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Latest reviews

Magic CarnivalSacred Medicine
Sacred Medicine, the carefully-honed joint project and label of Joaquin "Joe" Claussell and Ron Trent, deliver the second instalment in the label's soon-to-be bulging discography. The much-anticipated 'Magic Carnival', a song heavily programmed and tested by repetitious inclusion in their many DJ sets over the years, has finally been completed here and comes finalized in the form of this single-sided record; the format suggests we marvel at its singular majesty, which should not profess to be comparable to any alleged counterpart or B-side. 'Magic Carnival' builds and builds in a musical crescendo with signature musical elements pulsating all over the song to full impact. A relentless spiritual groove, and a special single-sided 12"
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Irrepressibly funky four-piece Mildlife are back with their third album, Chorus. Steeped in 70s cosmic disco, Italo, Polish jazz and all kinds of good, honest grooves, the Aussie psych fusion outfit take their music to the next level on this incredibly assured follow-up to 2020's Automatic. You can hear the joy bursting out of 'Musica' in every sassy synth line and throbbing bass pulse, coming on like the best Cerrone-approved synth-disco record you never heard. There's plenty of space for low slung, Balearic whispers like 'Return To Centaurus' too, just hinting at the range Mildlife are capable of on their finest album to date.
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Tracy Chapman - Fast Car
Fast CarElektra US
'Fast Car' was a groundbreaking song when it came out. Making Tracy Chapman a household name. The song became an international hit and entered the top ten in many countries including being number one in Canada, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands and Portugal. The single went triple platinum in UK alone. The song was lauded for being a moving account of escaping life's difficulties and achieving some material success only to fail again. Tracy's performance was riveting and the song propelled her to win three Grammy's that year including Best New Artist, Contemporary Folk Album and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. The song was also nominated for Song of the Year and Record of the Year. The song continues to be an enduring classic having entered the charts multiple times and been covered my many artists. The song is also featured in Rolling Stones 500 greatest songs of all time.
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Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (remixes)
Running Up That Hill (remixes)EMI US
Kate Bush's revered classic 'Running Up That Hill' is given yet another re-press. Having found fame with new generations of listeners thanks to its inclusion in countless shows from Pose to Stranger Things, EMI hone in on its timeless misty-eyed appeal with a bumper remix pack. Orlando Voorn bumps up the hauntology factor in his half-time, trappy, almost mall-core flip, and serial remixer Ashley Beedle delivers a more uptempo, driving dub. The gift that keeps on giving.
Memotone - Tollard
TollardThe Trilogy Tapes
Bristolian William Yates makes a superb debut here on the cult Trilogy Tapes after impressing with top releases on the likes of Sahko and his own memorecs. His sound is a sprawling, loose one that takes in dusky jazz, psychedelic ambiance and plenty of eccentric and hard-to-define things in between. There are few limitations to the sounds that Yates bastardises here from bluegrass to downbeat to drone. Pieces are lo-fi and ramshackle, with barely there rhythms slowly moving things along beneath the odd warped oboe or twanging blues guitar. It manages to sound both ancient yet thrilling new and inventive as a result and is one of the most idiosyncratic records we've heard for a while.
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Dj Fede - Santa Eularia Des Riu
Santa Eularia Des RiuBalearia Italy
DJ Fede has our minds turning to warmer climates, longer days and sun-kissed parties not only with the artwork but also the sounds of his new 12" on Balearia. 'Santa Eularia Des Riu' is the one original single and is a delightfully deep, dreamy sound with muted sax lines up top, chords that ripple and melt away and organic percussion that brings that 70s hint of Ibiza hedonism. A Midnight dub mix ups the pace only slightly, then the Jovonn Forest remix brings a subtle deep house dynamism to proceedings before the Atmospheric Sunset version cuts utterly loose and lays back gazing up at the flame-red sky.
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Abyssy - Extra Meta
Extra MetaNew Interplanetary Melodies
As the artist alias kind of suggests, Abyssy takes a deep dive into the unknown depths of the human spirit. It finds the artist returning to Simona Faraone's label after several years and finds him exploring electronic sounds of the 70s and 80s, blending Berlin school minimalism with Detroit techno's soul and funk. It is a record that ranges in mood and tempo as it heads into oceanic depths where wispy pads and chattery percussive patterns collide in unusual ways. It's a largely abstract album of unusual sound designs and genuine electronic discovery that often has you wondering just how certain abounds have been made.
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PowdersMad Decent US
You should never assume too much when it comes to Eartheater. Powders on Mad Decent and finds the maverick modernist at her most vulnerable and exposed. Where she's so often warped and manipulated her voice as part of her hyper pop experimentation, here she comes through in strikingly direct terms whether soaring over elegant threads of synthesis (on gorgeous opener 'Sugarcane Switch') or covering System of a Down's 'Chop Suey' in fragile, acoustic fashion. Even after so many albums, it feels like we're still in the process of understanding the many dimensions of the Eartheater creative universe, and here is but one new galaxy to explore.
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