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flash sale 2022
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Most Excellent Unltd 黑胶唱片和CD

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Sunny (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: MXU 012. Rel: 02 Apr 20
Funky/Club House
  1. Sunny (9:49)
  2. Sunny (acappella) (9:49)
  3. Sunny (Seven Davis Jr remix) (7:40)
! low stock $11.81
52nd Street Beat Tape
52nd Street Beat Tape (limited hand-stamped cassette)
Cat: MXU 011. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. TZ Time Machine (3:00)
  2. Stretched Out Roads (2:11)
  3. A Hun'ned (1:54)
  4. Descanso En La Casa (4:30)
  5. Hood Karma (2:23)
  6. Oh Agnes (1:33)
  7. Winston's Lot (1:30)
  8. Upright (1:31)
  9. Zoom Out The Window (0:51)
  10. PA 2K (2:12)
  11. Truth In Roots (2:14)
  12. Petnhouse Sweet (1:47)
  13. Talkin' With Shorty (3:26)
  14. I Could Show You 52nd Street (5:42)
  15. Swing Street (3:21)
  16. Hawrt Beat (3:25)
  17. End End End (2:34)
  18. Way Too Short (1:27)
  19. That SP Feel (0:44)
  20. One For Throggs Neck (1:47)
  21. Doughboy Yellin' Domino (3:33)
  22. Random Shift (2:20)
  23. Femme Fatale (1:37)
  24. The Results (1:34)
  25. The Best (0:52)
 in stock $15.33
If You Really Love Me (Record Store Day RSD 2022)
Cat: MXMRK 2046. Rel: 03 May 22
  1. If You Really Love Me (Me & The Gang remix - Mr K edit) (7:34)
  2. I Know You I Live You (Mr K edit) (9:14)
Review: There is a good chance that the K in Mr K stands for Knife, surely, because of how good this man is as crafting his own studio edits? Next up he tackles the frankly already very brilliant Stevie Wonder gem 'If You Really Love Me' but somehow he manages to improve it for modern club play. The horns are bigger, the drums are that bit more house-y and the whole arrangement is beefed up for a big impact. 'I Know You I Live You' on the flip is a disco dazzler with lucid horns and big soulful vocals for an all out good time.
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 in stock $12.05
Mr K Edits: Action
Cat: MXMRK 2048. Rel: 19 May 22
  1. Action (5:33)
  2. World Famous (3:44)
Review: The inimitable Mr K lands once more on the Most Excellent Unltd label with more of his a-grade edits. He kicks off with a signature disc-funk sounds that could be from any ear in the last forty years. The bass licks really get you up on your toes as the dangling chords and leggy drums heighten the groove. A steamy female vocal then flips you out. On the backside is 'World Famous' which is a cut up groove with some great scratching, old school electro-boogie in the cords and a nice lush lead piano line that brings the joy.
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Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $11.05
Stick Together
Cat: MXMRK 2040. Rel: 23 Mar 21
  1. Stick Together (edit By Mr K) (8:16)
  2. Body Language (edit By Mr K) (5:58)
Review: Mr. K and Most Excellent Unlimited are back once again and this time featuring a lowdown and stomping disco gem from Minnie Riperton. Her 1977 single 'Stick Together' rather sticks out in her discography of smooth modern soul, but that's not to say it isn't great. The second half to the original is what has been reworked in this edit and so we are treated to a lengthy exploration featuring keyboardist Sonny Burke (laying down some irresistible keys. Flip it over for his take on 'Body Language,' an album cut on the Jackson Five's last Motown album and here served up with an iconic bass line that just doesn't quit.
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Tags: Soul Disco
 in stock $11.81
It Should Have Been Me
Cat: MXMRK 2049. Rel: 17 Jun 22
  1. It Should Have Been Me (4:10)
  2. Brand New Lover (5:04)
Review: Mr K (Danny Krivit) is back once again with another vital selection of his edits kicking off with the title track 'It Should Have Been Me' a lazy and heart wrenching soul jam with deep cut bass, guttural female vocals that are as raw as you can imagine and some lush strings. It's a great vision of a stone cold classic that will never fail in any setting to get tears going. On the flipside, 'Brand New Lover' picks up the pace with a silky disco-funk-soul groove to carry you into a lovely headspace.

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Tags: Soul Disco
 in stock $11.05
Mahlalela (Lazy Bones)
Cat: MXMRK 2041. Rel: 11 Jun 21
  1. Mahlalela (Lazy Bones) (edit By Mr K) (5:15)
  2. Barrio Nuevo (edit By Mr K) (4:52)
Review: Mr. K is back with a killer double-sider of African funk and Latin disco. Loud and cut for the dancefloor on a small-hole 7-inch, it's another Mr. K sure shot!
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 in stock $10.05
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