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Pacific Rhythm Canada 黑胶唱片和CD

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Pacific Rhythm Canada
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Digital Rain Systems Vol 1
Cat: PR 10. Rel: 19 Aug 20
Sugar Disc (5:30)
Star (5:33)
Driftway (5:12)
Hold Music (1:20)
Just Dribbling (5:18)
Skylines (4:05)
Catwalk (4:04)
Bonus Level (4:36)
Bubble Bath (4:23)
Antechamber (3:54)
Blade Hits (8:24)
 in stock $15.61
Urth Born
Urth Born (12")
Cat: PR 003. Rel: 11 Mar 23
Deep House
Urth Man (7:03)
Everybody Dreams (6:54)
Water Walker (6:24)
Water Walker (Priori Rezone) (7:57)
 in stock $11.11
Exiles EP
Exiles EP (12")
Cat: PR 016. Rel: 21 Nov 23
Deep House
Agitate (6:12)
Exiles (7:20)
Just Like You (8:27)
Back Home (6:49)
Review: Deep house dons Frank & Tony keep on finding fresh new ground in their chosen genre. It's now Pacific Rhythm in Canada that welcomes them for this latest tasteful outing starting with the somnambulant sounds of 'Agitate' and its drawn-out and dreamy chords. The soporific sounds continue on 'Exiles' with its gentle grooves and starry-eyed piano chords and 'Just Like You' then layers up soft sonic pulses with fizzy synth smears in a way that soothes the soul. 'Back Home' is the final tasteful piece of this most sophisticated house puzzle.
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 in stock $15.34
Inner Flight
Cat: PR 017. Rel: 20 Sep 23
Progressive House
Intro (3:22)
Explorer 300 (6:26)
Sonar Scanning (8:56)
Channel 0 (6:42)
Rainbow Falls (7:21)
Review: Initially started as a 'long-range collaboration' during the global COVID-19 pandemic, Cooper Saver and Chris McIntyre's Inner Flight project was inspired by a heady mix of grandiose Canadian landcapes, Andrew Weatherall, the second summer of love and the "deeper corners of the 4AD catalogue". As this debut EP on Pacific Rhythm shows, it's a blueprint that guarantees warmth, sonic beauty, sunset and sunrise-ready soundscapes, and suitably loved-up club cuts. Following the slow-burn bliss of organic ambient opener 'Inner Flight', the pair cycles through acid-flecked, early 90s progressive house hypnotism (the stirring 'Explorer 3000'), dubby Balearic beats/dreamy IDM fusion ('Sonar Scanning'), mid-80s Factory Records leftfield electro-not-electro ('Channel Zero'), and chugging, delay-laden early morning colour (the chill out room friendly 'Rainbow Falls').
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 in stock $15.34
Other Phases Of Sleep
Cat: PR 019. Rel: 06 Feb 24
Deep House
Asleep (6:22)
Asleep (Space Ghost remix) (5:21)
To Paradise (6:01)
Signal A5 (5:57)
Review: Dutch DJ and producer Kennedy has always been rather concerned with dreams and infusing the feeling of them into hazy house music. He has done that mostly on his own Dream Machine label but now lands on the Canadian outlet Pacific Rhythm with three more of his somnambulant sonics. 'Asleep' is all dusty drums and smeared shrouds that encourage the mind to wander, then the Space Ghost remix flips it somewhat into a more potent proposition. On the flip, 'To Paradise' is a classy soundtrack full of introspective pads and 'Signal A5' rounds out another EP that draws on the artist's love of UK Street Soul and cosmic flourishes.
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 in stock $16.41
Private Paradise
Cat: PR 014. Rel: 11 May 22
Deep House
Virtual Age (4:47)
Inner Focus (6:21)
Save Point (4:54)
Sounds Of Peace (4:21)
Time Station (5:08)
Heal (6:50)
Private Paradise (7:23)
New Day (2:30)
Review: As his pseudonym makes clear, Sudi Wachspress has long been an exponent of ultra-deep, intergalactic - and increasingly retro-futurist - deep house. He continues this trend on his latest album, which sees him pop up on Canadian imprint Pacific Rhythm for the very first time. After opening with some superb, deep space ambient ('Virtual Age'), he pays tribute to the tactile, turn-of-the-90s New Jersey deep house of Dream 2 Science ('Inner Focus'), before flitting between new age ambient warmth ('Save Point', 'New Day'), sunrise-ready ambient house ('Sounds of Peace'), piano-sporting Italian dream house revivalism (the utterly gorgeous 'Time Station'), drifting electronica ('Heal') and loved-up street soul beats ('Private Paradise').
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 in stock $24.08
Out Of The Unknown
Cat: PR 020. Rel: 02 Jul 24
Deep House
Feels Like Home (5:13)
Good Feeling (6:58)
Meet You There (6:32)
Call To Mind (6:08)
Left Outside (6:45)
The Rising (6:06)
Review: Pacific Rhythm kicks off 2024 with Out Of The Unknown, the sophomore LP from ZG, the collaborative project of Zansika Lachhani and Grant (aka Tony from Frank & Tony). Following their acclaimed 2022 debut on Scissor & Thread, this album continues to push boundaries. Across 7 tracks, ZG crafts rich, intricate rhythm patterns with thoughtful, unexpected arrangements. Zansika's voice seamlessly ties everything together, presenting a unique vision of modern deep dance music influenced by the duo's extensive musical journey. Out Of The Unknown navigates dramatic atmospheric downtempo, MPC-style beatmaking, and late 90s deep house, creating a harmonious blend of UK and US-inspired sounds. This album flows effortlessly, providing a beautiful experience. Enjoy the trip - it's a stunning trip through the depths of contemporary dance music.
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 in stock $22.76
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