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Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stages 4-6
  1. Stage 4 Post Awareness Confusions
  2. Stage 4 Post Awareness Confusions
  3. Temporary Bliss State
  4. Stage 4 Post Awareness Confusions
  5. Stage 5 Advanced Plaque Entanglements
  6. Stage 5 Advanced Plaque Entanglements
  7. Stage 5 Synpase Retrogenesis
  8. Stage 5 Sudden Time Regression Into Isolation
  9. Stage 6 Confusion So Thick You Forget Forgetting
  10. Stage 6 A Brutal Bliss Beyond This Empty Defeat
  11. Stage 6 Long Decline Is Over
  12. Stage 6 Place In The World Fades Away
Review: Jim Kirby AKA The Caretaker has been serving up volumes of the decidedly experimental "Everywhere At The End Of Time" series since 2016. This four-disc set gathers together albums four, five and six, each of which was inspired by a different aspect of dementia. So while "Stage 4" offers up a quartet of music concrete style sample collages and crackle-laden 1920s period pieces, "Stage 5" is dark, noisy, intense and droning - a kind of confused, cloudy aural soundscape that defies easy categorization. "Stage 6", the final album is the series, is largely quiet and contemplative, featuring lengthy, crackle-laden ambient movements that arguably count among the artist's most impactful pieces to date.
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Eternal Love
Cat: DIALCD 034. Rel: 26 Nov 15
  1. Untitled
  2. Downpour
  3. What We Came To Be
  4. You Ended Up Being All I Know
  5. Like Thoughts Or Moments We'll Fall
  6. Fade
  7. Interlude I
  8. End
  9. Daze
  10. Still With You
  11. Fade Town, You're My Existence
  12. Interlude II
  13. Interlude III
  14. Time
  15. (Hidden Track)
Review: Following DJ Richard's crucial LP Dial round out another fine year with a debut album from self-styled "open collective" Dawn Mok, whose debut came with a fine contribution to the 15th anniversary compilation. Featuring creative input from an international cast of musicians encompassing the US, Asian, and European heritage, Dawn Mok are a curious addition to the Dial cause. Spearheaded by collective founder Felix Mura and vocalist Bundi, Eternal Love shares more with r&b than house or techno, but the best part is that we hadn't heard this type of music ever come out of this label. There are plenty of more abstract moments too, of course, and the tracks that are more on the pop side of things are still drenched in a thick layer or ambient gloom. It's minimal r&b, Dial style.
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Franco De Gemini Performs Ennio Morricone
Cat: CDX 1016. Rel: 29 May 20
  1. La Reazione
  2. Musica Sospesa
  3. Marcetta
  4. Il Treno Militare
  5. Ballando Sull'aia
  6. Pelli Conciate E Pelli Morte
  7. Sette Donne Per I Macgregor (Titoli)
  8. Man With A Harmonica
  9. Death Rattle
  10. Immagini Del Tempo
  11. Sognando
  12. Vamos A Matar Companeros (Titoli)
  13. Il Pinguino
  14. La Messicana
  15. Il Pinguino (#3)
  16. Sweet Susan
  17. Italiani Contro Italiani
  18. Paura Sulla Citta’
  19. Essere Preso Dal Panico
  20. Coincidenze
  21. L'ultimo Treno Della Notte
  22. Western?
  23. Le Ruffian
  24. L’oro Come Pericolo
  25. L’agnese Va A Morire (Titoli)
  26. C’era Una Volta Il West (Recording Session - bonus track)
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Looking For Semblance
Cat: IVR 106. Rel: 03 Jan 19
  1. The Changing Winds Of Fortune
  2. Escape
  3. Looking Skywards
  4. Usurper Or Saviour
  5. Something Buried Deep In Me
  6. Close Your Eyes
  7. Nothing To Find
  8. I Would Spread My Wings So Wide
  9. Their Chosen
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A Figure Of Loss
Cat: POL 012020. Rel: 23 Jul 20
  1. Sadness Carries Fatigue
  2. August
  3. Dwell
  4. Individuation
  5. Cautery
  6. This Day Is The Same Day
  7. The Night Dried Up
  8. White All Red
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The Essential
Cat: 480869 7. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Intro
  2. The Ecstasy Of Gold
  3. The Man With The Harmonica
  4. Your Love (vocal version Of "Jill's Theme")
  5. Deborah's Theme
  6. Cockeye's Song
  7. A Fistful Of Dollars - Main Theme
  8. For A Few Dollars More - Main Theme
  9. Jeanne E La Spiaggia
  10. A Fistful Of Dynamite - Main Theme
  11. Someone You Once Knew (vocal version Of main Title)
  12. The Lady Caliph - Main Theme
  13. Moses Theme
  14. In The Line Of Fire - Main Theme
  15. Malèna (vocal version Of End Title)
  16. Buona Fortuna, Jack
  17. Chi Mai
  18. Overture
  19. Love Theme
  20. Profumo Di Limone
  21. The Mission
  22. Gabriel's Oboe
  23. Ave Maria (Guarani)
  24. On Earth As It Is In Heaven
  25. Epilogue - The Falls
  26. The Five Man Army - Intro
  27. Death Scene
  28. Playing Love
  29. Regan's Theme
  30. The Thing - Main Theme
  31. The Braying Mule
  32. Liricamente
  33. La Commozione Del Adio
  34. Teneramente Amore
  35. The Edge Of Love
  36. Nella Fantasia (vocal version Of "Gabriel's Oboe")
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The Platinum Collection
Cat: 391323 2. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Gabriel's Oboe
  2. Il Buono Il Brutto Il Cattivo
  3. C'Era Una Volta Il West
  4. Metti Una Sera A Cena
  5. Nuovo Cinema Paradiso
  6. La Donna Della Domenica
  7. Il Clan Dei Siciliani
  8. Addio A Palermo
  9. Il Mio Nome E Nessuno
  10. Tema D'Amore Disperato
  11. Speranze Di Liberta
  12. Paura Sulla Citta
  13. La Califfa
  14. Inseguimento E Fuga
  15. Lontano
  16. Barbablu
  17. Tema D'Amore
  18. Viaggio Con Anita
  19. La Moglie Piu Bella
  20. Per Un Pugno Di Dollari
  21. Deborah's Theme
  22. L'Estasi Dell'Oro
  23. The Mission
  24. Dal Sex Appeal Al Primo Fellini
  25. L'Uomo Dell'Armonica
  26. Il Segreto Del Sahara
  27. Algeri 1 Novembre 1954
  28. Forse Basta
  29. Il Vizietto
  30. Via Mala
  31. La Cosa Buffa
  32. Dimenticare Palermo
  33. Romanza Quartiere
  34. Si Muore D'Amore
  35. Thieves After Dark
  36. Estate 1943
  37. Viva La Revolucion
  38. Venuta Dal Mare
  39. Il Vento Il Grido
  40. La Tragedia Di Un Uomo Ridicolo
  41. Giu La Testa
  42. Indagine
  43. Maturita
  44. Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu
  45. Romanzo
  46. The Falls
  47. Questa Specie D'Amore
  48. Titoli
  49. Poesia Di Una Donna
  50. I Crudeli
  51. Chi Mai
  52. Marche En La
  53. Cockeye's Song
  54. La Verite Et Le Soleil
  55. Rivoluzione
  56. L'Uomo Proiettile
  57. Crescete E Moltiplicatevi
  58. Tema Di Dunja
  59. La Ballata Di Hank McCain
  60. La Ragion Pura
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Somewhere In The Night
Cat: MW 015CD. Rel: 21 Jan 09
  1. Somewhere In The Night
  2. Black Jack
  3. TV News
  4. Nowhere In The Island
  5. No More
  6. Lover On The Run
  7. The Devil's Answer
  8. Moonshine
  9. No More (remix - bonus track)
  10. Then I Kissed Her
Review: Minimal Wave's 15th release is an LP by Stereo called Somewhere In The Night. The LP brings together the French band's best material recorded between 1982-1985, including the cult songs Somewhere In The Night and No More. The release is also available on CD, both formats are limited edition. The LP comes with a printed insert of photos and the CD comes with a mini poster. They both include full versions of each song, as well as an unreleased track from 1985 : Lover On The Run.
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