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Latest reviews

Little RockerBackatcha
Popsicles by Little Rocker, originally released in 1983 and now reissued in 2024, offers a delightful glimpse into the funk and disco sounds of its era. The A-side, 'Little Rocker' ,captivates with its spacey, sexy vibe, drawing listeners into its groove with infectious rhythms and irresistible melodies. The track exudes a sense of coolness and confidence, making it a standout piece for funk and disco enthusiasts. On the B-side, 'These Are The Good Times' continues the infectious energy with its upbeat tempo and funky instrumentation. It's a feelgood anthem that celebrates life and joy, inviting listeners to let loose and dance along to its infectious rhythm.
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MahalNinja Tune
Melbourne-based trio Glass Beams share their debut record Mahal, the highly anticipated album to follow 2021's incipient 'Mirage' EP. Fronted by founding member Rajan Silva, the Glass Beams project revolves around the central theme of fatherly childhood memories, bestowed unto Silva by way of a cultural inheritance reflective of both Melbourne and India. After Silva attended the legendary Royal Albert Hall concert by George Harrison in collaboration with Ravi Shankar, he was away; nothing was the same, as a cascade of South Asian psychedelia and desert funk spewed forth; added to which, Mahal is the most recent piece of invaluable flotsam.
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Trailer Limon - Love Don't Pay The Bills
Love Don't Pay The BillsAustin Boogie Crew US
Austin Boogie Crew Records serves up some super sweet Limon here as San Francisco's Trailer Limon (aka Dan Meisenheimer) makes his vinyl debut. He is known to soul and funk fans for his work with The Pendletons alongside E Da Boss and has a delightfully warm and tender tone to his voice as heard on hits like 'Waiting On You,' 'Let Me Turn You On,' and the Gotta Get Out EP. This solo 7" is another doozy with two standouts featuring contributions from West Coast stars E. Live and B. Bravo. 'Love Don't Pay The Bills' is modern funk and soul with butter vocals and addictive Rhodes keys. 'Dancing With Somebody' is a sleek mid-tempo track with bumping drums, soaring keys, and resonant bass. Top notch.
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High School Musical 2 (Soundtrack)Disney US
The High School Musical 2 soundtrack elevates the teen pop genre with its slick production aimed squarely at radio appeal. Transitioning from the more organic feel of its predecessor, this album embraces a polished sound that grows on you with repeated listens. Zac Efron takes the vocal reins as Troy, bringing a distinctively different but commendable sound compared to the first film. Standout tracks include the fun and catchy group numbers 'What Time Is It?' and 'All for One,' alongside the infectious Chad/Ryan duet 'I Don't Dance,' which blends hip-hop with jazzy swing. Another highlight is 'Bet on It,' a glossy boy band-style anthem that perfectly captures Troy's turmoil. The ballads, especially 'You Are the Music in Me,' offer sweet harmonies without being overly sappy, providing a nice contrast to the upbeat numbers. Overall, this soundtrack is a vibrant collection that will delight fans and get them singing along, presented beautifully on blue vinyl for collectors.
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Fresh & Low - Open Space EP (reissue)
Open Space EP (reissue)Rawax Germany
For lovers of early tech house, Fresh & Low are like catnip. The Scottish duo dropped a superb series of EPs back in the mid-90s that were all effortlessly cool and tapped into a breezy West Coast US house sound. They still sound as good today as ever so it is no wonder that Rawax has moved to reissue 1997's Open Space EP, originally on Crucial Sounds. It features four of their expertly design grooves, topped with lush synths and hooky little vocals that are both physically irresistible but packed with soul. Do not sleep on this one.
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North 90 - Euro Trash
Euro TrashM.A.D
Music duo North 90 reclaim an unfortunate term inherited by much 90s and 00s Eurodance, 'Eurotrash', with an inspired EP released through London's M.A.D. Records. Its four slabs of soulful cheese - kitsch, edging-on-twee, breaksy Euro-house - are lent a modern twist by the pair, proving the immense possibility of an unfairly derided sound. Opener 'Euro Trash' is the obvious lead, but then there's also the low-slanging dreamworlds of 'We Can Only Imagine' and 'Isabell', which recall sonic contexts when Europe indeed wasn't the site of scorn, but rather admiration for its projection of style.
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Fr - Treasure EP 7
Treasure EP 7Treasure Series
It's seven up for the young but already crucial Treasure Series label and this new 12" from FR is another one packed with smart samples and playful, catchy grooves. The timeless vocal work of Jamiroquai is sampled on the opener to bring some funk to deep beats. The same cut 'Canny Hot' then gets dubbed out, stripped back and made into more of a seductive late night roller before 'Delicate' stars the flipside off with horizontal house grooves, mystic synth leads and some steamy vocals. 'Daddy's Face' is another late-night roller with dreamy George Michael vocals drifting in and out to rousing effect.
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