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Cat: 762338 Rel: 02 Jul 20 • View all Synthesisers
Analogue synthesiser
Notes: In the spirit of continuous improvement, Moog Music is transitioning production of the award-winning Sub Phatty analog synthesizer to make way for a new standard: the Subsequent 25. Implementing upgraded sonic modifications and functional improvements, the new Subsequent 25 becomes the standard production model moving forward.

Subsequent 25 builds on the success of its predecessor by implementing the ultra-popular paraphonic functionality of Duo Mode, upgrading to wood side pieces, and featuring the familiar Subsequent series of user-requested performance adjustments.
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Cat: 763063 Rel: 29 Jun 20 • View all MIDI keyboards
MIDI keyboard controller
Notes: At the core of GXP88 is a newly designed and carefully balanced keyboard action. Its 88 semi-weighted full-size keys with velocity and aftertouch deliver a nice, firm touch and great playability.

The GXP88 gives keyboard players all the right expression options needed for live and studio work, featuring pitch bend & modulation wheels, an expression pedal socket and a 1/4" TRS jack for connection of 2 footswitch pedals. The rear panel also includes a 5-pin MIDI out jack and an external power supply socket for powering the unit when not connected via USB.

The streamlined no-fuss control panel is based on the successful Nektar Impact GX-series, enabling advanced DAW integration with extended transport control, track selection and volume control as well as options to open/close DAW windows and navigate songs. In addition, GXP88's user interface also has 14 assignable illuminated RGB buttons for direct MIDI program- and bank-selection.

The new Key Repeat engine adds an intuitive real-time tool for creating inspiring rhythmic elements. Repeat is directly controllable from GXP's illuminated RGB buttons: Once the Repeat mode is engaged, the buttons allow for direct selection of Repeat Rates, Accent, Interval, Swing and routing aftertouch or modulation to velocity. When Repeat is active, the second encoder turns into a dedicated tempo control, unless synchronization is set to external MIDI clock.

In combination with Nektarine, Impact GXP88 gets powerful master keyboard functionality: Up to 16 VST or AU instrument-plugins can be loaded into Nektarine's 16 slots for simultaneous use. GXP88 brings instant patch recall to hybrid or software-based keyboard setups with direct patch control from GXP88's RBG patch buttons and the ability to define keyboard zones, layers and splits for all hosted plugins. All plugin settings and combinations can be saved in a single Multi-patch for recall at the touch of a button. Nektarine can run as VST, AU or AAX plugin in any compatible DAW or be used as stand-alone application.

GXP88 works with any MIDI software on OSX, Windows and iOS and can also be used as a standard MIDI controller for external MIDI gear right out of the box.
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Cat: 782214 Rel: 29 Jun 20 • View all Synthesisers
Desktop analogue modular snythesiser
Notes: Updated all-in-one desktop semi-modular system from the ever-reliable Pittsburgh Modular. Big, warm East Coast synth sound meets compact, Eurorack-compatible format. Very nice.

Supplier notes:
The Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV-1b Blackbox is a complete, standalone desktop format modular synthesizer. A full compliment of analog tools for sonic experimentation stuffed into a portable, powered steel enclosure. Two patchable oscillators and our legendary Pittsburgh Filter are paired with a perfectly curated set of synthesis tools. The Lifeforms SV-1b Blackbox provides absolutely everything you need to create gigantic and iconic synth sounds, in the studio or on the go.

The original Lifeforms SV-1 eurorack format synthesizer module is legendary for its deep, analog sounds capable of pumping out everything from roaring bass and cutting leads to absolute chaos. The SV-1b shares this same bold, powerful core while fine tuning the details. We have made a countless number of small tweaks and adjustments to the original SV-1 synthesis engine to improve the stability and functionality of the SV-1b. The sound is what matters, and this is still the East Coast analog monster to beat.

From the custom designed oscillator core to the iconic sound of the Pittsburgh Filter, the SV-1b showcases the true power of analog synthesis. The oscillator core used in the SV-1b was developed by Michael Johnsen and Richard Nicol to pair the visceral size and depth of vintage oscillators with the tracking and stability needed by modern instruments. The result is a palate of waveforms tuned to perfection with proprietary analog designs and countless listening tests. The Pittsburgh Filter is the heart of the SV-1b. The first collaboration between Michael and Richard, it defines the sound of Pittsburgh. Buttery smooth, the filter adds a depth and weight to waveforms so it never sounds dull. Michael's liquid resonance circuit allows the Pittsburgh Filter to overdrive smoothly and never lose the bottom end regardless of how high you turn up the resonance. Everywhere is a sweet spot.

The MIDI to CV converter enables you to connect all your MIDI-compatible gear and convert it to control voltage right inside the SV-1b. Volt per octave, gate, CC, and velocity outputs allow you to connect to your MIDI keyboard or DAW while a digital LFO with sine, triangle, square, and quantized random voltage waveforms provides clock sync'd modulation options. A clock input allows you to override the internal or MIDI clock and sync to external CV and gate clock signals. The built-in arpeggiator unlocks another level of playability and the capacity to create complex and fresh musical patterns out of just a few notes.

The custom core, dual analog oscillators provide the sonic framework for massive synth sounds and a deep exploration of east coast synthesis. Sine, triangle, saw, and square waves are at your control, all available to modulate via FM and hard sync. Oscillator One also contains our unique blade wave. The shifting saw-like shape of the blade wave can be controlled using the width CV input, creating a sweeping or chorusing effect. Oscillator Two is normaled to the FM of Oscillator One, providing jaw-dropping analog FM bass, deep percussive hits, searing leads, and thick, warm analog pads which all come to life from these two Pittsburgh designed, organic sounding oscillators. Both analog oscillators dip well below audio rate, allowing them to function as voltage controllable LFOs.

A utility LFO with triangle and square wave outputs is ideal for VCA or Filter frequency sweeps. Or, turn it up and release the dynamic FM capabilities of either oscillator. A Tools section provides access to two sub-octave oscillators, derived from Oscillator One's core frequency. Analog noise and sample & hold finish out the Tools section.

This versatile four channel mixer comes pre-wired for fast access to Oscillator One's sine, saw, pulse and sub. However, you are just a patch cable away from instantly making your own unique blend of waveforms from the SV-1b. The mixer can also be split into two independent two channel mixers for maximum patching flexibility.

SV-1b Module Specifications:

Panel size: 48hp
Depth: 35mm
Power Usage: +12v 230mA, -12v 200mA. Does not require +5v. Includes reversed power polarity protection.
Enclosure Power and Specs:
Black powder coat steel construction.

Dimensions: 9 3/4" x 5 1/4" x 2 1/2"

Weight: 3.5 lbs

Power: 1.5A +15v DC power adapter

Patch Cables: 6 Nazca Audio Brand patch cables.
1/8" stereo jack to midi connector cable.
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Cat: 700960 Rel: 29 Jun 20 • View all Synthesisers
MIDI interface
Notes: Latest version of the mini synth that began life as a DIY kit. Simple analogue architecture which offers a good introduction to subtractive synthesis and sound design.

Supplier notes:
This project is a reprise of the Sound Lab Mini-Synth with the addition of a Sample and Hold and several circuit and component value changes to improve performance. Even if you already have a Sound Lab, this is thoroughly recommended as a completely new project.New design and a new MIDI INTERFACE onboard.

You can play your SLMS+ with a midi keyboard or midi controller.

Type: Analog Synthesis: Subtractive

Oscillators: 2 Waveforms: Pulse, Pulse Variable, Saw Down, Square Osc Modulation: Envelope, Input, Knob, LFO, Sync Hard

Envelope: 1 Evelope

Paramerters: Attack, Decay, Looping

Filters: 1 Types: 12dB Slope (2-pole), Low Pass, Resonance Filter Modulation: Envelope, Knob, LFO, S&H

Lfo: 1 LFO Parameters: Saw Up, Saw Down, Square, Triangle

Sample & Hold Addon: variable sample rate - output voltage glide - switch to select source to be modulate

Midi cannel: 1 (not exchangeable) Midi port: MIDI IN, MIDI THRU Control change: pitch bend, modulation , portamento (CC 5) 1V/Oct: 5 octaves


Polyphony: 1 Timbrality

1 Tuning: Standard Modes: Mono

Desktop Controls: Knobs, Switches, Buttons Display Type: LED Dimension: 27 x 16 x 7 (cm) Material: Plexiglass Front panel: Aluminum (1mm thick)

Connections: Audio Output Connections: 1/4" Phone Jack, Mono Out

Power: 9V power supply 300 mA (euro) Audio Output Count: 1 Control voltage: 2 - 1V/Oct (1/4" Phone Jack/3,5 mini jack) Gate in: 1 (1/4" Phone Jack/3,5 mini jack) IMPORTANT NOTE: TO USE GATE/MIDI
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quote 700960
Notes: The Soundmachines 'FMJ3 XL' is a 3U 104 HP Powered Desktop Case introducing the brand new case line. The case features a sturdy steel housing to protect power supplies and modules as well as modular mounting options to build 6U and 9U expanded setups (to be announced). The FMJ3 XL case also employs 2x850mA power rails and VESA 100mm mounting holes to construct flying desktop systems.
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Cat: 777365 Rel: 30 Jun 20 • View all Synth module accessories
synth module case
Notes: The first product of the new case line from Soundmachines.

Sturdy steel to house and protect your modules.

2x850mA power rails.

VESA mount to construct your flying desktop systems.

The Soundmachines 'FMJ3' is a 3U 84 HP Powered Desktop Case introducing the brand new case line. The case features a sturdy steel housing to protect power supplies and modules as well as modular mounting options to build 6U and 9U expanded setups (to be announced). The FMJ3 case also employs 2x850mA power rails and VESA 100mm mounting holes to construct flying desktop systems!

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Cat: 780221 Rel: 02 Jul 20 • View all Studio monitors
Studio monitor
Notes: Larger version of Dynaudio's clever LYD series, combining DSP features with the brand's extensive analogue knowledge to create a mid-priced studio monitor with great performance.

Supplier notes:
Precision, power- and properly honest reproduction. With a pair of LYD 8s taking charge of your music, you can be assured a pitch-perfect performance.

With its 8in MSP woofer and state-of-the-art DSP, LYD 8 provides the kind of performance, precision and bass heft that dreams (and maybe hit albums) are made of. Like the rest of the range, these nearfield monitors let you tune their sound for their position in the room, feature handmade drivers, and contain advanced Class-D amps.
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ACL Pan Mix Mixer Module (synth module)
Cat: 776671 Rel: 30 Jun 20 • View all Synth modules
mixer module
Notes: The ACL Pan Mix module mixes up to four different mono sources into a stereo output with panorama and gain control. It also includes an stereo aux input, which will be added unity gain to the sum for cascading purposes.
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ACL Sum Sum Mixer Module (synth module)
Cat: 776668 Rel: 30 Jun 20 • View all Synth modules
mixer module
Notes: The ACL SUM SUM consists of two rows of six inputs that are summed into one output each.

It can be used as a stereo signal summer or two mono signal summers, either audio or CV.

The internal gain of each row can be switched between Unity gain, a gain of 0.5 (-6dB) or 0.33 (-9.5dB) using convenient dip switches on the back of the module.
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Cat: 777303 Rel: 30 Jun 20 • View all Synth modules
Effect processor module
Notes: A performance-oriented effect processor with plenty of control possibilities- CV for parameters and tap tempo!

The UF1microfx is the last addition to our range of eurorack modules. It is a performance-oriented digital processor based on a new 24-bit dedicated DSP platform. Reverbs, delays and chorus are the effects that you can find in the module's 16 programme. Delays are either modulated or straight and available in many time signatures.

Manual controls include the direct selection of the programme, the parameter value potentiometers, a great feeling, old-style, button for the tap-tempo and a DRY/WET control to modify the amount of the effect on the output. When turned fully clockwise you can use the unit as a SEND effect.

Delay values are up to 600ms.

The interface toward your eurorack gear includes, apart from eurorack-level input and output with input clip indicator, two control voltage input for the modulation of the fx parameters (that are "summed" to the pots) and a clock (tap tempo) input.
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Cat: 777374 Rel: 30 Jun 20 • View all Synth modules
drum/lightstrip module bundle
Notes: Meet the DS1drumstation, a bundle of our best modules enclosed in a self-powered enclosure with a lot of performance power to offer!

Enclosed in a 42hp panel, you find three of our best-selling modules: the LS1 lightstrip, the DC1drumcomputer and the SDsimpledrum. Together, they form a modular drumming powerhouse with space for patching, live performance and sound deepness.

Four LS1lightstrips perfectly match with the four CV inputs of the DC1drumcomputer allowing you to change the behaviour of the sequencer in realtime with your gestures (or your recorded CV loops!). The DC1 8 outputs can drive the SD1simpledrum instruments and also connect to a potential external eurorack system.

The DS1drumstation is perfectly compatible with eurorack standard modules and it can be re-housed into your case if you need to. Just remove 4 screws and connect the ribbon power cable!
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Cat: 777276 Rel: 30 Jun 20 • View all Synth modules
Drum voice module
Notes: A six instrument drum voice module in just 6hp! Individual instrument, level and accent amount regulation, plus a host of alternative modes controllable with a CV input including a scale-quantized synth voice!

This could be either your passport to the world of modular creative drumming or a great additional bank of percussive sounds to stack up against your pre-existing drum modules.

A great addition to any eurorack setup, the SD1simpledrum module is a small and friendly way to start up with modular percussions or enrich a pre-existent system with new sounds and capabilities.

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Cat: 777312 Rel: 30 Jun 20 • View all Synth modules
VC to DMX interface module
Notes: Your gateway to the light. A CV to DMX interface for your contaminations between sounds, music, and lighting.

Have you ever dreamed of controlling lights with your music? To change the hue of the backdrop of your live set against the VCF opening and closing? The frequency of the strobo to the LFO that triggers your buchlabongos-? Or the pan and tilt of a moving head projector to the pitch and envelope amount of your bassline? Either on stage or in your studio you can enjoy the contamination between aural and optical stimuli and feedbacking one through the other...

You can easily configure the module to control any DMX lighting device, more than one at a time!
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Cat: 777278 Rel: 30 Jun 20 • View all Synth modules
8-track step sequencer module
Notes: The definitive trigger sequencer for your drumming needs (but not only).

8 track stepsequencer with individual parameters per track, 4CVin to change the parameters in realtime and to navigate through stored sequences

8 tracks, global and individual lenght, store and recall your patterns, song modes, shuffle, master and slave clock, x-y step activation and, first in the market: 4 CV input to change parameters and behaviours on the fly and much more!

If you need a step sequencer for your drum modules, triggering needs and many other things, this is the most potent sequencer out there. Fullstop.
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Cat: 777279 Rel: 30 Jun 20 • View all Synth modules
analog synth module
Notes: "Tiny and Adorable", the first handeld real analog modular synthesizer integrated with an arduino platform.

For musicians and hackers.

A simple and cheap platform that will transport the main characteristic of a modular analog synthesizer in a small and friendly format, to be well recognised by musicians, makers and tinkerers worldwide. A small, but loyal to its roots, instrument of sound creation- with a digital platform added as a bonus.

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Cat: 777378 Rel: 30 Jun 20 • View all Synth modules
interface module
Notes: Modern take on an old-school concept, offering tactile control of synth parameters over MIDI, CV or USB. Built-in CV step sequencer and drum trigger sequencer make it a real all-rounder.

Supplier notes:
(arches) is Sound Machines' pinnacle in control interface for music machines.

Blending inspiration, power and ease of use, the perfect evolution of the concept of tactile controllers has been created. Built on the foundation of first class touch interfaces (LS1lightstrip and LP1lightplane), present today on thousands of eurorack systems worldwide, Sound Machines have designed a beautiful work of art and technology.

(arches) put a never seen before set of controllers at your fingertips. Sliders, lightstrips (with rec/loop capabilities), lighplanes with z-axis sensitivity and pressure sensitive buttons. Behind those state of the art touch controllers lie a high-speed microcontrollers that joins the elements to create keyboards, sequencers, arpeggiators and eventually your perfect performance setup.

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Cat: 777300 Rel: 30 Jun 20 • View all Synth modules
interface module for NS1 nanosynth
Notes: A great little board to interface the NS1nanosynth to your eurorack devices. The Nanobridge includes 14 protected patch points that interfaces to 3,5mm jacks.

The NS1nanobridge is the definitive companion that allows the NS1nanosynth to interface to any eurorack or other modular system. With its 14 3,5mm jacks and optional protections on signals, the NS1nanobridge is the best solution to spread the nano strain.

You have, for each connection, a protected and unprotected nanopatch header. To have a fully working protected connection from the external system to the NS1nanosynth (that handles 0V to 5V voltages) connect the 0V and 5V nanopatch points to the same patch p0ints on the RIGHTMOST connector header on the NS1nanosynth. This way you will limit the excursion of the incoming signal from 0V to 5V. To achieve this we put a resistor-diodes limiting circuit on each pin. Alternatively, and this is useful for two purposes: outgoing signals (from NS1 to modular) and incoming V/oct pitch, you can use the 'unprotected' header side.

A note about the compliance. Keep it always safe! if you don't know what is the voltage range of the incoming signal use ALWAYS the 'protected' side, after having connected the 0V and 5V.

The NS1nanobridge is shipped complete with four rubber feet.
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Cat: 777264 Rel: 30 Jun 20 • View all Synth modules
CV controller module
Notes: A LS1lightstrip but in THREE fat dimensions!

A matrix of awesome and a powerful and unique CV controller for your system.

LP1lightplane is an expanded, tri-dimensional LS1 lightstrip. The same functions are exposed on either axis plus pressure (z) for three times the fun!
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Cat: 777036 Rel: 02 Jul 20 • View all Synth modules
LFO/envelope generator module
Notes: The Synthishaper module is made under license of the EMS and is a remake of the EMS envelope shaper known from VCS3, Synthi A and AKS.

It is a very unique modulator which can be used as a trapeze or triangle shape LFO and/or a attack-hold-decay envelope generator. For the real EMS feeling combine the 500e Filter with the 510 Trapezoid. The Trapezoid Generator has Attack, On, Decay, Off parameters. The "Off" parameter can determine a amount of time until the envelope can be re-triggered. A very short "off" time will make the unit loop, changing it into a LFO. VC of Decay time, Gate input and a manual trigger button. Two signal outputs that can be adjusted in level in polarity with one common knob. Additionally the module has an internal VCA which explains the Signal in- and output and is being controlled by the trapezoid signal.
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