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Udacha 黑胶唱片和CD

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Licht Ausgang
Cat: UDACHA 017. Rel: 17 Jul 23
Verminderung (4:21)
Untere Schliefenvariable (3:02)
Dyp (4:51)
Doppelwortbefehl (3:52)
Niedrigstwertige Stelle (4:50)
Schleifenkopf (7:22)
Lichtwellenleiter (8:19)
Leistungsbeschreibung Beispiel (3:01)
Niedrigstwertige Verbindung (2:14)
Review: The Udacha label might have been away for a while but is now back with a vengeance. First up for this return is a new long player by the mighty fine Kurvenschreiber quarter, which is made up of Sergey Komarov, Vlad Dobrovolski, Ilya Sadovski and Alexey Grachev. These sound artists have been excelling in their field for some 10 years now and use synths as well as found sound objects to create their work. Magnetic tape loops, various instruments, pre-recorded loops, shortwave radios, transformers and much more give rise to this unique record which mixes up Boolean jazz, kurventronika and post-rock.
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 in stock $18.78
Udacha 4
Udacha 4 (12")
Cat: UDACHA 004. Rel: 21 Jan 13
Deep House
Sky Is The Limit
True Spirit
I See
Review: Having previously graced Anton Zap's Ethereal Sound imprint with three warm deep house cuts, the mysterious Pjotr moves to Udacha, and finds himself in the esteemed company of Rawax alumnus A5 and Vakula collaborator Dices. This record is even more stunning than his first, drawing comparisons to the finely crafted house of the aforementioned Ukranian Vakula. "Sky Is The Limit" opens proceedings with its bubbling, sun-drenched mid-tempo lounge tones given definition with a subtly urgent arpeggio, while "Mariya" picks up the pace with its gently jacking snares, plucked guitar and organic bass. On the flip, "True Spirit" wraps silky chords around unpredictable MPC style drums, opening out into a Pepe Bradock-inspired string arrangement, while "I See" buries its raw drums deep within a muggy low end filter, allowing a blissful melodic arrangement that is recalls a more contented version of a Madteo track. Highly recommended stuff.
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 in stock $12.17
Saturday Daily
Cat: UDACHA 018. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Embodiment (6:46)
Harp Phantasma (5:41)
XB (3:07)
Tidal Wave (8:06)
Alliluya To Love (6:52)
Volgo Rite (5:47)
Saturday Daily (7:31)
Law Inactivating Pholk (2:57)
Review: Udacha family band Zdehvedo Gob is a collective of musicians who all hail from various cities around the world. It consists of Udacha label head Alexey Kalik as well as drummer Roman Shestaev and Gamayun associates Anton Dvoenko and Stas Mitrofanov and they all got together in the studio in Moscow in summer 2023 and the results are now presented on this new album. Employing an organic music approach to instrumentation combined with subtle electronics, the group go wild for various combinations of off-kilter percussion, organ, chant and birdsong in full ceremonial swing, they trace a path through the various branches of 20th century minimalism, pan-global folk-ism's and the harmonious collective consciousness that My Life In A Bush Of Ghosts encapsulated. It's a gorgeous mix of world, jazz, spiritual percussive, experimental music that rides on nice loose and vibrant rhythms with a great mix of synthetic and organic sounds all offering plenty for the mind as well as the body to get excited about.
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 in stock $19.04
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