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Cat: 674286 Rel: 15 Jan 18
High-performance dynamic microphone with on/off switch
Notes: The Perception P3 S is a high-performance dynamic microphone ideal for backing vocals and guitar. Its cardioid polar pattern picks up sound from in front of the microphone while reducing feedback and unwanted noise from behind. The Perception P3 S provides a sturdy metal case and wire-mesh grille for exceptional ruggedness. The microphone offers a convenient on/off switch for noiseless muting.
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Cat: 674285 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Professional dynamic microphone with hyper cardioid polar pattern
Notes: Whether it's the feel or the sound, Beyerdynamic's TG V70DS professional dynamic live vocal microphone with a hypercardioid polar pattern is sure to impress both on the stage and behind the mixing console. Featuring a lockable on/off switch, the TG V70DS offers powerful, well-resolved sound, excellent feedback reduction and a marked proximity effect with saturated bass to support less powerful voices. Even without help from the tone control of the mixing console, it delivers an impressively rounded and exceptionally powerful sound. Easy to use, just plug it in, activate the high-pass filter and you're done.

The TG V70DS is beautifully constructed and easy to handle, with a progressively damped capsule suspension for low handling noises. Since 1924 Beyerdynamic has remained a German family-owned company committed to continuous research and innovative developments for the audio market. All over the world, Beyerdynamic is known for the use of the latest technologies and a high quality standard.
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Cat: 673903 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Intellijel case adapter
Notes: This adapter allows you to use the rear audio jacks on Intellijel 7U cases with up to two Pedal I/O 1U interfaces. It eliminates the need for the Pedal I/O JACKS 1U module.
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Cat: 638394 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Monitor controller & USB audio interface with 2 mic preamps, 3 selectable stereo inputs & 2 selectable stereo outputs
Notes: The Mackie Big Knob Studio Interface is a modern version of the original Big Knob Studio Command System, combining intuitive design with high-resolution Onyx mic preamps and seamless integration with all major DAWs. Equipped with USB connectivity, the Big Knob Studio Interface features TRS combo and 1/4'' jack input connectors, along with 1/4'' jack balanced/unbalanced output connectors and dedicated headphone outputs.

Onyx Recording/Playback:
The Mackie Big Knob Studio offers high-resolution USB interfacing with resolutions up to 96kHz. Featuring two Onyx microphone preamps, the Big Knob Studio delivers an ultra-wide gain range - up to 60dB - and award-winning sound quality.

Flexible Integration:
The latest addition to the Big Knob series provides models with unique features and a variety of I/O, ensuring that this interface seamlessly integrates within your existing setup. Suitable for a range of applications, the Mackie Big Knob Studio is equipped with dual headphone outputs, a dedicated amp-driven studio out, a true cue mix and much more.
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Cat: 672789 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Complete recording bundle including condenser microphone & studio quality audio interface
Notes: RODE's AI-1 Audio Interface is stacked with incredible technology to ensure recording on your computer is easy, versatile and sounds superb. The Complete Studio Kit comes with the AI-1, RODE's peerless NT1 large diaphragm condenser microphone, a shock mount and all cables. Let's get started.

As for inputs: the AI-1's got both kinds:

The AI-1's single input is a Neutrik Combo Jack, which takes both a 3-pole XLR (common to most microphones) and a quarter-inch jack common to most electric instruments like guitar, bass et al. Layering tracks is as easy as plug in, set level and go.

No cords barred (and other puns):

The Complete Studio Kit comes with the RODE NT1 studio condenser microphone, a shock mount, pop-shield, RODE XLR cable and USB-C/A cables to transfer data from your AI-1 to your computer, and power - including 48V phantom power to your AI-1.

Superior Headphone Amplifier onboard:

Not only does the AI-1 deliver crystal clear audio to your computer software, but headphones have never sounded sweeter thanks to the discrete studio-quality headphone output and level control.

In the box:

- NT1 Cardioid Condenser Microphone
- AI-1 Single Channel Audio Interface
- SMR Shock Mount & Detachable Popshield
- XLR Cable
- USB-C/A Cable
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Cat: 665483 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Bluetooth software controller with LED touch surface
Notes: The Lightpad Block M is the next generation of the Lightpad Block, a surface for sonic control, that launched in November 2016. Music-makers can recreate the sounds of drums, cellos, flutes, uplifting synths, and hundreds of other instruments just by touching the Lightpad Block, which is both a palm-sized music-making device in its own right and a piece of the expandable BLOCKS system. The Lightpad M creates an even more sensitive and precise playing experience that is on par with ROLI's premium instruments like the Seaboard RISE.

Play a song, all on one surface:
On one dynamic surface you can play beats, basslines, chords, and melodies - and tie them all together to make amazingly multi-layered songs.

Every movement is musical:
On Lightpad M's tactile surface, you shape sounds and make music with Five Dimensions of Touch (5D Touch). Expression is right at your fingertips, so you can bring any musical idea to life.

Touch even deeper musical textures:
The redesigned interface of the Lightpad M builds on the touch-responsive powers of the original Lightpad Block. Lightpad M's surface is deeper, softer, and defined by undulating microkeywaves - for an even more precise playing experience.

Enhanced tactile feedback:
Based on the wave-like surface of ROLI's Seaboard instruments, the 225 microkeywaves of the Lightpad M add more tactile feedback, so you can interact with the surface in a deeper way and gauge each movement more precisely. A thicker, softer silicone layer enhances pressure-responsiveness.

Enhanced visual feedback:
The surface of the Lightpad M is 50% brighter than the original Lightpad Block. It features higher-definition colours and a higher contrast display, so you can move more quickly between notes, instruments, and scales.

Explore a universe of sounds - it's growing all the time:
Lightpad M comes with hundreds of sounds from funky synths to string sections to drums. They're all custom-made for 5D Touch. Expand your collection by purchasing soundpacks from cutting-edge sound designers and world-famous artists like Grimes, RZA, and Steve Aoki. The universe keeps growing, with new soundpacks arriving every month.

Learn how to make music:
Learning a musical instrument can take years. It's much faster on Lightpad M. The gestures for making music are intuitive, and the illuminated grids guide you to play in tune. Also, you're not just learning one instrument. You're learning to play the sounds of hundreds of instruments - all on one portable device.

Expand your music studio:
Lightpad M is one piece of an award-winning music creation system: BLOCKS. Connect to a Seaboard Block, Live Block, Loop Block, Touch Block - or more Lightpad Blocks including the Lightpad M. All Blocks snap together and work together wirelessly. Mix and match, and build your instrument as you grow!
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Cat: 586864 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Multi-pattern condenser microphone - perfect for vocals, acoustic instruments & as a room or overhead mic
Notes: The CO3 large diaphragm condenser microphone precisely captures every nuance of audio and delivers smooth bass and extended high frequency response. Its three-position pickup pattern also provides the versatility to switch between omni, super-cardioid and figure-eight pickup patterns, making it an ideal addition to the home or project studio.
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Cat: 674408 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Large diaphragm condenser microphone with USB port for direct operation on the computer
Notes: Following the success of the C01U, Samson presents the C03U Multi-Pattern USB Studio Condenser Microphone. Based on the extremely popular C03 mic, the C03U delivers pristine audio quality with enhanced capabilities, including a high-quality A/D converter and USB output.

The C03U features dual, large 19mm internally shock-mounted diaphragms with high SPL neodymium elements and three selectable pickup patterns - cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional. Each of these patterns provide a smooth, flat frequency response of 20Hz-18kHz supported by a switchable high pass filter and -10dB pad. Capturing audio at a 16-bit, 48kHz resolution, the C03U offers the accuracy you need to be sure that what you hear is what you get.

The C03U is USB compatible with any Mac or PC, so you can just plug the mic in and start recording... No additional drivers or special software is needed. It works well with most DAW software programs, including GarageBand. In addition, a desktop mic stand, mic clip, USB cable and carry pouch are included. All this, along with its solid die-cast construction, makes the C03U just as durable as it is portable.

Samson Sound Deck Software:
Available as a paid download, the Samson Sound Deck Noise Cancellation Software brings noise cancellation technology for enhanced VoIP communication and computer recording to your C03U. Sound Deck uses Digital Noise Reduction algorithms to minimize recurring background noise from loud environments, ensuring only clean, natural sounding vocals are received by your family, friends or business associates.

Music from the Home/Mobile Studio:
For musicians, the convergence of computer and audio technologies has established the home/mobile studio as an alternative to the professional recording facility. Whether you're touring the country or experimenting in your project studio, the C03U sets the standard for integrating your computer into your recording experience. Use the super-cardioid pickup pattern to record a single vocalist/instrumentalist or the omnidirectional configuration to harness an entire ensemble with ambient room miking at a pro-level directly to your computer. The C03U is perfect for recording music on-the-go or in limited spaces, allowing all musicians tremendous freedom to create.

Empowering Podcasters:
The evolution of podcasting has created a need for high-quality production capabilities that are also attainable by everyone. Satisfying these criteria, the C03U is a podcaster's dream come true. Given a simple USB connection straight into your computer, it provides your podcasts with unparalleled quality in audio recording. With the C03U's multi-pattern pickup abilities, the voices of individual web journalists (super-cardioid), as well as discussion groups (omnidirectional) and interviewers (bi-directional), everywhere are empowered to establish a real identity in the congested world of podcasting.

Multi-Faceted Education:
With computer-based technology becoming more steadily incorporated into educational protocols, useful functions for the C03U among students, professors and administrators are also on the rise. In addition to podcasting, the C03U can expand the educational applications for Skype, VoIP, screen capture software like Camtasia Studio and voice recognition software like Dragon Naturally Speaking. These applications, all of which can be used to teach, study or catalogue academic materials, are made easy with the superior degree of audio recording delivered by the C03U. So, whether you're teaching an online course, reviewing a past lecture or studying for a big exam across multiple computers, the C03U helps to make education a more accessible and interactive experience.

Capturing the Workplace:
The C03U provides answers for those business professionals in need of revitalizing their corporate communications. Ideal for rich media on websites, in multimedia presentations, company meetings or corporate events, the C03U's features allow for easy recording of studio-quality audio clips to make communications more impactful and your presentations come to life. The mobility factor surrounding the C03U is also attractive to business professionals, as it can travel with you as easy as a laptop or briefcase to that next meeting.

Added Extras:
Samson offers a collection of pro-level accessories (all sold separately) that can be used to further enhance the recording experience of the C03U, including the PS01 microphone pop filter and the SP01 spider mount. The PS01's nylon mesh screen will reduce vocal popping and sibilance from affecting the performance of your C03U. It also comes equipped with a universal mic stand mounting bracket and a flexible metal gooseneck for convenient placement. Lastly, the SP01 provides the C03U with a reliable shock mount system to absorb unwanted vibrations and disturbances.
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Samson R31S Dynamic Microphone (handheld microphone)
Cat: 586883 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Dynamic microphone with on/off switch & XLR-1/4" cable included
Notes: Samson's R31S Dynamic Microphone brings great sound and versatility to a variety of live performance applications. Perfect for live vocals, instruments and more, the R10S is engineered to the finest detail to provide any performance with exceptional sound reproduction and accuracy.

The heart of the R31S's performance stems from its shock mounted mic element. Offering high gain output and a low impedance design, the capsule also features a hypercardioid pickup pattern. This enables the R31S to pick up all the nuances of any performance with exceptional clarity and detail, while reducing feedback and unwanted signals.

The R31S offers a frequency response of 50Hz - 15kHz, which is ideal for live concert and stage applications. Also equipped to withstand high sound pressure levels, the mic produces vocals that sound huge and crystal clear. This makes the R31S a versatile tool in home recording live performance settings as well.

The R31S features a convenient On/Off switch, as well as an XLR to 1/4" mic cable. For added versatility, a mic clip is also included.

WARNING: This product contains DEHP, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.
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Cat: 674409 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Surface-mount condenser microphone featuring an omni-directional pickup pattern & USB connectivity
Notes: Samson introduces the new UB1 USB boundary microphone. The UB1 is a surface-mount condenser microphone featuring an omni-directional pickup pattern and USB connectivity for easy recording directly to your computer. Since the UB1 is a class compliant USB device, it is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows.

The UB1 can be placed on a conference table, podium, alter or can be mounted using the keyhole mounting points. Because of its low-profile design, the UB1 allows for inconspicuous placement in any setting and will offer professional-grade recordings on either a desktop or laptop computer. The solid zinc body and sturdy steel grill construction make the UB1 a dependable tool for conference rooms, houses of worship, courtrooms, classrooms or anywhere else high quality computer recording is needed.
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Cat: 674284 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Dynamic super-cardioid microphone for speech & vocals
Notes: Dynamic super-cardioid vocal mic, which helps to reduce spill and feedback. Ideal for presentations, conferences, choirs, rehearsal rooms, and stage. Easily eliminates ambient noise. Superb high frequency reproduction.

More focus. More presence:

Maximum focus, enhanced presence: the E845 delivers differences you can hear. Its expanded high frequency range creates space for demanding dynamics with a high signal quality. Vocals become more alive and sound wider and more open - even at different speaking proximities. Designed as a super-cardioid, the E845 easily eliminates ambient noise. A reliable, easy-to-use companion for presentations, conferences, spoken word performance, choirs as well as rehearsal rooms and on stage.

In the box:

1 x E845
1 x Microphone Clip
1 x Pouch
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Cat: 674282 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Dynamic vocal microphone, great for both studio & live applications
Notes: Dynamic cardioid vocal microphone offering a smooth, natural sound. Fast transient response ensures no details are missed. Low handling noise. 100% metal casing for tough on-stage use.

Its balanced frequency range qualifies the E935 for songs of every genre. It clearly gives the voice more space and positions it cleanly in front of loud instruments. With a transparent high-end and warm but well defined lower mids, it lends even gentle voices an impressive intensity and size. The vocal track in the band mix can be emphasized much more easily. The E935 also clearly increases the speech intelligibility. It remains extremely resistant to feedback as well as to the hard conditions of live gigs.

In the box:

- E935 Microphone
- MZQ 800 microphone clamp
- Pouch
- User manual
- Document of Warranty
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Cat: 482948 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Vocal microphone with smooth tailored frequency response
Notes: Vocal microphone delivering a tailored response for a warm, natural sound. It features a cardioid polar pattern for maximum isolation, minimal off-axis tone coloration, a 3-stage pop filter to minimize breath noise, and a break-resistant stand adapter.

What is the Beta 87C best suited to?

The Shure Beta 87C is a premium quality cardioid hand-held condenser vocal microphone with exceptionally smooth frequency response and high sound pressure level capability. It is ideal for a professional lead or backing vocalist either on stage, for live recording or in the studio. The cardioid polar pattern makes it ideal for use with in-ear monitoring.
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Cat: 674545 Rel: 15 Jan 18
JamStands Series double hanging-style guitar stand with personalized coloured accent bands
Notes: The New JS-C Series of customizable JamStands from Ultimate Support allows users to personalize their JamStands. Using our custom colour bands, it is now possible to add your favourite custom colours to JamStands in the line, which otherwise retain the features and functionality customers love. Match your band's logo or a favourite shirt, play themed parties, and more with the new JS-C line of JamStands from Ultimate Support.

Note: Only blue custom bands are included with purchase. Other colours must be purchased separately.
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Cat: 674705 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Loudspeaker lead with Neutrik connectors - 10 metre length
Notes: Professional quality loudspeaker lead fitted with Neutrik connectors and using Highflex cable. Ideal for continual heavy duty use.
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Cat: 674126 Rel: 15 Jan 18
MIDI to CV converter with second CV out
Notes: Use this module to control your modular synth from a MIDI keyboard or sequencer. The MIDI activity light will be lit whenever there is a gate voltage present (i.e. whenever 1 or more MIDI keys are held). The Pitch CV out (CV1) conforms to 1V per Octave. The controller CV out (CV2) responds to MIDI controller 1 (mod Wheel). It has a 0 to 10V range. Controller number cannot be changed. Resolution is 7 bit.

- Pitch and auxiliary CV's
- 16 bit conversion
- Pitch bend, Accent and Legato outputs
- Accurate DAC
- Program and Manual Trigger buttons
- CV1 out, CV2 out, Gate out, Accent out, Legato out
- Width: 12HP
- Requires 5V
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Cat: 674112 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Patch panel module - 22HP
Notes: This is a pin matrix similar to that used in the Vostok modular synth. It has 8 inputs and 8 outputs wired to mini-jacks. You can then patch these I/O's to your modules using CV leads.

As the panel is 10x10, there are an additional 2 ins and 2 outs that you can hard-wire (solder) to any modules you wish. Or, leave empty and use as a place to store spare pins! Pins not included.

Note: This is a passive module and uses no power.

- 16 jacks
- 10 x 10 pin matrix
- Width: 22HP
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Cat: 674120 Rel: 15 Jan 18
MIDI to CV converter
Notes: Use this module to control your modular synth from a MIDI keyboard or sequencer.

- Pitch and auxiliary CV's
- 16 bit conversion
- Pitch bend
- Accurate DAC
- Program and Trig LED
- CV1 out, CV2 out, Gate out
- Width: 6HP
- Requires 5V
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 1 in stock $133.33
Cat: 674114 Rel: 15 Jan 18
6 input unity gain CV/Audio/Gate mixer with normal & inverted outputs
Notes: Use to mix either audio signals (just like your mixing desk, but simpler!) or you can mix CV's together, such as an LFO mixed with an EG.

There is also an inverted output, so if you mix in an EG for example, you will get an inverted EG out! Great effect.

This module would normally be used for mixing audio signals, although it will do CV's.

- 6 x Inputs, Inverted output, Normal output
- Width: 4HP
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 1 in stock $73.56
Cat: 670606 Rel: 15 Jan 18
6-channel performance mixer with three band EQ, mute & pan - 28HP
Notes: Hexmix System is a six channel performance mixer specially designed for Eurorack.

The system has two separate modules, the core of the mixer: Hexmix that has six channels with three band EQ, mute, pan and EQ section on the master, and Hexpander that add three auxiliar sends per channel, PFL, individual outs and balanced output.

The mixer has a strong inspiration in classical DJ mixers, providing sharp EQ's for enhanced performance, auxilliar send for effects and individual outputs to record your performance per channel.

The unique Mute Section is a powerful tool for performances, providing a momentary mute function controlled by vactrols and adding a smooth release to the signal decay.

The system is designed to be placed in 6U, instead of the traditional 3U paradigm in Eurorack. So we will have every feature for each channel vertically as a conventional tabletop mixing deck.

This is a six channels mixer with three band EQ, vactrol mutes, pan and volume control per channel.

Inputs for every channel are located at left side of Hexmix. Each jack is normalized to a VCA Expander connection in the back, so if you have a Hexmix VCA, you will have the output of each VCA to every input. connecting a jack in any input will disconnect whatever is coming from VCA.

Each Channel Strip is divided in four basic sections, that will go in the following order: Gain, Mute, EQ and Pan.

Gain is set to unity, so it will act as an attenuator of the input signal. Mutes are clickless, as they are vactrol based. This circuit provide some decay on the mutes, rather than a sharp cut.

Switches have latch position and momentary ones to unmute the channel, providing some really nice performative capabilities.

EQs are quite sharp (12dB) inspired in classic DJ mixers to aggressively cut selected frequencies.

Master section has its own EQ and volume control for the mix of all channels. Master EQ is software than individual channel's (6dB) and it's meant to provide control over the final mix.

It's possible to change output level from line to synth with a switch located in the back.

This will be pretty useful when used in combination with Hexpander, that provides a balanced out at line level. Like this it's possible to have a mix at synth level to re-route the master signal while having an output to PA.
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Cat: 670607 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Expander module for the Befaco Hex Mix
Notes: Hexpander adds great functionality to Hexmix module. Featuring Three aux send with stereo returns, individual outputs for each channel, complete PFL system and balanced output.

Hexpander is designed to be placed on top of Hexmix. Expanding Eurorack concept to 6u, allows every channel to be aligned as in traditional tabletop mixers.

Auxiliar sends:
For every channel you have three auxiliar sends. One pot will measure the amount of signal sent to each of them.

Every auxiliar send has a volume pot, that will measure the level of the signal sent. There are two jacks available so it is possible to send the signal both pre or post fader/EQ at the same time, allowing to patch externally depending if its desired to have the original signal, or the signal after being EQ'ed on the effect.

Returns are stereo, having a switch to select if the signal is coming from synth or line level. Like this, levels can be set, for example, either for a guitar pedal or a FX module at synth level.

Monitor section:
Hexpander features a complete PFL system, to send channels to the headphones before you add them to main mix.

Flip PFL switch to send that channel to the headphones out.

With PFL/Master Pot you can do a crossfade between the master signal and every channel sent to PFL. Headphones out will control headphones volume.

Level meter will show the level of the sum of all active PFLs. When there is no PFL active, it will show master level.

Output section:
Every channel has individual 6,5? jacks out at line level. Here you have the signal of every channel post EQ.

As an addition, you have master balanced output.
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Cat: 665171 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Six channel discrete transistor mixer module
Notes: Model 106 is based on the Mixer of Buchla's 100 series. The module features six input channels with level potentiometers and four (sub) outputs. Thanks to its transistor circuitry and low headroom, the Model 106 has a very distinctive sound. High input levels lead to warm, nonlinear distortion. This is not a neutral mixer, but a tool for creative sound design.
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Cat: 665173 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Quad Gate/VCA module - 14HP
Notes: With the Model 110 Quad Gate, musicians can add the distinctive sounding, nonlinear VCAs of the Buchla 100 series to their Eurorack synthesizers. The circuits are controlled via potentiometers and CV inputs. The VCAs' response characteristic is exponential in the first third of their control range. In the second third, the response characteristic changes to linear and finally to logarithmic behaviour. Additionally, some saturation is applied at the upper edge of the control range. The Model 110 Quad Gate does not feature vactrols. Thanks to its ultrafast response time, the module is a great partner for creating percussive sounds. Furthermore, the Model 110 is able to perform amplitude modulation at audio rates.
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 2 in stock $360.93
Cat: 665174 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Control voltage processor module - 14HP
Notes: The Model 156 Control Voltage Processor was developed as a "front end" for the dual oscillator of Buchla's 100 series. The module is composed of two circuits, which can mix, attenuate, offset and invert signals. Catalyst Audio's Model 156 M transfers the classic Buchla concept to the Eurorack world. Thanks to its overhauled design, the Model 156 M is fully compatible with the 1v/octave standard. An exact clone of Buchla's Control Voltage Processor is available under the name Model 156 V.
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 1 in stock $189.66
Cat: 665175 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Synth module based on Buchla's control voltage processor - 14HP
Notes: The Model 156 Control Voltage Processor was developed as a "front end" for the dual oscillator of Buchla's 100 series. The module is composed of two circuits, which can mix, attenuate, offset and invert signals. Catalyst Audio's Model 156 V is an exact clone featuring a discrete transistor design. True to the original, the circuits aren't fully compatible with the 1v/octave standard. - After all, the Model 156 was designed to be partnered with touch plate controllers and non-quantized sequencers. A newly designed, fully Eurorack compatible version of the Control Voltage Processor is available under the name Model 156 M.
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 1 in stock $279.32
Cat: 665169 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Dual sine-sawtooth generator composed of two oscillators, featuring a discrete transistor design
Notes: The Dual Sine-Sawtooth Generator was inspired by Buchla's Model 158, which was first released as part of the 100 series in the 60's. The module is composed of two oscillators featuring a discrete transistor design. Each audio generator can produce sine or sawtooth waveforms - or anything in between. The pitch ranges from ultrasonic to LFO rates. For modulations, there are exponential CV inputs. In use, the Dual Sine-Sawtooth Generator shines with charming analog sound. Its biggest strengths are frequency and cross modulation. Results can sound very harsh or wet.
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 5 in stock $505.77
Cat: 665170 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Dual envelope/function generator module - 14HP
Notes: The Model 180 Dual Attack Generator is composed of two ASR envelopes. The length of the sustain phases, here called note duration, can be determined by either trigger respectively gate signals or potentiometers. With the knobs turned completely counterclockwise, the envelopes feature an AD characteristic. While attack or note duration phases are active, the modulators can't be retriggered. Thanks to this, it is possible to use the Model 180 as an unconventional clock divider. The circuit produces linear voltage curves. Small time values lead to very punchy results.
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 1 in stock $316.10
Cat: 673868 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Versatile audio mixer module - 6HP
Notes: Mixup is a versatile, expandable audio mixer for Eurorack format. It has eight inputs (6 on the front panel) and two outputs. Inputs 1 and 2 are single-channel mono inputs, each with its own mute switch and level control; Input 3 is a dual-channel stereo input with a shared mute and level control; and input 4 is an auxiliary unity-gain, non-mutable stereo input.

Using bus connectors on the back panel, you can chain multiple Mixups together in series, giving you the ability to mix together even more inputs, or to create sub-mixes for routing around larger systems.

Because Mixup is designed specifically for audio (and not for CV mixing), it uses AC-coupled circuitry (which reduces the potential for 'pops' when muting and unmuting audio), and it uses audio-grade, logarithmic attenuators for a smooth, even response across the entire volume range.
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 6 in stock $100.00
Cat: 673867 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Effects pedal interface - 16HP
Notes: The Pedal I/O 1U system enables the modular synthesist to interact with the impressive assortment of delays, choruses, flangers, phasers, fuzz boxes, tremolos, wah-wahs, amp simulators, compressors and pitch shifter pedals available to guitarists. Conversely, it also grants guitarists access to the myriad filters, ring mods, wavefolders and - most importantly - the near infinite CV modulation delights inherent in Eurorack.
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 3 in stock $113.79
Cat: 673902 Rel: 15 Jan 18
1/4" TS jack interface for the Pedal I/O 1U system - 8HP
Notes: The Pedal I/O JACKS 1U Module allows you to patch standard 1/4? TS cables to and from your guitar/instrument pedals.

This module only works when connected to a Pedal I/O 1U module via ribbon cable.
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 2 in stock $24.43
Cat: 658626 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Versatile percussion synth voice module
Notes: The Entity Percussion Synthesizer is a complete and versatile voice module, geared for designing a huge array of percussion, bass and lead sounds and well suited for processing external audio sources.

The design consists of a high fidelity resonant band pass filter, two voltage controlled decay envelopes, multi-mode noise generator, a high fidelity VCA and a voltage controlled diode wave multiplier. Every parameter on the Entity Percussion is voltage controllable.

Features and controls:


BODY control simulates the tightness of a drum head. From soft and muted to flabby and bass heavy.

PITCH affects the frequency of the resonant filter. The nominal control range is from about 8Hz to 2.2kHz. This range is expanded upon use of internal and external control voltage sources.

HARMONICS increases the number of overtones heard via the main resonant sound source. Subtle to extreme. A substantial function of the Entity PS.

RING controls the resonant decay time, independently from the modulation controls. Both short and plucky and very long rings are obtainable. The filter is tuned so that it will always resonate a little, even when RING control is all the way down.

OUTPUT section controls the resonator volume level and the overall output level when NOISE-FILTER mode in enabled. MIX switch selects processing the internal resonator, external source via the EXT IN jack or a mix of both, greatly enhancing the sound capabilities of the Entity PS.

NOISE generator inspired by the Quantum Rainbow 2, with three select-able noise modes - WHITE, PINK and FILTER. FILTER mode routes the noise into the resonator's signal path - to be processed through the resonant filter, harmonics processor and main VCA.

N-LEVEL independently controls the volume and CV level of the noise VCA.


Two voltage controllable decay envelopes are provided to modulate the frequency and/or volume of the resonator and noise. DECAY controls the FM/VCA decay time of the resonator, N-DECAY controls the VCA decay time of the noise generator.

DELAY provides voltage controlled delay of the resonator DECAY envelope with respect to the noise (N-DECAY) envelope - a useful feature for creating various snare, clap and snap sounds and layering internal and external sources.

FM LVL is a bipolar attenuator for controlling the frequency modulation depth of the resonator. The switch below selects the internal resonator decay envelope, a mix of the decay envelope and external FM CV source, or the external FM CV source only.

DUCK output jack provides an offset and inverted copy of the resonator DECAY envelope for ducking VCAs and other modulation duties.

Additional Features:

PING! button to demo sounds without a trigger source.

RGB LED for visual feedback of trigger, FM and output waveform

All parameters are voltage controllable.
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Cat: 674287 Rel: 15 Jan 18
All-purpose microphone for use with a wide variety of instruments, vocals & speech
Notes: The Fusion Series microphones represent affordable excellence.

The F5 dynamic instrument microphone is an ideal choice for snare, toms, percussion and acoustic instruments in live and studio applications. A hypercardioid pick-up pattern helps to minimize feedback and isolate the instrument from ambient sound.

The F5's low impedance and balanced output allow interference-free performance.


- Live Stage, studio
- Snare, toms, percussion
- Guitar and bass cabinets, electric instruments
- Brass, flute, woodwinds
- Acoustic instruments
- Vocals, speech

In The Box:

1 x F5 Instrument Microphone
1 x MC1 Microphone Clip
1 x P1 Carrying Pouch
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Cat: 482942 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Drum microphone with optimised frequency response designed specifically for kick drums & bass instruments
Notes: The Shure Beta 52A Kick Drum Mic is a high-output, dynamic microphone with a frequency response tailored specifically for kick drums and other bass instruments. It provides superb attack and punch, and delivers studio-quality sound even at extremely high SPLs. Its modified supercardioid pattern ensures high gain-before-feedback and excellent rejection of unwanted sound.

Optimized for low-frequency bass punch and high-power SPL handling, the Beta 52A's supercardioid design provides maximum isolation from other onstage sounds. It is ideal for the professional musician looking to mic up their kick drum, bass amp and acoustic bass. It has the quality and durability to be used on stage and in the studio.

The supercardioid pickup pattern limits interference from other on-stage sound sources and reduces feedback. The frequency response is perfectly tailored for bass instruments with a 20Hz to 10 kHz frequency response with a presence boost at 4 kHz to let electric basses and kick drums cut through the mix.
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Cat: 674851 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Professional quality microphone kit for kick drum, snare & toms
Notes: Drum microphone kit includes 4 drum microphones to cover all you need in performance and recording applications. Includes 1 x PGA52 kick drum microphone, 2 x PGA56 drum microphones, 1 x PGA57 instrument microphone, 2 x drum mounts, and 4 x XLR cables.

Professional sound, exceptional performance:

The perfect introduction to Shure engineering excellence, PG ALTA microphones set a new standard in accessible gear, delivering professional-calibre sound while easily withstanding the demands of everyday rehearsal, performance and recording.
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Cat: 674279 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Premium heavy duty dynamic microphone with XLR cable - ideal for drum miking applications
Notes: Cardioid dynamic kick drum microphone delivering audio clarity in kick drum and low-frequency recording and performance applications. Includes microphone, zipper pouch, XLR cable, and a swivel joint with quick release latch.

The PGA52 is a professional quality kick drum microphone with an updated design that features a black metallic finish and grille offering an unobtrusive visual presence.

Additional design highlights include a swivel joint featuring a quick-release latch similar to bicycle component-locking technology for extremely quick and easy positioning.
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Cat: 570062 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Condenser instrument microphone optimised for woodwind and brass instruments, with flexible gooseneck for easy positioning
Notes: The PGA98H is a professional quality wind instrument microphone with an updated industrial design that features a black metallic finish and grille offering an unobtrusive visual presence. Legendary Shure quality construction ensures exceptional performance in rigorous environments.

Additional features include a tailored microphone cartridge design for clear reproduction of wind instrument sound sources.
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Cat: 482731 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Unidirectional electret condenser microphone for live amplified & acoustic instruments - can be powered by AA battery or phantom power
Notes: The SM94 is a unidirectional electret condenser microphone tailored to the instrument miking needs of professional musicians and sound engineers in both live performance and sound recording. Its smooth, flat frequency response is free of either a presence peak or a low-frequency rolloff, making it a perfect choice for all types of musical instruments.

The SM94 is equally at home in sound reinforcement systems or in sound studios and motion picture/TV scoring stages. It is ideally suited for most instruments including harmonica, cymbals, brass and saxophone, as well as guitar amps. When used with the optional wind-screen, the SM94 can be used by vocalists and speech-makers who desire a wide, flat response with minimum coloration.
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Notes: Official Shure A55M Shock Stopper microphone clip holder for Shure SM57, SM58, SM86, Beta 57A, Beta 58A, Beta 87C, KSM109 and all microphones with a tapered body.

Holds your microphone securely, and the built-in elastics provide isolation from unwanted vibrations.
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Cat: 674281 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Green foam windscreen for all Shure ball-type microphones
Notes: The Shure A58WS Windscreen is designed with acoustically transparent foam to reduce unwanted breath and wind noise without affecting the sound quality. It is particularly effective in reducing pops and ticks caused by talking or singing closely into the microphone as well as reducing wind noise when using the microphones in outdoor applications. For use with all larger Shure 'ball-type' microphones including the SM58, Beta58A, SM48, and the 565SD microphones.
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Cat: 674280 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Grey foam windscreen for all Shure ball-type microphones
Notes: The Shure A58WS Windscreen is designed with acoustically transparent foam to reduce unwanted breath and wind noise without affecting the sound quality. It is particularly effective in reducing pops and ticks caused by talking or singing closely into the microphone as well as reducing wind noise when using the microphones in outdoor applications. For use with all larger Shure 'ball-type' microphones including the SM58, Beta58A, SM48, and the 565SD microphones.
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Cat: 674504 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Yellow foam windscreen for all Shure ball-type microphones
Notes: The Shure A58WS Windscreen is designed with acoustically transparent foam to reduce unwanted breath and wind noise without affecting the sound quality. It is particularly effective in reducing pops and ticks caused by talking or singing closely into the microphone as well as reducing wind noise when using the microphones in outdoor applications. For use with all larger Shure 'ball-type' microphones including the SM58, Beta58A, SM48, and the 565SD microphones.
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Cat: 674404 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Official Shure 'Popper Stopper' windscreen
Notes: Reduces unwanted breath and wind noise. For use with Shure microphones such as the KSM9, Beta 87A, Beta 87C, SM87A, and SM86 microphones.
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Cat: 674651 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Single channel wireless receiver with microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity
Notes: Analog wireless receiver provides improved linearity and frequency response with group and channel scan for easy set-up. Features include microprocessor internal antenna diversity, frequency QuickScan, and two-colour audio status indicator LED.
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Cat: 674546 Rel: 15 Jan 18
JamStands Series round based mic stand with personalized coloured accent bands
Notes: The New JS-C Series of customizable JamStands from Ultimate Support allows users to personalize their JamStands. Using our custom colour bands, it is now possible to add your favourite custom colours to JamStands in the line, which otherwise retain the features and functionality customers love. Match your band's logo or a favourite shirt, play themed parties, and more with the new JS-C line of JamStands from Ultimate Support.

Note: Only blue custom bands are included with purchase. Other colours must be purchased separately.
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Cat: 674098 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Volume pedal with limited-edition black finish, Kevlar cord & micro taper switch
Notes: Since its introduction in 1977, the Ernie Ball Volume Pedal has been the leading choice for musicians across the globe. The Ernie Ball 40th Anniversary VP pedal features a limited edition slate black aluminium chassis with updated graphics for a sleek appearance both on and off stage. A redesigned ultra-durable Kevlar cord improves potentiometer traction for precise volume control and a super smooth foot sweep. Inspired by the rugged design of the original, the pedal's compact extruded aluminium housing is virtually indestructible. Celebrate 40 years of quality, performance, and reliability with this new anniversary edition volume pedal only from Ernie Ball.
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Cat: 672173 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Clean gain pedal with class A circuitry & up to 20dB of boost
Notes: The Pigtronix Class A Boost will fatten up and boost anything you feed it. This deceptively simple design uses discreet J-FET transistors in a single-ended "Class A" configuration to achieve the warmest possible tone. The Class A Boost can deliver up to 20db of clean boost and remains effective with both instrument and line level signals.

With superior signal to noise performance allows you to put the Class A Boost anywhere in your pedal chain. It can add punch and extra output to a classic overdrive sound and is able to push distortion pedals into extremely aggressive crunch land. Class A Boost is also ideal for hitting the front end of a tube amp to achieve an added layer of sweetness and fat tone.
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Cat: 672171 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Octave fuzz/distortion pedal for electric guitar
Notes: Pigtronix Octava Micro is an expanded version of the octave up found in the original Pigtronix Disnortion pedal. This all-analog frequency doubler has an on-board low pass filter control that allows you to achieve singing octave up tones, anywhere on the neck, without adjusting your guitar's tone control.

Playing stable intervals such as octaves, 4ths and power chords result in gnarly, tweezed out grind, while other intervals create ring- modulator textures in all registers while Drive, Blend and Fuzz controls have been added to the original 2-knob design for added signal power and overall flexibility. A variable Drive circuit on the front end allows the musician to tailor the harmonic response of the of the octave circuitry to suit any set of pickups. The octave up is wired in series before a fuzz circuit that can be activated by a push button switch, allowing this micro pedal to produce the devastating, full-wave rectified distortion found in the original, large-format unit. The entire drive, octave, fuzz effect can then be mixed with the original clean signal using the Blend control to taste.
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Cat: 674413 Rel: 15 Jan 18
Compact 4-channel compressor/limiter, expander/gate with enhancer
Notes: The S-Com 4 is a compact and versatile single-rack space device that provides four channels of high-quality dynamic processing with an Expander/Gate and Compressor/Limiter on each channel.

The four channels operate independently or in stereo pairs. Its multi-segment LED metering displays input/output level as well as gain reduction. The Expander/Gate section features a continuously variable Threshold control, as well as a switch for fast or slow release times. The Compressor/Limiter section includes variable Threshold, Ratio and Output levels. S-Com 4's Enhancer switch restores high frequencies that are sometimes diminished by heavy compression.

This wide-ranging combination of features makes the S-Com 4 an efficient and versatile audio tool for a wide variety of applications. Its clean and quiet audio characteristics make it ideal where high sonic integrity is imperative.
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