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Pets Recordings Germany

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Pets Recordings Germany

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Moments (LP)
Cat: PETS 121. Rel: 13 Nov 20
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Sunrise (feat James Yuill) (3:27)
  2. Life (4:21)
  3. Nothing (2:17)
  4. Meditate (feat Heather Chelan) (2:22)
  5. Moment (feat Angienowak) (2:19)
  6. Listen (1:41)
  7. Love (2:58)
  8. Memories (4:33)
  9. Sleep (feat Demetrius) (3:28)
  10. Time (feat Jaw) (3:40)
  11. It's OK (2:57)
  12. Tomorrow (5:06)
 in stock $15.99
We Are Not Nothing EP
Cat: PETS 124. Rel: 26 Oct 20
Deep House
  1. We Are Not Nothing (8:22)
  2. Beyond (5:45)
  3. FS Melody (7:13)
  4. Far Away (7:26)
Review: One of the joys of Pets Recordings' output over the last couple of years is how unpredictable it has become stylistically. Basically, you don't know what the next release will bring musically, but more often than not it will be rather good. That's certainly the case on the imprint's latest four-tracker, which sees London producer Jeigo (real name Jack Carr-Miles) flit between driving and occasionally dreamy breakbeat-house dirtiness (the retro-futurist peak-time pump of 'We Are Not Nothing'), Livity Sound-goes-deep house brilliance (the intricate percussion programming and gently swelling chords of 'Far Away'), hazy early morning deep house hypnotism ('FS Melody'), and ultra-deep, UK garage-influenced sunrise wooziness ('Beyond', whose emotive, ear-catching female vocal samples work wonderfully).
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 in stock $11.42
SU17 (12")
Cat: PETS 087. Rel: 07 Feb 18
Deep House
  1. SU17 (8:13)
  2. Mustang (7:25)
  3. Mustang (Tobias remix) (6:32)
$10.57 SAVE 40%
 in stock $6.35
U Know Me/Warsoul
U Know Me/Warsoul (heavyweight 12" picture disc)
Cat: PETS 046. Rel: 29 Oct 14
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. Teielte & Sonar Soul - "Saturn"
  2. Envee - "Kali"
  3. Archeo - "Warsoul (Cleansing Transients)"
  4. Innocent Sorcers - "Sweet Slang" (feat Coultrain, Black Spade & Perpetual)
$15.14 SAVE 25%
 in stock $11.35
Never Stop EP
Cat: PETS 126. Rel: 12 Feb 21
  1. Never Stop
  2. Hyper Responsibility
  3. Body Control (Tool)
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est. release 12 Feb 21 $10.86
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Pets Recordings Germany
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