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The Tony Allen Experiments: Afrobeat Makers Series Vol 3
Cat: COMET 072RE LP. Rel: 26 Mar 21
Deep House
Prelude (2:55)
Howls (3:59)
Open Paths (4:37)
NG Theme (3:28)
Stasis (Calm Before The Storm) (3:11)
TA-Storm (4:41)
The Birds Rejoice (3:57)
Phunkhysteria (2:27)
The Sun Returns (3:59)
Review: Italian duo Nu Guinea has previously proved adept at creating humid, sultry deep house and tropical-infused electronics. Here, they focus a little more on the latter with a concept album based around the distinctive Afrobeat rhythms of legendary drummer Tony Allen. With his blessing, and that of the Comet label on which he's been releasing since the 1980s, the Early Sounds Recordings pair has cut-up and re-constructed Allen's drums, combining them with their own steamy electronics, vintage synthesizer lines and classic drum machines. It's an intoxicating and hugely entertaining blend that sits somewhere between their previous outings, Danny Wolfers' material under the Nacho Patrol guise, and the dreamy late '80s/early '90s work of forgotten Italian producer Mr Marvin.
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 in stock $21.64
Expensive Shit
Cat: KFR 20151. Rel: 28 Jul 14
Expensive Shit
Water No Get Enemy
Review: Destination Nigeria, 1975, Fela and Africa 70 are indelibly locked into a hugely prolific groove with well over 10 albums behind them. Then they release this, an LP comprised solely of two wondrously extended work outs from the troupe. "Expensive Shit" famously tells the tale of Fela's brush with the jaded law while "Water No Get Enemy" speaks - or rather sings - for itself. One of Fela's many notable and hugely influential releases; your collection isn't complete without it.
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Tags: Afrobeat
 in stock $21.11
Zombie (reissue)
Cat: KFR 20251. Rel: 14 Oct 16
Zombie (12:26)
Mr Follow Follow (12:56)
 in stock $21.11
Make It Fast Make It Slow
Make It Fast Make It Slow (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: SNDWLP 040. Rel: 02 Apr 13
Loose Up Yourself (3:27)
Make It Fast, Make It Slow (5:28)
Not The End (3:52)
I've Got To See You Again Lord (3:56)
He Shall Live In You (5:30)
But You (3:26)
Bargain (5:21)
Back On You (2:46)
Review: Soundway surpass themselves again with this wonderful reissue from the Ghanaian artist Rob, who released two albums back in 1977 for the West African Essiebons label. Rob was a seasoned musician in the 70?s, having recorded and toured with many well known bands. The album is a somewhat Spartan, brooding affair where less is most definitely more as slow burning, hip swaying cosmic funk drenched compositions are offset by wonderful punchy brass arrangements. A slow burning pulse is present throughout with highlights being ''Loose up Yourself'' and the irreplaceable carnal conquest anthem '' Make it Fast, Make it Slow''. Songs of celebration sit alongside other pieces of introspection and socially conscious topics; some might criticise the odd duff notes and occasional raw vocal edge, but this just adds texture to the overall performance and vibe. Without question one of the best reissues of 2012.
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 in stock $17.86
Gentleman (reissue)
Gentleman (reissue) (LP + insert)
Cat: KFR 20091. Rel: 14 Oct 16
Gentleman (14:43)
Igbe (Na Shit) (8:12)
Fe Fe Ne Eye Fe (8:08)
 in stock $21.11
Kenya Special: Selected East African Recordings From The 1970's & 80's
Cat: SNDWLP 046. Rel: 15 Mar 17
The Loi-Toki-Tok - "Ware-Wa"
Slim Ali & The Famous Hodi Boys - "Watoto Nyara"
Orchestre Baba National - "Sweet Sweet Mbombo"
Gatanga Boys Band - "Wendo Ti Mbia"
Hafusa Abasi & Slim Ali with The Yahoos Band - "Sina Raha"
Nashil Pichen & The Eagles Lupopo - "Ng'ong'a Wa Mwanjalo"
Nairobi Matata Jazz - "Tamba Tamba"
The Lulus Band - "Ngwendeire Guita"
Mbiri Young Stars - "Ndiri Ndanogio Niwe"
The Lulus Band - "Nana"
Afro 70 - "Weekend"
The Rift Valley Brothers - "Mu-Africa"
DO 7 Band - "HO Ochiri"
Afro '70 - "Cha-Umheja"
Peter Tsotsi Juma & The Eagles Lupopo - "Kajo Golo-Weka"
New Gatanga Sound - "Thonia Ni Caki"
Sophia Ben & The Eagles Lupopo - "See Serere"
Kalambya Boys - "Kivelenge"
The Loi-Toki-Tok Band - "Leta Ngoma"
Huruma Boys Band - "Theresia"
Orchestre Veve Star - "Nitarudia"
The Mombasa Vikings - "Mama Matotoya"
The Lulus Band - "Mutumia Muriu"
Ndalani 77 Brothers - "Nzaumi"
Review: Having explored the rich heritage of Nigeria and Ghana with well researched vigour, Soundway turn to Kenya for their next adventure... A rare insight: while Lagos was churning out seminal Afrobeat compositions, Kenya took to western influences in a much subtler fashion. With heavy emphasis on the Kenyan benga and Afro-Cuban rumba there's a much deeper, local folk presentation and format throughout most of the selection. Complete with detailed notes and beautiful presentation (like all Soundway compendiums) this won't look out of place in any collection.
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Tags: African | Afrobeat | Afro Funk
 in stock $27.06
Rob (reissue)
Cat: MRBLP 166. Rel: 19 Feb 19
Funky Rob Way (6:14)
Forgive Us All (8:00)
Boogie On (4:10)
Just One More Time (7:39)
Your Kiss Stole Me Away (5:22)
More (5:19)
Review: Eight years on from its previous reissue (that time courtesy of Analog Africa's "Limited Dance Edition" series), Mr Bongo is offering up a fresh, licensed re-press of Rob's eponymous 1977 Afro-funk masterpiece. If you missed out in 2011, the set is definitely worth picking up because it's rock solid heat from start to finish. Check, for example, the heavily percussive Afro-beat/Afro-funk fusion of "Funky Rob Way", the flanged funk guitars and heavy brass action of "Boogie On", the jazz guitars and loved-up vocals of "Your Kiss Stole Me Away" and the William Onyeabor-does-James-Brown heaviness of closing cut "More".
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 in stock $22.72
Too Tough
Too Tough (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BBE 340ALP. Rel: 06 Mar 20
Rim & Kasa - "Shine The Ladies" (8:50)
Rim & Kasa - "Love Me For Real" (8:21)
Rim & Kasa - "I'm A Song Writer" (3:58)
Rim & The Believers - "I'm Not Going To Let You Go" (3:11)
Rim & The Believers - "Peace Of Mind" (3:52)
Review: Having re-released Rim Kwaku's long lost Rim Arrives album, BBE follow it up with more dusty disco treasures from the Ghanaian hit maker's repertoire. From the blistering horns and thundering drum rolls of the near-nine-minute romp "Shine The Ladies" right the way through the looser, more Afrobeat-focussed "Peace Of Mind" by way of the emphatic Stevie Wonder-style showmanship of "I'm A Songwriter" it's a collection that still sparkles with soul 30 years after they were recorded. If you're unaware of Rim's story, you'd be wise to check it; from Quincy Jones endorsements to homelessness in the space of 24 hours, Rim's tales are as serious as his music is funky.
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 in stock $26.52
Rejoice (180 gram vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: 405053 855749. Rel: 20 Mar 20
Robbers Thugs & Muggers (O'Galajani) (4:36)
Agbada Bougou (5:23)
Coconut Jam (3:22)
Never (Lagos Never Gonna Be The Same) (3:49)
Slow Bones (5:48)
Jabulani (Rejoice, Here Comes Tony) (5:36)
Obama Shuffle Strut Blues (4:39)
We've Landed (4:39)
Review: Two titans of African music come together for a collaboration that will sadly never be repeated after the passing of the late Hugh Masekela. Allen's instantly recognisable drumming and Masekela's iconic trumpet are a match made in heaven - after all their paths first crossed back in the 70s thanks to Fela Kuti's galvanizing energy. Forget the throwback stuff trying to capture the spirit of the originators, this IS the originators sounding cool and deadly in every way. Funk lovers, Afrobeat heads, curious ears and dancing souls take heed - this right here is an unmissable transmission from two grandmasters in their field.
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 in stock $19.28
Juan Pablo The Philosopher
Cat: ETJ 001LP. Rel: 11 May 18
Intro (0:36)
Juan Pablo (5:00)
The Philosopher (5:10)
Dylan's Dilemma (1:07)
People In Trouble (5:48)
James Speaks To The Galaxy (0:27)
Space Is The Place (5:34)
 in stock $17.05
African Funk Experimentals: 1979-1981
Cat: ASVN 028. Rel: 21 Jun 23
More Sekele Movement (Papa Ni Mama) (3:57)
Na Real Sekele Fo'Ya (6:20)
Sanaga Calypso (3:30)
Hiembi Nin (Hymne A La Vie) (3:45)
Back To Funky (3:29)
Mbale (Face To Face With The Truth) (3:49)
Na Man Pass Man (Na Iron De Cut Iron) (2:54)
Hommage A Eraste Nkom (5:32)
Sekelimania (Nku Bilam) (3:46)
ABC (3:08)
Review: In terms of being an afrobeat legend, Pasteur Lappe is Cameroon's Fela Kuti, an unsung hero who was ahead of the game back in the 1970s and 1980s, and one whose been famous for burning the pockets of many diggers nowadays. Luckily, Africa Seven have compiled some of his best work onto a ten-track LP, ranging from the funky oddities of "More Sekele Movement" or "Na Real Seke Fo'ya", to the future-zouk sound of "Sanaga Calypso", and plenty of jazzy, popped-out, disgruntled soulfulness to satisfy anyone from Gilles Peterson to Cherrystones. Heavy and warmly recommended.
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 in stock $19.47
Jibiti (7")
Cat: FUR 7391. Rel: 06 Jul 20
Jibiti (Bosq remix) (4:34)
Jibiti (Bosq remix instrumental) (4:33)
Review: Kaleta's first full-length collaboration with the Super Yamba Band, 2019's "Medaho", was something of a slept-on treat: a fiendishly psychedelic Afrobeat affair that was every bit as heavy, colourful and vibrant as you'd expect. Here, one of the album's standout tunes gets the remix treatment courtesy of long-serving, party-starting musical fusionist Bosq. The Ubiquity and Soul Clap stalwart delivers vocal and instrumental passes of "Jibiti", both of which make great use of Kaleta's vocals and Super Yamba Band's fuzzy, Fela Kuti-style horn lines. Bosq's groove is closer in feel to Afro-disco than the original album version, though the bassline, organ stabs and vocals are pure Afrobeat gold.
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 in stock $8.65
Afrodisiac (reissue)
Cat: KFR 20081. Rel: 14 Oct 16
Alu Jon Jonki Jon (12:39)
Chop & Quench (7:16)
Eko Ile (6:43)
Je'nwi Temi (Don't Gag Me) (13:17)
 in stock $21.11
 in stock $10.29
Essiebons Special 1973-1984: Ghana Music Power House
Essiebons Special 1973-1984: Ghana Music Power House (gatefold 2xLP + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: AALP 093. Rel: 03 Dec 21
Ernest Honny - "Kofi Psych" (interlude 1) (4:28)
Joe Meah - "Dee Mmaa Pe" (6:14)
CK Mann & His Carousel 7 - "Yeaba" (4:27)
Santrofi-Ansa - "Shakabula" (4:13)
Seaboy & Nyame Bekyere - "Tinitini" (4:17)
Joe Meah - "Ahwene Pa Nkasa" (7:00)
Ernest Honny - "Ernest Special" (interlude 2) (4:02)
Seaboy - "Africa" (6:27)
Nyame Bekyere - "Broken Heart/Aunty Yaa/Omo Yaba (Nzema)" (Medley) (10:43)
Ernest Honny - "Say The Truth" (interlude 3) (6:09)
Black Masters Band - "Wonnin A Bisa" (5:31)
Sawaaba Soundz - "Egye Tu Gbe" (3:46)
CK Mann Big Band - "Fa W'akoma Ma Me" (4:11)
Ernest Honny - "Odo Mframa" (interlude 4) (6:12)
Review: Analogue Africa's 33rd compilation from their regular series, "Essiebons Special 1973 - 1983 // Ghana Music Power House", celebrating legendary producer Dick Essilfie-Bondzie's many achievements within Ghanaian music, which coincides with Analog Africa's 15th Anniversary.
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Tags: African | Afrobeat
 in stock $24.89
Shakara (reissue)
Shakara (reissue) (LP + insert)
Cat: KFR 20271. Rel: 14 Oct 16
Lady (13:49)
Shakara Oloje (13:27)
 in stock $21.11
Cat: KFR 2010. Rel: 13 Aug 14
Confusion (part 1)
Confusion (part 2)
Review: Regarded by many as Fela and The Africa 70's zenith, Confusion is 26 minutes of total Afrofunk immersion delivered over two sides. Gradually building - thanks largely to Tony Allen's dynamic drum work that's as delicate as it is powerful, Fela's dreamy, almost jazz-like keys and a rigid, spine-like rhythm guitar - the groove and narrative is developed with a natural sense of well-instrumented drama. A genuine classic, if your collection isn't blessed with this now is most certainly the time.
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Tags: Afrobeat | Afro Funk
 in stock $23.55
Music Of Many Colours (reissue)
Cat: KFR 11431. Rel: 29 Nov 19
2000 Blacks Got To Be Free (18:37)
Africa - Center Of The World (17:35)
 in stock $21.11
Water Get No Enemy
Cat: BBSR 020. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Water Get No Enemy (feat Eduardo Brecho) (4:07)
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (feat Juno) (3:16)
Review: Brazillian Yoruba artist Eduardo Brecho has been snapped up for this new series and limited run of 7"s on Barbershop Records. It features a pair of classic remakes starting with the cult Fela Kuti tune 'Water Get No Enemy.' His version is an uptempo take in which he sings purely in Yoruba and it is beautiful to hear. London poet Juno then joins in on the flip as the pair remake Gil Scott Heron's 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised'. It is a well-worn classic by now but takes on new charms in this sublime version.
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 in stock $14.89
Voiciii (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: FVR 170. Rel: 09 Feb 21
Assia (feat Pat Kalla) (3:54)
Ben Bene La (feat Lass) (4:51)
Women Can Do (feat Ayuune Sule) (5:39)
Mbaal Mu Teer (feat Lass) (3:18)
Water Get No Enemy (feat Pat Kalla) (5:05)
Tu Mens Devant Moi (feat Rama Traore) (4:10)
Faut Pas (dub 2000) (3:32)
Fighting Slowly (feat Ayuune Sule) (5:26)
Faut Pas Dire Des Choses Comme Ca (feat Pat Kalla) (4:38)
LYMYE-A (feat David Walters, Pat Kalla & Lass) (5:25)
Manu Ecoute Ca (feat Pat Kalla) (4:33)
Ku La Foon (feat Lass) (4:15)
Francois, Va Te Laver (feat Pat Kalla) (3:59)
Tenor Jam For Manu (feat Boris Pokora) (3:37)
Review: Favorite Recordings presents Voiciii, the third album by Voilaaa - the nom de plume of Bruno 'Patchworks' Hovart. It features guest vocalists such as Pat Kalla and Lass who he has worked with previously, but also new ones such as David Walters, Rama Traore and Ayuune Suule. There's also the addition of saxophonist Boris Pokora. The LP is a tribute to major artists of influential African sounds, such as Fela Kuti and Manu Dibango: from the empowering groove of 'Women Can Do', the late night boogie-down antics with a message on 'Water Get No Enemy' to the spiritual life music of LYMYE-A' - a delightful album from start to finish.
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 in stock $24.63
Mouna Power
Cat: BAC 006. Rel: 25 May 21
Mouna Power (4:28)
Mouna Power (dance dub) (5:52)
Review: Ever-reliable funk fusionist Bosq has scored another hit here, this time with the help of Favourite Recordings regular Pat Kalla, a talented French poet and singer. 'Mouna Power' is another great example of Bosq's ability to successfully meld together elements of Afrobeat, Afro-Cuban music and tropical grooves, adding layers of colourful instrumentation (bass, keys, horns, guitars and so on). The excellent original version comes backed with a longer, slightly tougher but no less warming and kaleidoscopic 'Dancefloor Dub'. It contains most of the vocals, more percussion and a greater role for the killer bassline and is probably our pick of the mixes
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 in stock $13.53
Walk For Ground: Exclusive Instrumentals
Walk For Ground: Exclusive Instrumentals (hand-numbered 180 gram vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies in Juno exclusive branded sleeve)
Cat: MUKAT 094. Rel: 27 May 24
Walk For Ground (instrumental version with Backing vocals - previously unreleased) (7:39)
I Get Myself To Blame (instrumental version - previously unreleased) (7:20)
Review: Gyedu-Blay Ambolley is a true legend of Ghanaian 'high life', responsible for bringing hip-hop influences to bear on the genre in a pioneering fusion which became known as hip life. On this release for Mukatsuku the focus is on instrumental versions of standout jams from his 2017 album Ketan, all the better for the funk DJs looking to hold down a groove without letting lyrics interfere. On the A-side it's 'Walk 4 Ground', an uptempo workout with some deadly organ flexing on top of the insistent rhythm section, while 'I Get Myself To Blame' settles into a smoother, but no less funky flow that just goes and goes, like the best high life should.
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Tags: Afrobeat | Afro Funk
 in stock $14.61
Wela Wela
Cat: MXMRK 2065. Rel: 20 Mar 24
Wela Wela (5:37)
Komi Ke Kenam (Fish & Funjee) (5:02)
Review: The wonderful Mr K is back with more edit magic on his own Most Excellent label, this time adding his own spin to 'Wela Wela', a hard edge and raw funk cut from Black Blood, a band of musicians from central Africa but who were based in Belgium. This one was never a hit back in the day for some reason but is built on a killer groove that Mr K reworks and tweaks for more suitable dance floor deployment. It was formerly on his Grass Roots record but now makes its way to a handy 7". On the flip is 'Komi Ke Kenam (Fish & Funjee)' which has tough breaks and funk bass that will ensure 'floors get down and dirty.
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Played by: Voodoocuts, LEGO EDIT
Tags: Afrobeat | Afro Funk
 in stock $12.18
O Yinne!
O Yinne! (limited LP)
Cat: PH 33008. Rel: 01 Jun 23
O Yinne (4:08)
La Ka Ba'a (4:13)
This Is Bolga! (7:17)
Te Bola Be? (3:39)
Yinne Te Yelle Be (4:41)
A Lemine Me (4:29)
Doose Mam (4:32)
Gure Yose Me (4:13)
 in stock $19.21
Resurrection Los
Resurrection Los (limited gatefold heavyweight vinyl LP + poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: AADE 07. Rel: 29 Sep 17
Resurrection Los (6:54)
Beton Sala (5:28)
Miss Ya Ntem (4:44)
Mindzuk Ya Enyin (5:44)
Bezimbi (4:02)
Mbembe Ndoman (5:23)
 in stock $23.55
Disco Hi Life
Cat: HC 027. Rel: 04 Mar 14
Disco Hi Life
Children Of The World
Love Peace & Happiness
 in stock $23.28
Nigeria 70: Sweet Times Afro Funk Highlife & Juju From 1970s Lagos
Cat: STRUT 079LP. Rel: 13 May 11
Moneyman & The Super 5 International - "Life"
Ali Chukwumah & His Peace Makers International - "Henrietta"
Bola Johnson & His Easy Life Top Beats - "E Ma S'eka"
Dr Victor Olaiya's International All-Stars - "Kinrinjingbin"
Zeal Onyia & His Music - "Idegbani"
Sina Bakare - "Inu Mimo"
Eji Oyewole - "Unity Of Africa"
Tunde Mabadu - "Viva Disco" (instrumental)
The Don Isaac Ezekiel Combination - "Ire"
Etubom Rex Williams & His Nigerian Artistes - "Ama Mbre Ewa"
Soki Ohale's Uzzi - "Bisi's Beat"
Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey & His International Brothers - "Ajoyio"
 in stock $15.15
Mogoya (heavyweight white vinyl LP)
Cat: NF 36LP. Rel: 17 May 17
Bena Bena (4:53)
Yere Faga (feat Tony Allen) (5:09)
Fadjamou (4:36)
Mali Niale (5:14)
Kamelemba (4:13)
Djoukourou (4:05)
Kounkoun (4:44)
Minata Waraba (4:57)
Mogoya (3:29)
 in stock $18.13
Sorrow Tears & Blood
Cat: KFR 20301. Rel: 13 Aug 14
Sorrow Tears & Blood
Colonial Mentality
 in stock $23.55
The Bariba Sound 1970-1976
Cat: AALP 071. Rel: 04 May 12
Bariba Soul - "Gandigui"
Bariba Soul - "Wegne Nda M Banda"
Pachanga Fon - "Me Ton Le Gbe"
Afro Beat Bariba - "Abakpe"
Pop Bariba - "Guessi-Guere-Guessi"
Folklore Dendi - "Sembe Sembe Boudou"
Afro Beat Bariba - "A Na Gan Garo Ka Nam"
Pachanga Dendi - "Bori Yo Se Mon Baani"
Folklore Dendi - "Aske"
Folklore Bariba - "Ko Guere"
Vodoun Hounwato Minon Dou Gbandja
Cavacha Dendi - "Abere Klouklou"
Afro Beat Dendi - "Dadon Gabou Yo Sa Be No 2"
Soul Dendi - "Hanoubian Gabou"
Boucher Dendi - "Binin Hounnin"
Cavacha Bariba - "Adiza Claire"
 in stock $21.11
Homecooking (reissue)
Cat: COMET 075LP. Rel: 07 Oct 16
Woman To Man (feat Ty) (4:48)
Kindness (5:21)
Every Season (feat Damon Albarn & Ty) (4:07)
Don't Fight (9:07)
Calling (feat Mary & Norman) (4:32)
Home Cooking (4:44)
Jakelewah (4:56)
Crazy Afrobeat (4:54)
What's Your Fashion (5:00)
Eparapo (7:13)
Review: On its' original release in 2002, Tony Allen's HomeCookin album was arguably a little overlooked. Like its' predecessor, 1999's Black Voices, the set updated the legendary drummer's Afrobeat sound for a new millennium. As this timely reissue proves, it was a particularly successful exercise. The album's genius lies in the Nigerian sticks-man's combination of traditional elements - most notably his loose, skittish polyrhythms, guitars and punchy horns - with elements of future-jazz, modern soul (see the brilliant Eska collaboration, "What's Your Fashion") and hip-hop. British rapper Ty excels himself on a number of killer cuts, though it's a more traditional Allen style dancefloor workout - the sublime "Crazy Afrobeat" - that really stands out.
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Tags: African | Afrobeat | Afro Funk
 in stock $27.87
Roforofo Fight (50th Anniversary Edition)
Roforofo Fight (50th Anniversary Edition) (limited translucent green & orange vinyl 2xLP with obi strip)
Cat: KFR 20068. Rel: 18 Aug 22
Roforofo Fight (15:41)
Go Slow (17:25)
Question Jam Answer (13:34)
Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am (12:03)
Shenshema (9:16)
Ariya (10:16)
Review: Nigerian Afrobeat composer, bandleader, and multi-instrumentalist Fela Kuti has a vast catalogue that dates back over half a century. Roforofo Fight is one of the many standouts and it was recorded in Lagos in 1972 on the Jofabro label with the legendary Tony Allen on drums as well as Christopher Uwaifor on tenor, Lekan Animashaun on baritone and many other key players alongside the main man. The lyrics convey Fela's frustration at intolerant and violent behaviour as told through the story of a street fight.
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Tags: African | Afrobeat
 in stock $26.80
DB12 012
DB12 012 (12")
Cat: DB12 012. Rel: 27 Mar 23
Other World (7:42)
Dolce Julia (7:13)
Voice Of Omicron (6:35)
Monkey Key (6:00)
Review: A strong, strong showing from Duca Bianco after a period of relative dormancy, teaming up with Manchester's Talking Drums for a musical culture clash with maximum impact. The four tracks see a wide palate of influences being mixed up, from the cheeky Afrobeat shuffle of 'Monkey Key' to the 80s electropop of 'Voice Of Omicron' and the Nico-esque vocal delivery on Balearic groover 'Dolce Julia'. This is an EP with lots of surprises, tons of originality and musical confidence brimming over its edges.
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 in stock $14.34
De Bassari Togo
De Bassari Togo (limited gatefold heavyweight vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: AADE 010. Rel: 04 Dec 18
Haka Dunia (4:06)
Soo Soo Mungha (previously unreleased) (3:25)
Ekule Nugble Nu (previously unreleased) (1:48)
Shamarin Banza (4:10)
Honam (feat Thon Komla) (3:59)
Kissagui (feat Napo De Mi Amor) (4:17)
Review: Even by the consistently high standards of Analog Africa, this release is something special. It consists entirely of previously unheard music by Orchestre Abass, an obscure outfit from Togo who released a handful of singles on Polydor Ghana in the early 1970s. Remarkably, all bar one of the tracks on "De Bassari Togo" were found on a long forgotten reel of tape that had sat on a shelf in a Ghanaian warehouse for the best part of 35 years. That was ten years ago; it's taken that long to track down the remaining members of the band and license the material. In truth, the tracks have aged exceptionally well, with the band's infectious, organ-led sound adding distinct Arabic influences (a result of the band members' time spent studying in Islamic schools) to their heavy funk rhythms and riotous Afro-funk vibes.
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Tags: African | Afrobeat | Afro Funk
 in stock $23.28
Ikebe Shakedown
Cat: URLP 292. Rel: 09 Jun 11
Kumasi Walk
No Name Bar
Tame The Beats
Don't Contradict
The Hold Up
In Circles
The Viking
Five Points
Kumasi Walk
No Name Bar
In Circles
Don't Contradict
The Hold Up
Tame The Beats
The Viking
Five Points
Asa Sa
Green & Black
 in stock $28.95
Meji Meji
Meji Meji (12")
Cat: BAC 010. Rel: 25 Jul 23
Meji Meji (5:42)
Meji Meji (instrumental) (5:42)
Sonayon (5:53)
Sonayon (instrumental) (5:54)
Review: Former Whiskey Barons man Bosq has enjoyed a long working relationship with Nigeria-based, Benin-born guitarist and vocalist Kaleta. We make this the pair's eleventh collaborative single in the last decade and, as with their previous outings, it trumphantly blurs the boundaries between Afro-disco, Afro-beat and Afro-funk. On side A you'll find vocal and instrumental takes on 'Meji Meji, a pleasingly live-sounding affair full of rubbery bass guitar, righteous horns, infectious drums and Kaleta's evocative guitar licks. Over on the flip, they opt for even heavier, life-affirming horn motifs, Afro-disco grooves and more sun-splashed Afro-funk guitars on vocal and instrumental versions of the similarly inspired 'Sonayon'.
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Shango Dance Band
Cat: CRZR 1003LP. Rel: 31 Aug 16
Position Pass Power (15:37)
Women Are Great (10:21)
I Need Your Love (5:52)
Review: Shango is the name for the Yoruba 'Thunder God' in Nigeria and Ojo Okeji, the leader of the Shango Dance Band was all about injecting military power and warlike energy in his own strain of Nigerian highlife and afrobeat. However, apart from all of Okeji's cult-like stories involving him and his part in the Nigerian army during a time of civil unrest in the late 60's and through to the 70's, and his often troublesome relationship with the great Fela Kuti, the truly special aspect of the Shango Dance Band album is that it was never properly released following its production in 1974. Comb & Razor have done the right thing here and, without them, this magical LP would still be locked away in the never-ending vaults of Nigerian music. This is very personal, incredibly singular African jazz-dance with a raucous psychedelic edge that lifts it high and mighty above the competition. A truly special album - DO NOT MISS IT.
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Tags: Afrobeat | Afro Funk
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Everything Scatter
Cat: KFR 20131. Rel: 13 Oct 15
Everything Scatter (Rere Run) (10:32)
Who No Know Go Know (15:06)
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Africa Airways Six: Mile High African Funk 1974-1981
Cat: ASVN 060. Rel: 21 May 20
Eko - "Ndolo Embe Mulema" (4:54)
JM Tim & Foty - "More & More (Ye Male)" (3:57)
Ngalle Jojo - "Ngigna Loko" (3:03)
Jude Bondeze - "Ndomo" (4:58)
Vicky Edimo - "You" (5:03)
JK Mandengue - "Kosa Mbe" (2:58)
Akwassa - "Be Yourself (& Don't Let Nobody)" (5:17)
Mike Kounou - "My Native Land" (3:48)
Airto Fogo - "Black Soul" (2:57)
Francois Misse Ngoh - "Njonjo Mukambe" (4:49)
Review: For their latest flight on "Africa Airways", the Africa Seven collective has decided to treat us to some in-flight "Mile High Funk", all of which was recorded between 1974 and 1981. In practise, that means a mixture of disco-funk, boogie, Blaxploitation-style heaviness, Afro-disco and slap-bass-propelled goodness from across the African continent. Highlights are plentiful, with our picks including the Hammond-sporting heaviness of Akwassa's "Be Yourself (& Don't Let Nobody)", the synth-sporting highlife style revelry that is Eko's "Ndolo Embe Mulema" and the horn-heavy voodoo funk-soul cheeriness of Jude Bondeze's "Ndomo".
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Ipade (limited 12")
Cat: BAC 009. Rel: 31 Jan 23
Ipade (4:53)
Ipade (instrumental) (4:55)
Ariya Tide (4:41)
Ariya Tide (instrumental) (4:44)
Review: American born/Colombia-based producer Ben Woods aka Bosq, and Benin-born vocalist/guitarist Leon Ligan-Majek aka Kaleta follow up on the success of their recent collaboration with Purple Disco Machine, and build on their nearly 10 years of working together with their new Afro disco number 'Ipade'. It features Kaleta's trademark chants and exclamations in a mix of Yoruba and English, over sleek rhythms, a ripping horns section and one funky bassline. Over on the flip, get down deeper into the groove with the lo-slung swagger of 'Ariya Tide'.
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Eyi Yato (remixes)
Cat: SOLPS 012. Rel: 09 May 24
Eyi Yato (Sol Power All-Stars remix) (7:29)
Eyi Yato (Eddie C remix) (7:17)
Eyi Yato (Mad Professor dub) (6:00)
Eyi Yato (8:17)
Review: Sol Power Sound is back in a big way with a reissue and remix EP from the legendary Nigerian Ju-Ju king, Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey. The double A-side EP features 'Eyi Yato', a tune from 1981, that captures Chief Commander and his band at their absolute funkiest. It's as if there's something in the name itself - 'Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey' - that commands an almost godlike, daresay tyrannical command over each conjunctive performance here; every one of the All-Stars' parts play back as though they've puppeteered to an autocratic degree, resulting in a funky tightness that only obedience to the most just of authorities can muster. The original, with its boinging jews' harps and wahhing guitars, is the patent highlight; but we're sure you'll be no less pleased to learn of the (double-time! dub disco!) Mad Professor flip (...!) that's on there too (winky face).
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Fear Not For Man
Cat: KFR 20281. Rel: 13 Oct 15
Fear Not For Man (14:12)
Palm Wine Sound (instrumental) (15:16)
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It's A Vanity
Cat: AJX 679S. Rel: 11 Aug 22
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou-Dahomey - "It's A Vanity" (4:21)
Clement Melome Et Le Orchestre Poly-Rythmo - "Nougbo Vehou (La Verite Blesse)" (4:49)
Review: The legendary Afro funk fusionists Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou Dahomey have got unlimited amounts of big tunes in their back catalogue and the fiery 'It's A Vanity' is one of them. It has fat and chunky drums with trademark horns leading the way next to the impassioned vocals. The tune twists and turns on a vibe as it funks you up and then on the flip is the more lo-fi and stripped back, earthen funk sounds of 'Nougbo Vehou' (La Verite Blesse). Anotehr killer 7" reissue from this great collective.
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Cat: AFR 7705. Rel: 19 Jun 20
Chakacha (4:51)
Mungwana (3:55)
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Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense
Cat: KFR 12055. Rel: 13 Aug 14
Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense (part 2)
Look & Laugh (part 2)
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Genes (7")
Cat: RSDSE 04. Rel: 22 Apr 20
Genes (Loose Fit) (5:06)
Space Conductor (5:22)
Review: After 3 months holed up in the studio Blair French has emerged to bring you Genes / Space Conductor 7" in support of his forthcoming album The Art Of Us on Rocksteady Disco. The A-side holds the "Loose Fit" mix of "Genes", where Blair channels his inner Tony Allen for an expertly executed modern psychedelic Afrobeat cut featuring a heavyweight cast of Detroit characters including Todd Modes, John Arnold, and Paul Randolph. On the flip is "Space Conductor", a cosmic afro broken beat joint with heavy drums, a huge bassline, kora, and Blair's vocals, exclusively available on this 7" only. Housed in a full color jacket, cut loud to lacquer, and pressed heavy with pride at Archer on Detroit's east side.
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Shakara (50th Anniversary Edition)
Shakara (50th Anniversary Edition) (gatefold pink vinyl LP + yellow vinyl 7" with obi-strip)
Cat: KFR 20278. Rel: 12 Jan 23
Lady (13:52)
Shakara (Oloje) (13:28)
Lady (Ezra Collective remix) (6:02)
Shakara (Oloje) (Ezra Collective remix) (4:57)
Review: Originally released in 1972, Shakara is a shining example of Fela Kuti & The Africa 70 in full flight. Made up of two 13-minute long pieces, the definitive Afrobeat sound is laid out in undulating, impossibly funky form. Tony Allen holds it down on the drums and the brass section from Tony Njoku, Igo Chico, Lekan Animashaun and Kuti himself punches out with urgency. This 50th anniversary release does things a little differently by inviting the excellent Ezra Collective to deliver their own versions of each track, each getting their side to lay down expansive reflections on the trailblazing groundwork laid by Kuti and his bandmates half a century ago.
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Tags: Afrobeat | Afro Funk
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Aunts & Uncles
Aunts & Uncles (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BEDITS 002. Rel: 30 Apr 24
Aunts & Uncles (7:15)
Free (8:12)
Review: B EDITS brings vibrant energy with their double sided single, blending disco, nu-disco, jazz, and afrobeat influences. On Side 1, 'Aunts & Uncles' delivers infectious Latin-influenced party vibes, perfect for igniting the dance floor with its lively rhythms and playful melodies. On Side 2, 'Free' treats listeners to jazzy nu-disco goodness. This track radiates with joy and sophistication, boasting impeccable production that highlights its infectious groove. With a touch of soul, 'Free' is filled with warmth and charm. For those wishing to find well produced dance music that is Latin inspired, look no further as this is a celebration of dance, culture and pure musical enjoyment.
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Tags: Afrobeat | Jazz Funk
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Zone 6: Remixed EP (Poirier, Captain Planet, Aroop Roy mixes)
Cat: PVS 020VL. Rel: 14 Dec 22
No Way (4:14)
No Way (Poirier remix) (4:31)
No Way (Village cuts remix) (3:51)
Shidaa (4:02)
Shidaa (Captain Planet remix) (4:38)
Shidaa (Aroop Roy remix) (6:36)
Review: K.O.G's Zone 6 Agege album was recorded back in November 2020 and it pays homage to a small coastal suburb in Accra, the Ghanaian capital where he grew up. Now it gets revisited for a series of superb remixes alongside a couple of the original standout tunes. Poirier, Captain Planet and Aroop Roy all bring the class here. Each one is a fresh fusion of Afro-jazz with compelling rhythms at their heart. Originals 'Shidaa' and 'No Way' are still fresh, too.
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African Experimentals 1972-1979
Cat: ASVN 068. Rel: 25 Oct 18
Jokenge (3:08)
Push Am Forward (3:39)
Mr Who You Be (5:11)
Gowa (3:24)
Sonjo (4:03)
Money Palava (4:42)
Dem Kick (6:11)
Money Nor Bataya (6:15)
Mother In Law (4:41)
Review: After forming from the ashes of a lauded jazz group in 1972, Sierra Leone's Afro National went on to release countless killer singles and albums that effortlessly joined the dots between jazz, highlife, funk and more traditional West African sounds. Here, the laudable Africa Seven label celebrates the band's legacy not by gathering together their most famous tracks, but rather cuts with the most insatiable dancefloor chops. The hits come thick and fast, from the punchy Afrobeat/highlife fusion of opener "Jokenge" and the rolling, low-slung goodness of "Mr Who You Be", to the jaunty, celebratory brilliance of the Juju-influenced "Sonjo" and fuzzy sweetness of the compilation's closing track, "Mother In Law" (which, incidentally, is far more enjoyable than any weekend visit from the in-laws).
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Tags: Afrobeat | Highlife | Afro Funk
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