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Legofunk Italy 黑胶唱片和CD

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Dancefloor Edits
Cat: LGF 014. Rel: 17 Jan 24
Alexny - "Meneao" (6:03)
Siggatunez - "Boogie" (6:29)
Mosaik Kollektif - "Twisted City" (5:49)
Dj Laurel - "Let The Good Time" (4:29)
Lego Edit - "Party Freaks" (Lego party dub) (5:59)
Review: You can always count on the Legofunk crew to bring you disco and funk edits from less mined sources that will absolutely rock it on the floor. On this instalment we have five different joints to get stuck into, from the slow Afro house throw down of Alexny's 'Meneao' to Siggatunez's slinky, soulful groover 'Boogie'. Look out for the low tempo seduction of DJ Laurel's 'Let The Good Time', which will get a warm-up slot thoroughly juiced for the night to come. The Lego Edit 'party dub' of 'Party Freaks' heads more explicitly towards peak-time house, but as ever it's delivered with heart and soul thanks to the vintage source material powering the track.
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Played by: Mosaik, LEGO EDIT
! low stock $16.51
Rio Deja Vu
Cat: LGF 010. Rel: 13 May 22
Funky/Club House
Rio Deja Vu (De Gama Re-Groove) (7:16)
Rio Deja Vu (8:09)
Cuica Groove (8:47)
Review: Legofunk serves up a 10th does of its futurist and floor funk here with Dirty Elements and Drunk Drivers at the helm. It's a De Gama Re-Groove to kick things off with super smooth house grooves and florid Latin influences over heft kick drums. It's a carnival waiting to happen, frankly. The original is a more stringy and percussive, but the weighty drums still establish a killer groove. Last of all is 'Cuica Groove' which is sunny and has a weird and wonderful vocal floating up top.

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 in stock $14.07
Special Disco Version
Cat: LGF 015. Rel: 14 Nov 23
LKN - "Country House" (7:21)
CLB - "Get Off" (6:08)
HLD - "DITD" (5:39)
GRM - "Movin' " (6:27)
LGD - "A A On" (5:29)
Review: Five new brooding tools from the heads over at Legofunk, each under their own three-lettered moniker. It's difficult to know which artists are behind each track here, but all are moody big-room house and disco groovers; LKN's 'Country Hous' strikes and instant chord with its echoed-out harmonica and deep bass stride, while continuations on the theme go on to impress; HLD's 'DITD' is an indeterminately dreamy number that plays up a rare triplet house rhythm, while LGD's closer 'A A On' amps up the mood of urban get-up-and-go with Hammond organs and funking low-reg licks.
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Played by: The Owl, LEGO EDIT
 in stock $16.51
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