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Optimo (12")
Cat: SV 090LP. Rel: 17 Aug 15
  1. Optimo (2:41)
  2. Cavern (5:21)
  3. Scraper (3:41)
  4. Out (2:08)
Review: Along with the extended retrospective detailing their earlier music escapades that's surfaced this week, U.S. based reissue gods Superior Viaduct have masterfully relicensed Liquid Liquid's final iconic Optimo single, originally out on 99 Records in 1983 and still a heavily coveted four tracker from all corners of the digging spectrum. "Optimo" - an utterly break-ridden, funked-out monster - "Scraper" and "Out" are all full bodied and sublime on the low frequencies, but it's "Cavern" that gets all the attention on here, bass-heavy roller filled with wavy vocals, a heavy percussion swing and a penchant for being mastered by the kings of hip hop and house. Totally essential 12" in our books.
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Habit (limited 12")
Cat: SPR 017. Rel: 27 Jul 17
  1. Thinning (3:18)
  2. Habit (3:45)
  3. Static Buzz (5:17)
  4. Dirt (5:11)
  5. Slug (4:34)
  6. Stick (5:41)
Review: In the world of slow burners, "Habit" ranks among the slowest. For some, it's the fabled iconic first EP from Lindsay Jordan, Shawn Durham, and Ryan Vieira, who shot to cult attention through a gig with the legendary Priests. For others, it'll be a slightly avant-leaning, DIY-garage rock effort packed with pained cries and instrumental cacophonies. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, it's fantastic. "Dirt" might display the band's scope the most, toying with rhythms, lyrics compelling even the most unemotional ears. "Stick" shows off Snail Mail's talent for balladry that belongs on the score to an indie movie about coming of age on the fringes of society. Throw in the forthright, uptempo "The 2nd Most Beautiful Girl In The World", which combines Jordan's innocent vocals with crashing cymbals and runaway guitars, and it's no surprise this has achieved cult status.
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House Of Sugar (heavyweight vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WIGLP 451. Rel: 13 Sep 19
  1. Walk Away (4:19)
  2. Hope (2:36)
  3. Southern Sky (3:14)
  4. Gretel (3:06)
  5. Taking (2:13)
  6. Near (2:09)
  7. Project 2 (2:25)
  8. Bad Man (1:35)
  9. Sugar (2:42)
  10. In My Arms (2:43)
  11. Cow (2:45)
  12. Crime (3:59)
  13. SugarHouse (live) (3:42)
Review: If you're new to the Alex Giannascoli's world then make yourself comfortable - chances are, like us, you'll be here for a while. There are so many tangents, threads and stylistic shifts of shape it's possible to dive into his back catalogue and spend years never getting bored. It's now far quicker to understand what we're talking about, though, thanks to his latest album. There are multiple personalities at play here than you'd think could be coherent, but coherent this record is. Opener "Walk Away" sounds like an overview of the whole thing - growing from desperate cry into a grandiose, captivating thing of real beauty via reversed-out backing track and looped lyrics. All very Beta Band. From there we're locked-in, through the shimmering melodies of "Taking" to "Sugar"'s deep, tense atmospheric crescendos and vocoders. Ending on the stunning brass-accented blues rock of "SugarHouse (Live)", it's as complete a record as you could ask for.
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I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It (gatefold 180 gram clear vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DH 00118. Rel: 26 Feb 16
  1. The 1975 (1:22)
  2. Love Me (3:42)
  3. UGH! (3:01)
  4. A Change Of Heart (4:39)
  5. She's American (4:30)
  6. If I Believe You (6:19)
  7. Please Be Naked (4:20)
  8. Lostmyhead (5:16)
  9. The Ballad Of Me & My Brain (2:54)
  10. Somebody Else (5:48)
  11. Loving Someone (4:21)
  12. I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It (6:25)
  13. The Sound (4:11)
  14. This Must Be My Dream (4:11)
  15. Paris (4:53)
  16. Nana (4:00)
  17. She Lays Down (3:38)
Review: That title is an eyebrow-raiser, yet still more surprising about this second album are the chances that cocky, controversial 1975 frontman Matt Healey has been prepared to take with the sound that his band rode to enormous success on via their debut. Certainly this album may largely sound custom-designed for radio airplay, yet within this framework Healey has moved from the guitar band swagger of yore to a more emotionally charged reinvention that throws '80s-style hooks, innovative production trickery and his mixture of chutzpah and charm into the fray to create a vibrant and unexpected art-pop melange.
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In Spades (gatefold LP)
Cat: SP 1150. Rel: 05 May 17
  1. Birdland (2:54)
  2. Arabian Heights (4:55)
  3. Demon In Profile (3:25)
  4. Toy Automatic (2:55)
  5. Oriole (4:10)
  6. Copernicus (3:30)
  7. The Spell (3:46)
  8. Light As A Feather (3:11)
  9. I Got Lost (3:15)
  10. Into The Floor (4:16)
Review: There's no rock frontman quite like Greg Dulli, and even in middle age his melancholy and morally ambiguous loverman persona appears to be maturing like the proverbial fine wine. Moreover, the blend of soulful heart-on-sleeve balldeering and gritty rock-outs finds new vistas and moments of intensity on 'In Spades' - lurking somewhere between the testosterone bluster of Springsteen and the slinky grooves of Motown, yet with the addition of noisy electronic grooves, as on the opener 'Birdland,' only bolstering their arsenal. It's a treat to have this louche rogue back.
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The Underside Of Power (limited coloured vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: OLE 11178. Rel: 23 Jun 17
  1. Walk Like A Panther (3:20)
  2. Cry Of The Martyrs (3:54)
  3. The Underside Of Power (4:09)
  4. Death March (4:32)
  5. A Murmur. A Sign. (3:41)
  6. MME Rieux (3:33)
  7. Cleveland (3:47)
  8. Animals (2:31)
  9. Plague Years (2:53)
  10. Hymn For An Average Man (4:12)
  11. Bury Me Standing (2:23)
  12. The Cycle/The Spiral: Time To Go Down Slowly (5:41)
Review: Anyone bemoaning the lack of ire-igniting political invective and potent protest records amidst the tension and uncertainty of 2017 should look no further than Algiers, whose follow-up to their blue-touchpaper igniting debut is a thing of floor-shaking intensity and cerebrally stimulating potency. A electrifying and diverse musical palette that extends from post-punk and gritty Gun Club-esque rock 'n' roll to soul, hip hop and even John Carpenter style soundtrack stylings acts as a backdrop to the feverish diatribes against oppression and injustice of vocalist Franklin James Fisher. Defying expectation to stand proud as a genre-elusive and fiercely uncompromising call to arms, 'The Underside Of Power' is a forward-thinking work of maverick malevolence and thrilling intensity.
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Played by: Rebel Soul
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Algiers (gatefold LP)
Cat: OLE 10671. Rel: 02 Jun 15
  1. Remains (3:01)
  2. Claudette (3:31)
  3. And When You Fall (3:39)
  4. Blood (5:35)
  5. Old Girl (4:13)
  6. Irony Utility Pretext (4:28)
  7. But She Was Not Flying (3:49)
  8. Black Eunuch (3:36)
  9. Games (3:40)
  10. In Parallax (8:19)
Review: Fiercely righteous, intensely passionate and politically driven, the Atlanta-birthed Algiers are carving out a unique niche for themselves with a brand of gospel-punk that is as experimental as it in incandescent. Noiserock shapes, electro grooves share space with startlingly rich and powerful vocals from Franklin James Fisher. Emotionally charged ditties like 'Blood' and 'Black Eunuch are as influenced by Nina Simone as industrial hip-hop troupe dalek, and the resulting record makes Algiers a powerful argument against anyone who claims that modern music is apolitical and the art of the protest song is dead.
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Livin' In Elizabethan Times (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DS 128T. Rel: 01 Dec 17
  1. This One's For The Humans (6:15)
  2. The Visitation (7:16)
  3. The Moon Is Not Your Friend (7:44)
  4. Titanic Dance (Lynch Mob mix) (8:30)
Review: Alien Stadium is a collaborative project comprised of Martin Duffy of Primal Scream and Felt, and Steve Mason of The Beta Band. 'Livin' In Elizabethan Times' is an audacious and oddball cosmic rock concept mini-LP about a comically underwhelming invasion of drunkard aliens. As well as the sheer unadulterated fun of the record, the amount of dense and inventive genre-melting the pair have managed to cram into these four tracks is astonishing - dropping in theremins, sound effects, militaristic horns and much more when you least expect them. They set an interplanetary course from twanging and stomping bluesy opener 'This One's For The Humans', through hypnotic balearic-ish bleep and orchestrated retro-futurist pop, to the huge cosmic disco closer 'Titanic Dance'. At first glance, it's an unashamedly silly and fun offering, but repeat listens will reveal these maverick veterans have woven in far deeper layers of commentary humour and substance.
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Lahs (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: MEX 2601. Rel: 31 Oct 19
  1. Holding Pattern (4:12)
  2. Keeping Dry (3:52)
  3. In The Air (2:15)
  4. Prazer Em Te Conhecer (3:06)
  5. Roco Ono (4:01)
  6. Star (4:10)
  7. Royal Blues (2:33)
  8. Electricity (3:00)
  9. Light Yearly (4:00)
  10. Polar Onion (2:50)
  11. On Our Way (3:32)
  12. Houston (2:12)
  13. Pleasure (4:28)
Review: Sometimes bands just drip good vibes. Take Los Angeles' Allah-Las for example. We challenge anyone to find a groovier troupe, these guys boasting more infectious qualities than many viruses we know of. This, their self-referential latest album is like the culmination of all that has come before, not so much changing tact from the shimmering, delightfully loose and jangly strain of indie rock we have come to know them for but rather presenting the most finely tuned and honed interpretation of that sound to date. There are tones of Grateful Dead and Love peppered throughout this collection, which comes with moments such as the hands-held-aloft, sermon-like "Holding Pattern", the intensity of "Houston", and the journeyman instrumentation of Portuguese language country rocker "Prazer Em Te Conhecer". The result is something you're not going to forget in a hurry, as trippy and floaty as it is funky and dirty.
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This Is All Yours (gatefold coloured vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: INFECT 200LP. Rel: 18 Sep 14
  1. Intro
  2. Arrival In Nara
  3. Nara
  4. Every Other Freckle
  5. Left Hand Free
  6. Garden Of England
  7. Choice Kingdom
  8. Hunger Of The Pine
  9. Warm Foothills
  10. The Gospel Of John Hurt
  11. Pusher
  12. Bloodflood (part 2)
  13. Leaving Nara
Review: With a momentum built initially by word-of-mouth alone and further abetted by a surprise Mercury win, Alt-J have built a formidable reputation for themselves as no less than a Radiohead-in-waiting, with a melodious sleight-of-hand allied to a questing and mischievously experimental side. This Is All Yours, despite seeing the band slimming down from a four-piece to a three-piece after the departure of bassist Gwil Sainsbury, sees their fresh and inventive approach showing no signs of abating, with vocal textures and rhythmic invention locking horns with samples and melancholic charm to create an arresting yet nuanced record with its gaze firmly set forward.
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Reduxer (white vinyl LP)
Cat: INFECT 451LP. Rel: 28 Sep 18
  1. 3WW (feat Little Simz - OTG version) (5:05)
  2. In Cold Blood (feat Pusha T - Twin Shadow version) (2:45)
  3. House Of The Rising Sun (feat Tuka - Tuka version) (4:54)
  4. Hit Me Like That Snare (Jimi Charles Moody version) (3:30)
  5. Deadcrush (feat Danny Brown - Alchemist X Trooko version) (4:04)
  6. Adeline (feat Paigey Cakey & Hex - ADP version) (3:48)
  7. Last Year (feat GoldLink - Terrace Martin version) (4:07)
  8. Pleader (feat PJ Sin Suela - Trooko version) (4:36)
  9. 3WW (feat Lomepal - Lomepal version) (3:09)
  10. In Cold Blood (feat Kontra K - Kontra K version) (3:35)
  11. Hit Me Like That Snare (feat Rejjie Snow - Rejjie Snow version) (2:56)
Review: Leeds in the UK has been responsible for quite a few of the worlds most loved bands, and alongside the Kaiser Chiefs, Soft Cell and even The Sisters Of Mercy, there's Alt J. As Mercury prize winners in 2012, their meteoric rise to the top sees them with three albums in their wake, and this Reduxer package is an aptly named alternative of sorts to last year's Relaxer LP. With street rhymes and urban beats nestling up alongside strokes of synth pop and Joe Newman's melancholic crooning, heavy collaborations come in from contemporary hip hop artists like Pusha T and Danny Brown. They don't, however, steal the show from the huge range of other vocal talent to be taken in, like Little Simz' devastating opening gambits to the more lyrically exotic affairs from Lomepal and PJ Sin Suela. Crashing style and genre like no one's business.
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Relaxer (gatefold LP)
Cat: INFECT 370LP. Rel: 02 Jun 17
  1. 3WW (4:58)
  2. In Cold Blood (3:25)
  3. House Of The Rising Sun (5:06)
  4. Hit Me Like That Snare (3:41)
  5. Deadcrush (3:50)
  6. Adeline (5:52)
  7. Last Year (6:04)
  8. Pleader (5:34)
Review: For a band big enough to sell out Madison Square Garden, Alt-J still come across as refreshingly strange proposition, flirting with grandstanding euphoria just as easily as folk-tinged introspection. True to form, on the one hand 'Relaxer' is the sound of the band throwing everything but the kitchen sink - including choirs, orchestras and computer game influences alike - into their delirious melange. Yet on the other there's the same melodic lilt and reflective grace that first endeared them to a surprisingly enormous fanbase five years ago, and the sense of a band as alarmingly ambitious as they are unafraid to be intimate.
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Antisocialites (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: TRANS 306XX. Rel: 08 Sep 17
  1. In Undertow (3:17)
  2. Dreams Tonite (3:14)
  3. Plimsoll Punks (4:49)
  4. Your Type (2:04)
  5. Not My Baby (4:09)
  6. Hey (2:47)
  7. Lollipop (Ode To Jim) (3:15)
  8. Already Gone (3:03)
  9. Saved By A Waif (3:02)
  10. Forget About Life (2:46)
Review: The second album from questionably spelt Canadian five-piece Alvvays doesn't see them straying too far from their comfort zone, but only because they don't particularly need to. Stylistically, the band are good at what they do, snugly nestled in the ethereal pop sound we've come to recognise from groups such as Best Coast, Beach House and Camera Obscura. Clocking in at just over half an hour long, the follow-up to 2014's self-titled debut is kept short and sweet, providing a lean and sentimental album full of jangling guitars, satisfying chord progressions and relatable emotional intelligence that will continue to please current fans, and more than likely enamour a swathe of new ones.
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European Heartbreak (limited blue vinyl LP)
Cat: HVNLP 157C. Rel: 28 Sep 18
  1. Simple Song (2:33)
  2. Hardly New (3:06)
  3. Oh My Love (What Have We Done) (3:16)
  4. Goodnight Europe (3:59)
  5. Alpine Town (3:21)
  6. I've Done The Best (3:31)
  7. Self-Portrait In A Car At Night (2:45)
  8. Something's Gonna Take Your Love Away (3:55)
  9. Antoine (3:17)
  10. Where Did You Go (2:46)
  11. Baby, Eternity (4:25)
Review: Should you find yourself in continental Europe, or the little islands surrounding it, you may be feeling a sense of the autumnal blues upon the release of this European Heartbreak LP. It's far from a morose and downcast listen though, with the choral of Annelotte de Graaf's voice a shining light to lead you through the trepidation of winter. On top of her two law degrees and work for the international war crimes tribunal, this latest opus provides her with a second album following Fading Lines of 2016, and expect spells of tatty pop intertwined with boops and breathy vocals that meet with subtle brass instrumentation, pianos and folky practices, all sung with a slight smug and smirk of discontent.
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Cat: RT 0064LP. Rel: 24 May 19
  1. Starfire 500 (3:35)
  2. Gacked On Anger (1:49)
  3. Cup Of Destiny (2:15)
  4. GFY (1:48)
  5. Angel (2:52)
  6. Monsoon Rock (2:27)
  7. Control (2:34)
  8. Got You (2:17)
  9. Punisha (1:44)
  10. Shake Ya (3:16)
  11. Some Mutts (Can't Be Muzzled) (4:26)
Review: Never too shy for irony, Australian rock band from Melbourne, Amyl and The Sniffers, are keeping the mullet cuts and beer spitting sound of the southern land's sound well alive. It's Rough Trade that have taken up Amyl and The Sniffers for their debut album recorded in Sheffield with Ross Orton towards the end of 2018. Six months on and the four piece are rattling the walls more than ever with a raucous ballyhoo of garage-punk that sees the band's ferocious Pouges-y mix of Irish drunkenness hit the wall with the Californian sounds of Pennywise and Australia's own Frenzal Rhomb. With thrashings of guitars, unique and raw Australianisms, and sweaty, smashing drums: Amyl and The Sniffers are popping off.
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Midnite Spares (LP + insert)
Cat: ES 003. Rel: 15 Sep 16
  1. Maria Kozic & The MK Sound - "Trust Me" (4:29)
  2. Whadya Want? - "Open Spaces" (3:53)
  3. Poets Of The Machine - "Arabs" (5:39)
  4. The Couch - "Full Treatment" (2:42)
  5. Sedation - "Sedation" (3:00)
  6. Igniters - "Hakka Suru" (3:29)
  7. Mumbo Jumbo - "Wind It Up" (4:33)
  8. Mix - "Do You Do It?" (3:46)
  9. Cameron Allen & Graham Bidstrup - "Bikini Atoll" (3:40)
  10. Foot & Mouth - "I Want My Mummy" (4:15)
Review: An intriguing confection put together by two Antipodean crate-diggers with an ear for the eccentricities and heroic creative travails of a generation of yore, 'Midnight Spares' chronicles a predominantly '80s era in which bedroom musicians took a post-punk DIY sensibility to create work that still rings out with originality and ingenuity decades on. Collected from manifold unusual sources, this compendium takes in early synth-pop, menacing lo-fi soundtrack work, a stray emigre member of The Flying Pickets, and even an early foray into recording from the members of legendary Ozpunk scamps God. Lurking somewhere between the spirit of John Peel and the world of outsider art, the resulting assemblage is a must-have for chroniclers of the weird and wonderful.
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LP5 (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: STUMM 436. Rel: 22 Mar 19
  1. Voi_Do (2:00)
  2. Dawan (2:00)
  3. Laminar Flow (2:00)
  4. Heroist (2:00)
  5. Means Of Entry (1:42)
  6. Brandenburg (2:00)
  7. Caronte (2:00)
  8. EQ_Break (2:00)
  9. Outlier (2:00)
  10. In Gravitas (2:00)
Review: The unveiling of an Apparat album is always cause for commotion with the artist influence enough to push radio stations to stream his music 24/7 upon release. Long passages of streaming synth-textures underline the loose and sparse percussive effects of Apparat's jazz and minimalism. The artist's signature bass pulses hit the sweet spot throughout the albums entirety, always inspiring a well of heavy feeling when they do. Touches of the artist's Bpitch Control days remain as does Apparat's always inspired approach when merging instrumentation with outboard gear and technology, beat making and sound design. A sound to cherish once more.
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Dedicated To Bobby Jameson (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: MEX 2401. Rel: 14 Sep 17
  1. Time To Meet Your God (2:42)
  2. Feels Like Heaven (3:17)
  3. Death Patrol (3:19)
  4. Santa's In The Closet (3:04)
  5. Dedicated To Bobby Jameson (3:51)
  6. Time To Live (5:29)
  7. Another Weekend (4:12)
  8. I Wanna Be Young (2:37)
  9. Bubblegum Dreams (3:13)
  10. Dreamdate Narcissist (2:28)
  11. Kitchen Witch (3:38)
  12. Do Yourself A Favor (3:40)
  13. Acting (feat Dam Funk) (4:32)
Review: Ariel Marcus Rosenberg's last album, 'Pom Pom' was a hyperactive hook-filled collage of nostalgic 80's lo-fi pop sounds and explorations of gender and sexuality against a backdrop of soft lysergic psychedelia. In comparison to this extroverted personality, 'Dedicated to Bobby Jameson' sees Pink take a more introspective turn, respectfully honouring the tragic story of cult musician Jameson's flash-in-the-pan career and descent into addiction. This album feels more controlled and considered than Pink's previous work, while dipping into the home-recording style that began his career. The pastiche of VHS psych, early-digital sampling, 80's rock'n'roll riffs and hypnotic lyricism are all present, and '...Bobby Jameson' is a cautionary tale that captivates and charms all at the same time.
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 in stock $16.40
Signal (LP)
Cat: STH 2410LP. Rel: 27 Sep 19
  1. Too Much Money (2:17)
  2. Calling It (2:29)
  3. Suicide In Texas (2:58)
  4. I Love You, Fine (2:05)
  5. Highway (3:46)
  6. Signal (3:07)
  7. Humanoid (3:17)
  8. Damage (2:20)
  9. Electrocution (2:29)
  10. Champagne (2:52)
  11. Strange Conversations (3:26)
Review: No matter how hard they try, some bands struggle to make people dislike them. Take Los Angeles trio, Automatic. Sure, militant guitar fans might find a little to complain about, what with the distinct focus on synthdom here, but realistically that's like saying you hate pies because sandwiches also exist. There's more than a touch of Neu! and Suicide in this indie-post punk mix up, but we wouldn't want anyone to think they'd heard this before. Unless, of course, you actually have heard this lot before. Working within sounds that often feel explored to the nth degree, we're dealing with a band disinterested in convention but obsessed with making you feel immediately at home with them. From the rolling bass, distorted electro refrains and send-return vocals of "Too Much Money" through "Highway'"'s darkroom neo-dance bounce, to the slo-mo, anthemic closer "Strange Conversations", this debut album stands out for miles.
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 in stock $16.94
Cows On Hourglass Pond (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WIGLP 447. Rel: 22 Mar 19
  1. What's The Goodside? (6:32)
  2. Eyes On Eyes (4:29)
  3. Nostalgia In Lemonade (3:42)
  4. Saturdays (Again) (4:58)
  5. Chilly Blue (2:38)
  6. KC Yours (6:14)
  7. Our Little Chapter (3:36)
  8. Taken Boy (3:41)
  9. Remember Mayan (4:50)
  10. HORS (4:54)
Review: The Animal Collective fold can never be seen too far off from each another and with Dave Portner's Avery Tare project delivering a new full length that makes two individual releases from the nebulous group in as many months. With obvious references to Yellow Submarine and 60s/70s psychedelica to be found on "Cows On Hourglass Pond" there's also a route into a alternate sub-pop universe that shares a world one part Postal Service one part Warp Records influences. And fun fact: Dave Portner recorded this album at Laughing Gas Studio in North Carolina on a Tascam 48 half-inch reel-to-reel tape machine, the very same one used for Animal Collective's "Sung Tongs".
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 in stock $19.62
Dudu (pink vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: CT 310LPC1. Rel: 26 Jul 19
  1. Cognitive Dissonance (2:38)
  2. Pressure Inside (2:20)
  3. Closer (2:50)
  4. Automation (2:09)
  5. Ceremonies Of Waste (2:51)
  6. Instant Pace (4:11)
  7. No (1:15)
  8. Another Anthem (2:08)
  9. I Want (2:41)
  10. On Repeat (3:19)
  11. Smoke You (0:47)
  12. Can't Stand It (3:45)
  13. Asleep/Awake (4:14)
  14. Taste For Trash (1:33)
  15. Dudu (0:49)
Review: Taking inspiration from the sonic lawlessness of the city they live, New York's B Boys deliver a third studio album for Brooklyn indie Captured Tracks. Described as exploring solitude and self-reflection through sharp, high-energy shouts and melodic mediations, Dudu keeps their post punk sound of lo-fi drums, jangley, distorted guitars and quick fire rhythms fresh! The music of B Boys shares a close proximity to what was coming out of the UK scene during the 2000s with "Closer", "Instant Pace" and "Another Anthem" really saddling up to this aesthetic, which should bring some nice memories to fans of bands like King Krule, The Rakes or even At The Drive In.
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Turn Out The Lights (limited clear vinyl LP)
Cat: OLE 11298. Rel: 27 Oct 17
  1. Over (1:24)
  2. Appointments (4:35)
  3. Turn Out The Lights (3:22)
  4. Shadowboxing (3:51)
  5. Sour Breath (3:04)
  6. Televangelist (4:49)
  7. Everything That Helps You Sleep (4:21)
  8. Happy To Be Here (4:15)
  9. Hurt Less (3:57)
  10. Even (3:33)
  11. Claws In Your Back (4:39)
Review: Julien Baker's debut 'Sprained Ankle' garnered critical acclaim on its release last year for its impressive writing. Considering Baker's age, at only 22 years old she's already creating worlds of stunning dream-pop with a craftsmanship that could stir envy in more experienced songwriters. 'Turn Out The Lights' showcases her talent even further, exploring a melancholy world against a backdrop of sparse echoing instrumentation. The moments of subtle intensity are striking, such as the album's cinematic opening 'Over', whose stirring strings and sparse piano pour seamlessly into the next track 'Appointments. Baker's voice is controlled and her harmonies are arresting, and she uses expansive vocal layering to build intensity, pulling back just before it overbears the listener. This impressive second milestone in Baker's work is heartfelt, cathartic and more than impressive.
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 in stock $16.94
Cat: SP 745. Rel: 11 Oct 07
  1. Is There A Ghost
  2. Ode To Lrc
  3. No One's Gonna Love You
  4. Detlef Schempf
  5. The General Specific
  6. Lamb On The Lam (In The City)
  7. Islands On The Coast
  8. Marry Song
  9. Cigarettes Wedding Bands
  10. Window Blues
Review: Band of Horses' debut "Everything All The Time" was one of ten finalists for the Shortlist Music Prize (equivalent to the UK's Mercury prize) and received rave reviews in NME, Uncut, and a slew of other music mags. Their new LP, "Cease To Begin", is a strikingly beautiful record. It has honesty, sincerity and passion and proves to be truly inspiring.
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 in stock $15.81
Cat: SOAKLP 182. Rel: 12 Apr 19
  1. Carnivorous (3:50)
  2. That's My Trouble (2:58)
  3. Love Is All You Love (3:19)
  4. Not The Kind Of Nothing I Know (3:07)
  5. Cool Your Battles (3:21)
  6. Sound Of You (4:49)
  7. Thanks A Lot (3:56)
  8. We're Alive (3:33)
  9. Speed Of Light (3:23)
  10. Gold (3:59)
Review: Southampton's own bones brigade, Band Of Skulls, return with an epic fifth studio album, delivering a sweet selection of alternative pop rock versatility. The album opens with a salvo of heavier, more motley rock sounds before hitting its catchy title track halfway through the A-side. "Not The Kind Of Nothing" and "Cool Your Battles" turns out the A-side from anything too soft, with the band serving up a cooing, more contemplative and ethereal number in "Sound of You" that opens the second disc. The slightest of country and folk inspirations waver in and out of "We're Alive", with the emotional wall of sound that is "Speed Of Light" a true highlight, alongside the jamming post-punk hit: "Gold". Like James Murphy dressed up as Nikki Sixx.
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Lost Girls (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BATFL 01LP. Rel: 02 Sep 19
  1. Kids In The Dark (3:21)
  2. The Hunger (4:52)
  3. Feel For You (3:34)
  4. Desert Man (3:23)
  5. Jasmine (2:52)
  6. Vampires (3:02)
  7. So Good (3:33)
  8. Safe Tonight (4:15)
  9. Peach Sky (4:31)
  10. Mountains (4:35)
Review: Don't believe everything you read - the fifth Bat For Lashes album confirms this girl (or woman) found herself musically and thematically some time ago, freeing up creative energy to explore new approaches to deliver her often mournful, always heartfelt songs inspired by personal crises and private longings. On this outing there's more than a hint of 1980s pop evident in the mix. Shades of Prince ("Feel For You"), Madonna ("So Good"), Bowie's Berlin days and electro-era Gary Numan (the stunning, infectious instrumental "Vampires") cast the record in a nostalgia that suits the sense of yearning that always seems to pervade Natasha Khan's work. Simply name-checking reference points is lazy and unfair, though. This is an incredible collection of tracks moulded in the artist's own image - bold, beautiful and instantly captivating. Then again, it would be surprising if anyone had expected anything less.
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Lost Girls (clear splattered vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BATFL 01LPX. Rel: 02 Sep 19
  1. Kids In The Dark (2:00)
  2. The Hunger (2:00)
  3. Feel For You (2:00)
  4. Desert Man (2:00)
  5. Jasmine (2:00)
  6. Vampires (2:00)
  7. So Good (2:00)
  8. Safe Tonight (2:00)
  9. Peach Sky (2:00)
  10. Mountains (2:00)
Review: Don't believe everything you read - the fifth Bat For Lashes album confirms this girl (or woman) found herself musically and thematically some time ago, freeing up creative energy to explore new approaches to deliver her often mournful, always heartfelt songs inspired by personal crises and private longings. On this outing there's more than a hint of 1980s pop evident in the mix. Shades of Prince ("Feel For You"), Madonna ("So Good"), Bowie's Berlin days and electro-era Gary Numan (the stunning, infectious instrumental "Vampires") cast the record in a nostalgia that suits the sense of yearning that always seems to pervade Natasha Khan's work. Simply name-checking reference points is lazy and unfair, though. This is an incredible collection of tracks moulded in the artist's own image - bold, beautiful and instantly captivating. Then again, it would be surprising if anyone had expected anything less.
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Deportation Blues (limited silver vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BELLA 748V. Rel: 24 Aug 18
  1. Deportation Blues (4:44)
  2. I'm In A Weird Place Now (4:29)
  3. Hell Or Pennsylvania (4:29)
  4. I'm Desperate (4:08)
  5. When I Think Of My Dog (4:11)
  6. Am I Dead Yet? (5:23)
  7. Midnight Ease (4:56)
  8. Fire In England (3:45)
  9. Until You Kiss Me (3:00)
Review: In the aftermath of the Brexit vote the question on many people's minds is 'what's going to happen'...well an answer for some, at least, was a new BC Camplight album, fittingly named, Deportation Blues. Recording in Liverpool's Whitewood studios, Brian Christinzio is said to have locked himself in a windowless studio and recorded all songs almost exclusively in the dark. With title track Deportation Blues its most illuminating result, the album overall is a more electrified opus, musically speaking, than his previous long players How To Die In The North and Blink Of A Nihilist. Featuring Luke Barton on guitars and synth, alongside guitarist Tom Rothery and multi-instrumentalist/ backing singer Ali Bell, BC Camplight lights it up again.
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Cat: COMM 150. Rel: 22 Jul 16
  1. Red Earth & Pouring Rain (4:49)
  2. Emeralds (4:28)
  3. Dew On The Vine (4:57)
  4. Roses On A Breeze (5:20)
  5. New Jerusalem (4:01)
  6. Love Can't Stand Alone (5:27)
  7. Auld Wives (4:32)
  8. Greenwoods Bethlehem (5:29)
  9. Broken Parable (6:11)
  10. Fortress (5:19)
  11. Gabriel (4:11)
  12. Napoleon (5:13)
Review: Despite having found initial attention via the modern British folk scene that also spawned Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling et al, Bear's Den have managed to carve our a distinct identity for themselves, and this second album sees them building on this with aplomb and ingenuity. Maintaining their trademark heart-on-sleeve approach, and harnessing their Ivor Norvello-worthy songwriting chops to electronic soundscapes and sweeping melodic traditions that extend through hazy recollections of the '70s and '80s, 'Read Earth & Pouring Rain' is the sound of this duo striking out as global contenders for widescreen pop supremacy.
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Colors (cassette)
Cat: 602557 804287. Rel: 07 Dec 17
  1. Colors
  2. Seventh Heaven
  3. I'm So Free
  4. Dear Life
  5. No Distraction
  6. Dreams
  7. Wow
  8. Up All Night
  9. Square One
  10. Fix Me
Review: Thirteen studio albums in, and 'Colors' sees Beck maybe at his most playful and upbeat since the late '90s. Title track 'Colors' opens the albums with an immediacy that bursts out like a heavily polished 'Devil's Haircut'. The album veers off in all kinds of pop directions, from the anthemic 'Seventh Heaven', to the almost trap-like 'Wow', Beck shows he's willing to experiment and wrangle as much as possible into an album. It might not be his most contemplative record, but it's definitely his glossiest and most entertaining in a while, and promises a rollercoaster ride from start to finish.
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Colors (limited red vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: 571768 0. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. Colors (4:22)
  2. Seventh Heaven (4:56)
  3. I'm So Free (4:07)
  4. Dear Life (3:45)
  5. No Distraction (4:35)
  6. Dreams (4:59)
  7. Wow (3:43)
  8. Up All Night (3:11)
  9. Square One (2:55)
  10. Fix Me (3:08)
Review: Thirteen studio albums in, and 'Colors' sees Beck maybe at his most playful and upbeat since the late '90s. Title track 'Colors' opens the albums with an immediacy that bursts out like a heavily polished 'Devil's Haircut'. The album veers off in all kinds of pop directions, from the anthemic 'Seventh Heaven', to the almost trap-like 'Wow', Beck shows he's willing to experiment and wrangle as much as possible into an album. It might not be his most contemplative record, but it's definitely his glossiest and most entertaining in a while, and promises a rollercoaster ride from start to finish.
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Colors (limited yellow vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: 578822 0. Rel: 13 Oct 17
  1. Colors (4:22)
  2. Seventh Heaven (4:56)
  3. I'm So Free (4:07)
  4. Dear Life (3:45)
  5. No Distraction (4:35)
  6. Dreams (4:59)
  7. Wow (3:43)
  8. Up All Night (3:11)
  9. Square One (2:55)
  10. Fix Me (3:08)
Review: Thirteen studio albums in, and 'Colors' sees Beck maybe at his most playful and upbeat since the late '90s. Title track 'Colors' opens the albums with an immediacy that bursts out like a heavily polished 'Devil's Haircut'. The album veers off in all kinds of pop directions, from the anthemic 'Seventh Heaven', to the almost trap-like 'Wow', Beck shows he's willing to experiment and wrangle as much as possible into an album. It might not be his most contemplative record, but it's definitely his glossiest and most entertaining in a while, and promises a rollercoaster ride from start to finish.
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Cat: OLE 14551. Rel: 13 Sep 19
  1. Sister Buddha (Intro) (3:00)
  2. I Know Where The Summer Goes (4:23)
  3. Did The Day Go Just Like You Wanted? (3:10)
  4. Jill Pole (3:01)
  5. I'll Keep It Inside (1:55)
  6. Safety Valve (3:00)
  7. The Colour's Gonna Run (2:21)
  8. Another Day, Another Night (1:32)
  9. Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying (3:56)
  10. Wait & See What The Day Holds (3:16)
  11. Sister Buddha (4:05)
  12. This Letter (3:24)
  13. We Were Never Glorious (5:22)
Review: Considering their penchant for spinning yarns and the cinematographically-suited nature of much of their work, it's surprising "Days Of The Bagnold Summer" is only Belle & Sebastian's second shot at a movie score. The last was 2001's '"Storytelling", accompanying Todd Solondz's movie of the same name, and they certainly did a good job then. So, high expectations this time round. For those unfamiliar, their latest foray into the film world partners the directorial debut of Simon Bird, best known to many as one of "The Inbetweeners". The flick, an adaptation of Joff Winterhart's 2012 graphic novel, chronicles the life and times of a teenage metalhead and his single mother. The album perfectly accompanies but also contributes to that tale. Highly emotive instrumental tracks and classic B&S songs-proper, this OST is destined to go down well with the band's true believers.
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Cat: AJXLP 450. Rel: 05 Oct 18
  1. Are You Being Served (2:21)
  2. The Good Life (2:05)
  3. London Weekend Television (0:09)
  4. Blankety Blank (1:57)
  5. Top Of The Pops (3:04)
  6. Picture Box (2:56)
  7. The Liver Birds (3:12)
  8. Thames Television (0:08)
  9. Rainbow (2:46)
  10. Doctor Who (3:17)
  11. Wildtrak (2:12)
  12. World In Action (2:45)
  13. Sorry (2:42)
  14. Open University (0:42)
Review: English actor, writer, and musician Matt Berry - of Darkplace and IT Crowd fame - covers, yes, covers an assortment of classic British TV themes. The result is an album to be appreciated as much as it is to be taken seriously, as it is to be enjoyed. Of course there's a pinch of humour with Berry placing himself alongside a muppet and Doctor Who on the album's cover art, but it's the theatrical, jazz and upbeat, yet easy listening approach of the album which really paints the picture. The LP's opener "Are You Being Served" is undeniable sweetest spot of nostalgia here, with the minutia of Thames Television indents, at 8 seconds long, also checked and covered. Recorded solo by Berry himself, it's a burgundy-beige trip through the technicolour memory of one's formative years enjoying the early-evenings and afternoons watching a select choice of the UKs most iconic TV.
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Better Oblivion Community Center (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DOC 188LP. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. Didn't Know What I Was In For (3:59)
  2. Sleepwalkin' (3:11)
  3. Dylan Thomas (3:31)
  4. Service Road (3:43)
  5. Exception To The Rule (2:50)
  6. Chesapeake (4:03)
  7. My City (4:02)
  8. Forest Lawn (3:44)
  9. Big Black Heart (3:28)
  10. Dominos (4:31)
Review: American singer-songwriters Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst are two accomplished musicians in their own right, with the latter largely known for his role in Bright Eyes and other bands, with an enviable solo discography too, while the former, after a slew of singles, released her debut album Stranger In The Alps in 2017. Together the pair form Better Oblivion Community Center, who recently scored some airtime on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert with a beaty rendition of their dust-kicking vocal number "Dylan Thomas". The album delivers a bevy of duets and folk-tales with references to '90s pop rock and grunge never that far off, and it's best heard on "Dominos" and the cutesy synth-play of " Exception To The Rule".
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UFOF (gatefold LP)
Cat: 4AD 0129LP. Rel: 03 May 19
  1. Contact (3:53)
  2. UFOF (3:08)
  3. Cattails (4:05)
  4. From (3:54)
  5. Open Desert (3:49)
  6. Orange (3:28)
  7. Century (3:03)
  8. Strange (3:44)
  9. Betsy (3:22)
  10. Terminal Paradise (3:25)
  11. Jenni (4:10)
  12. Magic Dealer (1:50)
Review: There's plenty of anticipation around Big Thief's third record U.F.O.F., and we can say with confidence that it delivers on every front. A solid expansion of their last record, Capacity, U.F.O.F. for the most part goes deeper into diverse sonic territories that's emotionally raw and rich, calling to mind Elliott Smith, Joni Mitchell and various other accomplished singer songwriters especially in songs like "Contact" and "Cattails". Elsewhere, "Strange" and "Orange" provide a backing that seems more upbeat on the surface, yet the varied vocal technique of Adrianne Lenker, ranging from a whisper to a vulnerable bellow keeps us firmly captivated. The album really shines through when it reaches for slightly louder soundscapes, best heard on "Terminal Paradise" and "Jenni" (with the latter reminding us of "Washer" by Slint). All in all, U.F.O.F. will be a record that entrances you with its subtle yet haunting charm.
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Two Hands (gatefold LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 4AD 0180LP. Rel: 11 Oct 19
  1. Rock & Sing (1:56)
  2. Forgotten Eyes (3:26)
  3. The Toy (4:10)
  4. Two Hands (3:49)
  5. Those Girls (3:09)
  6. Shoulders (3:10)
  7. Not (6:01)
  8. Wolf (4:33)
  9. Replaced (4:40)
  10. Cut My Hair (3:11)
Review: It's not hard to understand why people so often ignore album release blurb. Sales-y, hyperbolic, and on more than the odd occasion rather poorly written, it's hardly required reading in order to get the most out of the record. That is unless it's Big Thief's 'Two Hands', a collection of music that genuinely makes more sense when you know the back story. For one thing this long form offering is arriving just months after its predecessor, which is always either the sign of a band that don't need big ideas to facilitate rapid-fire output, or a band that have so many big ideas they literally can't stop the momentum. This is a case of the latter. Timescale aside, "Two Hands" genuinely feels as though it was born in the Badlands, epic songs that invoke endless vistas across barren settings in a way that makes you feel as small as you actually are in a global context. Like cosying up in a log cabin away from the chilly endless dark of a desert night.
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Cat: BK 003LP. Rel: 08 Apr 14
  1. White Boy
  2. This Is Not A Test
  3. Don't Need You
  4. Jigsaw Youth
  5. Resist Psychic Death
  6. Rebel Girl
  7. Outta Me
  8. George Bush Is A Pig
  9. I Busted In Your Chevy Window
  10. Get Out
  11. Why
  12. Fuck Twin Peaks
  13. Girl Soldier
  14. Not Right Now
Review: This is a reissue of Bikini Kill's second EP, "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah". Recorded in 1992 with Tim Green (Nation Of Ulysses) at The Embassyia group-house in Washington, DC, it was the first Bikini Kill release to feature the band's song, "Rebel Girl." Originally a split EP with the Brighton, UK-based band, Huggy Bear, the B-side now features seven previously unreleased Bikini Kill songs drawn from era-appropriate live shows and practice tapes. The artwork has also been updated to include archival photos and liner notes from the Bratmobile's Erin Smith, Comet Gain's David Feck, and the members of Bikini Kill.

Bikini Kill was a feminist punk band based in Olympia, WA and Washington, DC, forming in 1990 and breaking up in 1997. Kathleen Hanna sang, Tobi Vail played drums, Billy Karren (aka Billy Boredom) played guitar and Kathi Wilcox played bass. Bikini Kill is credited with instigating the Riot Grrrl movement in the early '90s via their political lyrics, zines, and confrontational live performances. This EP is the second release in a larger campaign to reissue the complete Bikini Kill catalog on vinyl and CD.
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Revolution Girl Style Now (LP + MP3 download code + sticker)
Cat: BK 001. Rel: 14 Sep 15
  1. Candy (3:26)
  2. Daddy's L'il Girl (2:28)
  3. Feels Blind (3:35)
  4. Suck My Left One (2:28)
  5. Carnival (1:30)
  6. This is Not A Test (1:45)
  7. Double Dare Ya (2:02)
  8. Liar (3:07)
  9. Ocean Song (3:28)
  10. Just Once (3:34)
  11. Playground (3:32)
Review: This was where it all started, not only for arguably the most important feminist rock band of all time, but for an entire musical movement. Originally released on cassette in 1991, Revolution Girl Style Now was an incendiary squall of furious ire, set aflame by DIY spirit, rulebook-shredding rage and Kathleen Hanna's fearsomely magnetic charisma alike. To this end, this collection of mighty calls to arms has stubbornly refused to date, standing proud as more than an essential Riot Grrrl document, rather a thrilling and timeless testimony to the power of punk rock at its most righteous.
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Schlagenheim (gatefold heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: RT 0073LP. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. 953 (5:20)
  2. Speedway (3:25)
  3. Reggae (3:19)
  4. Near DT, MI (2:22)
  5. Western (8:07)
  6. Of Schlagenheim (6:10)
  7. Bmbmbm (5:13)
  8. Years Ago (2:49)
  9. Ducter (6:30)
Review: The best thing since the Klaxons or Bloc Party have arrived. black midi! The student art rock band are bringing a new youthful energy and slight of malice back to the arena of post-indie inspired alternative guitar and synth music. They make this overtly known from the start with the supercharged opener that is "953", introducing an album that is said to have laid down eight of the record's nine tracks in just five days. Drums are fast and skittering, rhythms are dancey and guitars keep it Madchester jangley. "Speedway" (is that a wry Prodigy reference?) is among the album's highlights alongside the punk-funky "bmbmbm" and the short but trippy "Years Ago". With a 100 per cent backing by UK music institution Rough Trade: meet this generation's newest sensation.
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Destroyer (limited white vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: JAG 340LPC1. Rel: 24 May 19
  1. Future Shade (5:12)
  2. Horns Arising (6:51)
  3. Closer To The Edge (2:49)
  4. High Rise (6:16)
  5. Pretty Little Lazies (5:02)
  6. Boogie Lover (6:13)
  7. Licensed To Drive (4:49)
  8. FD'72 (5:49)
Review: When it comes to plugging in mega stacks of amplified prog-rock, Vancouver-area band Black Mountain deliver a retro-futuristic sound that's as large as any Godzilla soundtrack. With Destroyer presenting a fifth LP on Bloomington label Jagjaguwar, Black Mountain go someway in delivering a bold cross reference of only the best and most legendary points of 60s, 70s and 90s rock n roll regalia. With keys and piano mixed with guitars, distortion and vocoders giving the band a futuristic, krautrock (Deutsche elektronik musik) edge, British psychedelic and raw but atmospheric arrangements give the band their own undeniable identity. With songs passing the bottle from slow dancing rock, flashy hair metal, to synthy guitars and cosmic arpeggios, the best metal of today is still way up there, on Black Mountain.
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Nine (gatefold LP + insert)
Cat: 190759 63231. Rel: 20 Sep 19
  1. The First Time (2:27)
  2. Happy Days (2:58)
  3. Heaven (3:16)
  4. Darkside (3:00)
  5. Blame It On My Youth (3:05)
  6. Generation Divide (0:50)
  7. Run Away (2:24)
  8. Black Rain (2:46)
  9. I Really Wish I Hated You (3:11)
  10. Pin The Grenade (3:02)
  11. No Heart To Speak Of (3:40)
  12. Ransom (1:24)
  13. On Some Emo Shit (3:12)
  14. Hungover You (2:58)
  15. Remember To Forget Me (3:30)
Review: When you think of the way we were when Blink 182's angsty punk-pop was tapping the top of the charts one word comes to mind - innocence. Compared to this era of impending existential doom it was easier to work out solutions then, even if solutions weren't put into action. So welcome to the new age, and a new Blink 182 intent on carving a fresh place for themselves in this frighteningly complex point in history. It's as though 2016's "California" was a cathartic and temporary rekindling of old flames, giving closure and helping the band move forward properly. Here they take us into territories barely on their radar before. Not that opener "The First Time" doesn't nod to past glories. "Darkside" brings arty, experimental punk, "Heaven" is a main stage overture, "On Some Emo Shit" is a desperate call for help and admission of the universality of fragility.

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Get Tragic (LP + insert)
Cat: JAZZLIFE 16LP. Rel: 25 Jan 19
  1. Eye To Eye (3:41)
  2. Mexican Dress (4:00)
  3. Bangsar (2:32)
  4. Nearer (3:55)
  5. Beverly (4:41)
  6. Find My Own Remorse (4:07)
  7. Howl (2:57)
  8. (Interlude) (0:47)
  9. Anxiety (3:03)
  10. Vertigo (3:07)
  11. Elijah (4:52)
Review: With the hove of sounds coming out of Brighton right now duo Blood Red Shoes are delivering a unique blend of post-alternatives, with melodious references ranging from the choral of Klaxon's numbers, to the musical muster of Manchester psychedelic rock act The Music. With a release previous on XL Recordings too, the group are making themselves known via their own Jazz Life label. Get Tragic, and its other track titles suggest a continued emo-quality to their feel, a sound resounding with the tragedy of future-modern times.
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Legacy: The Very Best Of David Bowie (limited gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 019029 5918323. Rel: 06 Jan 17
  1. Let's Dance (4:07)
  2. Ashes To Ashes (3:36)
  3. Under Pressure (with Queen) (3:55)
  4. Life On Mars (2016 mix) (3:37)
  5. Changes (3:36)
  6. Oh! You Pretty Things (3:14)
  7. The Man Who Sold The World (3:57)
  8. Space Oddity (4:59)
  9. Starman (4:14)
  10. Ziggy Stardust (3:16)
  11. The Jean Genie (4:05)
  12. Rebel Rebel (4:28)
  13. Golden Years (3:26)
  14. Dancing In The Street (with Mick Jagger) (3:09)
  15. China Girl (4:16)
  16. Fame (4:13)
  17. Sound & Vision (3:03)
  18. 'Heroes' (3:32)
  19. Where Are We Now? (4:08)
  20. Lazarus (4:06)
Review: A year on from the untimely demise of arguably the most influential British musician of the last fifty years, and on the eve of what would have been his seventieth birthday, here we have the opportunity to view his whole jaw-dropping career across the course of two slabs of wax. From the cosmic dread of 'Space Oddity' all the way to the reflective melancholy of 'I Can't Give Everything Away', it's a magnificent testimony to a restless muse that never stopped moving into unchartered territory in search of new adventure. These songs will outlive us all.
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Platinum Rats (clear vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: DAMGOOD 510LP. Rel: 12 Apr 19
  1. Bad Vibrations (2:26)
  2. Shopping Spree (1:27)
  3. Nazi Disko (1:53)
  4. She's The Rat (2:12)
  5. GMO Mosquito (4:34)
  6. Underground Dopes (1:52)
  7. I Hate The World (1:56)
  8. The Thought Police Are On The Bus (1:59)
  9. Dumb City (3:20)
  10. Out Of Touch (2:35)
  11. Kids Laugh At You (2:30)
  12. What's The Use (2:45)
Review: Bug-eyed nerd punks straight outta Seattle, The Briefs, are still kicking and "Platinum Rats" presents their fifth LP and first since 2005's "Steal Yer Heart". Still the bleach-blonde punks they ever were, the album holds down a spirit and ethos that will get the nod of approval from the fans of the Sex Pistols, Rancid and Fat Wreck Chords et al. With most songs clocking in at two-and-a-half minutes, The Briefs shred their guitars inside a frenzy of noise could have made it to Epitaph had it been the late '90s wonder years of punk. Still, being 2019, they find themselves on the 30 years strong East London imprint Damaged Goods. The Briefs go supersized.
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Policy (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: MRG 540LP. Rel: 02 Mar 15
  1. Take My Side (3:45)
  2. Anna (3:51)
  3. Finish What I Started (2:14)
  4. Son Of God (2:52)
  5. Something's Coming (3:16)
  6. What I Want (4:04)
  7. Sing To Me (3:04)
  8. Witness (3:22)
Review: For all The Arcade Fire's global conquest and expansive approach, it would appear that Will Butler - famed as a multi-instrumentalist in said combo - has a fair few musical axes left to grind, as this sharp and diverse collection proves. Genre constraints are nimbly eluded here as Butler sashays in style between Gun Club-style rock, mournful balladry, angular synth-pop and many other shapes besides, all the while maintaining an impassioned delivery, relentless mischief, and moreover sidestepping the occasional grandstanding approach of his dayjob for a playful sense of fun that renders 'Policy' a refreshing blast on its own terms.
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American Utopia (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: 007559 7932218. Rel: 09 Mar 18
  1. I Dance Like This (3:33)
  2. Gasoline & Dirty Sheets (3:20)
  3. Every Day Is A Miracle (4:47)
  4. Dog's Mind (2:29)
  5. This Is That (4:29)
  6. It's Not Dark Up Here
  7. Bullet
  8. Doing The Right Thing
  9. Everybody's Coming To My House
  10. Here (1:30)
Review: 'American Utopia' is the first solo record in 14 years from iconic polymath David Byrne. The album comes as part of a larger project entitled 'Reasons To Be Cheerful' - a series of works that strives to antidote pervasive social and political anxieties. In keeping with this, 'American Utopia' questions realities of contemporary culture with playful writing that shifts perspectives and favours optimism over despairing pessimism. Being the product of working with 25 collaborators, 'American Utopia' feels like something of a sonic patchwork, but doesn't ever feel sprawling, neatly tied together by Byrne's inimitable sense of melody and harmony. 'American Utopia' doesn't offer any transcendental conclusions on how to save the world, but advocates positive and unusual ways of looking at the world around us, and with a career underpinned by a singular and indescribable quirkiness, Byrne is the ideal candidate the job.
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Played by: Motomitsu
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Hunter (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WIGLP 354. Rel: 31 Aug 18
  1. As A Man (3:46)
  2. Hunter (4:12)
  3. Don't Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy (4:05)
  4. Indies Or Paradise (4:36)
  5. Swimming Pool (4:53)
  6. Alpha (3:42)
  7. Chain (4:34)
  8. Wish (5:12)
  9. Away (4:14)
  10. Eden (3:59)
Review: Domino continue to back the lashings of Anna Calvi, hailed once by ambient pop lord Brian Eno as "the best thing since Patti Smith". Well her third studio album has arrived, and we say she's actually the best thing since Sinead O'Connor - at least "Hunter" makes us think so. The twice Mercury Prize-nominated artist, it's said, has delivered this album after ending an eight-year relationship that saw her move to France and explore themes of 'pleasure, gender, and sexuality'. "I'm tired of seeing women depicted as being hunted by men," she writes, "I am the hunter. I go out into the world and see it as mine." The alpha within Anna Calvi has arrived.
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Miami Memory (limited gatefold blue vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SC 378LPC1. Rel: 13 Sep 19
  1. Stepdad (4:15)
  2. Miami Memory (4:23)
  3. Far From Born Again (4:14)
  4. Gaslight (4:21)
  5. Bad For The Boys (4:39)
  6. End Is Nigh (3:03)
  7. PC With Me (2:34)
  8. Divorce (3:12)
  9. Other Ladies (3:46)
  10. Too Far (4:07)
Review: If there were still justice in the digital age, and artists really got what was owed to them exposure-wise, Alex Cameron would be a safe bet for leftfield pop sensation. A multi-faceted songwriter, his previous two albums took us through a horror show of horrible characters and their innermost thoughts, twin roads that have somehow veered onto another course altogether for "Miami Memory". Here a much friendlier face is donned. Nevertheless, opener "Stepdad" makes intentions clear, with uptempo keyboard lines invoking the emotional qualities of mid-80s Prince. "Far From Born Again" tells the story of a "her" who's making bad choices, and the potential fallout of that, set to a Bruce Springsteen-sounding chorus, the likes of which can be found again on "Divorce". Not holding back, but instead holding a light up to a different side of his personality, it's Cameron's most positive to date and his best.
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Cat: XSPOON 9. Rel: 17 Jul 14
  1. Future Days
  2. Spray
  3. Moonshake
  4. Bel Air
Review: After 1972's seminal Ege Bamyasi, the German Krautrock legends released what is one of our personal favourite Can LPs. Aside from being the last work of theirs to feature the vocals of Damo Suzuki, it's a seriously deep and full-bodied piece of work, as you'd expect from the band. The title track itself is a hypnotic, visceral journey through space and time, but all the tracks on this are pure classics. You even get their poppier of moments in the form of "Moonshake". Don't ask any questions, just cop it. Essential gear.
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Ege Bamyasi (reissue) (limited heavyweight green vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: XLSPOON 8. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Pinch (9:31)
  2. Sing Swan Song (4:47)
  3. One More Night (5:34)
  4. Vitamin C (11:46)
  5. Soup (2:15)
  6. I'm So Green (3:06)
  7. Spoon (3:05)
Review: This 1972 classic has been cited as a major influence by the likes of Beck, Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and even Kanye West. The fourth album from the group, its release came at a time of growing exposure with lead single, '"Spoon", topping the German Top 10 and selling over 300,000 copies. It was this success that offered the opportunity to record the remainder of the album in their makeshift "Inner Space" home studio, an old former cinema. With bassist Holger Czukay on engineering and producing duties, several daily chess games between vocalist Damo Suzuki and keyboardist Irmin Schmidt, and a frantic recording process, Can delivered their piece de resistance - a dense, sprawling work of wild imagination, where their psychedelic adventuring intersected most perfectly with their pop sensibilities.
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