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Coming Soon: Funk Soul & Jazz

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Funk Soul & Jazz

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Can't Stop Dancin'
  1. Can't Stop Dancin'
  2. Can't Stop Dancin' (instrumental)
coming soon $13.27
Disko Par
  1. Zorica Milosavlievic - "Disko Par" (DJ Goce edit)
  2. Bastion - "Emil Vrati Se" (DJ Goce edit)
coming soon $11.64
Fuyu Kukan aka Floating Space (reissue)
  1. Body To Body
  2. Lonely Night
  3. I'm In Love
  4. Je Re N Ma (Dilemma)
  5. Midnight Pretenders
  6. Tapestry
  7. Hannya
  8. Bye Bye Yesterday
  9. Baby, Don't You Cry Anymore
coming soon $45.46
Let No Man Put Asunder
Let No Man Put Asunder (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: PPR 017. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Let No Man Put Asunder (DJ Koco aka Shimokita edit)
  2. Let No Man Put Asunder (DJ Koco aka Shimokita dub)
coming soon $20.84
Ballroom Edits One
Ballroom Edits One (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: APRIBA 001. Rel: 16 Nov 20
  1. Joi La Frique - "Family Rally"
  2. Beard In Dust - "Calypso Boy"
  3. Nonna Fab - "Tension (Release mix)"
  4. Lancaster Bomber - "African Sauna"
Review: Four heavy hitters from the Apricot Ballroom
crew, directed straight at your dancefloors
(wherever they may be right now).
Soviet Cuts alumni Beard In Dust and friend of
the family Lancaster Bomber join the
AB bosses Joi La Frique and Nonna Fab,
to bring you a selection of hifi-certified tracks
that we guarantee even your mum'll dance to.
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coming soon TBA
Anything (7")
Cat: P 76261. Rel: 18 Nov 20
  1. Anything
  2. Love Means Everything
Review: 80's philly soul / disco quartet "Touch Of Class", their 3rd album was produced by John Davis and have been praised by many soul fans as masterpiece. This time we are proud of release this new ep! "Anything" has been newly edited for just this ep and B-side is including highly demanded single version of "Love Means Everything"! one time limited pressing.
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coming soon $20.04
BONFIDO 003 (hand-stamped 140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BONFIDO 003. Rel: 09 Nov 20
  1. Hammond Classics - "Sarabi"
  2. Panama Cardoon - "Marisa"
  3. Fixed Angles - "Sisi"
  4. Chico & Bianca - "Echo Flight"
Review: Bonfido Disques is back with the third release of their exotic concept series. Embracing the feel-good vibe of the 80's international Disco scene whether it comes from the African continent, the Middle East or America which is combined with heavy contemporary drums in order to stand out in modern dj sets. 4 reworks for the dancefloor on a limited edition 12" vinyl.

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coming soon TBA
Willow Man Featuring SA Martinez From Los Stellarians
Cat: FLRS 132. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Willow Man Featuring SA Martinez From Los Stellarians
  2. Willow Man (instrumental)
coming soon $20.57
Check It Out People (reissue)
Cat: SSR 218. Rel: 02 Nov 20
  1. Beastie Boys Vs MFSB - "Check It Out People" (4:19)
  2. MFSB - "People All Over The World" (dub) (4:08)
Review: The latest edition in DJ Soopasoul's "Soopastole Edits" series looks like it may fly off the shelves, and with good reason. The lead cut is not an edit per se, but rather a crafty, clever and expertly produced mash-up that places selected rap flows from the acapella version of Beastie Boys classic "Ch-Check It Out" over a tightened up and fattened up rearrangement of MFSB's disco-era jam "People All Over The World". Sometimes these kinds of mash-ups can be messy, but this genuinely isn't, with the Beasties' vocals fitting the backing track like a glove. Over on side B Soopasoul shares his tweak of the MFSB track, which is entirely instrumental bar periodic use of the band's female backing vocals. In a word: ace!
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coming soon $10.82
I'm In Love
Cat: NKS 728. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. I'm In Love (Yoshioka Dynamite.jp Gimmick edit)
  2. Appeal To You
coming soon $19.22
Makeup The Edits (mixed by Nico Lahs)
Cat: AR 007. Rel: 01 Feb 21
  1. Coco Kane
  2. For Real
  3. Giving My Love
  4. SpanDisco
  5. Gator Bait
  6. Koke
  7. Novela Das Nove
  8. Thank You For My Life
Review: Adeen Records 007 proudly continues to deliver more of the quality music you like. This time, producer Camille (real name Jason Wilkins) teams up with the legendary Chez Damier for a hand picked selection of 70's and 80's hidden Dance ,Funk and Disco gems retouched and edited by Adeen's own Nico Lahs. From one of Chez's selections of Coco Kane, to Camille's Gator Bait, Nico Lahs breathes bouncy party-like vibes into each of the 8 cuts. Whether you know these tracks or not, you'll fall in love with them for the first time, or all over again.

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coming soon TBA
Beppe Loda Presents Typhoon The Afro Sound Of Typhoon
Cat: UVR 9020. Rel: 20 Nov 20
  1. Babatunde Olatunji - "Jin-Go-Lo-Ba (Drums Of Passion)"
  2. Burundi Steiphenson Black - "Burundi Black"
  3. Guem Et Zaka Percussion - "Le Serpent"
  4. Paulinho Da Costa - "Terra"
  5. Aleke Kanonu - "N'Gwode"
  6. Manfred Mann's Earth Band - "Somewhere In Africa"
  7. African Head Charge - "Elastic Dance"
  8. The Pool - "Jamaica Running" (European remix)
  9. The Unknown Cases - "Masimba Bele"
  10. La Compagnie Creole - "My-Yo"
  11. Wally Badarou - "Novela Das Nove"
  12. Hugh Masekela - "Lady"
coming soon TBA
Disco E Cultura Vol 1
Disco E Cultura Vol 1 (LP in thick sleeve with obi strip)
Cat: MAR 035. Rel: 13 Nov 20
  1. Brylho - "Se Voce For A Salvador"
  2. Lafayette - "Sol De Verao"
  3. Paulo Jeronimo - "Vida Agitada"
  4. Cornelius - "Deixa"
  5. Franco - "Ei, Voce Psiu"
  6. Adriana - "Contigo"
  7. Brazil Very Happy Band - "Brazil Very Happy Band"
  8. Aloisio - "Tema, R"
  9. Os Carbonos - "Passaro Selvagem"
  10. San Rodrigues - "Fofa"
  11. Gay Vaquer - "Disco Pode Ser Cultura"
  12. Grupo Natureza - "Pode Acreditar" (vocal version)
coming soon $28.69
Got To Get Your Love
Got To Get Your Love (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: PPR 015. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Got To Get Your Love (DJ Muro Diguma edit)
  2. Got To Get Your Love (DJ Muro Diguma instrumental edit)
coming soon $20.84
Made In Japan (reissue)
Cat: NAS 2078. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Made In Japan
  2. Hello
  3. Devil Town Rondo
  4. 5AM Is Violet Pink
  5. Sail Away
  6. Chinoiserie Party
  7. Urban Picture Book
  8. Memorize
  9. Moonlight Rhapsody
  10. Silent Shadow
coming soon $47.63
It's So Good To Know/Feel The Spirit
  1. Best Friend Around - "It's So Good To Know" (DJ Muro Diguma edit)
  2. Foster Jackson Group - "Feel The Spirit" (DJ Muro Diguma edit)
coming soon TBA
Got You Dancing
Got You Dancing (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: PPR 022. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Got You Dancing (DJ Muro Diguma edit)
  2. Got You Dancing (DJ Muro Diguma instrumental edit)
coming soon $20.84
Cat: RNT 45007. Rel: 13 Nov 20
  1. Emancipacao
  2. 50 Anos Em 5
coming soon $10.56
We Got One
Cat: MATT 1. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. We Got One
  2. Muhammad Ali
coming soon $13.54
Minha Estrela
Minha Estrela (white vinyl 7")
Cat: 17S 001. Rel: 20 Dec 20
  1. The Rebel - "Minha Estrela" (feat Livio RB)
  2. El Perro Rojo - "Manamaue"
coming soon $12.98
Get On Out There
Get On Out There (clear vinyl 7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: CBLL 031. Rel: 30 Oct 20
  1. Get On Out There
  2. Why
coming soon $21.11
Typhoon Lady(reissue)
Cat: WQJL 110. Rel: 25 Dec 20
  1. Love Of Hated People
  2. Play That Shuffle
  3. Country Girl
  4. Love Song For You
  5. Hollywood
  6. Sexy Woman
  7. Fluffy & Fluffy
  8. Typhoon Lady
  9. Over Time
  10. Good Bye Baby Love
coming soon $49.80
Boogie Breakdown: South African Synth Disco 1980-1984 (B-STOCK)
Cat: COS 018LP (B-STOCK).
Review: ***B-STOCK: Dent on the side, product in perfect working order***
Read more
coming soon $29.97
Thanks Giving (reissue)
Thanks Giving (reissue) (pink vinyl LP)
Cat: HRLP 209. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Rainy Night Lady
  2. Carnaval
  3. Good Luck
  4. Two Years After
  5. Track 5
  6. One & Only
  7. Tokyo
  8. Track 8
  9. Late Night Heartache
  10. Love Talk
coming soon $48.71
Gold (3xCD)
Cat: CRIMCD 677.
  1. Boogie Nights (CD 1)
  2. Ain't No Half Steppin'
  3. Too Hot To Handle
  4. Always & Forever
  5. The Groove Line
  6. Eyeballin'
  7. Super Soul Sister
  8. Mind Blowing Decisions
  9. Razzle Dazzle
  10. Central Heating
  11. Party Poops
  12. Slip Your Disc To This
  13. One Night Tan
  14. Turn Out The Lamplight
  15. Happiness Togetherness
  16. All You Do Is Dial
  17. Raise A Blaze
  18. Put The Word Out
  19. Gangsters Of The Groove (CD 2)
  20. Lettin ' It Loose
  21. Jitterbuggin'
  22. The Big Guns
  23. Therm Warfare
  24. The Star Of A Story
  25. Turn Around
  26. Goin ' Crazy
  27. All Talked Out
  28. Dreamin ' You
  29. Birthday
  30. Look After Love
  31. Where Did I Go Wrong
  32. Find It In Your Heart
  33. Posin ' 'Til Closin
  34. Disco
  35. The Groove Line (CD 3 - Disco mixes - The Mike Maurro remix)
  36. Boogie Nights (The Mike Maurro remix)
  37. Too Hot To Handle (The Mike Maurro remix)
  38. Always & Forever (The Mike Maurro remix)
  39. Mind Blowing Decisions (12" Disco version)
  40. Ain't No Half Steppin' (album version)
  41. Eyeballin' (12" version)
  42. Gangsters Of The Groove (12" version)
  43. Turn Around (single version)
  44. Lettin ' It Loose (12" version)
  45. The Groove Line (12" Disco version)
coming soon $7.04
I'm Ready
  1. I'm Ready (Family's Jam remix)
  2. For Your Love
  3. Let's Get Back
  4. Through The Night
  5. Funkapapa (vocal mix)
  6. Special Time
  7. Don't You Want My Love
  8. Alone
  9. I'm Ready
  10. Keep The Groove
coming soon $29.22
EP (12" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: JALP 725. Rel: 23 Nov 20
  1. Elevator Groove
  2. Samuels Rumba
  3. Sauna Funk
  4. Nothern Lights
  5. Kujas Disco
  6. Party Boat
coming soon $17.59
Life Sentence
  1. Life Sentence
  2. Life Sentence (instrumental)
  3. Driftin' Off
  4. Driftin' Off (instrumental)
coming soon $22.72
Ecstasy (reissue)
Ecstasy (reissue) (LP in gatefold sleeve)
Cat: SEWA 026. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Ecstasy
  2. You & Me
  3. Not So Sad & Lonely
  4. (I Wanna Know) Do You Feel It
  5. Black Cat
  6. Food Stamps Y'all
  7. Spinning
  8. Sleep Talk
  9. Silly Billy
  10. Short Change
coming soon $17.59
Free Drink (reissue)
Cat: HMJA 131. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Summer Lady (album version)
  2. Stardust Night
  3. Hot Melody
  4. The Girl That Kills Me
  5. Track 5
  6. Shining You
  7. Give Me Your Love Again
  8. The Time Takes You Away
  9. Woman I Want You
coming soon $48.71
Glad To Know You: The Anthology 1980-1986
Cat: CRCDBOX 104. Rel: 27 Nov 20
coming soon $35.46
It's Friday (reissue)
Cat: HMJA 130. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Ikasuman
  2. Natsu No Du Bi Da Ba
  3. Step By Step
  4. Windy Moon
  5. Friday Night
  6. Cool
  7. Silent Night
  8. I Wanna Hold You Tonight
  9. In The Moon
coming soon $48.71
Escape (7")
Cat: AHS 41. Rel: 25 Dec 20
  1. Escape (Ryuhei The Man Elegant Disco Re edit)
  2. Escape (The Sound Of The Man Re edit)
coming soon $20.57
Time Of The Season
Cat: MXMRK 2037. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Time Of The Season (edit By Mr K)
  2. Theme For Great Cities (edit By Mr K)
Review: Reaching deep into the earliest foundations of his voluminous collection, Danny Krivit presents a psychedelic pop classic rearranged for today's sound systems and setlists. Recorded in the Beatles' Abbey Road studio at the height of the Summer Of Love, the Zombies' "Time Of The Season" is firmly linked in pop culture to the late '60s and the Vietnam era, although it almost never made it out to a wider audience. Ignored on its initial release, it was given a second chance by the label as the last gasp from a band that had officially split up a year before. This time around the song steadily gained fans and word-of-mouth plays in the U.S. and by the summer of 1969, two years after it had been recorded, "Time Of The Season" was ubiquitous and well on its way to being firmly enshrined as an emblem of the era.

Krivit's edit highlights the parade of lush sonic textures that ornament the hip composition, from the iconic, exquisitely echoed bass-clap-exhale riff that opens the song to the cascading Hammond organ solos of Rod Argent. Naturally, this MEU issue keeps the audio quality at its highest level, the better to appreciate these nuances. "It's a song from my childhood that really struck a chord," Danny says. "Over the years I often played a rough edit which always seemed to go over great. The song seemed to get better and better, and age like fine wine." We agree!

From flowers and incense, we move to glass and steel. "Theme For Great Cities" envelops us in a soaring, intense groove, as emblematic of the post-punk no wave style of 1981 as "Time of the Season" was to its own era. Produced by Gong's Steve Hillage, this futuristic instrumental is a bit like Bowie's wordless works with Eno, with an added downtown edge. "The original really struck me," Danny recalls, "especially at Roxy in the early '80s hip hop nights, on that Richard Long sound system... It really blew me away with its atmosphere!"

Danny's edit combines the lean and mean original with a trackier remixed version, cleanly lifting off on an epic ride that clocks in at nearly ten minutes. With the revised rhythm section and its quick-punched low end sandwiching the meat of the original's punishing drums and aggressive, picked bass line, Mr. K gives us the best of the expanded sonics of the remix without losing the atmospherics of the original take.
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coming soon $11.37
Socrates E As Garotas
Cat: LMTD 002. Rel: 23 Nov 20
coming soon $17.87
3020 (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: GCR 006. Rel: 13 Nov 20
  1. 3020
  2. Get Around
coming soon $10.29
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Coming Soon: Funk Soul & Jazz