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Back Catalogue: Roots/Lovers Rock

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Roots / Lovers Rock

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Music Is The Voice
Cat: PMCD 1. Rel: 27 Mar 19
  1. Big Chat
  2. Big Chat (dub)
  3. Get On Board
  4. Get On Board (dub)
  5. Innocent
  6. Music Is The Voice
  7. Music Is The Voice (dub)
  8. Level De Vibes
  9. Niceness
  10. Niceness (dub)
  11. Chatty Yu Mouth
  12. Motorists
  13. Motorists (dub)
  14. Gone A Jail
  15. Gone A Jail (dub)
  16. SuSu
$17.09 SAVE 40%
 in stock $10.26
Top Ranking Dillinger (reissue)
Top Ranking Dillinger (reissue) (limited CD with obi-strip)
Cat: RROO 338CD. Rel: 15 Oct 20
  1. Table Gonna Turn
  2. Check Sister Jane
  3. Mr Wicked Man Know Yourself
  4. King Pharoh Is A Baldhead
  5. Rat A Cut Bottle
  6. Don't Watch Your Wife
  7. War Is Not The Answer
  8. Love Is What The World Need
  9. Judgement Day Rock
  10. Ranking Of The Past
 in stock $11.97
OK Fred: Storybook Revisited
Cat: BSRCD 896. Rel: 01 Sep 20
  1. OK Fred
  2. Movie Star
  3. Black Cinderella
  4. Keep The Pressure Down
  5. Waiting In Vain
  6. Sit Down & Cry Over You
  7. Where Must I Go
  8. Please Stop Your Lying
  9. The Harder They Come
  10. You're Gonna Need Me
  11. You'll Never Know (Aka I'll Be Back)
  12. A Little Way Different
  13. And I Love Her
  14. Betcha By Golly Wow
 in stock $8.85
The Face Covering Riddim
  1. Barry Issacs - "Mask Up"
  2. Winston Reedy - "Hit The Road Jack Medley"
  3. David Jahson - "Giving Praises"
  4. Fish & The Inn House Crew - "Masked Up Piano"
  5. The Inn House Crew - "The Face Covering Riddim"
  6. The Inn House Crew - "Masked" (dub)
  7. The Inn House Crew - "Masked" (dub)
  8. The Inn House Crew - "Masked" (dub)
  9. The Inn House Crew - "Masked" (dub)
Review: Producer Lewis M and all-star reggae studio band The Inn House Crew have enjoyed a very successful 2020, delivering a swathe of must-check releases in their distinctive roots-reggae style. They're at it again here, offering up an EP of vocal and dub cuts inspired by the current global pandemic and based on the Inn House Crew's superb 'The Face Covering Riddim'. Barry Isaac sets the tone with a soulful plea for mask-wearing compliance ('Mask Up'), before regular collaborator Winston Ready re-purposes some of the lyrics from 'Hit The Road Jack' and David Janson delivers a more traditional Rastafari interpretation on 'Give Praise'. Elsewhere, pianist Fish delivers some evocative solos on 'Masked Up Piano', while Lewis M and Ben bell deliver a quartet of weighty 'Masked' dubs.
Read more
 in stock $10.84
Gi Me De Music
Cat: CSCD 01. Rel: 04 Aug 20
  1. Africa
  2. Africa (dub)
  3. Going Home
  4. Going Home (dub)
  5. Gi'me De Music
  6. Gi'me De (dub)
  7. Zion
  8. Zion (dub)
  9. Take A Look
  10. Looking (dub)
  11. My God Is Real
  12. Real (dub)
  13. Free The Frustration (bonus track)
  14. Dub Frustration (bonus track)
  15. Stand Up (bonus track)
  16. Stand (dub - bonus track)
  17. Good Sensimellia (bonus track)
 in stock $9.97
Guiding Star
Guiding Star (unmixed CD)
Cat: AICD 01. Rel: 23 Nov 20
  1. Guiding Star Intro
  2. Changes Come (feat Messenjah & UPfront Family)
  3. Dub Soljah - "Changes Dub"
  4. Traveling (feat dub Soljah)
  5. Dub Soljah - "Missing Dub"
  6. Guiding Star (feat Disciples riddim Section)
  7. Russ D - "Guiding Star Dub"
  8. Warrior Of Jah Light (feat Kris Kemist & dub Soljah)
  9. Sista Sherin - "Warrior Melodica Cut"
  10. Sound System Rise (feat UPfront Family)
  11. Dub Soljah & Sista Sherin - "Inity Dub"
  12. Tree Of Life (feat BacKIIRootS riddim Section)
  13. Dub Soljah - "Dub Of Life"
  14. Joyful Way (feat UPfront Family)
  15. Dub Soljah - "Joyful Afrika Dub"
  16. Ises Unto HIM (feat RockRadioHermes & Reality Shock)
  17. Russ D - "Free Birds Dubwise"
  18. Higha Meditation (feat Far East & UPfront Family)
  19. Dub Soljah - "Higha Dubwise"
 in stock $11.97
Items 1 to 6 of 6 on page 1 of 1
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Back Catalogue: Roots/Lovers Rock
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