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Juno's full catalogue of Trance
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The Age Of Love (remastered)
The Age Of Love (remastered) (limited blue vinyl 12")
Cat: DIKI 2101BLUE. Rel: 25 Apr 22
  1. The Age Of Love (Charlotte De Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano remix) (8:11)
  2. The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella mix) (6:55)
  3. The Age Of Love (5:50)
Review: 'Age of Love' by Age of Love' is something or a rite of passage tune that has converted many people to the thrills of dance music, and often more specifically the euphoric joyous of good trance. For that reason it has endured across the ages but has never been bigger than it is right now, much like trance itself. Here we get the crucial original, as well as a subtly tweaked remix from KNTXT label boss and modern techno queen Charlotte de Witter with her life and musical partner Enrico Sangiuliano, as well as the pounding, dubby, essential Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella mix that Sasha & Digweed loved so much.

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Played by: Manu Archeo
 in stock $14.11
The Age Of Love (remastered)
The Age Of Love (remastered) (limited green vinyl 12")
Cat: DIKI 2101GREEN. Rel: 25 Apr 22
  1. The Age Of Love (Charlotte De Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano remix) (8:11)
  2. The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella mix) (6:54)
  3. The Age Of Love (5:56)
 in stock $14.11
The Age Of Love (remastered)
The Age Of Love (remastered) (limited orange vinyl 12")
Cat: DIKI 2101ORANGE. Rel: 25 Apr 22
  1. The Age Of Love (Charlotte De Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano remix) (8:11)
  2. The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella mix) (6:57)
  3. The Age Of Love (5:55)
 in stock $14.11
Bye Bye Sky High
Cat: BLUEHOUR 017. Rel: 17 Sep 21
  1. Mind Over Mayhem (7:01)
  2. Double Exposure (7:05)
  3. Troubled Waters (7:16)
  4. Grand Deception (7:05)
 in stock $12.80
Drifting Pitch
Cat: SUPLU 008. Rel: 19 Apr 22
  1. Drifting Pitch (6:29)
  2. Interpreter (Rebo mix) (6:21)
  3. Sunrise Devotion (6:40)
  4. Ocean Strings (6:20)
 in stock $12.27
Age Of Freedom EP
  1. Age Of Freedom (5:54)
  2. Vermillion Sky (5:59)
  3. Impax (5:35)
  4. Arden Ride (5:55)
 in stock $11.76
Heroes After Dark
Heroes After Dark (heavyweight vinyl 12" + insert)
Cat: TAU 029. Rel: 19 Nov 21
  1. Heroes After Dark (7:43)
  2. Dissolve (5:17)
  3. Dissolve (Gerd Janson remix) (6:30)
  4. On The Run (6:42)
 in stock $9.39
Revolution: The Rework
Revolution: The Rework (limited splattered vinyl 12")
Cat: WATB 073V. Rel: 11 Apr 22
  1. Revolution: The Rework (7:02)
  2. Revolution: The Rework (Dense & Pika remix) (6:36)
  3. Revolution: The Rework (Reinier Zonneveld remix) (6:47)
  4. Revolution: The Rework (Rudosa remix) (7:13)
 in stock $14.37
Ninja Kidz EP
  1. Desire (6:40)
  2. Ninja Kidz (5:16)
  3. Wake Me Up When I'm Famous (Milo Spykers Euphoria mix) (5:51)
  4. Wake Me Up When I'm Famous (6:12)
 in stock $11.48
Boavista (12")
Cat: AL 054. Rel: 11 Mar 22
  1. Boavista (7:35)
  2. Boavista (Innellea remix) (6:45)
Review: Given that it was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the 2021 Stephan Bodzin album that shares its name, it is genuinely great to see 'Boavista' finally get a single release. Nestled here on side A, Bodzin's original version is utterly gorgeous - a smooth, life-affirming slab of picturesque house bliss full of rising and falling synthesizer lead lines, trippy mid-range motifs, drowsy chords and crispy drums. Innellea wisely chooses to focus on the more hypnotic and uplifting elements on the accompanying flipside remix, wrapping elements of Bodzin's original version around a trance-inducing groove. Throw in some bold, rush-inducing, progressive trance style riffs, builds and drops, and you have a genuinely terrific remix.
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Tags: Tech House
! low stock $12.53
Hess Publica 1
Hess Publica 1 (hand-stamped 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: HESP 1. Rel: 22 Mar 22
  1. Botwin - "Tripstep" (6:24)
  2. Selected Dream Memories - "SA-X" (5:55)
  3. Uf0 - "I Don't Want To Die" (8:10)
  4. Character 1 - "Emergency Bunker Station" (6:46)
  5. Character 1 - "Emergency Bunker Station" (Katia Val remix) (4:55)
Review: As a sub label for Lyon based Pomme Sanguine, Hess Publica proves a force to be reckoned with on its first various artist comp, featuring Botwin's bets impression of The Crystal Method on 'Tripstep', Selected Dream Memories getting a higher state of consciousness on 'SA-X' while over on the flip 'Character 1' goes for the heady Sound Of Frankfurt days on 'Emergency Bunker Station' which is followed by rising Parisian Katia Vai's strobed-out rendition that will have you truly reaching for the lasers.
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 in stock $12.01
Brain TV EP
Cat: DIKI 2106. Rel: 23 Nov 21
  1. HYE (5:46)
  2. Airbag (8:47)
  3. The Fields (8:13)
 in stock $10.97
Live & Love EP
Cat: SIAMESE 028. Rel: 07 Apr 22
  1. Voicing Something (feat Luke Marzec) (4:47)
  2. Voicing Something (feat Luke Marzec - Adriatique remix) (7:23)
  3. Orca (5:56)
  4. Astral Travelling (3:17)
 in stock $13.58
Immortal Cell
Immortal Cell (white vinyl 12")
Cat: CRV 002. Rel: 14 Jan 22
  1. Brulee - "Il Ne Reste Que Le Neant" (6:28)
  2. Deevai & Fearsteep - "Anyone" (6:22)
  3. Resonance - "Note To Myself" (8:08)
  4. BXTR - "The Last Human Tape" (5:40)
 in stock $11.48
Transcendence EP
Transcendence EP (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: GRFF 006. Rel: 29 Oct 21
  1. Entheogen Dreams (6:47)
  2. Abductee (7:04)
  3. Galvanised Jazz (6:48)
  4. Acid Framework (5:39)
 in stock $12.80
Beautiful (limited numbered 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: 194399 18591. Rel: 06 Aug 21
  1. Beautiful (3:02)
  2. Beautiful (instrumental mix) (3:02)
  3. Beautiful (Special extended mix) (5:45)
 in stock $20.09
Modern Utopia Thoughts
Cat: HST 002. Rel: 12 Oct 21
  1. Dysfunctional (6:28)
  2. Modern Utopia Thoughts (6:14)
  3. Libertarian On A Mission (5:41)
  4. The NATA Liaison (6:18)
Review: Following up the inaugural release by Braintalk, Zurich-based label Human Sense Technology returns for its second edition here, this time from hometown hero Dan Piu. He rebooted his career after a 16 year hiatus a few years ago and has been more prolific than ever, with releases on Childhood Electronix, Cartulis, and Hizou Deep Rooted Music. The Modern Utopia Thoughts EP is dedicated to his youth and influenced by future visions of creation, featuring early '90s UK techno sounds that are very much in fashion at the moment ('Dysfunctional / 'Libertarian On A Mission') deep subterranean 303 acid journeys Modern (the title track) and classic Chicago house tropes as heard on 'The NATA Liaison'.
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 in stock $10.44
Asura EP
Asura EP (12")
Cat: KNTXT 012. Rel: 29 Sep 21
  1. Asura (7:55)
  2. Soma (7:35)
  3. Stigma (6:42)
Review: Belgian techno titan Charlotte de Witte is one of the scene's biggest draws right now. This new EP on her own KNTXT label sees her once again draw parallels between the big, bold techno she makes and the euphoric rush of 90s trance. Right from the off she weaves bright, hands in the air chords into bulky, unrelenting drums to hypnotic effect. It is simple but well-designed stuff that will have a huge impact on the large crowds she plays to. 'Soma' is more intense, with the drums pushed to the front and incendiary hi-hats layered in next to spooky distant pads. 'Stigma' closes out with a textbook acid cut.
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Played by: Myles Serge
 in stock $13.06
Molotov (translucent silver vinyl 12")
Cat: ORPH 004. Rel: 13 May 22
  1. Molotov (4:51)
  2. Back To The Bass Up (5:48)
  3. Moderate (5:41)
  4. Sit Down (6:03)
 in stock $12.01
Flex Trax
Flex Trax (12")
Cat: TOYT 126. Rel: 20 Jan 22
  1. I Want To Dance (5:34)
  2. Muzyka (6:22)
  3. I Want To Dance (Jex Opolis '89 remix) (6:51)
  4. I Want To Dance (Jex Opolis '99 remix) (6:05)
Played by: DJ ROCCA
 in stock $9.39
Drax Trilogy: Special Edition (reissue)
Cat: AFULTDX 1P. Rel: 07 Sep 21
  1. Amphetamine (6:48)
  2. Phosphene (7:04)
  3. Section 2 (5:48)
 in stock $13.33
All You Can Eat
Cat: SS 03. Rel: 18 May 22
  1. California Roll (6:26)
  2. Cheese Homelette (4:35)
  3. Dirty F40 (6:45)
  4. RIP Diet (6:26)
 in stock $14.62
Take It EP
Cat: SNF 065. Rel: 14 Jan 22
  1. Take It (5:25)
  2. Away (5:33)
  3. Clunk (3:33)
  4. Mallusk (4:29)
  5. Static (5:41)
 in stock $11.48
Cafe Del Mar
Cafe Del Mar (orange vinyl 7")
Cat: BCV 2021023. Rel: 29 Nov 21
  1. Cafe Del Mar (Three 'N' One radio edit) (3:54)
  2. Cafe Del Mar (Nalin & Kane remix radio edit) (4:01)
 in stock $21.16
Forever EP
Forever EP (white vinyl 10")
Cat: SNFCC 006. Rel: 10 Dec 21
  1. Forever (feat Clementine Douglas) (2:53)
  2. Feel What I'm Feeling (4:20)
  3. Imagination (6:54)
 in stock $10.97
Cosmo Cosmo
Cat: INT 051. Rel: 09 Feb 22
  1. Cosmo Cosmo (5:37)
  2. Sinfonia Celeste (7:01)
  3. Tripp Cosmo Mix (5:01)
  4. Playa Paraiso (5:46)
  5. Argonauta (6:03)
Review: After 2019's excellent Syrius album, Norwegian label Internasjonal are happy to announce the return of Feel Fly to their label. The Perugia-based artist presents something that sonically exists between Italian dream house, 90s dance and traces of early Chicago. Reach for the lasers on the euphoric 'Cosmo Cosmo', embrace a higher state of consciousness on the loved up trance of 'Sinfonia Celeste' and dive down into the cosmic hole on 'Playa Paraiso' reminiscent of Typhoon club's heady tribal days.
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 in stock $12.27
Keith (12")
Cat: ATC 005. Rel: 16 Feb 22
  1. Keith (7:10)
  2. Keith (Domenico Rosa remix) (7:10)
  3. Airship (6:47)
  4. Airship (Roberto Manolio remix) (6:11)
Review: A new chapter of the '90s label Air Trance communication here, with two original tracks made by Italian legend Francesco Farfa, whose career has spanned over 30 years. On the A side you have the slinky and hypnotic minimal techno of "Keith" followed by a deep, off-kilter rework by Domenico Rosa (Imprints). Over on the flip, there's the massive "Airship" with its undeniable Detroit influence, featuring an array of spellbinding melodies and some 303 acid on top for good measure. Newcomer from Turin Roberto Manolio is up next with a remix, nailing that ravey Berlin Hoppetosse sound - think My Own Jupiter, Time Passages, Limousine Dream et al.
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Played by: Jane Fitz
 in stock $13.06
Make A Move
Cat: NUMM 2017. Rel: 29 Mar 03
  1. Make A Move (Next Level mix)
  2. Make A Move (Plastic dub mix)
 in stock $8.35
Trance Exploder
Cat: STR 12058. Rel: 19 May 22
  1. Furyon - "Trance Exploder" (Trance Out mix) (5:36)
  2. Anymus - "Trance Atlantic Flow" (5:34)
Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $13.33
100 Percent Of Missin' You
100 Percent Of Missin' You (purple marbled vinyl 12" + poster + MP3 Download code)
Cat: GBASIC 000. Rel: 11 Feb 22
  1. Unrequited (10:39)
  2. Beacon (6:00)
  3. Solitude (6:08)
 in stock $12.27
Storm EP
Storm EP (12")
Cat: WWM 010. Rel: 19 Jan 22
  1. Storm (6:54)
  2. Roosblom (7:22)
  3. Toevlug (7:08)
  4. Skarrel (7:22)
Review: Vladimir Gnatenko submerges you fathoms below the surface here with his beautifully deep, dreamy, trance-y take on techno for this new EP on Where We Met. The Kyiv artist opens with 'Storm,' an emotional track with warm but heavy grooves and none synths that drift about like fireflies around a cosmic campfire. 'Roosblom' is a little more dystopian but still has those succulent drum and bass combos with more exquisitely deft synth motifs. 'Toevlug' is like a techno lava lamp with smooth broken beats and deep space pads. Closer 'Skarrel' is a real mind melter with subtle acid and punchy drum work that is all about losing yourself on the dance floor at 4 am. Sensational.
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 in stock $11.48
Sachsentrance Vol 001
Sachsentrance Vol 001 (translucent yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: ST 001. Rel: 06 Apr 21
  1. HKKPTR - "Bewegt Euch" (6:17)
  2. Akribisch Rapid - "Heaven Can Wait" (7:12)
  3. Atreo - "Vortex" (7:41)
  4. Soda Kids - "The Silver Surfer" (4:44)
 in stock $17.24
Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music)
Cat: DOTB 001 BLACK. Rel: 02 Mar 22
  1. Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music) (6:08)
  2. Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music) (instrumental) (6:54)
 in stock $12.80
WAR 1204
WAR 1204 (12")
Cat: WAR 1204. Rel: 25 Mar 22
  1. Magma (5:19)
  2. Purity Of Spirit (6:56)
  3. Groove Ryder (4:58)
  4. Rave Patrol (Acid Fiend remix) (5:57)
 in stock $13.06
Better Than This
Cat: SWEATSV 021. Rel: 26 Oct 21
  1. John Summit & Parachute Youth - "Better Than This" (5:44)
  2. Parachute Youth - "Can't Get Better Than This" (5:06)
Review: Indie house duo Parachute Youth released their 'Can't Get Better Than This' single back in 2012 and it went on to become a huge international hit. Now they have resisted it after pairing up with Chicago house vocalist John Summit. Renamed 'Better Than This' it becomes a spine-tingling vocal house cut with warm, shuffling drums and subtle synth work. Packed with blissful and youthful vibes and plenty of sun, it is an energetic rework that has a nice touch of nostalgia and a bassline that will lock in any crowd for days. As well as the easy to love new version, the still lush original version is also included on the flip.
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 in stock $13.84
A Magic World (remixes)
Cat: AL 055. Rel: 27 Apr 22
  1. Outomorrow (Anyma & Kevin De Vries remix) (5:03)
  2. Who's To Say What's Real (Mind Against & Colyn remix) (7:38)
  3. Never Looks Away (Radio Slave remix) (7:18)
  4. Letters (NTO remix) (6:05)
  5. Vtopia (Chris Avantgarde remix) (6:24)
Review: Kas:st is known for an array of music from uplifting jungle to cavernous techno. But on this remix bundle of their most recent EP 'A Magic World', every producer contributing their own interpretations to Kas:st's masterworks leans towards the latter. 'Outomorrow' gets an stairway-to-heaven style deep house remix from Anyma & Kevin, while our favourite has to be a loose tie between Radio Slave's deft rework of 'Never Looks Away' and Chris Avantgarde's version of 'Vtopia'. This is a wax slab of deep, emotive club cuts for the emotionally scarred.
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 in stock $12.80
Proto I/III
Cat: BLUEHOUR 019. Rel: 20 May 22
  1. Aquila (6:12)
  2. Serpens (7:13)
  3. Hydra (6:09)
  4. Ursa Minor (6:57)
 in stock $13.33
As The Days Go By
As The Days Go By (12" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: DAYBYDAY 006. Rel: 16 Dec 21
  1. Kineticat - "Moon Driven Magnetism" (6:16)
  2. Emissive - "Blue Fruit" (5:34)
  3. DJ GUSCH - "I Used To Play A Guitar" (5:52)
  4. Optmst - "Lately" (6:42)
 in stock $12.53
Within Or Without You (reissue)
  1. Within Or Without You (Mr Sam Travel To New York remix) (10:48)
  2. Within Or Without You (4:16)
  3. Within Or Without You (acappella) (4:27)
 in stock $12.27
Trance Classics EP 1
Trance Classics EP 1 (white vinyl double 12")
Cat: BCV 2021021WHITE. Rel: 05 Nov 21
  1. Arpegia (Without You) (feat Jessy - The long Trance mix) (12:43)
  2. I Am Free (feat Jessy - extended mix) (6:15)
  3. Innocence (feat Jessy - club mix) (6:10)
  4. Ghost (feat Marko - MacKenzie Trance mix) (8:51)
  5. Trance Dimanche (feat Marko) (8:05)
  6. Feel Happy (feat Xenia - long club mix) (6:23)
  7. Higher In The Sky (feat Xenia) (4:44)
 in stock $31.33
Berlin EP
Berlin EP (12")
Cat: SUP 2004. Rel: 02 Dec 21
  1. T Dancer (7:57)
  2. Marmion's Island (part 1) (4:04)
  3. Schoneberg (6:28)
  4. The Secret Plant (5:14)
 in stock $12.01
My Space EP
Cat: KULOR 009. Rel: 03 Aug 21
  1. My Space (10:39)
  2. Mosens Tone (1:15)
  3. NV Laser (6:28)
  4. Microfest (5:42)
Review: Two years later his last outing on the label, Danish producer Kasper Marott is back on Kulor with more of his full flavour electronic workouts. 'My Space' kicks off with video-game meddles and hyper speed drums that make for a turbulent ride. 'Mosens Tone' is a moment to breath amongst innocent cosmic melodies and waify pads before the kaleidoscopic techno of 'NV Laser' races to the stars on bubbly synths and fluttering percussion. 'Microfest' is micro-electro doused in LSD. It's the highlight of another strong EP.
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 in stock $12.01
Can't Stop Now
Cat: CLUBSWE 021V. Rel: 15 Feb 22
  1. Can't Stop Now (5:51)
  2. Can't Stop Now (Babert Italo Disco mix) (5:53)
Review: In short, anyone and everyone's idea of a feel-good chart topper. Synth brasses, piano weaponry and finger clicking pulses are all ingredients in its stew; Babert's Italo Disco mix, meanwhile, is a subtle departure from the original, but proves summerier and groovier, perfect for your next rooftop rave or beachside bash.
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 in stock $13.58
Midnight In New York
Cat: DIKI 2103. Rel: 28 Oct 21
  1. Midnight In Chicago (Laurent Eden Top mix) (6:21)
  2. Midnight In New York (DJHS Lagoa mix) (5:49)
 in stock $11.23
The Secret Sun: The 7 Kumaras EP
Cat: OCDSS FIVEBLACK. Rel: 26 Jan 22
  1. Anse Takamaka (8:43)
  2. Art Of Libido (6:03)
  3. Shamballa (6:10)
 in stock $14.37
C'mon Everybody
Cat: PCCY-70001. Rel: 21 Aug 06
  1. C' Mon Everybody
  2. C' Mon Everybody (DJ UTO mix)
  3. C' Mon Everybody (instrumental)
 in stock $14.90
Imagine! (12")
Cat: ENL 101. Rel: 28 Mar 22
  1. Imagine! (Whirling Thru Time & Space mix) (8:38)
  2. Imagine! (UFO mix) (6:13)
  3. Imagine! (Deeply Hypnotic mix) (9:02)
  4. Surfin' UFO (4:29)
Review: Imagine! by Overlords of the UFO was a global US Progressive Trance hit when it was originally released in 1994 - number one on many underground dance charts for several weeks. Mixmag dubbed it "wicked" and other relevant mags gave it high accolades e.g. XLR8R. Imagine! is a collaboration between Anthony Barker and Lynn Serafinn, both trained musicians and analogue synth aficionados. Whirling Thru Time & Space Mix on Side A was inspired by a poem from 60's cult sci-fi author; Fredric Brown - and UFO Mix is a faster tempo remix of the former. Side B's Deeply Hypnotic Mix is a downtempo remix, incorporating some world music elements, and Surfin' UFO was a very limited licensed track that Billboard Magazine described positively and humorously as "campy and kitschy"
Read more
 in stock $12.53
Skil EP
Skil EP (white vinyl 12")
Cat: GR 271. Rel: 22 Feb 22
  1. Skil (T78 remix) (6:29)
  2. Skil (6:50)
  3. Loris (6:18)
  4. Acid Jungle (7:11)
 in stock $13.58
Sanctuary (reissue)
Cat: DIKI 2110. Rel: 09 Mar 22
  1. Sanctuary (After On Sunday George mix) (9:57)
  2. Sanctuary (9:17)
  3. Sanctuary (Crazy mix) (6:02)
 in stock $11.23
Rain (12")
Cat: CSMR 006. Rel: 14 Apr 22
  1. Refraction (8:55)
  2. Refraction (SYO remix) (7:04)
  3. Rain (6:56)
 in stock $13.33
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