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record store day 2021 drop 2
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Have A Grand Time (reissue)
  1. Have A Grand Time (3:03)
  2. Grand Time (version) (2:58)
 in stock $12.08
Ayatollah (10")
Cat: AGOBUN 1001. Rel: 29 Sep 21
  1. Agobun Riddim Section - "Ayatollah" (3:45)
  2. Agobun Riddim Section - "Ayatollah" (dub) (3:48)
  3. Agobun Riddim Section meets Wise Rockers - "Bound To Fall" (3:43)
  4. Agobun Riddim Section meets Wise Rockers - "Bound To Fall" (dub) (3:51)
 in stock $10.94
Landlords & Tenants
Cat: BBC 040. Rel: 09 Sep 21
  1. Landlords & Tenants (2:45)
  2. Everybody Suffering (2:34)
Review: This double A-side is a timely reissue of two gems from Laurel Aitken that were originally released back in 1969. Cuban-born Jamaican singer Aitken is considered to be one of the pioneers of ska music in Jamaica. He left us in 2005 but had already amassed a hefty discography that stretched to more than 230 singles. Two of them here show his different sides - the first is the impassioned and yearning sound of slow motion cut 'Landlords & Tenants' which muses on the pressures of island life. The seance, despite the title of 'Everybody Suffering' is an upbeat, rump-wiggling jam to get a party started.
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! low stock $10.94
Shuruaat Aur Ant
Shuruaat Aur Ant (hand-stamped 10" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: PRTL 10023WL. Rel: 06 Oct 21
  1. Shuruaat Aur Ant (4:56)
  2. The Beginning & The End (4:29)
Review: Alpha & Omega (who have album coming on Steppas) are an ever reliable duo that come on strong here with a limited edition 10" on Partial Records. 'Shuruaat Aur Ant' is a richly layered and deftly detailed modern dub cut. The steel plated drums and wub-wub bass set a firmly rooted groove, while all manner of intimating but subtle leads and vamping chords, tinkling tambourines and alluring vocals help to hypnotise. The flip side is a stripped back version, 'The Beginning & The End,' which is a more heady, empty cut.
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 in stock $16.40
Brindo (limited 7")
Cat: LQ 135. Rel: 01 Oct 21
  1. Brindo (4:02)
  2. Venus (4:45)
 in stock $9.78
Baby Baby
Cat: TR 640. Rel: 05 Oct 21
  1. Baby Baby (2:17)
  2. Barbara (1:54)
! low stock $10.65
All Day All Night
Cat: RCK 014. Rel: 01 Sep 21
  1. All Day All Night (3:10)
  2. Pressure (dub) (2:49)
 in stock $11.50
Release The Food
Cat: RCK 015. Rel: 01 Sep 21
  1. Release The Food (3:12)
  2. Folitrickshun (dub) (3:14)
 in stock $11.50
Guidance & Protection
  1. Bouddhamajah - "Guidance" (4:17)
  2. Musical Warryahs - "Guidance" (dub) (4:17)
  3. Musical Warryahs - "Protection" (4:23)
  4. Musical Warryahs - "Protection" (dub) (4:12)
 in stock $16.68
Time For Peace
Cat: JC 002. Rel: 26 Aug 21
  1. Black Man In A White World (4:08)
  2. Black Dub In A White World (4:13)
  3. Outernational Blues (3:18)
  4. Ital City Dub (3:22)
Review: The legendary reggae vocalist Cornell Campbell celebrated the 52nd anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luthur King Jr on 4th April 2021 by getting i the studio. His new EP comprises some fine new interpretations of soul music's most iconic tunes about race, identity and injustice. First up are two versions of Michael Kiwanuka's 'Black Man In A White World', which hit home hard on a nice rolling riddim. On the flip side is 'Outernational Blues' which is a super take on the absolute stone cold Marvin Gaye classic 'Inner City Blues'. Crucial sounds for challenging times.
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Played by: Osmose
 in stock $12.65
Fufu Lala
Fufu Lala (12")
Cat: OBFREC 1219. Rel: 04 Oct 21
  1. OBF & Charlie P - "Fufu Lala" (2:32)
  2. OBF & Charlie P - "Fufu Dub" (2:32)
  3. OBF, Aza Lineage & Charlie P - "Rebel Daawtaz" (remix) (3:07)
  4. OBF, Aza Lineage & Charlie P - "Hustler" (3:08)
  5. OBF, Aza Lineage & Charlie P - "Rebel Hustler Dub" (3:06)
Review: Dubquake Records have got a hefty one on their hands here: O.B.F's 'Fufu Lala' is a seriously dangerous tune with great vocal work from featured artists Charlie P and Aza Lineage. The French sound system crew really step it up here and push dub in new directions with a heavy cross pollinated sound that takes in roots, grime and dancehall before spitting out the freshness. The Charlie P tracks are super personal works that are a precursor, so we hear, to a big new mixtape project. They find him taking aim at influentual music industry cats who are largely self serving, while some sweet remixes take care of the flip side.
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 in stock $15.82
World In Confusion
Cat: WAG 12010. Rel: 31 Aug 21
  1. Cyrenius Black - "World In Confusion" (3:22)
  2. Cyrenius Black - "World In Confusion" (version) (3:21)
  3. Cyrenius Black - "World In Confusion" (Dubplate version) (3:22)
  4. Centry - "Stepping Time" (3:21)
  5. Centry - "Stepping Time" (version) (3:15)
  6. Centry - "Stepping Time" (Dubplate version) (3:25)
 in stock $13.52
Stop Meddling
  1. Daddy Spencer - "Stop Meddling" (4:00)
  2. Dreadlock Tales - "Dub Meddling" (4:04)
 in stock $10.65
We A Roots
  1. Danny Red - "We A Roots" (3:43)
  2. Haspar - "We A Dub" (3:45)
  3. Haspar - "Roots A Dub" (3:50)
  4. Sama Renuka - "Sacred Woman" (3:48)
  5. Unlisted Fanatic - "Sacred Dub" (3:48)
  6. Unlisted Fanatic - "Divine Dub" (3:50)
 in stock $14.68
Cat: CGI 7021. Rel: 25 Aug 21
  1. Militancy (4:15)
  2. Militancy (Russ In A dubwise Style) (4:28)
 in stock $15.24
Gun Play
Cat: CGI 7020. Rel: 25 Aug 21
  1. Gun Play (4:12)
  2. Gun Play (X-Rated Gang version) (4:07)
Review: Roots reggae singer Daweh Congo is the son of the great singer Leo Graham. He started singing himself at a young age and has gone on to have a notable career. But he might not have had his first producer not have convinced him to keep at music rather than joining the army, as was his intent. 'Gun Play' came out originally in 1997 and now it is reissued by the same Jamaican label X-Rated. It's a lush dub with lyrics than muse on guns while swirling chords and busy horns detail the fat, rolling dub. An X-Rated Gang Version on the flip strips out the vocals and allows the smooth dub to do its magic alone.
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 in stock $15.24
Long Day Short Night
  1. Dawn Penn - "Long Day Short Night" (3:51)
  2. Prince Buster - "Rock & Shake" (3:00)
 in stock $18.98
Sea Of Love
Sea Of Love (white vinyl 7")
Cat: JUMP 7RNB WHITE. Rel: 20 Sep 21
  1. Bailey Dee - "Sea Of Love" (with The Kingston Affair) (2:49)
  2. Roddy Radiation Byers - "Sea Cruise" (with Skabilly Rebels) (3:15)
 in stock $12.65
Peenalize (warehouse find)
  1. Peenalize (3:25)
  2. Peenie Peenie (version) (3:29)
 in stock $5.47
What Kind Of Life (reissue)
  1. Dingle Brothers - "What Kind Of Life" (3:17)
  2. Les Foster - "Run Like A Thief" (2:22)
 in stock $12.08
Mission Of Dub
Mission Of Dub (hand-stamped 10" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: PRTL 10019WL. Rel: 06 Oct 21
  1. Mission Of Dub (3:50)
  2. Dub Ammumission (3:51)
  3. Mission Of Dub (part 3) (3:50)
 in stock $16.40
Loving Pauper
  1. Dobby Dobson - "Loving Pauper" (3:19)
  2. Silvertones - "Midnight Hour" (2:42)
 in stock $9.50
  1. Melbourne Douglas - "Dakota" (4:43)
  2. The Regulators - "Dakota" (4:33)
Review: Original Gravity Records turn out the essential 45s like no body's business. Next ump for the vital label is a brace of covers from The Regulators. It is one of two new 7"s they have out right now and is limited to just 50 copies. It carries on from previous releases with Melbourne Douglas and The Regulators covering tunes with an early reggae, Britpop style. The vocals here from a certain indie band get re-sung and reframed. They passionate and singable, with a natty reggae beat and nice warm chords. The flip side is a dub for those who like it that way.
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 in stock $12.08
Police & Badboy
Cat: ROYALORDER 014. Rel: 04 Oct 21
  1. Police & Badboy (2:48)
  2. Police & Badboy (version) (2:48)
 in stock $10.65
Money Cry (reissue)
Cat: CGI 7022. Rel: 25 Aug 21
  1. Money Cry (3:46)
  2. Money Cry (version) (3:55)
 in stock $15.24
Low Orbit Archives
Cat: BPRE 02. Rel: 30 Sep 21
  1. Revolution-Solution (feat Soothsayer, Dr Israel & Kirsty Rock) (6:04)
  2. Space In My Soul (feat Neech) (5:42)
  3. Death Warmed Up (6:20)
  4. RHYTHM (6:25)
  5. 7 Orbits (7:20)
Review: The Banoffee Pies reissue series is back with a quick follow up to the last one with another set of crucial tunes from the Euphonic archives. The London duo made up of producer Rob Henry and former Graffiti artist turned DJ Nick Trimm were big player sin the 90s and worked with various key players in the dub scene. 'Revolution Solution' was recorded in New York with friends from the underground hip hop scene, Dr. Israel, Soothsayer and Kirsty Rock, and is a superb ragga jungle tune. 'Space In My Soul' is a gloriously cosmic bit of synth laced broken beat and then there's a trio of heady beat workouts including the downbeat outer space trip that is '7 Orbits.'
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 in stock $10.65
Jah Science
Cat: BPRE 02DUB. Rel: 23 Sep 21
  1. Jah Science (feat Dr Israel) (6:03)
  2. Revolution Solution (feat Soothsayer, Dr Israel & Kirsty Rock - OG BassMind mix) (4:51)
Review: Banoffee Pies are back with another in their new reissue series anti finds them link up with London duo Euphonic, aka producer Rob Henry and former Graffiti artist turned DJ Nick Trimm. Back in the nineties, the duo linked up with plenty of vital peers and now some of that magic is back on wax having long since disappeared affect their original 1998 release on Different Drummer. Both the tunes here were recorded in New York with friends from the underground hip hop scene dr. Israel, Soothsayer, and Kirsty Rock. 'Jah Science' rolls deep on g-funk style, low slung Cali synths and 'Revolution Solution' is a superbly lazy stoner groove.
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 in stock $10.65
Poor Man Cry (reissue)
  1. The Fire Kings - "Poor Man Cry" (3:36)
  2. Barry's All Stars - "Poor Man Cry" (version) (3:28)
 in stock $12.08
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Cat: CGI 7028. Rel: 25 Aug 21
  1. Fitzroy Henry - "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" (2:46)
  2. Dorando - "Your Sexy Eyes" (2:53)
Played by: Osmose
 in stock $14.68
Not Enough
Cat: IC 002. Rel: 31 Aug 21
  1. Jah Warrior - "Not Enough" (3:37)
  2. Jah Warrior - "America Today" (dub) (3:19)
  3. RSD - "Not Enough" (Re-dub) (5:15)
  4. RSD - "Oceanic Depths" (dub) (4:41)
Review: UK do Jah Warrior is, in no uncertain terms, a real stalwart of the sound system scene. he proves why here with some blistering new, seriously dub wise cuts on the Ital Counsellor imprint. 'Not Enough' is icy cold with its steely drum sounds, spoken world snippets from added drama and sci-fi motifs. The dub brings some big horn action in place of the spoken words and then the flip-side has two further dubs. One is a real low end wobbler with wet as you like hits and one is a more heady and sparse affair with the gentle patter of toms keeping you locked.

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 in stock $16.10
Time Is The Master
  1. Frankie Jones - "Time Is The Master" (3:39)
  2. Winston Wright - "A Stepping Mood" (3:14)
Review: Frankie Jones - real name Tony Palmer - has been a key dub player since the mid-seventies. He's worked solo and as part of Frankie Jones & The Spear and here he appears on a split 7" with
Jamaican pianist and keyboard player Winston Wright. Jones' 'Time Is The Master' kicks off with a nice earthy dub that is run through with organic guitar riffs and more funky little motifs as Jones wails about Babylon. Wright's 'A Stepping Mood' is a more international affair with some great acoustic string work and organ chords that between them take you to a different place than your average dub beat.
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 in stock $15.24
Twenty Flight Ska
Twenty Flight Ska (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: OGR 815. Rel: 24 Sep 21
  1. Twenty Flight Ska (3:03)
  2. Orange Street Breakdown (2:48)
 in stock $13.23
Cat: JFR 718. Rel: 25 Aug 21
  1. Shocking (3:23)
  2. Shocking (version) (3:52)
 in stock $15.24
That Girl
Cat: HRSS 0009. Rel: 10 Sep 21
  1. That Girl (2:24)
  2. You Got Me Going (2:40)
Review: Standby for some more classic ska from the good folks at Harlem Shuffle. This reissue is of an essential double sider that first landed on Crystal in 1967. Crystal was owned by Jamaican producer Derrick Harriott, who also produced both of these great tunes. As well as his rolling rhythm and essential horn sounds, the tunes have outstanding vocals from the duo of Lloyd and Glen. 'That Girl' is a red hot jam that is very hard to find and super expensive if you do. On the flip, Lloyd and Glen serve up a love song with aching vocals and more big horns. An essential 7" by any measure.
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 in stock $11.50
Fire (7")
Cat: SHAKA 2103. Rel: 31 Aug 21
  1. Fire (Young Warrior mix) (4:01)
  2. Fire (dub) (4:11)
 in stock $13.23
Do You Know?
Cat: BZR 001V. Rel: 23 Sep 21
  1. Do You Know? (3:27)
  2. Haile Selassie (dub) (3:24)
Review: Before Zero serve up a proudly UK slanted package here where UK grime meets UK dub. It finds two top talents in wordsmith and beat maker Majical and Kibir La Amlak link up to great effect. 'Do You Know' is a lesson about the King of all Kings, Emperor Haile Selassie delivered with lyrical dexterity. The tune started out as a dub plate but has proven so popular it now gets its own proper reals, with beats that fuse grime, garage, hip hop and reggae into a sound being called 'roots hop culture.' Flip it over for a dub that takes out the vocal and allows the ricocheting hits and bottomless bass to hit different.
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 in stock $11.50
Ulemu: The Lost Zambian Tapes '84-'85
Cat: TRS ZM1. Rel: 18 Oct 21
  1. Staying In The World (3:04)
  2. Walking In The Street (3:36)
 in stock $13.52
Cat: ANR 7005. Rel: 13 Sep 21
  1. Marijah - "Consciousness" (3:54)
  2. Unlisted Fanatic - "Conscious Dub" (3:50)
 in stock $9.78
Summer Madness (reissue)
Cat: STIX 054. Rel: 06 Sep 21
  1. Summer Madness (3:19)
  2. Use Me (3:39)
Review: Stix Records is the sub-label of superb French outlet Favorite Recordings, and it is reserved for heavy dub cuts. This one finds label regular Mato reworking a classic reggae roller first written by Kool & The Gang. His gorgeous version is perfect for hot summer nights with its languid Fender Rhodes leads and sun kissed beats. It's loved up and perfectly, frankly. On the flip is a reggae rework of Bill Withers', who is sadly no long with us, 'Use Me,' repackaged with a playful harmonica lead and more grinding chords over the gently tumbling beats.
Read more
 in stock $12.95
Suzukie Step (reissue)
Cat: DD 703. Rel: 31 Aug 21
  1. Mighty Dellinger - "Suzukie Step" (2:23)
  2. Charley Ace - "Ace Dub" (1:59)
 in stock $12.95
New Adventures
New Adventures (limited heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: SOJUS 002. Rel: 31 Aug 21
  1. Murdered (feat Ponchita Peligros) (3:01)
  2. New Adventures (2:46)
  3. Old Veteran (feat Jah Screechy) (3:01)
  4. Fire (feat Yugo Taguchi) (2:53)
 in stock $18.98
Jerusalem (Harry J Cut)
Cat: PRTL 7069. Rel: 09 Sep 21
  1. Jerusalem (Harry J cut) (4:10)
  2. Mount Zion (dub) (4:07)
 in stock $12.95
Bingi Bongo
Bingi Bongo (hand-numbered 7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ABM 017. Rel: 29 Sep 21
  1. Bingi Bongo (3:36)
  2. Bingi Bongo (dub) (3:37)
 in stock $12.08
Never Been On E (remastered)
  1. Never Been On E (4:52)
  2. Timbo (4:43)
 in stock $11.50
Cat: JMRP 707. Rel: 01 Oct 21
  1. Liberation (2:42)
  2. Liberation (version) (2:42)
 in stock $12.65
Come We Just A Come
  1. Come We Just A Come (3:35)
  2. Working Man (4:14)
 in stock $10.65
People Funny Boy
Cat: TR 619. Rel: 04 Oct 21
  1. Lee (King) Perry - "People Funny Boy" (2:38)
  2. Burt Walters - "Blowing In The Wind" (2:56)
 in stock $10.65
Bird In Hand
Bird In Hand (limited yellow vinyl 7")
Cat: CLO 2512. Rel: 01 Sep 21
  1. Bird In Hand (3:21)
  2. Huzza A Hana (3:22)
 in stock $17.84
Channel Riddim
Cat: WAG 12013. Rel: 31 Aug 21
  1. Channel Riddim (3:23)
  2. Channel Riddim (Dubplate 1) (3:19)
  3. Channel Riddim (Dubplate 2) (3:27)
  4. Render Your Sound (3:43)
  5. Render Your Sound (Dubplate 1) (3:06)
  6. Render Your Sound (Dubplate 2) (3:25)
 in stock $13.52
Survival Riddim
Cat: WAG 12014. Rel: 31 Aug 21
  1. Survival Riddim (3:29)
  2. Survival Riddim (Dubplate 1) (3:29)
  3. Survival Riddim (Dubplate 2) (3:29)
  4. Reaction Riddim (3:26)
  5. Reaction Riddim (Dubplate 1) (3:23)
  6. Reaction Riddim (Dubplate 2) (3:27)
 in stock $13.52
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