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Cat: NANG 007. Rel: 04 Dec 09
  1. Free Flight (The Acos Coolkas Synth Touch mix)
  2. Free Flight (Max Essa mix)
  3. Free Flight (Ichisan mix)
  4. Free Flight (Sare Havlicek mix)
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Cat: NANG 024. Rel: 19 Mar 10
  1. Architeq - "Christine"
  2. Sare Havlicek - "Pork Chop Express"
  3. King DJ - "Escape From New York" (Bottin remix)
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Cat: NANG 102. Rel: 20 Feb 14
  1. Complotto Geometrico (Andrew Weatherall remix)
  2. Space Scribble (Prins Thomas remix)
  3. A TV Show (Luke Solomon remix)
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Cat: NANG 079CD. Rel: 22 Jun 12
  1. Complotto Geometrico
  2. Podalirius
  3. RoBa Che Scotta
  4. Rate The Stars (feat Tahamene)
  5. A TV Show (feat Ghostape)
  6. Real Like The Music (feat Mark Borgazzi)
  7. Teorema
  8. Haughty Rhino
  9. Flugdisko
  10. Space Scribal
out of stock $10.57
Cat: NANG 039. Rel: 20 Jan 11
  1. RoBa Che Scotta
  2. RoBa Che Scotta (Ichisan remix)
  3. Space Scribble
Review: For those with an interest in the lefttield side of European disco, the recent renaissance of legendary Italian DJ Daniele Baldelli has been an exciting development. For those outside of Northern Italy, Baldelli remained a marginal figure for many years. Although he - and, it could be argued, compatriot Beppe Loda - invented the "cosmic disco" sound in the late 1970s and early 80s, it's only in the last decade that the sound has been celebrated across the globe. This collaborative EP with fellow Italian spinner DJ Rocca is his first release since 2009. It sees the duo give contemporary nudisco a fresh new twist, adding obvious Italo, cosmic and old skool electro influences. Nowhere is this more evident than on lead track "RoBa Che Scotta", where the veteran duo add simplistic, stargazing melodies to a rough, appregiated groove. There's beauty within the heavy analogue beats and bassline, but they never lose sight of the dancefloor. Ichisan provides a slightly grubbier, disco-centric rework for those who dig straight-up nudisco. The EP finishes with the title track. Similarly melodic and intergalactic in its construction, 'Space Scribble' has an endearing, child-like quality thanks to a sprightly mix of original electro beats, swirling chords and analogue synth riffery. It's a great end to Baldelli's best EP yet.
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BEPPE LODA presents MC1
Counter (12")
Cat: NANG 033. Rel: 26 Aug 10
  1. Counter (Beppe Loda Electro Monster mix)
  2. Counter (Radome mix)
  3. Counter (Avanti feat Bottin remix)
Review: The ten millionth release from Nang Records this year proves to be just as essential as their previous output. (There may be a certain degree of exaggeration in that sentence). The Tirk offshoot once again flexes their digging muscles, throwing the spotlight on Italian producers Beppe Loda and MC1. "Counter" originally surfaced on a Nang compilation earlier this year but it was deemed worthy of extra attention by the label's decision makers, and rightly so. Beppe Loda imbues the glistening analogue burn of the original with some added synth drama on his appropriately named "Electro Monster Remix". Some mystery and intrigue is injected into proceedings via the slow burning acid bubble of Randome's remix with his/her/their true identity a scurrilous secret. To round things off, Italy's most contemporary proponent of analogue bliss, Bottin, assists Mexican apprentice Avanti in delivering a remix that glistens and shines in all the right places.

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Cat: NANG 066. Rel: 29 Sep 11
  1. Superficial
  2. Terror Island
  3. Lords Of Death
  4. Afro Comedy
  5. Me & You On A Boat In Central Park
  6. Night Movie
  7. Contact
  8. Disco Dehli
  9. Superficial (Ichisan remix)
out of stock $11.67
Cat: NANG 063. Rel: 08 Jun 12
  1. Night Movie (Kid Who mix)
  2. Disco Delhi (Luminodisco mix)
  3. Lords Of Death (Kael Misko mix)
  4. Afro Comedy (Brunito mix)
  5. Me & You On A Boat In Central Park (Discodromo mix)
  6. Terror Island (Mushrooms Project mix)
  7. Contact (The Heels Of Love mix)
  8. Lords Of Death (Billy Bogus rework)
  9. Superficial (Ichisan mix)
  10. Terror Island (Enzo Ponzio mix)
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Cat: NANG 037. Rel: 21 Jul 11
  1. Jabberwock (Rudy Midnight Machine dub mix)
  2. Cut Up (instrumental)
  3. Jabberwock (original)
  4. Diggin' Side
Review: The good ship Nang navigates back towards the prosperous musical archives snappily known as Tinpong for a second round of musical excellence from Venetian Bottin and Swiss vocalist Joy Frempong. Last seen giving a Duran Duran classic a high BPM makeover, the Jabberwock release is the first original material culled from the duo's studio antics recorded over a three year period from 2003 onwards. The title track itself is a low slung 80s leaning vocal disco slinkathon very much in the vein of Tom Tom Club, and comes accompanied by a near unrecognisable remix from Rudy's Midnight Machine (aka Robin Faze Action) which discards with the niceties for a full on jackin' dancefloor excursion. Elsewhere tracks such as "Cut Up" and "Diggin' Side" hint at a real versatility to be found in the remainder of the Tinpong archives.
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Played by: Bottin, The Main Stem
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Cat: NANG 035. Rel: 18 Nov 10
  1. New Religion (original)
  2. New Religion (Pete Herbert dub)
  3. New Religion (Marcus Marr mix)
Review: 2010 has been good to Venetian producer Bottin with releases on Eskimo, Bear Funk, Gomma and Perseo to complement remixes for the likes of Sally Shapiro, Telonius and Ali Love as well as a mix CD for Nang Records. It's the latter who dig into the Bottin archives (nee hard drives) and release this, the first fruits of an old collaborative project with Swiss vocalist Joy Frempong under the name Tinpong. "New Religion" is a skippy 140 BPM cover of the early 80s Duran Duran standard which improves on the original by the simple virtue of Frempong's breathy vocal delivery which is preferable to Simon Le Bon's. Brixtonite Marcus Marr rips apart the original and reassembles the parts as a truly impressive late night disco number, replete with a wonderfully broad sounding bassline. Not to be outdone, L.S.B. don and general UK disco standard Pete Herbert steps up with a delightful dub version that sets a dancefloor pace and leaves the most lasting effect.
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Cat: NANG 058. Rel: 26 May 11
  1. Shooting Star (original)
  2. Shooting Star (Toomy Disco remix)
  3. Shooting Star (dub)
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Cat: NANG 027. Rel: 21 May 10
  1. Tosca - "Electra Bregenz" (Bottin's Dubious dub)
  2. Lindstrom - "Paaskelyd" (Bottin's Skogkatt track)
  3. Bottin - "No Static" (club version)
  4. The Energency - "Fantasy" (Bottin's Mortriconey Island mix)
  5. Pollyn - "Can't Get Into It" (Bottin remix)
  6. Space - "Tango In Space" (Bottin mix)
  7. Lost Valentinos - "Nightmoves" (Bottin mix)
  8. Bottin - "Pianeti" (original Ballarin)
  9. Miss Plug Inn - "Zodiac" (Bottin mix)
  10. Solange - "Robots Are Un-American" (vocal dub)
  11. Kotey Extra Band & Bottin - "Hot Ring" (Bottin's Espresso dub)
  12. Jupiter - "Starlighter" (Bottin's original bass mix)
  13. Codebreaker - "Follow Me" (Bottin mix)
  14. Oscar G & Stryke - "Hypnotized" (Bottin's Mercurial mix)
  15. In Flagranti - "ExExEx" (Bottin mix)
  16. Wax Stag - "And How" (Bottin's Discoursive Diversion)
  17. Kind DJ - "Escape From New York" (Bottin mix)
  18. Telonius - "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick" (Bottin mix)
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Cat: NANG 090. Rel: 02 Aug 12
  1. Daily Invasion
  2. Maelstorm
  3. Last Day Here
  4. Scandal Echo
  5. Radio Anatomy
  6. Bang Clap
  7. Panic!
  8. Palm Springs
  9. In My Flat
  10. Front Angle
  11. Morning Wake Up
Review: Having released little more than a trio of well-received 12" singles, Italian producer Claudio Brioski delivers a debut album for London-based nu-disco heavyweights Nang. Sitting somewhere between the pulsating dancefloor tackle of fellow countryman Bottin and the vintage synthesizer doodles of Emperor Machine, Hype Nothing is a pleasing trawl through off-centre nu-disco pastures. Musically, it also touches on glistening synth-pop - see the jaunty vocal cuts "Last Day Here" and "Panic"- and moody Italo revivalism ("Scandal Echo", the Robotnik-ish "Radio Anatomy"), while retaining an effortless air of nerdy synthesizer fetishism. That's some feat.
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Cat: NANG 085. Rel: 23 Aug 12
  1. Last Day Here (original mix)
  2. Last Day Here (Sportloto Juno Revenge mix)
  3. Last Day Here (Lusty Zanzibar remix)
  4. Last Day Here (Every Last Day With Demi mix)
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Cat: NANG 067. Rel: 21 Oct 11
  1. Radio Anatomy (original)
  2. Radio Anatomy (Emperor Machine remix)
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More EP (12")
Cat: NANG 001. Rel: 01 Apr 09
  1. More (Foto remix)
  2. More (original)
  3. More (Acos Coolkas Excessive mix)
  4. Highway To Saturn
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Cat: NANG 025. Rel: 16 Sep 10
  1. On A Highway To Saturn (D-Pulse Australian Shore dub mix)
  2. On A Highway To Saturn (Sare Havlicek dub cut)
  3. On A Highway To Saturn (Jan Ken Po remix)
  4. On A Highway To Saturn (Proper Heat remix)
Played by: Strangelove, Max Essa
out of stock $6.36
Cat: NANG 003. Rel: 14 May 09
  1. Impatient Man
  2. Space Face
  3. Ciao Giorgio
Played by: Mike Burns
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Isole (LP)
Cat: NANG 186. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. Alcatraz (2:00)
  2. Tokyo (2:00)
  3. Nassau (feat Rodion) (2:00)
  4. Favignana (feat Kool Water) (2:00)
  5. Stone Town (feat Dimitri From Paris) (2:00)
  6. Taquile (2:00)
  7. Hong Kong (2:00)
  8. London (feat Jukka Reverberi) (2:00)
Played by: Vincent Inc, Lola Allen
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Love Loud (CD)
Cat: NANG 077. Rel: 12 Apr 12
  1. Nueva York
  2. Superhigh
  3. Drrtyhaze Groove
  4. The Jump
  5. Giving You All Of My Love
  6. Bedford Avenue
  7. Heatwave
  8. Take Me Give Me
  9. Restart
  10. Freedom March
  11. Lazer Sex
out of stock $12.73
Cat: NANG 071. Rel: 19 Jan 12
  1. NYC Set Me Free
  2. Unlimited Man
  3. Civilised Gang Bang
  4. Palm Beach Boy Trees
  5. Horny Diplomat
  6. First Touch
  7. Metropolitan Scene
  8. Rhapsody In Leather
out of stock $10.57
Cat: NANG 004. Rel: 25 Jul 09
  1. Another Plan
  2. Belfast
  3. New Life
  4. Felt Calmer
  5. Shock Doctrine
  6. Happy Birthday Jef
  7. Splendor In The Grass
  8. Daniel Wang Is My Neighbour
  9. Pleasure Treasure
  10. Take Some Fresh
  11. Paul Has Wings
out of stock $12.73
Cat: NANG 005. Rel: 17 Jul 09
  1. Another Plan
  2. New Life
  3. Daniel Wang Is My Neighbor
Played by: Sasse, Bangana
out of stock $5.84
Cat: NANG 145. Rel: 08 Oct 15
  1. Over Me
  2. Find Out
  3. Creature Of The Night
  4. Downtown Girl
  5. Rite There (feat Juan Soto)
  6. Jungle Light
  7. Empty (feat Capri)
  8. Don't Let Me Go Away (feat Shiro Schwarz)
  9. The Feeling (feat Julian Sanza)
  10. Can't Hide It (feat Mirror Kisses)
  11. Wonder
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Cat: NANG 029. Rel: 03 Jun 10
  1. Night Dance (original mix)
  2. Night Dance (Max Essa remix)
  3. Night Dance (Toby Tobias remix)
  4. The Player
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Believe (12")
Cat: NANG 042. Rel: 21 Apr 11
  1. Believe (original)
  2. Believe (Volta Cab remix)
  3. Believe (Ajello Plumb Center mix)
Review: Perma horizontally inclined duo Pete Gooding and Chris Coco return to Nang for a second round of Balearic leaning bliss. "Believe" sees the duo enlist the hushed vocal talents of Peter Coyle - front man of long running Liverpudlian troupe Lotus Eaters - and he seems perfectly suited to the blissed out digital skank which might just borrow a little something from Timmy Thomas. Complementing the original are some fine remixes from Volta Cab and Ajello, with the Russian adding to his growing reputation, laying some icily chilled ethereal soundscapes over ever changing percussive rhythms and a truly warm bassline. Ajello add some much needed energy as their Plumb Center Mix showcases what they do best - twisting the vocal flex through the spaces between the pumping percussion, gurgling analogue flourishes and Italocentric basslines.
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Cat: NANG 094. Rel: 15 Nov 12
  1. Diamondback (part 1)
  2. Diamondback (part 2 - extended single version)
  3. Diamondback (part 3)
  4. Diamondback (part 4)
  5. Diamondback (part 5 - extended single mix)
  6. Pure Sin (feat Lara Love - Diamondback part 6)
Played by: Lusty Zanzibar
out of stock $6.90
Cat: NANG 069. Rel: 08 Mar 12
  1. Diamondback (part 1 & part 2)
  2. Insinuations & Allusions
  3. Vibe On You (feat Hannah Mancini - album version)
  4. Not Enough (feat Mitja)
  5. Burning Hot
  6. White Noise Voice (feat Charlie Denholm)
  7. 12 Fingered Chime
  8. Sense Station
  9. Future Is Retro
  10. Too Far Ahead (feat Mitja)
  11. Keep Your Pants On Cowboy
  12. Diamondback (part 5)
out of stock $11.67
Cat: NANG 069L. Rel: 22 Mar 12
  1. Diamondback (part 1 & part 2)
  2. Insinuations & Allusions
  3. Vibe On You (feat Hannah Mancini - album version)
  4. Not Enough (feat Mitja)
  5. Burning Hot
  6. White Noise Voice (feat Charlie Denholm)
  7. Sense Station
  8. Future Is Retro
  9. Too Far Ahead (feat Mitja)
  10. Keep Your Pants On Cowboy (feat Mitja)
  11. Diamondback (part 5)
out of stock $12.73
Cat: NANG 162. Rel: 23 Nov 17
  1. Dreamachine (2:53)
  2. Everybody Freak Out (3:36)
  3. Softmachine (4:35)
  4. Like You Wanna Do (feat Vaarka) (3:47)
  5. Here Comes That Sound (4:44)
  6. Riot (4:00)
  7. Science Of The Beat (1:56)
  8. Music & Lies (4:03)
  9. No Chance To Dance (4:02)
  10. Perpetual Rise (2:41)
 in stock $11.67
Cat: NANG 104. Rel: 09 May 13
  1. Insinuations & Allusions (extended single mix)
  2. Insinuations & Allusions (Inigo & Dan Solo remix)
  3. Insinuations & Allusions (Brodin & Copycat remix)
  4. Insinuations & Allusions (Tiger Cubes remix)
  5. Insinuations & Allusions (Sasha Kojevin remix)
out of stock $6.36
Cat: NANG 031. Rel: 10 Jun 10
  1. Dreams In Light (original)
  2. Dreams In Light (Ray Mang Attakshak mix)
  3. Dreams In Light (Ray Mang dub)
  4. Dreams In Dub
out of stock $6.36
Cat: NANG 032. Rel: 01 Jul 10
  1. Toscana Nights
  2. White Russian
  3. UFOs Are Real
  4. Dreams In Light
  5. Escape Machine
  6. Deco Drive
  7. In Out
  8. Pleasure Storm
  9. Dancing In Val D'Isere 1979
  10. Atomic Village
  11. Attack Of The Vowels
  12. Toscana Midnights
  13. Song
out of stock $12.73
Cat: NANG 138. Rel: 16 Apr 15
  1. Movies For Lovers (4:25)
  2. Magnetic Past (5:12)
  3. Chaser (5:24)
  4. Paint The Town (feat OD Hunte) (4:55)
  5. Pure Sin (feat Lara Love) (5:08)
  6. Nobody's Diary (feat Mitja) (5:12)
  7. I Love Your Legs (feat Vougal) (5:17)
  8. Principle 122 (3:18)
out of stock $13.79
Cat: NANG 060. Rel: 27 Oct 11
  1. Vibe On You (Ilija Rudman remix)
  2. Vibe On You (Stevie Kotey & Manestar remix)
  3. Nothing You Can Do
  4. Vibe On You (Sares 115 BPM dub)
Played by: Strangelove, Hot Toddy
out of stock $6.90
Cat: NANG 038. Rel: 15 Dec 10
  1. Pleasure Storm (Nick Chacona remix)
  2. Pleasure Storm (King DJ remix)
  3. Pleasure Storm (Pleasure dub)
  4. White Russian (Lazy Summer) (Max Essa presents Jan Ken Po remix)
Played by: Strangelove, Max Essa
out of stock $6.36
Flight 707 (12")
Cat: NANG 086. Rel: 13 Sep 12
  1. Flight 707 (Jadoo remix)
  2. Flight 707 (Billy Bogus remix)
  3. Flight 707 (original)
  4. Flight 707 (Barking Dogs remix)
out of stock $7.42
Cat: NANG 056. Rel: 14 Jul 11
  1. Cosmo
  2. Slow
  3. First Steps
  4. Chain Gang
  5. Quiet Please
  6. Old Stuff
  7. Groove It Up
  8. Blue Gitanes
  9. Getting Down
  10. Grind Disco
  11. The Beat
  12. Flight 707
out of stock $11.67
Chain Gang (12")
Cat: NANG 048. Rel: 31 Mar 11
  1. Chain Gang (original mix)
  2. Chain Gang (Foto Naive dub)
  3. Chain Gang (Laser Tom & The Blast Crew remix)
out of stock $5.84
Cat: NANG 170. Rel: 22 Jun 17
  1. Batu Karang (6:55)
  2. Time (4:18)
  3. Pass Me By (feat Robert Owens - Pete Herbert remix) (5:12)
  4. Made In The Shade (4:39)
  5. Washed Up (5:33)
  6. Sun Fish (5:19)
  7. Night Boat (6:36)
  8. Ruby Star (3:26)
Review: It's been well over a decade since Pete Herbert last released an album. On that occasion, he was collaborating with Phil Mison, as Frontera. This tine round, Herbert has been joined in the studio by keyboard wizard Martin Denev. Made in the Shade naturally encapsulates all that's good about both producers' work - think colourful synthesizers, loved-up pianos, dreamy chords, rich analogue synth-bass, Italo-disco style arpeggio lines, disco cowbells and an saucer-eyed Balearic mindset - while delivering a string of superb, sun-fired tracks. Highlights come thick and fast, from the classic Italo-house surge of "Washed Up" and T-Coy-does-nu-disco cheeriness of "Night Boat", to the soul-flecked tingle of Robert Owens hook-up "Pass Me By" and groovy, acid-flecked deepness of proto-house shuffler "Time".
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Played by: Alex Zuiev
out of stock $14.60
Pass Me By (12")
Cat: NANG 163. Rel: 13 Apr 17
  1. Pass Me By (Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca vocal remix) (6:00)
  2. Pass Me By (6:04)
  3. Pass Me By (Dr Packer remix) (6:30)
  4. Pass Me By (Pete Herbert remix) (5:28)
Review: This is big: a collaboration between Balearic nu-disco heavyweight Pete Herbert and "the voice of house" himself, Robert Owens. In its original form, "Pass Me By" is bubbly and attractive, with Owens' adding deep, soulful and emotion-rich vocals to a sparkling, synth-heavy backing track that effortlessly joins the dots between freestyle, proto-house and Italo-disco. The equally impressive remix package is headed up by a fine rework from Daniele Baldelli and DJ Rocca: a chugging, undulating cosmic disco revision that's surprisingly more organic in feel. Elsewhere, Aussie adventurer Dr Packer gives it an electrofunk flavoured house makeover and Pete Herbert turns in a fluid, Balearic-inspired rework full of heady synth lines and tumbling pianos.
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 in stock $7.70
Cat: NANG 103. Rel: 14 Mar 13
  1. Freaky Nights
  2. 2AM (feat Phil Oakey)
  3. Mutual Feeling
  4. DJ Culture (feat Roots Manuva)
  5. Electricity
  6. 2BReal
  7. Lemons & Limes
  8. 1-2-3-4
  9. Startalk
  10. Partisan
  11. Maximal
  12. Pressure
out of stock $10.61
Hotspace (red vinyl LP)
Cat: NANG 153. Rel: 26 Oct 17
  1. Highlife (4:15)
  2. SSRI (Hotspace part 1) (2:20)
  3. Hotspace (Hotspace part 2) (4:01)
  4. Oxigene (Hotspace part 3) (4:18)
  5. Telepath (Hotspace part 4) (4:41)
  6. My Evil Friends (4:05)
  7. That Girl She Made Me Cry (3:26)
  8. Monkey Office (1:53)
  9. Gorlitzer Park (3:55)
  10. Sign Of The Times (4:24)
 in stock $11.67
Cat: NANG 072. Rel: 02 Feb 12
  1. 2AM (Toomy Disco & Fernando remix)
  2. 2AM (Hiem 1984 rework)
  3. 2AM (Brioski remix)
  4. 2AM (The Heels Of Love remix)
out of stock $7.42
DJ Culture (12")
Cat: NANG 106. Rel: 07 Feb 13
  1. DJ Culture (James Bright remix)
  2. DJ Culture (Hiem 2013 remix)
  3. DJ Culture (original mix)
  4. DJ Culture (Pete Herbert SFX remix)
  5. DJ Culture (DJ Maxximus & Derk Leyers remix)
out of stock $8.76
Legendary (CD)
Cat: NANG 184. Rel: 12 Oct 18
  1. Rise Of The Bird
  2. Atlanta Skyline
  3. Caustic Flash
  4. Neon Hawk
  5. Space Rockers Mission
  6. Back To The Night City
  7. Lunch With Hero
  8. Mystery Girl
  9. Super Ninja
  10. Bang! Bang! Like Tackleberry
  11. Fight Back 2 Winners
  12. Shock
  13. Cyber Genius
  14. In The Shades Of Palms
out of stock $10.35
Pionir (12")
Cat: NANG 019. Rel: 27 May 10
  1. Pionir (Lusty Zanibar remix)
  2. Pionir (Discodromo Avventurieri Nel Pianeta K mix)
out of stock $6.36
Cat: NANG 026. Rel: 20 May 10
  1. Pionir
  2. Mediteran
  3. Vikler Vlasta
  4. Radiodifuzija
  5. Fliter 57 Mild
  6. Tarentela
  7. Valhala
  8. Banana Split
  9. Detektivka
  10. Pesem Za Dinar
  11. Yugo Tempo
  12. Dr Roman
  13. To Je To
Review: Slovenian duo, Ichisan & Nakova drop their debut full length on Greg Wilson's Nang imprint. On Yugo Tempo, the duo infuse the sounds of modern electronic disco with the melodies and rhythms they found in the more traditional music genres that surrounded them in their youth. Merging the disciplines of wonky, ethnic and Balearic disco into one record, we hear indigenous melodies, Tarantino-esque guitar lines and aluminium suitcases full of atmosphere. A curious yet wholly entertaining work from the duo, this debut album is well worth checking out whatever your musical preference.

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out of stock $12.73
Cat: NANG 002. Rel: 30 Apr 09
  1. Call Me (Toby Tobias remix)
  2. Get Myself Together (Unabombers Basement mix)
  3. Get Myself Together (Diesel Xpress2 Stripped Back mix)
Played by: Sleazy McQueen
out of stock $6.36
Orbita (CD)
Cat: NANG 149. Rel: 25 Feb 16
  1. Delayed Flight
  2. Breeze
  3. Jet Disco
  4. Voyager
  5. Taxi
  6. 10.000 Over The Earth
  7. Leaf Fall
  8. Fly To Sea
  9. Arp
  10. Modern Music
  11. Fall In Space
  12. Trip To Airport
  13. Flight B
  14. Running On The Waves
  15. Teleskope
out of stock $9.55
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