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Wolf Music Recordings 黑胶唱片和CD

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Wolf Music Recordings
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Familiar Circles Remix EP
Familiar Circles Remix EP (hand-stamped 12" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: WOLFLP 003RMX. Rel: 08 Mar 17
Deep House
Carlotta (Al Zanders remix) (8:01)
Oddity (Moomin remix) (6:20)
Review: The latest release from the reliable Wolf Music camp is a limited edition, hand-stamped affair, and features two previously unheard remixes of tracks from Casino Times' Familiar Circles full-length. On the A-side, Al Zanders does a stellar job reworking "Carlotta", in the process laying down a hypnotic, percussion rich deep house shuffler full of bright cowbell hits, sunset-friendly jazz guitar licks and bubbly electronic melodies. On the flip you'll find a more than pleasant surprise: a deep, dreamy and utterly beguiling drum & bass remix of "Oddity" from Smallville regular Moomin. Its expert combination of evocative musical elements and crispy, snare-driven D&B rhythms is reminiscent of the golden age of Bukem-style liquid D&B.
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 in stock $13.53
In My Arms
In My Arms (white vinyl 12")
Cat: WOLFW 002. Rel: 23 Apr 14
Deep House
Creative Swing Alliance - "In My Arms"
Thrilogy - "Arctic"
Review: Late last year the Wolf Music crew launched a dedicated vinyl only series in triumphant fashion with the double dose of Red Rack' Em that was In Love Again. Evidently looking to maintain a high profile for this new endeavour, the second release in the series features the talented duo that is Creative Swing Alliance! If you've shaken a leg at a recent Wolf Music gig you'll no doubt be familiar with "In My Arms" from Pabs Valentine and his fellow Creative Swinger Steven Joyce Ames, a sublime arrangement where percussion rattles away with just a hiss of distortion, complemented by filtered M1 stabs, a beefy bassline and some fierce vocal hooks. Heading up the B Side is Wolf cub Thrillogy; don't be put off by the chilly title, "Arctic" is actually all about the warmth that resonates from those huge synth lines.
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 in stock $12.98
Praise Bes EP
Cat: WOLFEP 066. Rel: 13 Sep 22
Deep House
Can I Get A Bump (feat 3Digits) (5:17)
Better Than Never (6:44)
R-Type (Just beats) (4:47)
Wayne's Lament (5:44)
Let Me Love You (feat Lizzie Berchie) (4:57)
Review: Tom Esselle (real name Tom Lawes) debuted back in 2015 with the Garibaldi EP ?on Wholemeal Music, then just disappeared into obscurity. Well, the good news is that he's returned from a long hiatus and his sophomore effort now appears courtesy of the ever reliable London imprint Wolf Music. The Praise Bes EP is jam-packed with five tight grooves, starting off with the sensual late night affair 'Can I Get A Bump' (feat 3Digits) with its sexy sax throughout, followed by some real proper deep stuff on the late '90s vibe of 'Better Than Never'. Over on the flip, it's all about the soulful UK broken beat number 'Let Me Love You' featuring Lizzie Berchie's wonderful vocal.
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 in stock $14.61
Afterglow FM
Cat: WOLFEP 067. Rel: 15 Nov 22
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Welcome In (1:43)
Turning (6:33)
Archetype 7 (5:33)
Dojo (5:29)
Angel(s) (1:27)
Hold On (3:10)
Review: The ever-diverse Wolf Music Recordings crew looks to Footshooter for a dazzling trip through synth-laced broken-beat joy here. It is an EP that showcases the artist's signature sound across six sizzlers. 'Welcome In' is slow and pensive while 'Turning' ups thence with bristling beats and busy chord work. 'Archetype 7' is a mix of loose percussion and retro chords that never lets up. 'Dojo' brings some cosmic and squelchy synth-funk to the table with ninja precision then 'Angel(s)' encourages you to slow down and take a pause amidst the twinkling keys. 'Hold On' has your sights set firmly on the cosmos as you ride the rueful grooves.
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Played by: Fradinho, Mike O'Mara
 in stock $14.61
Rarely Pure Never Simple
Cat: WOLFLP 002. Rel: 05 Mar 15
Deep House
There Now (feat Loes Jongerling) (2:22)
The Excitement Happens At Page 320 (4:03)
Writs Fentink (1:08)
Rarely, Never Simple (feat Loes Jongerling) (2:56)
Glints (5:49)
Nevertheless (feat Loes Jongerling) (3:44)
The Circus (4:16)
Contempt (feat Loes Jongerling) (2:42)
Words To Fit (1:41)
Everybody Knows (5:36)
In Addition (feat Loes Jongerling) (2:05)
They Say (0:54)
A Fistful Of Sun (3:49)
Review: It's no surprise to see Amsterdam man Fritz Wentink issuing his debut album through Wolf Music, as the London label have been staunch supporters of his work with two 12" contributions over the past two years. The wonderfully named Rarely Pure, Never Simple adds to Wolf Music's growing artist album profile following long players from main men Medlar and Greymatter and further develops the all encompassing production style Wentink has displayed so eloquently for Detroit Swindle's Heist Recordings and others. He seems most impressive on the more downbeat tracks done in collaboration with Loes Jongerling who possesses a quite astounding vocal delivery, though those craving some proper house will totally dig on cuts like "The Excitement Happens At Page 320".
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 in stock $20.83
Club Land Special (B-STOCK)
Cat: WOLFEP 073 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Deep House
Review: ***B-STOCK: Sleeve damaged but otherwise in excellent condition***

Frits Wentink continues his long-running relationship with Wolf Music, a partnership that is now entering its eleventh year. 'Club Land', the title track from the Dutch producer's first EP of 2024, is a nostalgic and glassy eyed affair, whose sparkling piano riffs, bumpin' house beats, mazy synth solos and rubbery bassline sit somewhere between the Frankie Knuckles and MK productions of the mid 1990s. The A-side also boasts a slightly jazzier and more US garage-influenced 'Alternate Mix' that also boasts some rather addictive organ stabs. Over on side B, he opts for a deep, dubby and trippy sound on 'Crowd Contriol', before doffing a cap once more to vintage NYC and NJ deep house on superb closing cut 'Run Run Slow'. One of his best for a while and that's saying something!
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 in stock $14.07
Remember That Feeling
Cat: WOLFEP 070. Rel: 05 Sep 23
Deep House
Royale (5:38)
Intentions (6:11)
Move Steady (6:18)
Review: Frits Wentink has a sharp and snappy sound which has yielded some of the freshest, funkiest house music in recent memory. Channeling the swing and soul of the finest UKG with a European deep house sensibility, he's back on Wolf Music with three new slices of dancefloor gold. 'Royale' is laden with crafty chord lines and a groove to die for, absolutely for the heads but incredibly accessible with it. 'Intentions' captures a little of Mood II Swing's distinctive crunch and injects it with plaintive jazz piano for a deep, contemplative joint, and 'Move Steady' draws on techy synths and a scuffed, head nodding beat with a subtle streak of uplift.
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 in stock $16.78
Club Land Special
Cat: WOLFEP 073. Rel: 05 Mar 24
Deep House
Club Land (6:42)
Club Land (alternate mix) (6:17)
Crowd Control (6:43)
Run Run Slow (5:46)
Review: Frits Wentink continues his long-running relationship with Wolf Music, a partnership that is now entering its eleventh year. 'Club Land', the title track from the Dutch producer's first EP of 2024, is a nostalgic and glassy eyed affair, whose sparkling piano riffs, bumpin' house beats, mazy synth solos and rubbery bassline sit somewhere between the Frankie Knuckles and MK productions of the mid 1990s. The A-side also boasts a slightly jazzier and more US garage-influenced 'Alternate Mix' that also boasts some rather addictive organ stabs. Over on side B, he opts for a deep, dubby and trippy sound on 'Crowd Contriol', before doffing a cap once more to vintage NYC and NJ deep house on superb closing cut 'Run Run Slow'. One of his best for a while and that's saying something!
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 in stock $16.78
Rhythms Tales & Instrumentation
Rhythms Tales & Instrumentation (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: WOLFEP 068. Rel: 13 Jun 23
Deep House
Pretty Lights (feat Brandon Markell Holmes & Leito) (6:18)
Polaroids (feat Tee Amara) (5:58)
Polaroids (Glenn Davis remix) (6:51)
Review: Gratts, a Belgian-born, Australia-based DJ and producer who has been active in the scene for over two decades presents Rhythms, Tales & Instrumentation - his first offering on Wolf Music Recordings. The EP features four tracks that showcase his diverse musical influences and skills, ranging from deep house to Balearic to downtempo. The EP opens with 'Pretty Lights', a collaboration with Brandon Markell Holmes and Leito, that combines emotive chords, a catchy vocal hook and a smooth groove. The second track is 'Polaroids', featuring Tee Amara, a piano-driven track with hypnotising pads and a sublime vocal. The third track is a remix of 'Polaroids' by Glenn Davis, who adds some ethereal elements and dreamy synth work to the original.
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 in stock $15.69
Wolf EP 14
Cat: WOLFEP 014. Rel: 19 Sep 12
Deep House
Pick & Roll
Sweat (James Welsh remix)
Review: Greymatter can probably be considered a Wolf Music stalwart, appearing on a couple of the London-based label's various artist 12?s, most memorably with the "Give It To Me Slow" cut that featured on WOLF 09. For the next release on Stu Clark and Matt Neale's label, Greymatter holds court for a solo EP, with the shimmering arpeggiated exotica of "Tisno" sharing space with basement house jam "Sweat" on the A-Side. On the flip you'll find the revving synths of "Pick & Roll" alongside a shuffling US garagey remix of "Sweat" from James Welsh.
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 in stock $13.53
Contact Us Immediately
Cat: WOLFEP 069. Rel: 25 Jul 23
Deep House
Henk Donkers X Ell Murphy - "Without You" (5:20)
Dope (4:51)
With You (5:03)
Pink Horse (3:39)
Review: Who or what is or are Henk Donkers? We don't know, and we don't care, cause the music they make is bang on. This new and amusingly entitled EP arrives via the always cultured Wolf Music and is immediately effective. Henk Donkers X Ell Murphy's 'Without You' is classic house with depth and drive, soulful vocals and nice sustained chords. 'Dope' is more intense for the strobe lit late night hours and then its back to balmy and loved up grooves with the busy chord work of New Jersey style house kicker 'With You'. This varied EP is not done yet, as closer 'Pink Horse' explores another sone - dusty downbeat house with noodling chords that recall early Mood Hut tunes.
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 in stock $15.69
WOLFEP 058 (12" in die cut sleeve)
Cat: WOLFEP 058. Rel: 13 Oct 20
Deep House
Keep It DXy (5:31)
Miranda (5:17)
Parkour! (5:05)
Parkour! (Medlar's Timbale dub mix) (4:55)
Review: There is no producer named Manuel Darquart; in fact, it's a long-distance collaboration between two up-and-coming studio buffs, Louis Anderson-Rich and Sean Whittaker. Their latest EP, a first, high-profile outing on Wolf Music, is simply superb. It sees the pair offer-up a trio of loved-up, saucer-eyed cuts that draw heavily on the sunrise-ready colour of early Italian dream house, the ricocheting machine drums of proto-house and the tactile dreaminess of late 80s New Jersey deep house. Our pick is Don Carlos-esque opener 'Keep It Dxy', though the more Balearic 'Miranda' and bubbly 'Parkour' are not far behind. The EP also boasts a fine bonus in the shape of Medlar's extra-percussive 'Timbales Dub Mix' of 'Parkour', a more intense but no less huggable interpretation tailor-made for peak-time dancefloors.
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 in stock $13.53
The Del Sol EP
Cat: WOLFEP 071. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Deep House
Jerry's Song (5:46)
Del Sol (6:02)
Del Sol (Space Ghost remix) (5:02)
The Vibe (5:24)
Review: Wolf Music Recordings is one of the UK's real independent label treasures and it shines again here with a new offering from the classy mind of Manuel Darquart. There is real art in his craft and that shows from the off when 'Jerry's Song' is lit up with celebratory synths and beautiful chords that radiant subtle joy. 'Del Sol' is a deep hose beat with a Balearic feel and new age melodies that suit sundown dancing on the beach, and the Space Ghost remix of the same tune is a more club-ready house workout though still one with an air of fantasy. 'The Vibe' shuts down with a jazzy deep house vibe full of love.
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 in stock $16.78
Cub Dubs EP
Cat: WOLFEP 075. Rel: 19 Jul 24
Deep House
Tout Est Fin (with Lodega)
Give It Up (with Stu Clark)
Popup Pirate
Review: Following three years spent dashing between labels and collaborating with Dele Sosimi, Medlar returns to regular home Wolf Music Recordings with a quartet of 'Cub Dubs' - killer house workouts inspired by DJ-friendly dancefloor dubs of the 1990s and 2000s. On opener 'Percy', he doffs a cap to mid-90s Masters at Work dubs and Strictly Rhythm B-sides - all spacey synth stabs, loose-limbed Kenny Dope style beats and restless sax solos - before joining forces with Lodega on the deep, spacey and evocative excellence of 'Tout est Fin'. Stu Clark lends a hand on the deep, warm and jazzy loveliness of 'Give It Up', while closing cut 'Popup Pirate' sounds like a long lost dub of a vintage New Jersey (US) garage jam - all female vocal snippets, organ bass, hip-swinging beats and deliciously deep chords.
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Played by: Mike O'Mara
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In Love Again
Cat: WOLFW 001. Rel: 08 Dec 20
Deep House
In Love Again (10:04)
Latin Techno (6:51)
Review: With his release schedule operating at a gentle pace to allow for each of his twelves to sit and be considered on their own merit, Daniel 'Red Rack'Em' Berman makes just his second outing of 2013 with this pair of cuts for the ever strengthening Wolf Music. It's a record that shows off Berman's idiosyncratic approach to deep house on two very different levels. The first track, "In Love Again", is as blissed-out and heartfelt a take as you could wish for, from the sumptuous pad lines to the plastic strings that positively ooze contentment and passion. "Latin Techno" meanwhile is perhaps less predictable based on its title, opting for a jagged cut up of drum machine patterns and contorted brass sounds but rubbing them up in a non-direct way that makes for a delirious and utterly singular end result.
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 in stock $13.53
Cat: WOLFEP 064. Rel: 20 Apr 22
Deep House
Hafenluft (5:19)
Mad Fox (6:03)
Tinger (feat Nephews) (6:19)
Be Alright (6:01)
Disk Yard (5:07)
Nur Wir (3:59)
Review: Given their confident style, the artist lurking behind the Retromigration moniker already has an impressive track record, and the take on U.S style deep house and J Dilla style instrumental hip-hop they show here is sure to please both DJs and punters alike . Check first the echoing strings, synth chords and twinkling pianos of deep and steppin' house jam 'Hafenluft', before admiring the swirling deep house jazz of 'Mad Fox' and the more driving but similarly jazzy 'Tinger'. Elsewhere, 'Be Alright' is a mid-tempo number that combines deep house elements with flashes of '80s synth funk, while 'Disk Yard' and 'Nur Weir' are dusty, stoner-friendly head-nodders.
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 in stock $13.53
Bloom Street EP
Cat: WOLFEP 061. Rel: 27 Jul 21
Deep House
Bloom Street (6:34)
Brining It (5:53)
Free Spirit (5:13)
One Night With Colin (feat Arthur Dudley) (5:08)
Slick Walkin' (5:49)
Review: Retromigration is the nom de plume of Malik Kassim, a DJ and producer from Amsterdam with previous releases on labels like Ravanelli Disco Club, GLBDOM and Healthy Scratch. The five tracks featured on the Bloom Street EP come to you courtesy of London's Wolf Music, featuring the sensual late night mood music of A side cut 'Brining It' and its velvety Rhodes keys that guide it all the way. Over on the flip, you have the urban influenced jam 'Free Spirit' getting that Berlin vibe going on that's reminiscent of Max Graef and Glenn Astro's work, and ending with the dusty jazz bar loops of 'Slick Walkin' that takes you deeper into the twilight hours.
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 in stock $14.61
Straight Foxin'
Cat: WOLFLP 006. Rel: 18 May 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Kunta (feat Mauricesax)
Be Someone (feat Bezzix)
All I Do (feat Mauricesax)
Bouncer (feat Mauricesax)
New Cribs (feat Bezzix & Mauricesax)
ITWT (feat Mauricesax)
Kush Love (feat Passion Deez)
What If
Mild Fever
Bad Knees (feat Nephews)
 in stock $31.38
Cloudin (12")
Cat: WOLFEP 074. Rel: 03 Apr 24
Deep House
Cloudin (6:51)
Only Well (5:54)
Just Take It (5:01)
Everybody Knows (4:51)
They Hatin (5:11)
You Win (4:45)
Review: Retromigration's Cloudin is a deep house 12" that offers a great blend of fun, jazzy, and serious tracks. Sometimes, all in the same track. It opens with the title track, which is a proper deep house effort that is techy and fresh, with tribal and psychedelic elements. This is followed by 'Only Well,' which is a jazzy funk track with a nice melody. The third track, 'Just Take It,' is a catchy, slick house track with an addictive melody and hints of disco. Side 2 of the album opens with 'They Hatin',' an urban groove track with cool sound effects, an old skool jazz feel and a 70s sound. The album closes with 'You Win,' a clever, different and unique track. Overall, Cloudin is a great 12" that shows that house music can be much more than just an evolution of disco.
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 in stock $16.78
Selected Works
Cat: WOLFEP 072. Rel: 30 Jan 24
Deep House
Soul Purpose (1) (6:55)
Soul Purpose (3) (7:03)
Soul Purpose (1) (5:49)
Soul Purpose (4 - Stalis Theme) (9:34)
Review: Justin Drake and Clive Henry and best known as the legendary Peace Division duo, but did you know they also made ventures into other realms as Soul Purpose? Their 'Selected Works' on Wolf Music is a musical anthology that encapsulates the essence of their sound. And that sound is timeless deep house with emotive synths and well-crafted grooves that manage to be stripped back but dynamic. These tunes originally came on low-key labels in 1997 and 1998 but have aged to perfection and have been pulled from original DAT tapes and are present in all of their complete glory here.
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Tags: 90s House
 in stock $16.78
Illusion (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: WOLFEP 063. Rel: 10 May 22
Deep House
Illusion (Theo SS translation) (9:44)
Illusion (Tone Control mix) (8:10)
Review: It might now be 14 years old, but Tone Control's 'Illusion' - a 21st century deep house classic marked out by crunchy machine drums, booming sub-bass, soft-focus soul vocals and drowsy chords - still gets plenty of club plays. Since the original 12" is now hard to find, WOLF Music has decided to do a reissue, pairing Tone Control's own mix (here featured on side B) with a brand-new "translation" from the legend that is Theo Parrish. The Detroiter's take is naturally something of an epic: a near 10-minute excursion that slowly twists, turns and evolves throughout. It boasts fresh jazz-tinged house beats with that trademark Parrish swing, alongside freestyle electric piano motifs and plenty of Tone Control's original elements.
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 in stock $14.89
Remixed (10")
Cat: WOLFLP 005RMX. Rel: 06 Jul 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Tom's Garage (Hulk Hodn remix) (2:07)
Into The Blue (Footshooter remix) (6:55)
Pose (Frits Wentink remix) (4:52)
Luminate (20/100 remix) (6:36)
Review: Velour's much loved album on Wolf Music gets the full remix treatment here. Four of the cuts get reworked by label associates old and new and it is mainstay Hulk Hodn who goes first. His take on 'Tom's Garage' is a noodling chords and late night seduction. South London's Footshooter then brings some big broken beat work and swirling synths to a floor facing jam, and Frits Wentink follows up his big recent Dekmantel release with a high energy stomper that bubbles with dreamy vocal charm. Last of all is super cool and jazz heavy 20/100 remix of 'Luminate' that is space age, Detroit tinged, sunset house.
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Played by: Fradinho
 in stock $12.18
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