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My Own Jupiter

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Cat: MOJ 05 REPRESS. Rel: 01 Mar 17
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Booari (7:45)
  2. Ship Of Imagination (7:10)
  3. Diggin In My Brain (6:59)
  4. Milky Way (6:17)
  5. Ten-Ten (7:18)
  6. Get Xox (7:23)
  7. Waitin 4 No (8:53)
  8. Over (4:34)
Review: Since the first pressing of Binh's Ship of Imagination double-pack sold out at the tail end of 2016, demand for the record has rocketed online. Happily, My Own Jupiter owners Edume and Nicolas Lutz has bowed to demand and quickly sorted out this re-press. It's a fine record, with the producer effortlessly blending elements of Detroit techno, electro and chunky deep house rhythms with the kind of spacey synthesizer sounds and razor-sharp TB-303 lines most commonly found in early '90s British "intelligent techno" records. In other words, it's sounds like the kind of set that could have been released around 1994 by one of the greats of our scene.
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Cat: MOJ 11. Rel: 07 May 19
  1. Sadness (5:08)
  2. Distress (5:57)
  3. Lethargy (4:22)
  4. Farewell (7:14)
  5. Lonliness (5:43)
  6. Sorrow (7:16)
  7. Nightmares (5:41)
  8. Melancholia (7:53)
  9. Depression (7:10)
Review: There's not much info out there about My Own Jupiter's latest addition to the roster, though we do know that he's a Spanish producer and that "Morning For Loss" is his debut album. It's a rather impressive set, with the publicity-shy artist offering up a poignant, spacey and quietly picturesque mix of slo-mo melodic electro, intergalactic dancefloor workouts, early '90s style IDM, bleeping ambient techno and shimmering purist electro jams that sound like they've been sat idle on a dusty cassette since 1989. Throughout, Depressor strikes a near perfect balance between bottom end grunt, atmospheric aural textures and tuneful, ear-catching synthesizer motifs.
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Cat: MOJ 07. Rel: 06 Feb 18
  1. Inner Traveler (8:40)
  2. Punto De Encajes (10:23)
  3. Inner Sancta Santorum (7:45)
  4. Program 76 (7:23)
Review: Franco Digregorious first popped up on My Own Jupiter in the autumn of 2016, impressing all and sundry with an expansive album of electro, techno and IDM jams that had been recorded over the course of a decade. This follow-up EP is similarly inclined and just as impressive. There's a bustling, intergalactic rave feel to opener "Inner Traveller", which sees Digregorious pepper a driving but tactile groove with fizzing electronics and razor-sharp rave stabs, while "Punto De Encaje" pits the mind-altering, acid-fired madness of Rephlex's "braindance" series against the cascading melodiousness of B12 or the Black Dog. He continues in a similar vein on "Inner Sancta Sanctorum", before charging off into alien electro territory via EP highlight "Program 76".
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Cat: DIGREGORIUS. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Dogma Y Ritual (4:46)
  2. Pinguinos En Corso (3:47)
  3. The Ultimate Trip (Kino & Digregorius edit) (5:13)
  4. Ladyes & Gentelman From Montevideo Underground (5:39)
  5. Dame Piedra (Fede Licht, Digregorius & Koolt DJ Friendly rework) (6:03)
  6. Jesus Is Coming Soon (extended version - Kino Di Gregorius Afro Techno Evangelico Totality) (5:07)
  7. Dr Doom Y Su Tarta De Formaldehido (8:12)
  8. Mind Traveler (Este Es Mi Universo) (5:52)
  9. God Is In Us A (5:32)
  10. Brain Washing (13:09)
  11. Joseph Ibrahim (El Cuerpo Es Una Nave) (9:26)
  12. Este Loco Loco Mundo (7:07)
  13. Familia (10:35)
  14. Todo Lo Q Ves Es Falzo (8:07)
  15. You Are Dead Man (7:06)
  16. El Nagual (8:11)
  17. 7 Palos (6:10)
Review: My Own Jupiter is run by Uruguayan expats Nicolas and Edurne Lutz, the former a respected DJ on the Berlin circuit affiliated with Sleepers, Toi Toi Musik and Club Der Visionaere. He here presents a four-disc vinyl package from homeboy Franco Digregorius, which follows up Australian producer Little Nobody's prior release. Said to be compiled from productions spanning the last decade, the album covers several variations on the electro sound but often delivered in rather inventive formats and with some funny titles. There's some aquatic electro funk stylings on "Ladyes & Gentelman From Montevideo Underground", the hilariously dark George W. Bush sampling "Mind Traveller" and the very hypnotic 13 minute long epic "Brain Washing".
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Alien GF (2xLP)
Cat: MOJ 06. Rel: 23 Aug 17
  1. Exist (7:57)
  2. Mr. Insane (5:25)
  3. Wills (5:44)
  4. Brahmsstrat (9:08)
  5. Again (4:09)
  6. Osst (4:43)
  7. Posthuman (part 2) (5:29)
  8. Norse (6:37)
  9. Posthuman (part 1) (8:07)
Review: The first release of 2017 from Edume and Nicolas Lutz's "multi-disciplinary art platform" (that's a record label, kids) My Own Own Jupiter comes from Spanish analogue freak Do Or Die. It's an expansive, intergalactic debut album featuring nine scorching, tried-and-tested dancefloor treats. Highlights come thick and fast, from the racing deep space bleeps and razor-sharp acid lines of body-jacker "Mr Insane" and psychedelic-minded electro-acid shuffler "Brahmsstrat", to the deep and galactic techno/electro hum of "Osst" and rush-inducing deep house bliss of "Posthuman (Part 1)". Also worth a listen is "Norse", in which Do or Die fuses bleep-era Biosphere with the mechanical funk of vintage Chicago jack.
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Cat: MOJ 09. Rel: 27 Nov 18
  1. Conciencia Sucia (feat Corp) (6:13)
  2. Lost (7:06)
  3. DX100 (6:30)
  4. In Time (5:09)
Review: Last year, Spanish analogue freak Do Or Die impressed with debut album "Alien GF", a nine-track romp through intergalactic acid, techno and electro pastures. "Imposible Materia" offers up his first new material since and is similarly impressive. Head first for "Lost", a bustling, all-action affair rich in fizzing riffs, weird noises, classic Motor City chords and wiggly acid lines, before losing yourself in the hypnotic, minor key motifs, broken techno beats and unsettling stabs of "DX100". Sci-fi loving acid freaks will devour the psychedelic TB-303 lines, rumbling Michigan bass and punchy drum machine hits of opener "Conciencia Sucia", while closing cut "In Time" offers a warm, groovy, tactile and suitably shuffling conclusion to another superb Do Or Die release.
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Played by: ES-Q, Shoxy
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Auf Weidersehen (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: MOJ 08. Rel: 29 Jan 19
  1. Instrumento (11:07)
  2. Tschuss (6:34)
  3. Gerogliftko (7:41)
Review: The latest audio missive from the My Own Jupiter camp brings together debutant Nicholas Lutz (here using the previously unused Draculas Lutz alias) and former CABARET Recordings producer Omar Chibarro. They pair begins proceedings with arresting A-side "Instrumento", a bold, bass-heavy and angular electro jam packed with mind-altering acid lines and shimmering, deep space motifs. They change tack on the flipside, accompanying snappy, organ-laced NYC garage bumper "Tschuss" with the hybrid acid-jack/spacey house bluster of quality closer "Gerogliftko". While stylistically varied, the EP's three tracks are united by an attractive looseness that only emphasizes the thrillingly wayward nature of the duo's otherworldly electronics.
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The Knock Off (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MOJ 01. Rel: 19 Mar 14
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Bat Rastard
  2. Weltschmerz
  3. Nobody's Driving
  4. Sense & Senility
  5. Robota
Review: My Own Jupiter is the newly minted label, or Multidisciplinary Art Platform as it's being presented from Nicholas Lutz, Edurne and Birdsmakingmachine founder Ricardo de Azcuenaga. The honour of the debut release for the platform falls on Little Nobody, aka Tokyo-based Melbourne ex-pat Andrez Bergen who has a storied production career across various aliases and genres for almost two decades. It's little surprise then, that The Knock Off is filled with a sense of subtle diversity across the five tracks that keeps you coming back for more. Commencing with the chunky house groove "Bat Rastard" (wait for the vocal sample) Little Nobody draws for a more minimal sound on "Weltschmerz" and "Sense & Senility" whilst "Nobody's Driving" hints at Bergen's hip hop past. Final track "Robota" sounds like The Dust Brothers making house music.
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Brutalismo EP (10") (1 per customer)
Cat: MOJ 12. Rel: 02 Aug 19
  1. Brutalismo (7:56)
  2. We Control The Sound (8:11)
Review: Fernando Zapico AKA Z@p is one of those producers whose work is always worth a listen, primarily because his quality threshold is very high. This two-track missive on My Own Jupiter picks up where his recent EP for Japanese imprint Cabaret left off, delivering faintly foreboding futurist techno whose sci-fi inspirations are clear to hear. A-side "Brutalismo" sets the tone, with paranoia-inducing analogue bass, creepy synth stabs and swirling electronic textures rising above a punchy drum machine-driven groove. "We Control The Sound" is notably denser and a little darker, with sturdier beats, moodier chord sequences and a bone-chilling breakdown.
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My Own Jupiter
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