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Latest reviews

Remember DetroitRawax Motor City Edition
Rawax's Motor City Edition series is back with more tech from Detroit and this time it is Los Hermanos at the buttons. Gerald Mitchell opens up the 12" with 'Two Feet Up' which brings warm and soul-infused techno vibes and some lush strong stabs. 'Remember Detroit' is a just as deep cut with slick drums and sci-fi melodies rippling throughout the arrangement and then the flipside ups the energy levels with the more twitchy and synapse-firing 'Central Nervous Systems' complete with plenty of busy melodies. Things chill out a little for the closer, 'Path Of Tranquility', which showcases some lush melodies and serene synth strings.
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Disco E Cultura Vol 2 ((Deluxe Edition)Mad About
Disco E Cultura Volume 2 by Portuguese label Mad About Records is a fantastic collection and retrospect into the vibrant dance music landscape of Brazil during the 70s and 80s. Curated by Joaquim Paulo, this compilation delves deep into the soul, funk, disco, boogie, and jazz-funk sounds that defined the era. Featuring a diverse selection of tracks, the album offers a kaleidoscope of colorful, floor-friendly jams adorned with punchy horn lines, classy vocals, and irresistible grooves. Standout highlights include Lafayette's infectious 'Sol De Varao,' Franco's Barrio-funk groove, and Aloisio's jazz-funk gem 'Tema R,' which impresses with its hot-stepping breakbeats and strong synth solos. The second side of the compilation continues the more amazing music with tracks like 'Deixa Rodar' by Hanna, 'Manifesto' by Marilia Barbosa, and 'Fogo Sobre Terra' by Coral Som Livre, each contributing to the rich heritage of Brazilian dance music.
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Dj Deviant - The Rhythm
The RhythmRegulate
DJ Deviant's 7" single is a nod to classic hip-hop with a modern twist. 'The Rhythm' on Side-1 is a funky, horn-laden track layered over B-boy breaks, delivering a sound that's sure to get the party started. On the flip side, 'Make Em Bounce' offers a mid-tempo groove with '90s hip-hop vocals, horn stabs, and boom bap drum breaks, creating a vibe that will make you move. This single is great for DJs and 45 enthusiasts, blending nostalgia with contemporary beats in a way that's both familiar and fresh.
Nachtbraker / Rob Amboule / Reflex Blue / Mario Liberti - 001
001Fuse London
FUSE London may be 16 years old, but this 12" inch is - somewhat remarkably - the label's first multi-artist EP. To kick-start their new compilation style series, the much-loved imprint has gathered up a quartet of cuts from an eye-catching array of artists. Heist regular Nachtbraker steps up first with 'Banda', an intergalactic-sounding hybrid of tech-house, deep house and nu-disco sounds, before Rob Amboule steals the show with the bleeping electro-meets-twisted electronic funk brilliance of 'Capnhat'. Rising star Reflex Blue joins the dots between sub-heavy UK tech-house and turn-of-the-90s bleep & bass on the superb 'Life's a Bleep', while Marco Liberti reaches for mutilated rap samples and heady organ stabs on the 'Plastic Dreams'-inspired 'We Are The N&B'.
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