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We Play House Belgium

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We Play House Belgium

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Ceci N'est Pas Un Reissue
Cat: WPH 025. Rel: 23 Sep 15
Deep House
  1. FCL - "Let's Go" (5:32)
  2. Ralph & Larry Houl - "Day By Day (Dynamodyse Snooze)" (5:26)
  3. San Soda - "Birdies That Fly" (5:10)
  4. San Soda - "Kaizen" (4:57)
Review: For reasons not fully explained, Belgian house sorts We Play House have decided to call a day on a number of their popular vinyl-only series. So, in an attempt to go out with a bang, they've gathered together some of their most in-demand cuts on one celebratory 12". So, there's a chance to get hold of FCL's triumphant "Let's Go" - a deliciously simple, organ-heavy tribute to classic US garage - and an opportunity to once again revel in the piano-heavy house revivalism of Ralph and Harry Houl's cheery "Day By Day (Dynamodyse Snooze)". Flip for two cuts from WPH mainstay San Soda; the bongo-laden grooves and eyes-closed piano flourishes of "Bridies That Fly", and the woozy, soul-flecked deep house jam "Kaizen".
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We Play House Recordings 10 Years Sampler 4
  1. Russ Gabriel - "The Diva" (8:04)
  2. Art Of Tones - "Take Me Higher" (5:42)
  3. San Soda - "Cocomo" (8:03)
  4. Miclem - "Drum & Piano" (5:32)
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We Play House/Lany Recordings Summer Special 2010
Cat: WPHLANYSS 2010. Rel: 25 Aug 10
Deep House
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
Review: With the release of San Soda's brilliantly diverse debut album nearly upon us, We Play House team up with sister imprint Lany Recordings for some last minute hype building on this summer sampler. The Belgian youngster delivers two tracks across the WPH side that delver further evidence of a talent that belies someone so young. "Birdies" is the most instantly rewarding track, driven by clever usage of a Motown classic, the distinct piano lines driving this slice of classic sounding house. "Voor De Sfeer" runs at a slower pace but burns deeper and bursts with energy when vintage rave melodies and vocal stutters are introduced. Lany honcho Maxim Lany oversees proceedings on the flip with "The Owgee" a straight up club cut. A tough compressed tech house groove is the backdrop to a harmonious vocal led melody that gets shifted above and below the mix with aplomb.

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We Play House Recordings 10 Years Sampler 6
  1. Luv Jam - "Dewi On Deck" (8:17)
  2. Metrobox Presents WLC - "Don't Get Around" (feat Mona Lee) (5:48)
  3. San Soda - "20061019" (5:56)
  4. Raoul Lambert - "Death By Chocolate" (6:23)
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The Limited Gear EP
Cat: WPH 001. Rel: 29 Oct 08
Deep House
  1. Just In
  2. 20070505 (Red D & Lady Linn vocal remix)
  3. Possible Release
  4. Got Me Jumpin' In My Car
Played by: Lost My Dog
out of stock $8.49
San Soda Presents
Cat: WPH 000. Rel: 18 Jun 08
Deep House
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
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Immers & Daarentegen EP
Cat: WPH 008. Rel: 30 Apr 10
Deep House
  1. Bright Piano
  2. Ode Aan De Verkeersdrempel
  3. Hypocrisy
  4. Middelmating 1993
Review: Following hot on the heels of his killer vocal house EP with We Play House boss Red D (under their new FCL moniker), San Soda returns to the Belgian imprint with this solo effort. Here we see the euphoric house of FCL replaced by more restrained yet equally danceable tunes, kicking off with "Bright Piano," which brings to mind Session Victim's recent hit, "The Keyboarder". "Ode Aan De Verkeersdrempel," which some light internet sleuthing revealed is Dutch for "Ode To The Traffic Threshold" (surely something lost in translation there), is another shimmering house jam. The EP winds down with the more restrained vibe of "Hypocrisy" and the delectable jazzy keys of "Middelmatig In 1993". Great little release from an up and coming producer.
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The Super Pim Pam Pet EP
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Toch Al De Vijfde EP
Cat: WPH 016. Rel: 01 Aug 12
Deep House
  1. You Hear Me
  2. Moving (interlude)
  3. See More Days (feat Jacob Korn & Gustaph)
  4. Still Serious (Summer tool)
  5. Er Komt Nog
Review: Damn! The Toch Al De Vijfde EP makes for a long overdue return to the solo release game for We Play House main man San Soda! We're not quite sure what the title means as we skipped Flemish A Level at school (Yet already the fifth?) but San Soda is truly on form here, dropping four fully fledged deep house gems - one of which features a certain Dresden dynamo called Jacob Korn! As soon as those oven warm keys spiral out in tandem with a classic house harmony on "You Hear Me" we expect this release will be on your want list but do check "See More Days" which features the aforementioned Korn as well as Hercules & Love Affair singer Gustaph, who belts out some Red D penned lyrics over the Korn Soda production with the sort of aplomb that obviously impressed Andy Butler.
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Immers & Daarentegen
Immers & Daarentegen (limited LP + CD)
Cat: WPHLP 01. Rel: 22 Sep 10
Deep House
  1. Juno Love
  2. Something About Compression
  3. Cocomo
  4. Kylie Bling
  5. Shout In Peace
  6. NMBSucks
  7. Timbapunk
  8. Juno Love
  9. Interlude: Milientechnologie 1
  10. Quilombo
  11. Evaluation Of The Evidence (Short version)
  12. Interlude: Kousevoetjes
  13. Hypoorisy
  14. Something About Compression
  15. Leet's Go
  16. Interlude: Milientechnologie 4
  17. Doorsnee
  18. Cocomo
  19. Interlude: NLST
  20. Shout In Peace
  21. Kylie Bling
  22. NMBSucks
  23. Timbapunk
Review: Everyone at Juno HQ has been hanging out for this for a while now. We Play House starlet San Soda's debut opus Immers & Daarentegen is here, and, quite frankly, it's awesome. The 12" version comes with seven tracks on wax, plus the full 16 album songs on a free CD. Our fave is the head nodding groove of "Cocomo", which reminds us of I:Cube in his pomp, while the oven warm chords on "NMBSucks" and Jean Michel Jarre-esque vocals on "Shout In Peace" have us convinced that this 23-year-old has serious talent. The bonus CD includes some more experimental interludes alongside a sprinkling of San Soda's other work, including the instant classic house jam "Let's Go", which was originally released under the FCL moniker he shares with WPH boss Red D.

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Evaluation Of The Evidence
Evaluation Of The Evidence (limited purple 12")
Cat: WPH PURPLE. Rel: 08 Jul 09
Deep House
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
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We Play House Recordings 10 Years Sampler 5
  1. San Soda - "Retractor" (6:23)
  2. Humandrone - "Tonight" (6:47)
  3. San Soda - "Juno Love" (3:56)
  4. Reggie Dokes - "Dream Catcher" (FCL edit) (8:50)
Review: The Ghent based We Play House imprint celebrates a decade in the business and what better way to commemorate such than a massive celebratory compilation. On the fifth volume here, label co-head San Soda contributes a couple of smashing tunes, such as the shimmering FM tones on "Retractor" (nailing a lush new-age aesthetic) while the deep/life-affirming soul jam "Juno Love" is not so much an ode to his favorite record store (in our dreams!), more the signature sound of that awesome bassline throughout. Elsewhere, Japan's Humandrone throws down a raw jackin' and acid soaked stormer in the form of "Tonight" and the legendary Reggie Dokes' "Dream Catcher" gets an FCL (San Soda & co-head Red D) edit from back in 2009.
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Played by: Tr One, Russ gabriel
 in stock $8.49
We Play House Recordings 10 Years Sampler 1
  1. San Soda - "Freedom Music" (feat Sean Haefeli & Mculo) (5:26)
  2. Lemakuhlar - "Zjillow" (8:16)
  3. FCL - "It's You" (San Soda Panoramabar Bar Acca version) (6:19)
  4. Dektro - "Clifford" (7:28)
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Blue EP
out of stock $9.55
Immers & Daarentegen
Immers & Daarentegen (low-price 2xCD (CD 1 unmixed, CD 2 mixed))
Cat: WPHCD 01. Rel: 13 Oct 10
Deep House
  1. San Soda - "Juno Love"
  2. San Soda - "Milieutechnologie 1" (interlude)
  3. San Soda - "Quilombo"
  4. San Soda - "Evaluation Of The Evidence" (short version)
  5. San Soda - "Kousevoetjes"
  6. San Soda - "Hypocrisy"
  7. San Soda - "Something About Compression"
  8. San Soda - "Let's Go"
  9. San Soda - "Milieutechnologie 4"
  10. San Soda - "Doorsnee"
  11. San Soda - "Cocomo"
  12. San Soda - "NLST" (interlude)
  13. San Soda - "Shouts In Peace"
  14. San Soda - "Kylie Bling"
  15. San Soda - "NMBSucks"
  16. San Soda - "Timbapunk"
  17. Red D's We Play House Recordings Medley Vol 1 (continuous mix)
Review: Belgian wonderkid San Soda aka Nicolas Geysens drops his debut opus on Red D's We Play House label. In 2010 the fledgling WPH imprint has piqued the interest of house music cognoscenti across the world, thanks in no small part to the contribution of Geysens. Immers & Daarentegen showcases the full breadth of the 23-year-old's talent, with breakthrough hit (and Juno favourite) "Let's Go" - initially recorded with Red D under their FCL moniker - sitting alongside melodic deep house moments, atmospheric interludes and instrumental hip-hop. Immers & Daarentegen is available as a 2xCD package, with a bonus mix by label boss Red D containing a selection of WPH tracks past, present and future all recorded in one take with two turntables, one CDJ and a pristine collection of virgin WPH vinyls. Essential.
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We Play House Belgium
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