his Lost & Found EP series on his own label Kaoz Theory is packed with more gold, from the slinky depths of 'Let It (Give Me Back My Love)' to the soul staring vocal work of 'Another Dawn' via more paired back sounds on 'The Bassline' (Kerri Dark mix) and the percussive energy of 'The Breeze.' Yet another essential Kerri 12" for your collection.
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 in stock $15.62
Prayer (12")
Cat: KT 021V. Rel: 12 Oct 21
Deep House
Prayer (Media vocal) (7:02)
Prayer (Media instrumental) (6:59)
Prayer (623 Again vocal) (6:27)
Prayer (Feel mix) (7:09)
Review: They don't call him the Stevie Wonder of house music for nothing: Kerri Chandler brings musicality and unbridled joy to everything he does. For this one, there is even more of a celebratory and raptors feeling than normal because of the appearance of Rev F. L. Brown. His impassioned, gravelly toned sermons are cut up and dropped into one of Kerri's timeless house beats, and the results are exceptional. HIs famous kicks punk as heavily as always, the chords are simple but effective, and the whole thing is sure to become a classic that can always be reached for to make a dance floor erupt. Take your pick of the different versions, because they all hit home.
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You Are In My System
You Are In My System (blue vinyl 12")
Cat: KT 030VB. Rel: 09 May 24
Deep House
You Are In My System (extended club mix) (5:52)
You Are In My System (DQ dub) (5:36)
Review: Some serious house action going on here with the legendary deep house pioneer Kerri Chandler linking up with Dennis Quin and Troy Denari for their own unique take on the 1998 house classic 'You're In My System'. The original has been a key part of many of the best DJs' record bags for decades and now it gets a contemporary twist. Chandler brings his signature soulful keys and pounding kick drums - all using the same hardware that was used on the original, we're told, while singer-songwriter Troy Denari adds his new vocals to the track. On the flip is a paired back and warm, deep, driving DQ dub, all pressed up on nice blue vinyl.
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Played by: Paul Starey
 in stock $16.42
Organized Kaoz EP 1
Organized Kaoz EP 1 (limited 12")
Cat: KTEP 001V. Rel: 04 Apr 23
Deep House
Kerri Chandler - "Who's Afraid Of The Dark" (8:10)
Josh Butler - "Sunday Club" (6:32)
Review: 'Organized Kaos' is a new series from Kerri Chandler's Kaoz Theory label that offers first vinyl outings for cuts from the imprint's vaults. For volume one, Chandler has selected missives initially released digitally in the middle of the last decade. First up is the legendary New Jersey producer's own 'Who's Afraid of the Dark', a typical late-night roller in which sci-fi synth stabs, pianos and his own hushed, spoken word snippets rise above detailed drums a dark, infectious analogue bassline. Turn to the flip for Josh Butler's 'Sunday Club', a subtly UK garage-influenced number that pairs crackling, swinging drums and deep sub bass with woozy deep house chords and mind-mangling, low-register analogue riffs.
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 in stock $16.42
A Glimmer Of Hope EP
Cat: KT 022V. Rel: 01 Sep 21
Deep House
Central Frenzy (6:29)
Riva De Biasio (6:33)
Deviant Shadow (6:32)
A Glimmer Of Hope (6:02)
Review: American artist Chris Stussy has risen through the ranks to become a real new school house leader in 2021. Proof of that comes from the fact that he now makes a big step up with an EP on the Kaos label run by the one and only Kerri Chandler. He serves up his signature spaced out sounds across four silky cuts. 'Central Frenzy' gets underway with balmy pads, 'Riva De Biasio' brings nice bendy synths and tropical colours, 'Deviant Shadow' picks up the pace and offers up a sublime tech house sound and 'A Glimmer Of Hope' closes in pensive deep house fashion. A fine EP.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $13.24
Organized Kaoz EP 2
Cat: KTEP 002V. Rel: 05 Sep 23
Deep House
Dam Swindle - "Ballin" (6:30)
Ben Rau - "Be Who You Want To Be" (6:10)
Review: Kaoz Theory's Organized Kaos series exists for one reason: to collect together on vinyl previously digital-only gems buried in the label's ever-growing catalogue. Volume two naturally sticks rigidly to this script, first offering up a 2015 cut from Dam Swindle (from the time when they were known as Detroit Swindle) - the chunky, rhythmically elastic and insanely bass-heavy brilliance of soul-flecked gem 'Ballin'. Over on the reverse there's more previously digital-only gold in the shape of Ben Rau's 'Be Who You Want To Be', a driving, thickset and suitably heavy chunk of peak-time deep house heaviness smothered in spacey chords, cut-up vocal snippets and booming TB-303 bass. Two tried and tested cuts land on wax for the first time, what's not to like?
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $16.42
Organized Kaoz EP 3
Cat: KTEP 003V. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Deep House
Demuir - "Lusting U" (feat Bluey Robinson) (6:31)
DJ Sneak - "Judy Russell Red" (6:31)
Review: Kerri Chandler has once again dipped into the vaults of his long-running Kaoz Theory label and picked out two previously digital-only gems deserving of a belated vinyl debut. On side A you'll find Demuir's soulful and uplifting 2020 jam 'Lusting U', a rolling chunk of semi-organic house warmth featuring superb lead vocals from British vocalist Bluey Robinson. Over on side B, it's all about DJ Sneak's 'Judy Russell', a killer cut first featured on his Movin' Parts EP three years ago. A bit deeper, woozier and more loose-limbed than some of his more muscular and forthright workouts, it sees the veteran producer wrap synthesized vocalisations and sunny chords around a chunky bassline and swinging house beats that sound like they could have come straight out of Kenny Dope's MPC.
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 in stock $16.42
Get Back To The Fonk EP
Cat: KT 032V. Rel: 23 Jan 24
Deep House
Get Back To The Fonk (6:01)
Don't Stop (6:04)
In My Body's House (6:58)
Grey Matter (5:52)
Review: Two house music institutions come together here as DJ Steaw lands on the Kaoz Theory label run by Kerri Chandler. He brings his usual stylish sounds to four cuts that cover all forms of house. First up it's a deep US garage vibe with jazzy chord work on 'Get Back To The Fonk' then 'Don't Stop' brings more punch low ends but no lack of emotion. 'In My Body's House' throws it back to the 90s with its muted sax stabs and organ basslines complete with wailing diva vocals and the blame and future facing cosmic house of 'Grey Matter' closes out a nicely varied EP.
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 in stock $16.42
Language Of Jazz EP
Cat: KT 023V. Rel: 15 Feb 22
Deep House
Mr ID & Youssef Grigane - "Track ID1" (feat Rita MDN - Kerri Chandler remix) (7:02)
Mr ID & Youssef Grigane - "Track ID1" (feat Rita MDN - Kerri Chandler 623 Again mix) (6:59)
Mr ID & Youssef Grigane - "Track ID1" (feat Rita MDN) (7:59)
Mr ID & Younes Akhraz - "Track ID2" (5:52)
Review: Kerri Chandler's Kaoz Theory label remains a sure bet for the finest house music coming out today, and if you like it jazzy you're in for a treat on this EP. The exact background of this release is a little patchy but it certainly features the musical talents of Moroccan mastermind Youssef Grirrane, whose ascendant piano playing gives this EP its whole identity. On the A side Chandler himself gets busy in the mix, offering up two contrasting cuts which play to his strengths in constructing a rock solid club beat with soul where it counts. On the flip you can hear Mr ID and Grirrane's original works, with occasional moonlighting from Rita Mdn. This is uplifting, musical house music to take you far away from your cares and woes.
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 in stock $13.24
Sundown (12")
Cat: KT 035V. Rel: 07 Jun 24
Deep House
Holding On
Velvet City
Played by: Kisk
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