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Polytechnic Youth

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Polytechnic Youth

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Concorde (red vinyl LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: PY 110. Rel: 21 Apr 21
  1. Concorde (3:04)
  2. Supercollider (2:54)
  3. Dubes (3:17)
  4. It Comes In Waves (2:03)
  5. Red Ochre (3:03)
  6. White Arrow (2:52)
  7. Swollen Seas (2:56)
  8. Superior Aero (3:47)
  9. It Comes In Waves (Drum edit) (3:59)
  10. Colors Of Noise (2:47)
Review: Not to be confused with Alexandre Bazin, the Scottish philosopher, psychologist, logician and educational reformist who founded Mind, the world's first journal of analytical philosophy and psychology, this Alexandre Bazin - member of Parisian collective GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales) - returns to Polytechnic Youth to follow up 2017's Sun Dog Trail LP. And by that we mean another record of deeply textured soundscapes moulded using analogue synthesisers.

Utilising, among other things, an EMS Synthi, Buchla Music Easel, Prophet and Moog, as you would expect this creates a vast feeling and wild variety of timbre. At times things feel rooted in classic rock 'n' roll sensibilities - 'Red Ochre', for example. In other moments we're closer to Can territory ('Dubes'), while the highest sonic peaks are arguably at similar altitude to bands like Explosions In The Sky ('It Comes In Waves'). Definitely not a record you'll forget in a hurry.
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 in stock $11.65
Hello World
Hello World (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: PY 98. Rel: 12 Feb 20
  1. Hello World (4:05)
  2. Taking A Break (3:03)
 in stock $12.24
Geometries Insensibles
Geometries Insensibles (pink vinyl 7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: PY 115. Rel: 20 Jan 21
  1. Halogene Menthol (3:17)
  2. Robot Moses (2:02)
  3. Espoir Et Endorphines (1:48)
  4. Amour Fission (2:29)
Review: Morgane Lhote aka Hologram Teen is back, after that great one a few months back on The Ransom Note, with more low slung nu-disco goodness on London's Polytechnic Youth on the Geometries Insensibles EP. From the bright like neon, slo-mo groove of 'Halogene Menthol' with is breezy disco retro-tinged vibe and airy synthesizers, to the noir-ish slow burning Italo of 'Robot Moses' and closing with the romantic French new wave of 'Amour Fission' - it certainly is all in the name. Lhote was formerly a member of outfits such as Stereolab and The Projects (with Mira Aroyo and Edward Ball).
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 in stock $8.15
Offset (7" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: PY 119. Rel: 30 Oct 20
  1. Offset Two (1:28)
  2. Offset Ten (1:52)
  3. Offset Nine (2:38)
  4. Offset Seven (1:44)
  5. Offset Eleven (2:35)
  6. Offset Three (1:38)
Review: Polytechnic Youth have pulled out six pieces of experimental electronic brilliance from music veteran Hanno Leichtmann, ho you may better know as Static. These are all new to vinyl after a previous digital only release as part of his 2017 album Offset. The music is minimalist in design but maximal in impact - creepy and haunting soundtracks that place you in abandoned medical facilities or post apocalyptic factory floors. That is achieved through occult synth modulations and slithering rhythms, busted sound design and icy atmospheres that really draw you in deep.
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 in stock $8.15
Stahlex Theme
Stahlex Theme (7" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: PY 140. Rel: 03 Mar 21
  1. Stahlex Theme (3:46)
  2. T-City Scavenger (3:13)
Review: Polytechnic Youth has been in hibernation for years and now is back with a run of killer releases. This limited 7" comes with fine artwork inspired by 70s era BBC design and is the latest offering from Masonic Kitchen, the solo project of Chris Walker. The music is sci-fi inspired experimental electronica with minimal synth boxes, sequences and drum machines all featuring to lend it a nice frayed hardware aesthetic. Human League and Cabaret Voltaire fans will surely find lots to love.
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 in stock $7.87
Barriere In Movimento
Barriere In Movimento (white vinyl LP)
Cat: PY 97. Rel: 08 Oct 19
  1. Synthismus (16:37)
  2. Dustflag (2:21)
  3. A Gondolier's Last Chewing Gum Blues (9:58)
  4. Grace Athletic (10:45)
 in stock $18.36
They Make No Say & Popcorn Lung (reissue)
Cat: PY 100. Rel: 30 Jan 20
  1. Polytechnic Youth - "Polytechnic Youth Intro Theme I" (LP 1: They Make No Say - A Polytechnic Youth Collection Volume I) (0:33)
  2. Groupuscule - "Je Suis Marxiste" (3:04)
  3. The Home Current - "Wix" (5:54)
  4. Detox Twins - "Einhorn Suicide" (3:59)
  5. Xyzips - "Cosey & Warm" (1:21)
  6. Volume Groop - "Movement" (4:40)
  7. Mass Defect - "Magnetic Melodie" (3:26)
  8. Polytechnic Youth - "Polytechnic Youth Intro Theme II" (1:01)
  9. MIDDEX - "Space Sorry" (3:42)
  10. Volume Groop - "Stillness" (4:42)
  11. Detox Twins - "Paradox" (4:55)
  12. TheFreqDesign - "Rachel Don't Dance" (3:06)
  13. Groupuscule - "Imagine: C'est La Guerre" (3:09)
  14. Gabe Knox - "Look & Listen" (LP 2: Popcorn Lung - A Polytechnic Youth Collection Volume II) (4:24)
  15. Perrache - "Synthismus" (demo) (2:57)
  16. Detox Twins - "In The Deep Water" (4:01)
  17. Polypores - "The Strangest Bloom" (4:29)
  18. Karen Novotny X - "Brussels Expo 58" (4:56)
  19. New Age Arcade - "Chaos Magic" (2:21)
  20. XAM Duo - "Tisch Tennis" (4:21)
  21. Australian Testing Labs Inc - "Alpenstrassee" (9:09)
  22. Denise Fog - "Zimbabwe Disco 79" (4:22)
  23. Bernard Grancher - "Punition Divine" (3:59)
  24. Kendo Nagasaki - "The Pint Of No Return" (4:28)
 in stock $26.22
Items 1 to 7 of 7 on page 1 of 1


Polytechnic Youth
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