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Parcels (trifold 180 gram vinyl LP + poster)
Cat: BEC 5543651. Rel: 23 Feb 23
Comedown (3:13)
Lightenup (3:54)
Withorwithout (3:22)
Everyroad (8:34)
Yourfault (3:26)
Closetowhy (5:31)
IknowhowIfeel (5:26)
Exotica (5:12)
Bemyself (2:30)
Credits (feat Dean Dawson) (3:37)
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Sound Of Silver
Sound Of Silver (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: 009463 8511410. Rel: 09 Sep 16
Get Innocuous (7:11)
Time To Get Away (4:15)
North American Scum (5:26)
Someone Great (6:23)
All My Friends (7:38)
Us V Them (8:29)
Watch The Tapes (3:51)
Sound Of Silver (7:07)
New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down (5:32)
Played by: LK
 in stock $36.27
Dark Matter
Dark Matter (trifold 3xLP)
Cat: 194398 17291. Rel: 27 Nov 20
Minimal/Tech House
Blackbirds (feat Leo Stannard) (3:19)
Camelphat vs Jake Bugg - "Be Someone" (3:26)
Camelphat vs Artbat - "For A Feeling" (feat Rhodes) (5:30)
Inbetween The Lines (3:20)
Camelphat vs Yannis Foals - "Hypercolour" (3:29)
Spektrum (feat Ali Love) (5:19)
Dance With My Ghost (feat Elderbrook) (4:06)
Easier (feat Lowes) (5:10)
Camelphat vs Au/Ra - "Panic Room" (3:34)
Camelphat vs Skream - "Keep Movin" (feat Max Milner) (4:01)
Wildfire (feat Lowes) (3:20)
Camelphat vs Elderbrook - "Cola" (4:04)
Camelphat vs Cristoph - "Phantoms" (4:54)
Camelphat vs Jem Cooke - "Rabbit Hole" (3:10)
Not Over Yet (feat Noel Gallagher) (3:32)
Camelphat vs Eli & Fur - "Waiting" (5:30)
Carry Me Away (feat Jem Cooke) (5:06)
Camelphat vs DEL30 - "Reaction" (feat Maverick Sabre) (4:46)
Camelphat vs Will Easton - "Witching Hour" (4:14)
Expect Nothing (3:11)
Camelphat vs Cristoph - "Breathe" (feat Jem Cooke) (6:15)
Review: Given that they started their ascent to EDM superstardom over a decade ago and have already released a string of genuine crossover anthems, this debut album from Camelphat is undeniably overdue. So, was it worth waiting for? If you like their brand of festival-friendly dance music hedonism, then you will genuinely love it. The assembled 21 tracks scattered across three action-packed slabs of wax draw influence from many interconnected styles - mostly electro-house, tech-house and techno, but also indie-dance, synth-pop, nu-disco and more bass-heavy flavours - and repackage them as distinctively Camelphat style productions, complete with contributions from numerous collaborators and guest vocalists (Noel Gallagher, Skream, Jake Bugg, Yannis Foals, Jem Cooke and Christoph all feature).

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Live Vol 1
Live Vol 1 (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BEC 5650737. Rel: 19 Jun 20
Enter (3:00)
Myenemy (3:33)
Bemyself (4:27)
Comedown (3:27)
Lightenup (4:58)
Gamesofluck (3:33)
Intrude (0:57)
Withorwithout (4:41)
Retuned (0:42)
Everyroad (7:45)
Overnight (3:58)
Untried (1:28)
Yourfault (4:22)
Closetowhy (4:08)
Redline (2:59)
IknowhowIfeel (2:57)
Elude (2:53)
Tieduprightnow (4:35)
Review: Here's something you don't come across that often: a "live" album that captures straight-to-tape (literally) studio recordings rather than a performance in front of the paying public. In Parcels defence, the results are impressive, in part because their chosen location, legendary Berlin institution Hansa Studios, boasts the kind of analogue recording and mixing equipment that neatly fits their warm, mixed-up trademark sound (think West Coast rock, blue-eyed soul, funk-ruck fusion). Many of the songs segue into each other as they would during a live performance, with new interludes and previously unheard songs adding a frisson of disco-fired dancefloor goodness to proceedings. It might not be a pure live album, but it's a hugely enjoyable listen.
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 in stock $24.63
This Is Happening
This Is Happening (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: DFA 2250. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Dance Yrself Clean
Drunk Girls
One Touch
All I Want
I Can Change
You Wanted A Hit
Pow Pow
Somebody's Calling Me
 in stock $42.20
LCD Soundsystem (reissue)
LCD Soundsystem (reissue) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 019029 5905262. Rel: 23 Jun 17
Daft Punk Is Playing At My House (5:16)
Too Much Love (5:43)
Tribulations (4:58)
Movement (3:05)
Never As Tired As When I'm Waking Up (4:47)
On Repeat (8:01)
Thrills (3:43)
Disco Infiltrator (4:54)
Great Release (6:01)
 in stock $24.63
This Is Happening (reissue)
This Is Happening (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: 019029 5848859. Rel: 23 Jun 17
Dance Yrself Clean (8:58)
Drunk Girls (3:44)
One Touch (7:45)
All I Want (6:40)
I Can Change (5:54)
You Wanted A Hit (9:05)
Pow Pow (8:26)
Somebody's Calling Me (6:50)
Home (7:44)
 in stock $36.80
In Our Heads
In Our Heads (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WIGLP 293. Rel: 07 Jun 12
Electro House
Motion Sickness
How Do You Do?
Don't Deny Your Heart
Look At Where We Are
These Chains
Night & Day
Now There Is Nothing
Ends Of The Earth
Let Me Be Him
Always Been Your Love
Review: Hot Chip jumped ship yet again, releasing their fifth studio album In Our Heads via the esteemed UK imprint Domino Recordings. The eleven track album was self produced by the band members (along with some behind the boards help from respected studio engineer/producer Mark Ralph) and recorded in London, presumably in the spare time between the various band members other musical commitments that include 2 Bears, New Build and About Group. It stands up alongside their previous long players, with certified pop gems littered among a heady mix of synthy electo and downtempo romantic jams such as the irrepressible "Look At Where We Are".
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 in stock $27.06
War Of The Worlds (remastered)
War Of The Worlds (remastered) (gatefold 2xLP + 16 page booklet)
Cat: 889854 49431. Rel: 26 Jan 18
Progressive Rock
The Eve Of The War (9:19)
Horsell Common & The Heat Ray (11:24)
The Artilleryman & The Fighting Machine (10:30)
Forever Autumn (7:44)
Thunder Child (6:00)
The Red Weed (part 1) (6:00)
The Spirit Of Man (11:28)
The Red Weed (part 2) (5:23)
The Artilleryman Returns (2:15)
Brave New World (11:36)
Dead London (part 1) (5:06)
Dead London (part 2) (3:25)
Epilogue (part 1) (2:49)
Epilogue (part 2) (1:51)
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Elia Y Elizabeth Vs Phenomenal Handclap Band
Cat: MP 608SG. Rel: 09 Feb 23
Elia Y Elizabeth - "Fue Una Lagrima" (Phenomenal Handclap Band 7" edit remix) (4:54)
Elia Y Elizabeth - "Descripcion" (Buscabulla Beatless remix) (3:23)
Review: The Phenomenal Handclap Band combine forces with Buscabulla on this new split 7" for the new Relatin project, a New York-based initiative to reimagine Latin music for a new generation of music listeners. Touted as "sweet sixties soft pop meets funk and club culture", this three tracker comes to us with all the style of a low key Americana acetate found in a thrift store, but surreptitiously works modern sonics into the mix; 'Descripcion' is a beatless meander through mellow Latin vocals and whistles, while more energetic cuts adorn the A.
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 in stock $10.82
Within & Without
Within & Without (coloured vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SPP 945LP. Rel: 11 Jul 11
Eyes Be Closed
Amor Fati
Far Away
You & I
Within & Without
Played by: I Love Disco!
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The Fall (Maurice Fulton remix) (reissue)
Cat: BEWITH 018TWELVE. Rel: 16 Apr 24
The Fall (Maurice Fulton remix) (6:25)
The Fall (3:41)
Review: Maurice Fulton has delivered countless killer remixes over the last two and a half decades, including plenty that for one reason or another remain hard-to-find. This remix of LA r&b/indie-pop fusionists Rhye - first released 11 years ago - fits in that category. Fulton's version, showcased on side A, is a typically atmospheric, spaced-out affair rich in trademark crunchy disco drums, fluid and wayward electronic synth-bass reminiscent of his Syclops project, elastic bass guitar, effects aplenty and tactile female lead vocals. As the B-side original mix - a piano-laden downtempo pop number that swims in similar sonic waters to Sebastien Tellier's 'La Ritournelle' - shows, Fulton's mix is a genuinely radical re-build that exemplifies the very best of remix culture.
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 in stock $23.81
Looking In
Cat: RNTR 056. Rel: 18 Apr 23
Funky/Club House
Looking In (5:10)
Sleazy (3:52)
Your Distraction (4:04)
Sleazy (Nenor remix) (5:02)
Looking In (Clive From Accounts remix) (6:02)
Review: The Looking In EP marks the return of Brooklyn-based quintet Underground System to local imprint Razor-N-Tape, with a stunning five track release of originals and remixes. It offers a fresh and unique blend of Balearic grooves, left-field funk and up-tempo backbeats that respectfully showcase the US sound. The tracks are complete with the band's signature use of flute and synth soundscapes, driving percussion and catchy vocal hooks that are sure to get you moving. On the B-side of the record, RNT mainstays Nenor and Clive From Accounts deliver two club-ready remixes that take the tracks into even more dancefloor-friendly territory.
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 in stock $16.78
Wrong Numbers
Cat: WH 002. Rel: 16 Aug 22
Heavy Breathing (7:59)
Work It (5:54)
Dirty Devil (6:35)
That Is The Question (4:45)
Review: Wrekin Havoc does just that with its second release from the artist of the same name. After a big first EP that really announced the label's arrival in style this one is another tasty disco collection. 'Heavy Breathing' has toting old school chords and Italo drums and 'Work It' bring glossy vocals, crashing hits and a libidinous vocal. Things get slow and seated but just as steamy on the flipside cut 'Dirty Devil' then last of all is the glorious bit of exotic and tropical, boogie tinged disco freshness that is 'That Is The Question.'
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 in stock $13.53
Hello Echo
Cat: KOMPAKT 423. Rel: 29 Jul 20
Deep House
Hello Echo (feat Bestle) (8:25)
Down With The Rhythm (4:55)
Acqua Panna (6:00)
Review: You have to admire Alex Warren AKA Kiwi's work rate. Here he makes his Kompakt bow with his eleventh EP since the start of 2018. Vocalist Bestle guests on superb A-side "Hello Echo", a spacey chunk of lilting nu-disco/synth-pop fusion that's so deliciously warm and summery that we believe it will become a sing-along anthem before the year is out. He shifts focus a little on B-side opener "Down With The Rhythm", a more sleazy, analogue-driven affair that sits somewhere between Chicago style acid-jack, effervescent NYC freestyle and bold, 21st century nu-disco, before offering a deep, melodious and melancholic take on acid-electro that could well be the most arresting, ear-catching moment on an EP that's full of them.
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 in stock $14.07
Beneath The Neon EP
Cat: RNTR 062. Rel: 05 Sep 23
Deep House
How 2 Feel (4:42)
Remedy (4:28)
Beneath The Neon (4:42)
Remedy (GUakaCVO Stank Face mix) (7:08)
Remedy (feat Steve Monite - JKriv Disco dub) (6:02)
Review: Razor-N-Tape is a bastion of deep house brilliance as once again perfectly exemplified by this vibrant new package from Flamingo Pier. New Zealand collective Flamingo Pier have dropped several well received 12"s on the Soundway Records label and then came good with 2021's self titled full length. They are still all about bringing happy, sunny vibes to a tropical disco template here with the likes of the synth lead 'How 2 Feel' then funky vocal pumper 'Remedy'. There are cosmic rays lighting up the big chords and aloof vocals of 'Beneath The Neon' then a couple of remixes on the flip bring more dubby disco-house sounds.
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 in stock $16.78
Burning Bridges EP
Cat: RNTR 054. Rel: 28 Feb 23
Burning Bridges (Prince Thomas Diskomiks) (8:58)
Burning Bridges (4:02)
It Was The Summer (Each Other remix) (7:43)
It Was The Summer (3:54)
Review: Razor-N-Tape is like catnip to disco and funk lovers - the label seems to serve up endless amounts of dance floor gems and now it is a couple of sick remixes of Phenomenal Handclap Band which have got us all ready for the weekend. First up is a sublime and deep Prince Thomas Diskomiks of 'Burning Bridges' which has gloopy bass and leggy nu-disco drums all overlaid with some funky guitar work and ethereal vocals. The more slow and lumpy original is included while on the flip is 'It Was The Summer' (Each Other remix) which is laced up with restless acid tweaks and slapping hits that mark for a much darker vibe than the hazy and laidback original.
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Reworks Volume One
Reworks Volume One (limited marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: REWORKSLP VOLB1. Rel: 10 Mar 22
Come Together (7:00)
Who R U (5:02)
Tenement Funster (4:28)
Stop (6:38)
What's Your Name (Fame) (4:11)
1969 (3:18)
Jailbreak (3:03)
Review: Beatconductor brings some disco goodness and stylish 80s reworks to this first volume of Rekworks on an unknown label. The opener is a version of The Beatles's Come Together' that is slow and steady and sublime. There are more freewheeling and textural guitar licked grooves on 'Tenement Funster' while '1969' is another sleazy indie groove and 'Jailbreak' gets low slung and filthy with its rude guitars and pristine drum work. These are sure to bring a different kind of dirty disco vibe to any dance floor.
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 in stock $27.87
Heavenly Remixes 1 & 2
Heavenly Remixes 1 & 2 (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: HVNLP 188CD. Rel: 10 Dec 21
Saint Etienne - "Cool Kids Of Death" (Underworld mix)
Unloved - "Why Not" (Gwenno remix)
Nots - "Reactor" (Mikey Young remix)
Mildlife - "Automatic" (Jono Ma Ascend mix)
Espiritu - "Los Americanos" (Mother mix)
Confidence Man - "Out The Window" (Greg & Che Wilson mix)
Mattiel - "Guns Of Brixton" (Al Breadwinner Rub-a-dub Style part 2)
Baxter Dury - "Miami" (Parrot & Cocker Too mix)
Jimi Goodwin - "Terracotta Warrior" (Andy Votel Spazio 1975 De-mix)
Working Men's Club - "X" (Minsky Rock remix)
Moonflowers - "Get Higher" (Get dubber mix)
Raf Rundell - "Monsterpiece" (Harvey Sutherland remix)
Cherry Ghost - "Finally" (Time & Space Machine edit)
Halo Maud - "Des Bras" (Andy Votel remix)
Boy Azooga - "Face Behind Her Cigarette" (Mikey Young remix)
Doves - "Jetstream" (Lindstrom remix)
The Orielles - "It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)" (Dicky Trisco & Pete Herbert remix)
Katy J Pearson - "Take Back The Radio" (Flying Mojito Bros Refrito dub)
Confidence Man - "First Class Bitch" (Raf Rundell party Nails remix)
Audiobooks - "Friends In The Bubble Bath" (Gabe Gurnsey Gamma Ray remix)
Gwenno - "Chwyldro" (R Seiliog remix)
Working Men's Club - "Valleys" (Graham Massey Acid mix)
Saint Etienne - "Filthy" (Monkey Mafia mix)
Night Beats - "Sunday Mourning" (Jono Ma remix)
M Craft - "Chemical Trails" (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Re-animation)
 in stock $11.37
Sanctified (limited 12" + poster)
Cat: OKNR 08. Rel: 24 May 24
Luce Rossa (4:10)
Sanctified (feat Working Men's club) (4:32)
Lenzuola Di Raso (demo) (3:38)
Mi Dimentico (4:47)
Review: Francesca Macri's System Olympia project takes the best bits of Italo, disco, boogie and house and distills them into something fresh and sincere. As her cover art unfailingly spells out, this is sexy music first and foremost, and that intention charges her productions with a heart which positively radiates out of the speakers. Her Okay Nature label has been a reliable conduit for her prolific output, following up on last year's Always On Time record with this new EP which features a surprise appearance from Working Men's Club on the title track 'Sanctified'. It's a melancholic centre point to an EP which maintains Macri's thematic focus on the spiritual dimension of pleasure.
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 in stock $25.43
1982 (limited black smoked vinyl LP)
Cat: LSTUMM 480. Rel: 30 Mar 23
Same (2:54)
Waiting On A Train (3:36)
1982 (3:29)
A Trip In Hulme (4:10)
Tombo In M3 (4:47)
Constant Curve (3:44)
Afro Dizzy (3:42)
Holy Smoke (4:04)
Tier 3 (3:22)
Ballad Of Acr (3:57)
Review: ACR have returned to post-punk-electronica megalabel Mute for a new 'partnership', ensuring that the entirety of their catalogue gets reissued. That being said, the unlike-anything-else-ever-heard-before band are also looking to the future, not shying away from releasing new LPs. Don't get confused; the LP '1982' was not made in 1982, it was made in the last few years, and will be released in 2023. Says it all really. Were the 80s simply better? We don't know, but perhaps a deep-dive into the album's themes can provide an implicit answer. Macuncian rapper Chunky appears throughout the moody industri-funk ensemble's new reverie, giving a present-day voice to a haunting spectre. Overall, though, you've got instrumental styles from Afrobeat, jazz, cosmic, disco, and of course, industrial post-punk, coalescing into a certain ration of wild, wild music - perfect for austere times ahead.
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 in stock $24.35
Two Synths A Guitar & A Drum Machine: Post Punk Dance Vol 1
Two Synths A Guitar & A Drum Machine: Post Punk Dance Vol 1 (heavyweight neon green vinyl 2xLP + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: SJRLP 462C. Rel: 05 Mar 21
Automatic - "Too Much Money" (2:17)
Zongamin - "Underwater Paramid" (3:26)
New Fries - "Lily" (6:16)
Vex Ruffin & Fab 5 Freddy - "The Balance" (3:22)
Ixna - "Somebody Said" (3:25)
Leroy Duncann - "Dream River" (1:03)
Tom Of England - "Neon Green" (4:06)
Toresch - "Tocar" (5:18)
Becker & Mukai - "La Riviere Des Perles" (7:11)
Gramme - "Discolovers" (4:48)
Niagara - "Ida" (5:40)
Charles Manier - "Sift Through Art Collecting People" (7:40)
Black Deer - "Baseball Shorts" (4:30)
Madmadmad - "Hot Disco" (3:30)
Wino D - "Track 15" (6:59)
Post punk and dance music can be perfect bedmates simply because they are so often one and the same thing. Or rather the former is a form of the latter, with post punk's audio iconography frequently involving a rolling approach to rhythms, subtleties given room to shine and a sense of constant build about the atmospherics. All of which are also cornerstones of electronic club sounds, too.

Here then Soul Jazz adds to its extensive and consistently-impressive back catalogue of genre-themed compilations with a collection of tracks that take their lead from electro pop, industrial, punk, techno and more. Featuring a host of contemporary artists, including LA DIYers Automatic, German sonic artists Toresch and Philippines-via-California cult hero Vex Ruffin, it's refreshingly modern proof of how vital this stylistic meeting point is.
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 in stock $30.58
Crime Of Passion
Cat: LTR 013. Rel: 13 May 24
Crime Of Passion (3:24)
Love Bug (3:45)
Review: MIA's latest single, Crime of Passion, picks up where her last hit left off, delivering another dose of sultry funk with producer Gil Masuda. With deep bass and a groovy vibe, MIA's silky voice weaves a tale of compassion and desire over an up-tempo 80s-tinged boogie beat. The track's infectious energy is sure to get listeners on the dance floor, with lyrics like "Am I your shining diamond, baby, kryptonite?" enticing them further. On the flip side, 'Love Bug' offers a chill roller skating jam with lush Rhodes chords and warm synth tones, perfect for anyone who's ever been in love. Released on Love Touch Records, this single hints at the possibility of a long-awaited debut album from MIA in the near future.
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 in stock $13.26
Redrago (splattered vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: LAD 045LP. Rel: 16 Oct 19
Deep House
Rave 'N Roll (4:57)
Redrago (4:20)
Il Veliero (4:11)
The Kohlrabi Session (4:11)
Plastelina (4:09)
Shalom Alanation (4:33)
Ventilo (6:13)
Phantom Rag (4:13)
Review: Life & Death's next ambitious undertaking is courtesy of label chief DJ Tennis who teams up with Israeli indie-dance duo Red Axes. They were first introduced to each other by Superpitcher & Rebolledo (The Pachanga Boys) at a festival in Corsica - and the rest is history. Recorded on top of a decadent old shopping mall in the middle of Tel Aviv, the trio are said to have combined their "love of psy and Mediterranean influences" over a scheduled week of recording sessions together. The result is Redrago, a collection of tripped-out dancefloor oddities that take in everything from lo-slung punk funk ("Rave 'N' Roll), heady and (acid) bass-driven dancefloor narratives that cross over into vintage pop ("Il Veliero"), deep kosmiche ("Plastelina") and deep and tunnelling techno as heard on the epic "Ventilo".
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Played by: Marco Febbraro, Mimi
 in stock $28.68
Jon Savage's 1980-1982: The Art Of Things To Come
Cat: CDTOP2 1625. Rel: 23 Feb 23
The Bizarros - "Underground"
The Beat - "Twist & Crawl"
The Cars - "Candy-O"
Joy Division - "These Days"
Echo & The Bunnymen - "Simple Stuff"
Donna Summer - "Our Love" (12-inch version)
Giorgio Moroder - "The Apartment"
Grace Jones - "She's Lost Control"
Manicured Noise - "Faith"
Devo - "Whip It"
Zapp - "More Bounce To The Ounce"
Simple Minds - "I Travel"
A Certain Ratio - "Flight" (12-inch version)
The B 52's - "Dirty Back Road"
Modern Eon - "Euthenics"
Bush Tetras - "Too Many Creeps"
Brother D - "How We Gonna Make The Black Nation Rise?" (with Collective Effort - 12-inch version)
Was Not Was - "Hello Operator I Mean Dad I Mean Police I Can't Even Remember Who I Am"
The Psychedelic Furs - "Mack The Knife"
Public Image Ltd - "Home Is Where The Heart Is" (12-inch version)
Orange Juice - "Poor Old Soul" (part 2)
The Cure - "Primary" (12-inch version)
The Human League - "The Sound Of The Crowd"
Josef K - "Pictures"
New Order - "Everything's Gone Green" (12-inch version)
Yello - "Bostich" (12-inch version)
The Associates - "Message Oblique Speech" (12-inch version)
Soft Cell - "Bedsitter" (12-inch version)
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - "Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel" (12-inch version)
Royal Family & The Poor - "Art On 45" (12-inch version)
P Funk All Stars - "Hydraulic Pump" (part 2 - 12-inch version)
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - "Planet Rock"
Au Pairs - "We're So Cool"
Peech Boys - "Don't Make Me Wait" (12-inch dub mix)
Pretenders - "My City Was Gone"
 in stock $18.94
It All Comes Down To This
It All Comes Down To This (limited translucent neon pink vinyl LP)
Cat: LSTUMM 492. Rel: 18 Apr 24
All Comes Down To This (2:32)
Keep It Real (2:46)
We All Need (5:04)
Surfer Ticket (3:20)
Bitten By A Lizard (4:20)
God Knows (3:50)
Out From Under (3:27)
Estate Kings (4:13)
Where You Coming From (3:34)
Dorothy Says (3:24)
Review: It All Comes Down to This is the album latest release from Manchester icons A Certain Ratio, and it's a record that is helmed by producer Dan Carey from Speedy Wunderground. Somewhat returning to their origins, the record presents ten concise tracks with a hint of the group's signature electronic flair. Notably, it's the first recording featuring the core trio of Jez Kerr, Martin Moscrop, and Donald Johnson, without any additional collaborators. From their celebrated 1982 album and right up to their dynamic last EP in 2023, this album shows the band's still evolving and still committed to new musical advancements. A testament to their enduring legacy, It All Comes Down to This solidifies A Certain Ratio's place among Manchester's finest.
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 in stock $24.35
Different Kind Of Life (Massimiliano Pagliara remixes)
Cat: ASHRR 04. Rel: 17 Jun 24
Different Kind Of Life (Massimiliano Pagliara remix) (8:09)
Different Kind Of Life (Massimiliano Pagliara dub) (6:23)
Different Kind Of Life (ASHRR Soundsystem version) (6:34)
Review: The LA-based ASHRR outfit is back with more of their superbly warm and soul-infused sounds here with 'Different Kind of Life'. Their own ASHRR Soundsystem version of the original is a gloriously upbeat and funky bit of space disco with lavish synth lines and chugging drums that lock you in. Berlin electronic mainstay Massimiliano Pagliara, who has landed on the likes of Ostgut Ton, Cocktail d'Amore and more, then brings his own two remixes. The first has some nice indie vocals and dazzling chord work, while the second is a deep dub that pairs things back. All three of these are swaggering and uplifting disco cuts with a difference.
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 in stock $15.69
Turned Your Back (feat Atjazz remix)
Cat: DINR 002. Rel: 01 Jul 24
Deep House
Turned Your Back (extended) (4:56)
Turned Your Back (3:28)
Turned Your Back (Atjazz extended remix) (5:03)
Turned Your Back (Atjazz extended remix instrumental) (5:03)
Review: J Axel and Eva Essa find magical harmony on this new collaboration on the Do It Now Recordings Vinylized label. 'Turned Your Back' is a perfectly heart-melting, life-affirming bit of soul-drenched and intimate deep house with gorgeous vocals and super smooth drums all healing you to your core as the gentle rhythms wash over you time and time again. It's a faultless original but one that is also ripe for remixing and who better than Atjazz who slightly ups the tempo but keeps the deep, wavy rhythmic vibes and adds a little cosmic magic in the synths. A sublime package indeed.
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Horror Games
Cat: SC 7050. Rel: 11 Feb 21
Horror Games (3:43)
Horror Games (instrumental) (3:41)
Review: Teddy Powell and Zee Desmondes are The Jack Moves, a contemporary disco and hip hop outfit who here link with unknown newbies The People Of Newark and Larry Hamm for this tidy new 7" on Star Creature. 'Horror Games' has a squelchy synth bass line that carries the loose drum work and bustling methane of background vocals and found sounds. A lead singer takes charge up top as various chatting crowds play out in the background. It's a busy tune that also comes as an instrumental for those who prefer the focus to be on the well crafted drums and bass.
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I Got She's Got
Cat: DFA 2710. Rel: 25 Apr 24
I Got, She's Got (remix) (5:51)
She's Playing With Fire (feat Piscis) (6:25)
I Got, She's Got (3:54)
Review: The mighty DFA label has always come at dance music from a rock and indie perspective and for that reason has always brought plenty of new ideas to the dancefloor. Fernando Pulichino has long been at the heart of the operation with his fusion of rock, funk, and electronic beats and here he is again with more of the same. 'I Got, She's Got' is a raw, energetic track, while the remix offers clarity and rich arpeggios. 'She's Playing With Fire' with saxophone by Gustavo Buchiniz, meanwhile, adds another explosive element meaning that all three tracks deliver pure club-ready firepower.
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Played by: Superbreak
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Jesus Was An Alien
Jesus Was An Alien (gatefold LP + MP3 download code in embossed sleeve)
Cat: KOMPAKT 451. Rel: 26 May 22
The Tragedy Of CG (1:20)
Jesus Was An Alien (feat Marie Davidson) (7:52)
Real (5:18)
Hunger (0:48)
Matrix (6:01)
Religion (2:25)
The Principle Of Vibration (5:13)
Kill The System (6:21)
Life Aquatic (1:42)
Am Kanal (4:38)
Review: Perel's sophomore album Jesus Was An Alien continues in some ways from the themes she brought to her debut, 2018's Hermetica on DFA. The tracks are rich, lush in design and multi-layered with plenty of emotional uplift. While inspired by a raft of the best indie hitmakers she has her own sound which is perfect for the dance floor but also suited to listing away from the club. "Jesus Was An Alien is a discourse about whether Jesus was an actual alien" she explains, amusingly. When the debate sounds this good, no one cares about the answers.
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Played by: Ursula 1000
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Pulsar (gatefold blue vinyl LP + booklet in spot-varnished sleeve (indie exclusive))
Cat: IDOLLPLTDB 141. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Cosmogonie (3:02)
Amour Ex Machina (3:46)
Me Da Igual (3:20)
Love From The Other Side (4:06)
Danza Marilu (feat Fabiana Martone) (3:50)
Any Way (feat Maggie Rogers) (5:11)
Deja Vue (3:55)
Girl! (3:54)
Sweet & Sublime (feat Erick The Architect) (4:46)
Pulsar (4:12)
Review: L'Imperatrice's upcoming album Pulsar promises to be a vibrant fusion of funk, disco, pop, and house music, enriched with influences from French house and Italo-disco. The Parisian group show their versatility by incorporating elements of hip-hop, kosmische, and pop into their sonic palette, featuring guest vocalists such as Maggie Rogers, Erick the Architect, and Fabiana Martone, Pulsar promises to deliver a dynamic listening experience. With their infectious energy and innovative sound, L'Imperatrice continues to fascinate audiences, making Pulsar an eagerly anticipated addition to their discography.
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Koherencja (limited LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: MAMBO 008. Rel: 20 Sep 22
Koherencja (5:13)
U&Me (5:56)
More (5:38)
Czasami Jestem Ciekaw (7:29)
Keep On (5:31)
Up (5:28)
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2023 EP
2023 EP (limited 12")
Cat: 12MUTE 663. Rel: 21 Sep 23
Day By Day (3:31)
SAMO (Werkha remix) (5:21)
Constant Curve (feat Ellen Beth Abdi - Emperor Machine extended rework) (7:19)
Waiting On A Train (feat Ellen Beth Abdi & Chunky - Jade Parker remix) (4:02)
Review: The album 1982 stands out as one of the finest moments in A Certain Ratio's story. When you're talking about a band that started half a decade before the year 1982, that's saying something. Following on from the landmark ACR Loco, the outfit's 2023 record is packed with multidimensionality - dipping toes into everything from gritty post punk (a sound from whence they first came) to Afrobeat, all realised with exceptional attention to detail and the highest possible standards. 2023 EP, as the title suggests, builds on the impact of that latest long-from release. Opening on the jazzy late night club workout 'Day By Day', a brand new number, the package then jumps into work from the aforementioned LP, redone by contemporary dons. So that's Werkha on a stepping, garage-hued version of 'SAMO', Emperor Machine emphasising the exotic disco grooves of 'Constant Curve', and Jade Parker offering a highly percussive cosmic take on 'Waiting On A Train'.
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Played by: DJ ROCCA
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So Low
So Low (7")
Cat: BCR 146. Rel: 27 Apr 23
So Low (2:47)
You & I (2:21)
Review: The world is full of heart-rendering electronic pop. So much so, you sometimes have to ask yourself if we can handle - or indeed actually need - any more. Rendered almost-immune to the emotionally barrage that seems to haunt our airwaves, playlists, and Made In Chelsea episodes, anyone who still has feelings in 2023 is doing well by all accounts.
Then along come Synthia, billed by the Big Crown label as a 'supergroup', comprising production don Leon 'El Michels Affair' Michels, and vocalist Claire Cottrill, AKA Clairo. Debate over what constitutes a 'group' aside, So Low, a startling double-A is enough to make you forget everything we just talked about, throw away the idea of overkill, and dive right in. As if born to score something cool, reflective, thought-proving and devastatingly romantic, fans of Electric Youth, Cocteau Twins and Almagris should be here already.
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Apocalypso Remixes EP (San Bernardo, I:Cube, Lauer, In Flagranti mixes)
Apocalypso (San Bernardo Superstrada version) (6:18)
Apocalypso (I:Cube remix) (6:17)
Apocalypso (Lauer remix) (5:26)
Apocalypso (In Flagranti remix dub) (5:51)
Review: Alan Strani is back on Bordello to have the superb title cut from his recent Apocalypso remixed by a top team of producers in I:Cube, Lauer and In Flagranti while he also adds his own new spin. The San Bernardo Superstrada Version is a glorious one with heady Italo synth work and subtle strings lighting up the retro-future electronic disco grooves. I:Cube brings more depth and weight to his house learning version while Laur goes for a blissed-out chugger that will get your head amongst the stars. Last of all is the In Flagranti Remix Dub with nice loose percussion and soothing chord work.
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Infinite Desires
Infinite Desires (pink vinyl LP)
Cat: DLAND 002LPBP. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Multiply (4:16)
American Dream (4:56)
Forbidden Love (4:49)
Hold On Tonight (3:50)
So Long (5:11)
Consensual Loving (4:08)
Go Now (4:37)
Wait Until It Rains Tomorrow (4:30)
Review: It's been a minute since we had a record from Donny Benet, the Australian singer, songwriter, bass guitar ace, disco evangelist and entertainer. Turns out it's always worth the wait, with Infinite Desire not only classic Benet - albeit on a smooth, sultry, easygoing tip - but also a record that marks the beginning of a new chapter for this beloved character. His first on a freshly minted indie label he set up. A fun odyssey with added glitter and swirl, like almost everything the man touches, Infinite Desires is inspired by a simpler time, when blazers with shoulder pads were nightclub attire, hair was big, and overbites ruled the dancefloor. But what really stands out is how right these sounds still feel today. This is no pastiche, let alone parody, but DIY innovation that serves to remind us of what groove really means.
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Adventura (12")
Cat: CRM 280. Rel: 17 Jan 23
Deep House
Adventura (6:24)
Reinvention (feat Zoot Woman) (3:37)
Reinvention (feat Zoot Woman - Alan Dixon remix) (5:45)
Review: By his previously prolific standards, Disco Halal founder Chen Moscovici AKA Moscoman has been rather quiet of late, choosing to release low-key digital singles on his own label. Here he breaks cover and returns to wax after two years away. Title track 'Adventura' is as atmospheric, off-kilter and druggy as you'd expect, with minor-key melodies, trippy electronics, buzzing effects and psychedelic guitar flourishes riding a chugging, arpeggio-driven groove. Over on the flip he joins forces with Zoot Woman on the pleasingly wayward, new wave-goes-indie dance creepiness of 'Reinvention', which rising star Alan Dixon then turns into a sparkling slab of dark nu-disco with added loose-limbed drums.
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Played by: Moscoman
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Gomma Dancefloor Gems Vol 1
Cat: TOYT 141. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Peaches & Moullinex - "Maniac" (4:49)
Munk - "Disco Clown" (Midnight Mike version) (5:03)
WhoMadeWho - "Flat Beat" (5:08)
Golden Bug - "Bisco" (4:59)
Headman - "It Rough" (Chicken Lips remix) (8:10)
Baldelli - "Atlantide" (5:13)
Trans Mania - "Boing Boom Jack" (Robotnick remix) (5:21)
Leroy Hanghofer - "Bathroomboogie" (4:42)
Severino Horse Meat Disco - "Bounce" (5:56)
Rodion - "Atala Ride" (6:05)
Munk - "Androgyn" (3:58)
Review: Toy Tonics is a label that has always done house music well - it doesn't follow trends, it doesn't look to reinvent the wheel, it doesn't repeat the same old tricks. What it does is serve up superb good grooves with plenty of character that are always going to get any crowd going no matter the time or place. The label now goes big with this double 12" of Gomma Dancefloor Gems Vol 1. It is, they say, a collection of "Y2K indie dance tracks" that were all originally released on the German Gomma Records label between 2001 and 2010 and were right up there with music on labels like James Murphy's DFA and Trevor Jackson's Output Records as the hottest of the day.
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Monday (12")
Cat: BAP 190. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Monday (9:28)
Loredane (6:28)
Cyber Black Spaceship (6:26)
Review: Rome's Andy Romano is welcomed into the Bordello family with his long-awaited debut release, 'Monday'. The tracks it consists of were shelved for more than ten years, said to have floated between a handful of DJs after its first confidant, Andrea Confrancesco, chose a different path in his creative career by becoming a professional illustrator. An excellent example of naive, nigh-lo-fi new beat, but no less punchy and galactic, 'Monday', 'Loredane' and 'Cyber Black Spaceship' are a veritable trident of watery, retrofuturistic, catchy wonderment.
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Blame It All On Love
Blame It All On Love (yellow vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: COUNT 255NE. Rel: 03 Nov 23
Ride With You (4:11)
Float Away (3:07)
Back To Life (4:09)
Moonlight (3:25)
Where Is The Thunder? (2:24)
Each Night (4:30)
We Could Be Falling In Love (4:05)
Ventura Highway Blues (2:30)
Hold On To You (2:42)
Sea Of Dreams (4:22)
Lonely Night (3:19)
Review: This is an indie exclusive yellow vinyl version of Jeffrey Paradise aka Poolside's second studio album on Ninja Tune. The Los Angeles-based producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is a master of those hazy downtempo sounds we call crave when the sun comes out. As such Blame It All On Love is a gorgeous accompaniment to warm days, with a retro-feel, lo-fi aesthetic and lush daytime disco vibes. The album is a collab with Minnesotan indie dream pop act Vansire and showcases classic pop songwriting structure, catchy hooks and irresistible grooves of the sort that Poolside has become well known for. Fans have already been wooed by the dreamy soundscapes of lead single 'Float Away' which has Vansire's Josh Augustin providing lush vocals. Essential stuff.
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Beautiful (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: FW 284. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Douce (3:59)
Cultural (5:04)
A Onda (3:32)
Mamae Nao Quer (feat Joao Selva) (2:57)
Out Of Touch (feat Kit Sebastian) (4:39)
Breath It (interlude) (1:00)
Koul Dan Mon Do (feat Kaloune & Papatef) (4:24)
Wiggle (5:02)
Rapsodie (4:54)
Feliz (4:23)
Lightweight (feat Jenny Penkin) (2:59)
Grosse Ambiance (interlude) (0:39)
La Fete (5:24)
Diva (1:46)
Beautiful (outro) (0:46)
Review: DJ Soulist and Fulgeance aka Souleance are a formidable French pair who serve up their impressive new album here on First Word Records in collaboration with Heavenly Sweetness. Beautiful is an apt title, too, because that describes their particular take on disco sounds with plenty of lush synth lines and sophisticated melodies all accompanied by a range of influences from jazz to Afro to funk. Some killer basslines define the likes of 'A Onda' and guests heighten grooves like the summery and laidback 'Out Of Touch' (feat Kit Sebastian) and shimmering broken beats of 'Lightweight' (feat Jenny Penkin).
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Played by: THE REFLEX
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Racing Heart
Cat: OKNR 04. Rel: 02 Nov 22
I Changed My Mind (0:51)
All Mine Now (4:02)
Give Me (3:28)
Link Of Truth (3:52)
Softer (3:19)
War Of The Hearts (4:29)
Tristessa (3:53)
Review: NTS Radio host Francesca Macri aka System Olympia presents her second full-length album titled Racing Heart, a neon-lit soundtrack for an evening drive in a Mercedes Benz that she's released on her Okay Nature imprint. Highlights are the sensual, late-night boogie-down vibe of 'All Mine Now', the slo-mo synthwave of 'Link Of Truth' and the saccaharine '80s pop aesthetic of 'War Of The Hearts' could have been in a John Hughes film.
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Jesus Was An Alien
Cat: KOMPAKTCD 171. Rel: 26 May 22
The Tragedy Of CG
Jesus Was An Alien (feat Marie Davidson)
The Principle Of Vibration
Kill The System
Life Aquatic
Am Kanal
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II (limited LP + insert)
Cat: DE 318. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Last Room (4:55)
Undone (4:34)
Earthen Track (5:23)
Another Dream (5:34)
Winter's Door (5:27)
Mirage (4:41)
Power Melts Away (6:51)
Review: Bay Area DIY pop duo Loveshadow join up with Dark Entries to release II, their sophomore LP. Anya Prisk and Izaak Schlossman met in Oakland in 2016, bonded over their love of '80s sounds and immediately began building their musical world with lush synths, funky basslines, and irresistible hooks. The past is always in their palette, but Loveshadow's nostalgia doesn't trace to any single locus; it's more like a cloud, and it's through this haze that they breathe new life into the music they love. Their debut album was released in 2021 on Music from Memory to acclaim. II presents a more subtle and refined statement from the band - laser-focused on the vaporous expanse. Album opener 'Last Room' saunters with the confidence of Sade, while 'Earthen Track' feels like Kate Bush covering a forgotten city pop anthem. The album is largely focused on club-friendly material, but mellower pieces like 'Winter's Door' and 'Mirage' are sophisticated standouts that would make Ryuchi Sakamoto proud. Italo-funk groover 'Power Melts Away' closes out the album by upping the energy into fist-pumping territory. Anya's lyrics on II use the unreality of dreams as a lens to examine the realities of change and personal growth; illusions made material. Loveshadow elegantly smear the lines between past and present, pop and avant, immanent and transcendent.
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Pulsar (gatefold tangerine vinyl LP + poster in spot-varnished sleeve (indie exclusive))
Cat: MCQM 40LPC. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Cosmogonie (3:02)
Amour Ex Machina (3:46)
Me Da Igual (3:20)
Love From The Other Side (4:06)
Danza Marilu (feat Fabiana Martone) (3:50)
Any Way (feat Maggie Rogers) (5:11)
Deja Vue (3:55)
Girl! (3:54)
Sweet & Sublime (feat Erick The Architect) (4:46)
Pulsar (4:12)
Review: L'Imperatrice's upcoming album Pulsar promises to be a vibrant fusion of funk, disco, pop, and house music, enriched with influences from French house and Italo-disco. The Parisian group show their versatility by incorporating elements of hip-hop, kosmische, and pop into their sonic palette, featuring guest vocalists such as Maggie Rogers, Erick the Architect, and Fabiana Martone, Pulsar promises to deliver a dynamic listening experience. With their infectious energy and innovative sound, L'Imperatrice continues to fascinate audiences, making Pulsar an eagerly anticipated addition to their discography.
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Cat: CDSTUMM 484. Rel: 26 Aug 22
Keep It Together
Down & Dirty
Feel No Fear
Emperor Machine
The Guv'nor
Musik Kontrol
$ouls In The City
Night People
Big Boy Pants
Downtime Vibes
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Oasis (CD)
Cat: RM 079CD. Rel: 26 Jul 22
Nothing To Me
Material Girl
Ease Your Mind
Winter Sadness
Grand Large
Feels Right
Can't Let Go
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Gomma Dancefloor Gems Vol 2
Cat: TOYT 142. Rel: 19 Mar 24
The Deadstock 33s - "My Best Dub" (4:28)
Bottin - "Red Onions" (5:29)
Munk - "Violent Love" (2024 version) (3:37)
Leroy Hanghofer - "Das Pi" (3:56)
Headman/Whomadewho - "Satisfaction" (4:21)
Mercury - "Sweetness" (6:34)
In Flagranti - "In The Silver White Box" (5:57)
Munk - "Kick Out The Chairs" (Whomadewho remix) (4:37)
Golden Bug - "St Tropez" (4:20)
Cecile - "Sweetness 86" (6:30)
Hiltmeyer Inc - "Chefsong" (4:48)
Nancy Whang & Bonar Bradberry - "Working The Midnight Shift" (Disco version) (6:19)
Review: Gomma played a vital role in the popularisation of the indie-dance explosion that happened some 20 years ago now. Best known for being spearheaded by US indie outfit LDC Sound system, it combined dance, disco, wave, post-punk and more into a party-ready sound that found favour with both ravers and guitar heads. This second collection from the German label highlights the best of music they put out back then with names like In Flagranti, label co-founder Munk, Nancy Whang & Bonar Bradberry and many more all present and correct.
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Cyclone Days
Cat: RBLP 17. Rel: 09 Sep 22
Deep House
Somebody (with Dena) (5:33)
Somebody (instrumental) (6:18)
Resonancer (5:58)
Exterminate (5:46)
Friends (4:06)
Cyclone Days (4:23)
Neway (5:44)
Review: Long time German electronic innovator is back on Running Back with a very welcome new mini-LP, Cyclone Days. The Frankfurt man mixes up his usual influences - indie-dance, Italo, power pop and house - into fresh and colourful new sounds. Melody rules OK across these cuts as they take in vocal gems and instrumental beats with lottos joyfulness along the way. 'Somebody' with Dena is a standout and timeless anthem for any dance floor, then 'Resonancer' has a retro-future disco-house vibe and 'Friends' is so perfectly pleasing it cannot fail to make you smile.
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